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Here are 48 photos taken by the “Mako,” aka LG Nexus


We recently had a tipster who offered up a hands-on report of the LG Nexus and provided a picture taken with the device. We were asked not to upload the photo because it contained a Google employee. But today a whole gallery of images appeared online that were taken by an LG employee with a device code-named “Mako,” which recent evidence confirms is the LG Nexus.

The new pictures are nothing to get excited over, but we should point out they came from pre-release hardware running pre-release software. They also seem to confirm our earlier reports that the LG Nexus will only feature an 8 megapixel rear camera. The Korean version of the LG Optimus G features a 13 megapixel camera, but they already announced that certain regions would be getting an 8 megapixel sensor instead.

I saved a handful of the pictures and embedded them below, but head over to the source link for the full gallery. After you browse through them, let us know what you think of the picture quality. How important is picture quality for the next Android phone you purchase?

5790156505859367874 IMG_19700106_123332 IMG_20120912_022126 IMG_20120914_201045 IMG_20120916_131429 PANO_20120917_123718

Via: AndroidOS.in

Source: Google+

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  • Galen20K

    I’m not impressed with the LG Nexus camera shots, but that Cheeseburger in the Fourth picture looks Amazing! *salivates**

    • http://www.focuszonedevelopment.com Homncruse

      * Complimentary cheeseburger with every LG Nexus purchase

      • stenzor

        Well I’m sold

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      That’s In-n-Out. Glad they finally started opening locations around Texas!

  • n25philly

    How many articles do we really need to figure out cell phone cameras suck?

    • Rick

      Bullshit. The Galaxy S3 and iPhone 5 both have excellent cameras. I don’t understand why all Nexus devices need to have crappy cameras. Wtf, Google?

      • jamal adam

        It looks to me like the camera is an after thought.

      • n25philly

        go use a real camera and then come back and talk to me

  • jamal adam

    A 13 megapixel camera would have been really nice.

    • westy

      its not the mega pixels im worried about. Its the quality of the lens and light senors. I dont know too many people who are blowing photos up to poster sizes from their camera phone so really anything beyond 8 megapixels for a phone doesnt make sense. Give me a camera on a phone that can take great low light pictures, fast shutter and decent zoom for me to be happy.

      • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

        I completely agree. The megapixel war came to an end a few years ago. It’s all about sharper images, faster shutter speeds and better lenses. I’m not impressed at all with these images. Better luck next time LG.

    • http://droidsamurai.blogspot.com DroidSamurai

      I will give up resolution for a better sensor. 5MP is mega enough if the sensor is super sensitive.

      • Ben Rollier

        +1 – Better images sensors please.

    • Paul

      Well I’ve been spoiled by the 13mp camera on the Xperia T Demo/Test unit I’ve been using. Once you get used to 13mp you can’t go back.

      • Reggie

        Sure you can go back. MP mean almost nothing to me on mobile devices after about 3.
        What matters is Image Quality Sensitivity to Light, and Noise Control.
        I’m a professional photographer, btw.

        • Bluevoodo

          Dude, You’re a barista!

  • Kibox

    Disappointed with camera

  • DrTom

    Is that an Xperia Nexus on the second picture? LOL

    • iamXiV92a

      Looks distinctly Sony-esque (i.e. squarish edges). And what’s the white phone in the reflection? I originally though iPhone4/5 but after looking at Google+ link, I don’t think it is

  • Hue Three of Five

    These look pretty bad. This LG Nexus just doesn’t look good at all. I hope someone else makes a Nexus.

  • seven2k

    I think there are 2 phones out. One is the proto which we see here and the other is the almost done phone.

  • Nate B.

    Horrible camera to be honest. Food looks good though.

  • Ari R

    Just used findexif.com and exifdata.com to get info on these photos.
    Most of them are published using Picasa and there’s not greater Hardware detail from them.
    Fail Post!

    Boo this post, unless the pictures are shot using a front-facing camera :P Boo!

