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HTC unveils white HTC One S with 64GB of storage


The HTC One S has been one of the most impressive Android powered handsets to launch this year. Since its debut, it’s had to live in the shadow  of the HTC One X and the Samsung Galaxy S III, but HTC is hoping to re-capture consumer interest in the device by releasing a white HTC One S SE (Special Edition) with an impressive 64GB of internal storage.

Unfortunately, the color and storage changes are the only features which differentiate the HTC One SE from its predecessor. The device retains the same 1.5 GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor, 1GB of RAM, 8 megapixel camera with HTC’s image chip with an f/2.0 lens and the same 1650 mAh battery. The HTC One S SE product spec sheet does not list which version of Android is running on the device, but the description of some of the new Sense features line up with those on the HTC One X+ which runs on Android 4.1 with HTC Sense 4+.

Right now, we do not know when the HTC One S SE will be released or which markets it will actually hit. The only listing we’ve been able to spot so far is on HTC’s product site for Taiwan, but it could show up on more HTC sites as the week progresses.

HTC-One-S-SE-front@10X HTC-One-S-SE-L45b HTC-One-S-SE-3V HTC-One-S-SE-back@10X HTC-One-S-SE-L45b HTC-One-S-SE-R45b white-htc-one-s

Via: HTC Source

Source: HTC Taiwan

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  • Alexander drzfr3shboialex

    Looks nice. I would never get a pen tile qhd screen. I compared my friend’s One s to my galaxy nexus, and poof it was like all the pixs wanted to be seen.

  • ruperto17

    I own the HTC One S and I’ve never said to myself.. Geez I wish this thing had more storage. All of my stuff is in the cloud. One thing is wish they did was add more RAM. Sense is too aggressive at closing recently used apps and they have to be reloaded every time. Annoying.

    • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

      Rumor has it the Sense 4+ changed the app management parameters.

      • gavinb

        I hope so. The app management is shocking at times.

  • Hom0ncruse

    final nail in the coffin for HTC

    • Bpear96

      You are soo very annoying…

  • thetechmaniac

    Whatever you wished is at an end , apple is gonna blow everyone away : check it out http://esponential.com/2012/10/16/its-official-theres-an-apple-event-on-23rd/ ( and iI know that this isn’t relevant to the topic , just wanted to share it )

    • Nate B.

      By what? Releasing the same thing but smaller?

  • inviolable

    Real smooth, HTC.

  • Paul Atreides

    Waste of bread HTC. Same self-destructing pattern continues…

    • nebsif

      Brace urself, HTC One VUPHD is coming. (One V ultra pro HD)
      Dont worry, it will have red buttons and a bigger beats logo mengs!

      How desperate are they..

  • Donald Williams

    Come on HTC WTF! How are you going to update a great phone with added space? Yes we or at least I want more space to keep all my stuff, but the battery??? Wow that is smaller then my amaze and it gets horrible life with root on the stock version. Beef up that battery and I’m all in. Tired of all my s3 friends laughing at me because of battery life.

    just once can HTC make a phone that gets great battery life and all the specs and quality we want?

    • Nate B.

      How about they do that with one phone and not an updated variant.

  • EnnocentMvwango

    Looks nice!

  • Chuck

    I wish more companies would start putting killer hardware in this type of form factor, Where did all the “flagship” 4.3-4.5″ phones go?

  • revs1227

    UGHHH i have the one s
    i would rather a micro sd , bigger or removable batt and HD screen , nfc and this phone would b perfect teh camera i 2nd to none! nooooo cam compares i dont care what reviews say

  • NexusNYC

    This whole story is an advertisement from HTC. Thats why when I looked at it I was like “now why is this even on here?? ” it all makes sense now.

    • virexed

      It all makes “Sense” now.
      Get it?… :)

      Ok, you guys can down vote me now… that was lame.

      • ionorov

        NonSense! Upvoted!

  • Nathan D.

    Dam! That is crazy amount of storage.

    • Noel

      Always good to have ample storage than to run out of it. U might not have a need for it but many others who buy the device will have to a need for it

  • Noel

    Why can’t they just load it up with the required specs from the get go. I recently coined the term SPEC MISERS to refer to HTC till they attempt to match Sammy toe to toe spec wise. Since then they have met the challenge on internal storage but I am still waiting for the changes as regards to removable battery and capacity, RAM of 2GB, and hopefully inclusion of SD card expansion. Now could we have the One X+ unlocked and with pentaband or the HTC DLX with pentaband and unlocked? Or there is a surprise in store for us…a Nexus by HTC.


    As a One S owner, I am infuriated by these news. I am never buying an HTC phone at launch. One X+, One S SE, what’s next, Evo 4G LTE SE+? ONE V² anyone?

  • Lemon

    What is with intro new phone with slight feature bump a few months after releasing phone… to irritate customer that bought earlier model?

  • drone3

    The One S could have been the top phone of the year, all they needed was that gorgeous screen from the one x, lte, bigger battery and of course pure JB. Hoping they will upgrade this phone with those specs this year coming, but please htc keep the 4.3″ size, and keep it slim, optimum for the regular folk.

  • Peter Jolly

    This is awesome news, because the HTC one S is an awesome phone, and deserves the attention. I got one a few weeks ago, and I am totally totally in love with it. I started my smartphone journey with a HTC nexus one. Which I loved to death… its in a enshrined place in my desk draw. Then I got a HTC sensation which was pretty rubbish… no passion. But the HTC one S… WOW. Its light, thin, strong, fast, beautiful, bright, colourful, and just great to use. Well done HTC, dont give up… not everyone wants the iPhone 5 … not everyone has their eyes closed to true innovation.

  • Camel Man

    Tres sexy oui!

  • thechad


    • lala