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HTC’s profits drop 79%, Q4 projections even worse


HTC has released its audited earnings report for Q3, confirming the numbers it initially released several weeks ago. While HTC managed to rake in NT$3.9 billion ($133 million) in net income on NT$70.2 billion ($2.4 billion) in revenue, the numbers represent a 79% drop in profits and a 48% drop in revenue when compared to the same quarter last year.

If that’s not enough to get investors worried, HTC’s cash reserve is being depleted at an unusually alarming rate. According to HTC’s Q3 financial report, the company is sitting on $1.7 billion of cash and cash equivalents compared to the $3.6 billion they had on hand last year. Couple that with a $2.05 billion revenue projection and a 1% margin for Q4 and anyone could predict that HTC will be heading into stormy waters in the near future.

While we never like to see Android OEMs go downhill, this could be the wake-up call that HTC needs. In an effort to keep operational costs down, HTC may finally live up to their promise and reduce the number of handsets that the company is focusing on in an effort to keep operational costs to a minimum.

If you were in charge at HTC, what changes would you make to turn the company around?

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Source: HTC

Nick is a tech enthusiast who has a soft spot for HTC and its devices. Nick joined the Android and Me family in the summer of 2010.

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  • poosh2010

    good thing the HTC DLX is rumored to be a verizon exclusive…..that should help them turn a profit. /s

    • poosh2010

      *a LARGER profit

    • Dee

      try putting bigger batteries in your phones,not exactly rocket science is it?

      • poosh2010

        definitely agree…..or AT LEAST make them removable!

        • M0nk

          Larger removable battery and microSD card slot
          Keep your phones slim (If others can, you too).
          2 or 3 phones, not 30 per year.
          4″ and 5″ screens for the high end model (Do a 4.0″ high end model, nobody is doing that)
          Sense looks like 2.3, even on ICS versions. Move to 4.1 quick and implement the Holo visuals.

          Finally, made some commitment with your customers, like 2 years of guarantied updates for every phone.

          • veracu

            Dude you’re right I like size of the one s but with beast specs it would rule.

          • Jon Garrett

            Samsung puts out more phones and tablets than any company yet they’ve posted record sales–again, and still outsell apple by more than 2 to 1.

    • Hom0ncruse

      final nail in the coffin for HTC

      • kazahani

        Come on, man! That was too predictable!

        You need to step up your game. You’re letting me down here!

    • http://droidsamurai.blogspot.com DroidSamurai

      How can selling less phones a good strategy? Just look at Apple. One of the reason why Android got a chance to beat the iPhone now is because the iPhone was only available from AT&T back then. It may give them a short-term cash boost (assuming Verizon is paying them more for the exclusiveness), but in the long term, it is going to hurt HTC.

      • poosh2010

        /s = sarcasm

      • DROID Sam

        The carriers typically don’t pay much for exclusive devices. What OEMs typically get out of the deal is a free marketing campaign since the carrier picks up the tab on that. The problem is that the carriers move on to the next best thing and stop promoting the phone, leaving HTC with a custom built device that no longer sells.

        In the long run, HTC could make a lot more money or at least increase its profit margins significantly if they only produced one device that sold on all carriers and had a single marketing campaign to promote it. R&D costs would go down, software development costs would go down, manufacturing costs would go down.

        With all the cash HTC saves, it could create a killer marketing campaign like Samsung and create the buzz they need to compete on that same level.

    • J Verlander

      That happens when you tried to sell cheap asian sh1tphones…my iphone 5 is selling like hotcakes

      • SteveJobsisanAngel

        I agree. iPhone 5 is the best ever!!!! Android wished they sold phones like us. And they also wished their phones got updates like us. Ha ha. Lagdroid= Failed! Thank god and our savior Christ for Apple.

      • clocinnorcal

        Why would I believe you when you gave up 6 runs in 5 innings with an ERA of 11.25 in Game 1 of the World Series? Best pitcher in MLB my ass!

    • Joel

      Another HTC Nexus couldn’t hurt.

  • timthedon

    Marketing,marketing,marketing, when was the last time we saw an htc commercial?

    • MikeG

      I see HTC commercials all the time. That one with the guys taking a picture of the goat on the cliff seems to be omnipresent. Same with the one where the guy is taking a ton of pictures with his One X.

      • kazahani

        That was an AT&T commercial, not actually done by HTC. I think they need to take a page from Samsung and stop doing carrier exclusives and market the phones themselves. Look at the wild success of the GSIII compared to the letdown (sales-wise) that the One series has become.

