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HTC steps out of the tablet business, will continue to watch the market very closely


Android fans holding out for a new Android tablet from HTC will be disappointed to hear that the company does not have plans to release any tablets in the near future. While talking about HTC’s tablet strategy, Jeff Gordon, HTC’s global online communications manager said “It was a great learning experience for us, and they definitely met expectations.”

The HTC Flyer, EVO View 4G and Jetstream offered a unique user experience with HTC’s Scribe pen technology, but sales of the three tablets never took off. Many have speculated that HTC’s tablet woes stem from overpriced devices. If HTC were to jump back into the tablet segment, the company’s approach will have to be pinned down at future point in time. Jeff noted “We’re very much not set on one strategy over another,” while adding “we’re watching that market very, very closely.”

We’d like to take HTC at its word, but we would like to remind you that there are at least two HTC tablet rumors (HTC Nexus 7 competitor and the mysterious 10-inch HTC tablet) which are currently floating around. While we would hate to see HTC completely disappear from the Android tablet space, we can understand why the company is pulling back.

Do you think HTC is making the right decision? How long do you think HTC will sit on the sideline before jumping back into the tablet market with a unique and compelling device?

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Nick is a tech enthusiast who has a soft spot for HTC and its devices. Nick joined the Android and Me family in the summer of 2010.

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  • zerosix

    Absolutely right decision. They don’t have too much profits to put them into R&D, especially when we are talking about the tablet market.
    But I would like to see HTC tablets in the future. They know how make great products, I mean, they have potential, but they lack ideas.

    And batteries.

    • nosense

      Being from China…

      They should learn something from the likes of Cube, Ampe, Yuandao, Sanei, etc…

      Selling 10 inch HD Dual core Jelly Bean Tablets under 200$…

      HTC: Bunch of morons.

      PD: I’m still waiting them to call me to repair the defective power button of my N1… they are still asking theirselves why Google kicked their ass and jumped into Sammy’s bandwagon…

      • nosense

        I meant “themselves”…

        With a BRAND like “HTC” is it that HARD to call Rock chip and ask them for a thousand RK3066 chips, build a alluminium case, call LG for the inexpensive 10.1 IPS screens and sell the fucking tablet for 250$???

        The margin would be +100$, and increasing as production ramped…

        Being RETARDS is what characterizes them, they prefer build Win8 crap for Microsoft Instead…

      • SGB101

        Who is from China? You mean Tiwan

    • Dow Jones

      HTC becomes the next Zynga???

  • Dr.Carpy

    I think HTC is one device maker that truly needs to rein things in. Scale back, make a blockbuster device for each quarter. 4 killer devices a year that sold like the GS3 would be what they need to make a comeback. Take for instance the rumoured 5″ device. Refine it HTC. Give it Beats, Bigger removable battery, an SD card. When HTC does a premium device there aren’t many that are better. HTC listen to the people, and FOCUS man!

    • dcds

      My take:

      1- Release FEWER handsets, clearly defined. Seriously, having thousand models with the same form factor is just bad. You’re not going to catch up by releasing One, One X, One XL, One XL+, One S+, One SXL+. You’re just exhausting yourself and alienating your customers.

      2- Save money by going 16 GB, cheap it out around $400 at most. Give SD cards to people. No biggie.

      3- Put a decent enough camera.

      4- Put a GOOD battery.

      5- Get rid of expensive gimmicks like Beats. I DON’T WANT TO PAY FOR IT.

      5- Sense is a fugly pig. It was good (plausibility) back in the Magic and donut days. Today, you can’t do something better than Jelly Bean, period. Don’t waste money on it. Don’t live on old glories. Get rid of what you $uck at. Leverage what Google is giving away for free.

      The Nexus series has proved that you don’t need to have the ultimate last tech in order to have good customer opinion, if you can give good support by leveraging AOSP and the community. The Nexus may not sell well, but they’re still where satisfaction is. People *sacrifice* stuff for it.

      OEMs are wasting trucks of money fighting an uphill battle, except Samsung who is really thinking outside the box with true value (split screen etc). The other hardware companies are just differentiating “just because”, wasting money, slowing updates, bogging and hogging and slowing down their devices, badly managing system memory… and this just hurts their handsets when a top high end device gets slow with use. It’s just embarrassing when a WIP, nightly Cyanogen runs better, smoother and with more features than your own image. Bad rep all the way.

      And no, I don’t think “that’s what’s wrong with Android”. Quite the contrary, we’re seeing natural selection at its best. “Evolve or die”.

  • Darkseider

    First smart thing they have done in quite a while. Next would be to release flagship phones across all carriers and not do exclusivity deals. Otherwise they will be dropping out of the phone business soon too.