  • cozzy

    I thought this nexus was based on the optimus G with Sony’s new lens/sensor thing. Isn’t that cam supposed to be awesome.

  • dejay

    Simply because the next nexus once again has a sh**ty camera im OUT!!! No more nexus for me, these pictures look worse then the 5mp shooter on my Gnex

  • Angie Wimberly

    The One X takes beautiful pictures – I was hoping these would be comparable.

  • Mekerz

    I’m starting to think that the poor photo quality that plagues the Nexus phones is driven by the stock Android camera software/algorithms.

    Android is starting to frustrate me now, there’s no handsets on the market that tick all the boxes anymore. You want good build quality, a great camera and a decent screen? Then HTC have you covered with the One X but you have to put up with awful battery life and the crap Tegra3 SoC that’s slow on majority of games unless it’s been designed for Tegra. Not to mention the slow software updates.

    Want a decent SoC, decent screen and okay battery life? Then Samsung have you covered with the SIII but you have to put up with cheap feeling, awful plastic and slow software updates.

    I’m happy with my Galaxy Nexus but the camera is so hit and miss; it’s completely fine in bright sun light like most phone cameras but in the dark, it’s a shockingly bad. I was hoping the LG Nexus would fix this major annoyance but judging by these photos, I guess not.

    I only hope these are either fake or not representative of the final camera quality.

    • ionorov

      Check out the Sony handsets mate. The Xperia T might be good for you. Good looks, decent battery, good screen, exmor-r camera.

      Beauty of Android, I guess. There’s usually one maker that picks up the slack when the others trip up.

  • hector

    Enough for me, my Nexus S is worse.

  • Laurentiu V.

    Picture made in low light condition (first pic) looks pretty good to me.

  • neight

    The Sorrento Mesa Residence Inn is 0.8 mile from Qualcom’s offices in San Diego.

    “Thank you for staying at the Sorrento Mesa Residence Inn”

  • a.d.am

    Wow thats craptastic! The HTC One X is vastly superior to those pics!

  • nightsun

    The fu? These are comparable to my 3gs. This must be some sort of joke.. I’m expecting an “LOL” somewhere. Where is it?

  • Nexussux

    Pure garbage!!! My HTC Amaze takes gorgeous pictures! These shots suck major ass! I pray the actual phone takes MUCH better than pics than these sh!t examples….

  • Whyzor

    Need to have Back-Side Illuminated (BSI) sensors, and at least F2.2 or bigger apertures (smaller f numbers). Higher 5-8 MP is enough on small sensors. Also use that accelerometer to capture once phone is stable. HTC Sensation (2 yr old phone did this only in their proprietary camera app). Google also needs to allow slower than 0.5 second shutter speeds for night shooting on tripods (yes tripods for cellphones exist).

  • paul

    For me the camera on my phone is the Number 1 feature & the photos dont look that impressive might wait till the sony hdr sensor come out on a sony early next year

  • paul

    What is wrong with google all nexus phone take bad photos compared to phones that have been released months

  • Nathan D.

    The curse of the nexus phone has struck again.

  • Lo

    I’m hoping that the low quality is due to a lack of camera software and the algorithms that are needed and that the final build will be better.

  • Marius

    i can’t acces the Google+ “source” with those 48 pics. On the other hand, those from your gallery are few and TOO SMALL. I don’t have eagle eyes :(( to see how grainy they are (but they seems to be). So, it’s irelevant!
    Phone camera is WERY IMPORTANT to me, because i have always the phone to me and his battery is charged. is very confortable for non profesional pics. Professional camera are big, inconfortable and you have to take care of it’s battery too…. So, only in special ocasions.
    Point and shot camera are small, but their quality it is not so good, so why bother?! another battery to take care to be charged….
    So i’m stick to the phone. I want the best image quality available when taking pictures, good storage, user replaceable battery, 2gb ram….. this means Note 2, LG’s (g and nexus), padphone 2. Note 2 is the only one with removable battery and BIG storage. But i saw some complaints: “dark pictures”. What do you know about that?!
    Have a good day!