        HTC has the hardware to compete with Samsung, but their approach is not working.

    • Anthony E

      Or they could just stop making ugly devices.

      • d4whatver82

        I’m also tired of the way their phones look. After the sensation, they have basically all looked the same to me, except for the j butterfly series which are beauties. But the one coming state side the JLX or whatever, looks just like the rest. at least its going to verizon. Maybe the nice looking ones will go to everyone else.. you hear me HTC? I want that phone is red w/ black trim!

  • w

    Kill Sense…

    • shadhussain

      if samsung can get away with that crap called touchwiz, surely sense isn’t the issue?

      • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

        Completely agree. It comes down to marketing and availability. There are plenty of HTC ads out there, but each ad shows a product that’s only available on one carrier. HTC needs to have 2-3 devices and force carriers to carry them without alterations or name changes.

        • jay555

          Couldn’t agree more, all this carrier exclusivity crap is killing HTC. They need to stop trying to be like Apple and start acting more like Samsung. And by that I mean they also need to stop choosing thinness over powerful and/or removable batteries.

  • shadhussain

    how cud they have screwed up the One series so badly? they had arguably the best designed, best built, universally tech-guru-applauded android phones in the market, and somehow its samsung who has become synonymous with android. so sad.

    • Dragonithe

      Let’s take the gs3 for example.
      Here in Europe there tons of commercials about the s3, and the only commercial I sometimes see from htc is a guy jumping out of a plane doing a fashion shoot.
      Sure htc’s commercial is nice. But it doesn’t really show something about the phone.
      And for the usa. The s3 is everywhere and remains the same phone except for radios.
      HTC decided to put all of their resources into building another phone for every carrier.
      Diffrent phones for diffrent carriers is only causing confusion when someone wants that htc phone and can’t get it on their network. So they go for that s3 they saw from another friend.

      • shadhussain

        totally agree. release a flagship hi-end pentaband phone and plaster across every network, undercut samsung on price (which is probably not as easy for such a small company like htc), and when it’s ubiquitous enough release another hi-end alternate innovation (Dlx ala Galaxy Note) to ride the brand wave.

  • David

    I wouldn’t have abandoned Thunderbolt customers. They ruined their reputation with that awful buggy device that they haven’t fixed and have yet to release ICS despite promising August 2012 release.

    Other than that I agree, make very few high quality hand sets.

    But realistically they’re toast. Samsung is bigger, better at copying with the balls to get away with it, better at implementing any new idea someone dreams up, much better at marketing and manipulating public opinion.

    From here it looks like Samsung has won. Going forward, I wonder if Samsung will be so successful that they will develop their own branch of Android or their own OS. Doesn’t really look like apple will catch them either.

    Be careful what you wish for. I think google is creating an unethical powerhouse in Samsung that will overwhelm everyone else including google.

    • Paul Atreides

      You’re right, HTC needs a nice set of balls going forward.

    • veracu

      Ah the tbolt. My first device. Rooted it. Loved it.

  • Paul Atreides

    Easy, stop making crappy phones with crappy sense and sh*tty battery life. Also, stop with the exclusive deal crap. Create a beast of a phone with a few killer features and market the hell out of them! You don’t hear me though. If all else fails HTC, COPY SAMSUNG!

  • Ardrid

    1. HTC needs to continue to focus on a select number of products. They’ve started doing that with the One series, but that focus can obviously be further honed and sharpened. There’s no need for multiple devices in a calendar year. Put out a slate of devices aimed at each market segment and leave it at that.

    2. HTC needs to end carrier exclusiviity. They make damn good products; there’s absolutely no reason to limit their availability because of the carriers. This is going to take some negotiation on HTC’s part but if there’s demand for their products it shouldn’t be an issue. The easiest way to make money is to get their products into more hands and that means making sure T-Mobile, AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon all have devices.

    3. HTC needs better, and more prevalent, marketing. They’ve certainly started to step it up here but it could still be a lot better. The marketing should, at a minimum, focus on the compelling aspects of the device. We don’t need comparisons to the competition or abstract commercials with people doing cartwheels and jumping off of buidlings; we need marketing that tells people why they should want an HTC device.

    I think if they can do those three things, you’ll see a much better HTC next year and much happier Android fanbase.

    • Paul Atreides

      This guy might be on to something.

    • KC

      Totally agree here!