  • Ardrid

    Can’t say this surprises me in light of their recent earnings report. Honestly, it’s probably better if HTC focuses on the most profitable areas of their business. Tablets certainly weren’t making HTC any money and were likely taking money out of the precious R&D budget.

  • Tom

    Good riddance. I was fool enough to buy an EVO View 4G, only to have them completely abandon the product after less than a year … and screw it up on the way out with an atrocious Honeycomb upgrade.

  • jamal adam

    They’ve been watching the market very closely for a long time now. I think that HTC has what it takes to do well but they need to work on those prices because last time, it was out of this world crazy.

  • Hom0ncruse

    final nail in the coffin for HTC

    • Dr.Carpy

      You’ve really gotta stop that! It’s really annoying.

  • rpras

    “… definitely met expectations?” Really? Talk about low expectations. I loved my Nexus One and would have loved a tablet with similar build quality — appropriately priced.

  • Max.Steel

    People bought HTC tablets??

    • awundrin

      My best bud bought a HTC Flyer about a year ago. Not too bad of a tablet. The split views are nice, the battery life is decent and the display is sharp. Overpriced yes but he got a good deal at the end of the year.

  • virexed

    Just focus on your smartphones and here are some no brainer tips HTC… vanilla, removable battery, expandable sdcard, no exclusives, and don’t lock your boot loader. I’ve been a fanboy since the G1 days but I’ll be jumping ship to Samsung later this year.

  • Scott

    HTCs scribe ideas were amazing. if they were marketed better and the flyer and evo view had better processor it wouldve been successful

  • sere83

    Not a big loss to be honest, as the flyer wasn’t exactly remarkable.

    HTC just really needs to focus on improving (or just getting rid of) sense, cutting down their product line, and improving battery IMO. They duplicate a fair bit of functionality in their devices and it can be confusing to non tech saavy consumers. Hardware wise though they are the best they have ever been.

  • Nathan D.

    Kinda a smart move from a company that isn’t doing to well. Also, they aren’t the best tablet maker nor cheapest either.

  • pjamies

    I say look to what Samsung is doing correctly, and add to it. Give it a better build quality and more inventive technologies.
    Your build quality is good, but your always 2 steps behind other phone company offerings (ex CPU, GPU, Screen resolutions, Battery ..etc)

    It’s not rocket science, just out compete your completion!

  • Ironzey Lewis

    Seems like a good descicion. The way tablets have been going they are becoming almost disposable. The Nexus 7, Kindle Fire and Nook are pretty good considering their price. It’s a crowded space for HTC to try to enter. In the past they really haven’t shown they get cheap tablets maybe they’ll take this time to figure it out.

    I’m still trying to figure out why I would want to spend $800 for the Jetstream.

  • Percise

    I’m bummed been waiting on new tablet love my HTC EVO view. Want to keep items in family. HTC bad move lower price up quality

  • walker

    HTC has never had a firm standing in the tablet business. Their tablets were most of the time, out run by Apple, Samsung and Asus. It’s a fair decision. They should focus on their smartphones, perhaps try a phablet like the rumours.

  • http://www.jimtravis.com jimtravis

    Most comments seem to be negative; however, I agree with the positives. I am a gadget enthusiast, and have many tablets / smartphones. I do respect other opinions, but IMO, the HTC Flyer / EVO view are the best 7 inch tablets I own including the Nexus 7. In order to be successful with non-tech consumers, you need extensive mainstream advertising which I do not recall HTC doing any for the Flyer at least compared to the extensive iPad, Kindle Fire, and Nexus 7 mainstream advertising.

    In many ways the Flyer was ahead of its time including, but not limited to:

    First tablet I used with sufficient volume to hear without earbuds.
    Supplied browser had wordwrap included so you did not have to read at tiny font, or horizontally scroll to read single column / forum pages.
    Text selection was the most aesthetically pleasing, most accurate, and easiest I ever used in any mobile OS, still is today.
    The Gallery app included streaming from server for videos / photos at a time when streaming apps were next to non-existent in the Android Market.
    The pen, although not essential for me, is fun to use.

    The tablet is built like a tank, still looks as nice as the day I bought it.

    In addition to no / minimal mainstream advertising, the general tech review sites did not give the Flyer proper reviews. I never saw any of the enhancements mentioned, but the reviews never failed to mention it was not pure Android. Of course, the Flyer had two strikes against it due to the lack of a fruit logo on the back. The reviews concentrated on the price, lack of pure Android, and the fact it was a few grams heavier, / a few mm thicker than the popular, less competent tablets of the era. The Flyer was worth the price for me – well built, innovative, great screen, super audio.

    If you used a HTC Flyer extensively, and did not like it, I respect your differing opinion. If you did not.have the opportunity, and are basing negative opinions on quick on-line reviews, you are doing a fine, top notch device a disservice.

