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HTC begins Android 4.1 roll-out for Tegra 3 powered HTC One X in Europe and Asia


Multiple reports have confirmed that the Android 4.1 update for the Tegra 3 powered HTC One X has started rolling out to handsets across the globe. The update initially hit handsets in Taiwan and a few other Asian countries, but we have also heard reports that the update is now hitting phones in Europe.

Users have confirmed that the Jelly Bean update for the HTC One X is labeled as Android 4.1.2 and weighs in at 352.87MB. The software update also includes HTC Sense 4+ which sports new skins for the UI, infinitely looping home screens, theming/tweaking options for the SMS app, automatic SMS forwarding to email options, password protected SMS inbox, updated gallery app with social services integration, keyboard improvements, system tweaks for better battery life and roughly a 10% performance boost across the board. Other Android 4.1 features include Project Butter which delivers a much smoother UI and Google Now.

htc-sense4-plus (1) htc-sense4-plus (1) htc-sense4-plus (2) htc-sense4-plus (2) htc-sense4-plus (3) htc-sense4-plus (4)

If your Tegra 3 powered HTC One X has not yet received its Android 4.1.2 update, we suggest pining HTC’s update servers by going to Settings > About > Software Updates > Check Now. The next HTC device on the list to receive Jelly Bean is the international HTC One S. Those of us in the United State will probably be waiting a little longer as U.S. carrier testing typically adds an extra 3-5 weeks to HTC’s software update schedule.

What new Android 4.1.2 or Sense 4+ feature are you looking forward to the most?

Via: Neowin

Source: XDA-Developers

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  • krYshuT

    About time! One day before the actual Android 4.2 announcement.

    Good thinking HTC! Good thinking…

    • Nate B.

      Well, the announcement is on hold so…

    • +Catherine+

      My iPhone 4S has 6.0 already

      • Hollandia

        Yes IOS 6.0, i’m sorry that you misunderstood the difference between Android and ios, its 2 different kind of Operation systems, it like saying, My Mac already have 11.0 while Windows only have 8.0.

      • gabriel

        tu iphone es una porkeria!!!! yo tenia uno , la verdad lo vendi xk es lo mas aburrido k tuve en mi mano! solo un fanatico compra esa mentira

  • uknowme

    Nice can’t wait till someone tears it apart and makes it into a Rom. Been using the skins for the past month or so. Steel is awesome.

  • Hom0ncruse

    final nail in the coffin for…..

    …. the outdated android 4.0 on htc one x

    • Simon

      Lol lol, cant you read the article it clear says both android 4.1 and 4.1.2. I’m tired of noobs like you.

      • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

        I think that’s what he was going for. An Android 4.1.2 update would mean Android 4.0 on the HTC One X will soon be dead.

  • Binoy Kaladi

    It shows no updates available for my HTC One X model !!

  • w00x

    Last time there was an update for the International One X, as soon as Android And Me reported it, the update was waiting on my phone, but not now. I’ve been pressing that darn button all day.

  • Kitpogi

    I’m still waiting for my jellybean goodies!….I’ve been checking for the update literally almost every couple of hours hoping to see the light already….But this is great news! I want me some Beans man!

  • Ricky Kemp

    Jellybean on 3 UK is long overdue. Anyone got any info?

    • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

      Carrier branded phones typically receive the update a week or so after unlocked devices.

  • Tornado1690

    When will I get jellybean on three UK network?

    • Andrew

      On 3 too in UK and waiting for update

  • Vinayak

    Update not available in India as of now

  • donny

    I’m shitting and still pushing “check now”
    When indonesia ‘ll get it

  • voodoosurfer254

    Now if only the u.s. addition one x would get the download.

  • Hollandia

    Got a mail from HTC saying that he Update might come out slowly to prevent their server from overloading.

    • Hollandia

      An BTW haven’t received any updated on my HTC One X Tegra 3, brought in Europe.

      • Silver

        Same problem here. Purchased unlocked (international) version in EU. Still no update yet.

  • Navjot

    Please tell about when Indian HTC One X version will update ….I am tired to press check now button

  • Nathan D.

    Nice to see the update rolling out. Now we wait for the United States version :-(

  • namautoenx

    Still no update for Htc-044 in vietnam,whenwhenwhen.izza

  • rain

    No update yet on philippines

  • Erich

    Still waiting for the Android Jelly Bean 4.1 update here in the Philippines.

    • Erich

      As of today, update for my device with CID HTC_044.

      • Erich

        “No update yet”

  • namautoenx

    Until now,6.00Pm No updated yet in Vietnam,any one else updated already??

  • w00x

    I am starting to think that this was only a rumor started by HTC so they can “start” the update in the month of October, as promised. Still no update. It’s been 3 days now. That’s way too long if the update was rolling out.

  • Yang

    CID 044 still never push yet. waiting from 26th Oct till now. what went wrong with it asia OTA.

  • Jp1mp

    HTC_044 still no JB update in the Philippines..BOOOOO!!!!

    • Anwaar

      Hi guys, how to get HTC – Costumer ID? PLZ help if some one knows

  • smed945

    No jb update in UK cid 003 HTC one x

    • smed945

      Mean cid

  • Shahzeb Saud

    Still no beans for me. Tired of checking for the update over and over again.
    International version Tegra3 quad-core HTC_403

    • favestudent

      Yeah me too, I’ve been waiting since the official release.

  • Demoniczny Soltys

    Nothing yet but still waiting patiently :-(
    HTC_102 Germany

  • Edo

    Same sh** in the Netherlands. I think I don’t need it anymore, tired if waiting. Samsung did it much faster, shame on us:(

  • namautoenx

    Download CID GETTER from google play and run it to know cid’number.

  • Izzul Hafiz

    No update for CID_044 yet. So frustrated with the ‘discrimination ‘. Although i love my Hox performance, the delayed update from HTC has change my mind. Next, i will change to Samsung!

  • Rax

    No JB for India yet….have been “check now” since 4 days now……
    Did anyone really get it or its a hoax!!

  • favestudent

    Still waiting for the awesome JB Update here in the Philippines.

  • brilliant

    Still no update in indonesian sad…

  • brilliant

    Still no update for htc__044 please i really want this jb update

  • lucky

    No update yet in India ETF HTC

  • quietly stupidly brilliant slow

    Htc 044 malaysia not yet stupidly slow as samsung nearly going for 4.2 htc juz started 4.1 and not yet recieve so call quietly brilliant or quietly brilliant slow ?

  • elton j e

    No update yet for cid 044 here in malaysia. We’ll hv to wait guys.
    No need to blame htc..this is an update n they tring hard bringing the best of jb with or less bugs.
    This blaming is al over the web just bcoz HOX getting late ota. Samsung, htc, nokia, etc…they’re alldferent..u get it early or later doesnt mean the phone is the best in the world…lets just see who gets the most bugs…
    Sorry for my words..