      4. Also, HTC is so slow in coming with their highend phones, esp. in our parts of the world -S’pore+M’sia. We waited and waited, and yet nothing. They were busy with stupid non-movable non-NFC midrange and lowend.

      Now most of us have given up on HTC, and will be moving over to others. I, personally, hope the world slimmest 6.6m) smartphone – the Oppo Finder 5, gets here fast. With a 5″ LCD 3 display of 1080p, 2GB RAM, and NFC, Oppo will really kill every other brand, even the Nexus brands, should they get to our parts of the world FAST.

  • nivekkev

    Make one killer phone, place it on all carriers and advertise it’s features to death especially the newer features that are actually worth something. And above all, listen to what the consumers are wanting and put it into that killer phone.

    Now a days, more and more people are familiar with smart phones and how to use them so more people will buy top phones, as long as they have access to them and the features they want…

    • Skeeterflea

      This. Samsung wasn’t always synonymous with Android. The multi-carrier blitz with a quality phone did it for them. Had the OneX been released the same way it’d have been a different story. I think the amount of capital required for advertising is where HTC is at a disadvantage.

  • Monsi

    Better battery! No forget about updates in older devices that can handle an update like Inspire 4g

    • iamXiV92a

      Yes – put the Vivid/Raider/Velocity in that bucket as well!

  • romy134

    release the one X to all the carriers duh? the Galaxy S3 is on every carrier even coming to prepaid carrier.

    • clocinnorcal

      Yes, they really dropped the ball on that one. One S (Tmo), One X (Att), Evo something or other (Sprint), ? (Verizon). And after they announced last year they would be consolidating their line up, they still fragment devices across the carriers. Stop the confusion HTC, just make a few killer devices for the different demo-graphs, and launch them universally! I don’t want HTC to disappear, I really like them.

  • Tuan

    bigger battery sd card storage and s3 like uniphone design. NO evo lte with sd card kick stand and bigger battery for sprint ONLY…….and htc one s for tmobile only and att exclusive shit.

  • redraider133

    HTC needs to get their top of the line phones on every carrier. That and quit with the 6 different versions of sense. Make 1 version for all devices and refine it to make it run without hogging so many resources and bogging down even the highest spec’d phones.

  • Bpear96

    I Really do like my One X (AT&T model) .. but man is sense ever so awful! If it wasn’t for AOSP roms, My One X would be gone along time ago.

  • timthedon

    @Bpear96 I’m a One x owner also, and i do agree sense can be bothersome sometimes; beside the skin the phone is an amazing phone!! Everybody flocks to samsung because everyone else has one but to me the One x kills the gs3.

  • alexanderharri3

    The HTC OneX is a great phone. Look at the USA….only one carrier (kind of sprint too) can get it and it is not the largest in America. Best Verizon gets is the next Incredible (which frankly is not incredible compared to the OneX. OneX+…..same deal.

    It’s one thing to make great hardware…….but that’s not worth anything unless the customer can actually acquire it…

    Plus…One V, One S, One X, One X+, DInc HD LTE, EVO 4G LTE, Desire X…..the list STILL goes on. Consolidate your lineup HTC….you’re releasing as many devices as Samsung…if not more.

  • killuah

    maybe htc should listen to their customers once in a while?
    removeable battery?
    BIGGER battery?
    less devices with better support?
    maybe no slow sense? (i know, they fixed it – but way too late sadly)
    no bugs & better quality (heard lots of negative things about one x & one s, suprisingly o_O)

    they really screwed themselves, its sad but the truth.

    they make great phones but they seem to always screw it up somehow!

    i mean, look at one x & one s. the devices look beautiful…

  • BlueHawk

    I have always bought HTC androids, having had successively the Hero, Desire and now the One X. They’ve been solid devices and don’t feel Samsung cheap. The new Sense I don’t mind, and the custom ROMs for the One X are terrific. Some turn-offs have been the unreplaceable battery and the lack of storage expansion. I think mainly the lack of advertising has been the killer for buyers. And I think to some extent the glut of previous phones with poor support is still carrying through negative sentiment. Hopefully, they get it all together because I still love my One X (battery life of over 2 days with my usage patterns).

  • vote Matt Rooney

    Apple rakes in $133 million on a single day….

  • kazahani

    I think the consensus is clear: A&M has agreed on these things that HTC needs to do:

    1. Stop making exclusive devices for each carrier, and focus on making a limited number of high-quality devices with the latest software, and keep the branding the same across all service providers.