  • Florida gator

    I got a slight heart attack as i misread
    HTc steps out of business…

  • Fifth313ment

    HTC WAKE UP! I love your phones! I have an EVO LTE and I love it. However you never learn from your mistakes or listen to your customers! The main reason I came to this post was to talk about Sense 4+ on the HOX+, which I read an article previewing the phone only to find many things annoying me. I started writing and all of the below shot out of me and I had to stop myself and come back to this first paragraph to write about what I came here for. And then I realized it all has to do with HTC not listening to their customers, us. In Sense 4+ on the HOX+ you’ve now added a persistent power-saver mode toggle which sits at the top of the notification shade and can never been removed, even if you never use it! That doesn’t annoy me more than the fact that users have been asking you to bring back the “Quick Settings” or at least add power control toggles (like other manufacturers Samsung, ETC)!? Buy what does HTC do, you ignore that input and add a persistent useless notification that can’t be removed! Hurray for ignorance!

    I will never buy another phone from you without a removable battery as my EVO LTE is already dropping battery life after a few minutes off the charger! My phone shouldn’t go from 100 to 80 within the first 5 minutes of taking it off the charger without using it! By the end of my two year contract I’m going to be permanently attached by the hip to my charger! Contrast that to my OG EVO in which are the end of my two year contract I bought a new HTC battery and the phone was now like new! I now use it as my full-time music player in my car! Can I say that for my EVO LTE after two years, what do you think? I probably could if I spent hundreds to have the phone sent in to change the battery! Not buying!

    Release two hero phones but have one be a little thicker with a huge battery similar to Motorola (Razr MAXX)! 1800mAh is not enough! I’m sure that’s what Sprint said when you brought them the HOX and they said add a bigger 2000mAh battery, a microSD card and call it the EVO LTE! People are willing to sacrifice a little thicker phone for a huge battery! At least give us the option! Recently your UK Chief said you are going to only release a few phones hero phones per year to rebuild your brand yet you’ve gone and released just as many, if not more, than last year! First follow your own advice, as you said having too many phones on the market was diluting your brand and IT IS! I have friends on MetroPCS who think that HTC only makes cheap crappy phones as MetroPCS only sold the HTC Hero. Stop with the million plus models and cheap phones as there are already a ton of cheap Android phones out there from hundreds of cheap manufacturers and you don’t want to be associated with them.

    Also my EVO LTE has a microSD slot but I wouldn’t buy another phone from you without one. None of the HOX line models have them and that is what all the power users request, right behind a removable battery or vice versa. I wouldn’t mind so much if you released your phones with 32GB+ but I would really like to see 64GB become the standard before the microSD card goes away. I have 80GB on my EVO LTE with a 64GB class 10 microSD card and the original 16GB of on-board memory, yawn.

    Now on to Jelly Bean, WTF are you doing?! You needed Jelly Bean to be released on the HOX hero line before the Galaxy SIII! I guess it doesn’t have to be but if you want a selling point you will get it done. You should have Jelly Bean on at least the international versions of the HOX line now! This could be your only major selling point and you’re letting Samsung have it too which brings me to my next rant of selling points!

    Your HOX line is lacking behind the SGS3 and even the new plus + line refresh doesn’t beat it. Yeah the processor may be a little better with the upgraded Tegra but why not include 2GB of RAM and take them to it! For casual customers they look at all the bullet points of the SGS3 VS HOX (or HOX +) and the GS3 wins hands down. I hate the GS3! But for casual buyers bigger screen (HOX has better quality but ppl like bigger), larger battery (n/a +), 2GB of RAM, larger ROM (memory), and now Jelly Bean! I’m sorry but I could have been persuaded from my EVO LTE if when I had gone to buy it the GS3 had Jelly Bean! Jelly Bean brings Google Now (Siri) and Project Butter (smoothness and performance)! The HOX is a better phone that gets overlooked.

    The main reason people buy your phones are build quality and your update reputation. Your phones look sexy and function beyond expectations but your reputation is suffering as of recently because of the lack of Jelly Bean updates, pushed deadlines and cancellations of updates on older phone models which were promised updates. I’m sorry but I have buyers remorse with my EVO LTE mainly for my battery issues. I will NEVER buy another phone with an internal battery EVER! I like to be able to use my electronics for years or be able to sell them if necessary. After two years my EVO LTE will be battery dead and I’ll have no recourse to fix it shy of a few hundred bucks. Not cool… Many of my friends had the OG EVO and refuse to buy another HTC but I stood by you and defended you… Well no more… Listen to your customers or you WILL fail! I mean could it hurt to listen to us? Have you looked at your financials recently? Could it get any worse?

  • smeghead68

    They’re still in the market?? I haven’t seen one of those tablets in a while.