    2. Re-think their approach to marketing. Stop relying on the carriers to market the devices, and connect with the public directly with a fresh marketing campaign that will drive people to an iconic device that is available on their carrier, whoever their carrier happens to be.

    3. Be better about software updates. With fewer devices out there to update, put extra emphasis on being the first to provide their users with the latest software. Make sure that the Thunderbolt/Inspire 4g debacle is never repeated.

  • Darkseider

    It’s HTC’s own fault for doing too many devices and making them carrier exclusive. If they followed Samsung’s model and made 2 or 3 phones and released them globally across the board they would be riding high right now. Instead they pen exclusivity deals with the likes of AT&T and Verizon and in doing so shoot themselves in the foot. Stupid is as stupid does HTC.

    • KC

      Totally agreeable here! Dun understand why HTC dun sell directly to the public. Interested buyers may be from other carriers, and are not interested in the carrier HTC is tied in with, This is the most stupid association of idiots I’ve ever seen,

      People who are interested in highend smartphones can definitely afford to buy them rite out of the store, with or without carriers’ dataplan discounts. Such users are already carrier tied in, so why would they wanna change carrier and the cumbersome high overcost of changing numbers.

      Plus OTA updates are never gonna arrive on time and even permitted to by the carriers.

  • rauelius

    Here’s an easy fix HTC….sell unlocked versions of your phones outside of carriers. Sell them in stores like Best Buy, Amazon, Walmart, etc. In fact, it looks like the carriers aren’t helping, so maybe get away from the carriers entirely. And when you sell the phones directly to customers, don’t price them ridiculously($500-700),price them to move, You won’t get people balking at $400 for an HTC One X or $350 for an HTC One S. My friend and sister have an HTC One S and they are a bit nicer than my Galaxy Nexus, HTC absolutely makes high quality good feeling products. Make deals with the smaller pre-pay carriers (think SIMple Mobile, Sovalie) to pop in a SIM from them for new cellphone users, this could assist in subsidizing the prices of the devices. It’s an easy fix, but it appears HTC is run by people who don’t know how to run a corporation….Any one from HTC reading this, leave a reply to me with contact info if you need someone who knows how to run a successful corporation…whoever is running it now must be high, insane, oblivious or a combination of them all. Something that would’ve helped them tremendously is making another Nexus device for Google. Pre-Pay devices are on the rise and the interest (thanks to the Nexus 7)in Nexus devices is exploding, so HTC not wanting to partake in making a Nexus because the last one HTC made (which mind you was the very first one) wasn’t a sale success. That’s a very ignorant point of view and the decision makers at HTC should be fired for even having that thought. When Apple made their first Tablet (the Newton) the market wasn’t there for it and it failed. They tried again with the iPad a decade or so later and it was a success. An HTC Nexus device, sold in stores at a reasonable price ($350) would help them explode.

    Like I said, contact me HTC if you want a competent and inteligent person running your company…success is easy, only you standing in the way of yourself makes it hard.

  • NamelessTed

    This isn’t terribly surprising. While I loved my G1 back in the day, it might be the only decent phone that HTC has ever put out. My boss has an HTC (not sure which model) and it has broken and been replaced 7 times now. No fault of his own, just a bunch of different defects on the device.

    This could have possibly been avoided if HTC would have actually adopted the policy that they talked about last year about focusing on fewer devices. That is the whole idea behind the HTC One. But of course they don’t know how the fuck to count considering there about up to something like 7 or 8 different “One” phones on the market now. Just because you call it the same name doesn’t mean it is the same phone. The phone market is already super crowded, why would a company choose to further confuse potential consumers by releasing phones with similar names with incremental differences?

  • MyMilan

    It’s easy. Make a world class cutting edge smartphone that is reasonably priced.

    These companies come out with a phone and try to skimp on the features and specs, or they’ll make a nice phone and over price it. 8 gigs memory instead of 64. No SD card slot. Plastic bodies (and in the case of the nexus 7 plastic chassis). The ONLY reason why people were attracted to the SGIII was because at the time it was a no holds barred smartphone, unfortunately it’s way over priced, but it has no real competition so people buy it. Personally I don’t care who makes my smartphone – as long as it’s state of the art high tech and reasonably priced. This sin’t rocket science, all HTC needs to do is to come out with a world class high end phone, and then make it reasonably priced. They’ll sell a ton of them.

  • killrgummibear

    their customer service sux. they also release devices with so many bugs. when you try to get them to fix a device they try to tell you it’s an app you have installed. they don’t accept responsibility for their mistakes and lose customers that way. take the amaze for example. all the problems with battery, nfc, radio, screen, overheating, random restarts and sd card malfunctions. are enough to make a bad device. they will even tell you it’s a hardware issue but offer no real solution. they just pass you on to the carrier which will do nothing for you. take better care of your customers and drop the gimmicks (beats audio/sense).

    this is coming from a loyal customer not a one time buyer. i’ve owned the titan, touch diamond, G1, mytouch 3g, mytouch 4g, G2, Amaze and now the One S.

  • Mike C.

    How to cut cost? Make fewer models and get rid of Sense. I’ve got a HTC One X. I love the hardware but Sense really sucks. So I try whenever I can to replace Sense with something more close to Stock Android.

    Now my wife will inherit the One X and I will get the LG Nexus. That, even though the design of the One X is far superior to anything in the market now (perhaps with the exception of the few of the Lumia’s). Only reason is Sense!

    • rauelius

      You know what? Cutting Sense is a logical choice. Running vanilla android would alleviate costs in maintaining support for the interface and also provide a quicker upgrade to new versions of android, which would spread good word about their phones support. That would cut costs right there.

      Also, Mike, try Nova Launcher if you wanna stock look for your HTC One X.

      Seriously, it’s people like Mike and I who should be running HTC not some ignorant old bureaucrat who is stuck in their old ways of thinking and unable to grow in an ever evolving market.

      • KC

        Hear! Hear! Old senile bureaucrats! Make way for the more innovative younger guys who dare to do things consumers want.

        I’ll vote for you Mike and Rauelius to run HTC.

  • jamal adam

    HTC needs to put some money is marketing their smartphones otherwise, this trend will continue. If you look at Samsung, they are basically marketing the living daylights out of the Galaxy SIII and the Galaxy Note II and they are see it all pay off extraordinarily. HTC has to start marketing their devices and they need to spend the necessary money so that more people will know of the One series and how great it is and why the should buy it. At the moment, the only advertisements you see are the occasional carrier ads but no HTC ads. Carriers don’t bother with marketing the devices and so it is HTC that needs to pull all the stops and take care of their brand name and recognition. To be at the top they need to believe in themselves and show customers their devices and how awesome they are. That’s the only way you are gonna get people excited to buy.

  • niteowl360

    I’ve been an HTC fan for 6 years,currently One X.
    How to come right in 5 simple steps:-
    1. Get rid of sense in favour of stock android esp JB now available.
    2.Keep promises concerning unlocked boot loader.
    3. Bring back SD Card.
    4. Better battery life.
    5. Offer data packages together with dropbox promotions.

  • Max.Steel

    Cut back on the amount of phones they produce. Besides obvious reasons, they have to provide support for all these phones which only costs more money. Focus on releasing one flagship device.

  • Colin Gomes

    HTC has the best build quality i have seen till now so all they have to do is back up it is a well marketed phone,,,,

  • Frack apple

    Get rid of that stupid htc dev and make your bootloaders unlockable
    Be more generous with the size of battery
    support micro sd slots

    do that and youre good to go htc, you need to learn though.

  • Xis

    If HTC was supporting their devices this wasn’t happening…
    I have an HTC Sensation for a year and just one major update, not even Jelly Bean and Sense 4.x seams to come.

    If their devices continue to be dead so soon nobody wants them.

  • abe

    They could try building what consumers want for a change. Non removable batteries and non expandable storage just isn’t it. Everyone who wants anti-consumer hardware “features” already owns an iphone.

  • Alex Belko

    It’s very sad to see HTC going down, I hope they will release phones like One X with bigger batteries and stock or nearly stock 4.2

  • vote Matt Rooney

    htc is dead in the water, they deserved it

  • Nathan D.

    Dam, htc needs to do something even if means they have to stiff a couple carriers or people.

  • nikzgfx

    I don’t know why a lot of you dislike Sense. Sense is probably one of the best Android skins around! It has one of the best contact management systems, the new JB leak brings in native high res photos like on vanilla JB. Even the JB on my cousins SGN2 does not sync high res photos. Sense has one of the best social network integrations on any platform, for Facebook it’s extremely good. Sense has the excellent camera app on the One Series, forget about going into the menu and turning on burst mode, burst mode is built into the actual on screen shutter button. Sense is more than just a launcher. And it’s surprisingly smooth and fast on the new JB builds that I don’t need to use a third party launcher now!

    The One X boasts one of the best if not best screens of 2012. SLCD2 is a big improvement over it’s previous version. Now I’ve had the SGS3 and SGN2 for a short while and even though they have better blacks and contrast my HOX screen beats them both for whites, text, more neutral colours, better brightness, better colour gamut and such.

    The One series is a great range, the HTC One XL is probably better as it packs the S4 which in turn improves battery and boasts a better DAC and includes LTE. But Tegra 3 is good for gaming!

    In my opinion HOX > SGS3 if you don’t need expandable storage and or removable battery.

  • Dezzy

    I just don’t understand how they could give the same device exclusively twice in a span of 6 mos to one carrier and think they’re going to have any different outcome than they had when they did it in April. They’re still limiting it to just one carrier even though its been updated and slightly upgraded with more storage and a new cpu with LTE and larger battery.. At the same time annoying early adapters to the device by release another one with marginally better specs although the increase in storage is definitely needed. But why couldn’t they release it this way back in April with 32gb version? There are newer devices coming, plus the new iPhone just came out. Do they really think an exclusivity deal again is going to equal more sales for this device? Its doesnt even make any kind of sense to do this and then wonder why they aren’t selling. Its like they’re purposely doing everything they can to put obstacles in the way of consumers trying to get their devices. If they go down, they’ve done it to themselves with actions like these that just don’t make any kind of rational sense.

  • Esoth

    Unfortunately, HTC seem to have backed themselves into a corner. Like a lot of people here have said, their phones are fine, but what they need is a more concerted push into their advertising. The One X ones were too few and too obscure (I can’t relate to a guy skydiving and taking photos). The problem now is that mass marketing costs a lot of money, which is something they’re burning through really quickly.

  • Leonel

    Htc needs to focus on two device to all carriers with same specs, one flagship device and a mid range. Different devices and having a flagship device excusive to one carrier does not mean more sales, people are commited to a mobile providers not a phone or brand. If the htc one x+ was with tmobile I would have bought it fast but since its with at&t I’m out.

  • Fallon

    PFF… they do deserve it. The way they treat customers. My DHD got just one update, to gingerbread. Not happy there. I’m running jelly bean rooted and it is much much more stable than stock ever was

  • randyw

    I might also help if you did not promise updates and then change your mind at the last minute. That has cost HTC a ton of customers.

  • imdiane

    Samsung has shown to have really good numbers and I’m sure they’ve put a lot in their marketing but I feel like their products aren’t as solid as HTC’s but that’s a matter of personal opinion. I have faith that with beautiful devices such at the HTC One X+ and the Droid DNA, HTC will show better numbers the next quarter.

    Hopefully they can refocus on their marketing strategy and reach out like they used to!

  • aveek23


    I am really in a bad state of affairs due to HTC, They have been one of the market leaders for the Touchscreen Smartphones. Reliability was one of the key factors. How could they fail to deliver their commitments. But alas!
    I really doubt customers like me will be terribly shocked after the glitch I found out with their flagship models. I started using HTC Wildfire S & within 14 months of its inception the touchscreen started losing its sensitivity. This is not absolutely acceptable from the smartphone giants. Nevertheless whatever new technologies they are bringing in they may be compromising on older ones which is not desirable in terms of performance.

  • dutrak

    It will get better in 2013

  • Ben Dunn

    if i was htc i woudl for starts giver ther dev users s-off on flagship phones l;iek the one -x int second id keep aimign for there orignell market enthusiast whtich they now no lonegr aim at thats deffiantly apparent with the oen x and the htdev side of this i would actually respond to peoples needs htc aloen have just lost abotu 60% of upgrade orders for next year due to the fact they will not give the enthsiast and developers s-off ont he oen x with htc weve coem to expect our phoens to be competely unlockable HTC are digging them selfs a hole that if they dotn start aimign bacl at the right market there gunna lose and probab;ly earned up in liquidation i have semt 40 emails 200 hand wirtten letter to ceos at htc uk and htc usa and still heard nothign xda developers has had atleast 2 pertition for s-off on the x one htc reply “THER WAS NON THE COMPELTELY IGNORED IT” they also need to sotp developignb so many devcies at ones that are gunan self bestthat the enthusiast once as ther to many issue when they realease there so called flagship devices every couple of months that have floautls that are specific to certain batch and ntojhe others and its becomign a tedious amoutn of bullshit htc sort your shit out or your goign into liquidation i cant garntea it