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Leaked Nexus 10 pictures and benchmarks confirm specs


We hope Google has some surprises in store for their big event on Monday, because all the details of the upcoming products have leaked out. Today we get new pictures of the Nexus 10 and a leaked benchmark that confirms the rumored specs. As previously reported, the Nexus 10 will run Android 4.2 and feature a 10.1-inch display with 2560×1600 display, 1.7 GHz Exynos 5 Dual with Mali-T604 GPU, 16 GB storage, and 2 GB RAM.

Kenneth Pennington of Brief Mobile has also posted a gallery of photos of the Nexus 10 and Android 4.2. The tablet looks similar to the pictures from the quick-start guide and we also get a look at the multi-user accounts found in the new quick settings menu. Hit up the source link for additional pics and info.

We can see it features a top of the line display and processor, but I’m curious what price people are willing to pay for a high-end Android tablet. Based on what you know of the rumored Nexus 10 tablet, how much would you be willing to pay for it?

Multiple user accounts are coming to Android tablets.

Via: GLBenchmark

Source: Brief Mobile

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  • Alexander drzfr3shboialex

    I believe this and the nexus 4 will cost the same or with a 50$ lead

    • Fexus Naggots

      new iPad and iPad mini absolutely smoke this tabletdown!

      • Rushaoz

        Dumbass lol The iPad mini is nowhere near the Nexus 7 spec wise. This exynos a15 chip will smoke anything the iPad 4 will be. But then again you’re just a troll tyna troll somewhere you don’t belong lol. Go back to your cave troll and let the big boys talk about real tablets.

        • Antony Williams

          That’s not even remotely true.
          The Exynos 5 has a better CPU than the A6X. But it is not even close to the GPU of the A6X. It depends whether you value CPU over GPU

          • nautanki

            ya ya….you go ahead and stand in the line for 3 days outside the apple store to get your ipad mini for 349$
            while we wait for our nexus 7 to ship at our door step for 199$.most probably even less.i guess u must b in the line already…dumb Isheep

          • Anjie Cai

            the mali-604 is faster…

      • masterpfa

        Indeed it will and your point is?

      • MNMROCKZ

        iPad mini is sold out coz crapple does not have enough stock.!!! LOL

    • Miranda1989

      Nexus 10 looks like a brick. Ugly. Pass on this…..

  • heat361

    i’d pay $400-$500 for it with all those specs and that beautiful back

    • Andy_jr

      I hope that’s the price range – that should sell like hotcakes! But I fear it will be more, considering the specs.

      The problem is that there are too many good products coming out all at once! I really like the sound of the Galaxy Note 2, the Asus PadFone 2, the Nexus 4, and the Nexus 10. No matter how I look at it, I can’t afford them all at once! ;^)

      • Rushaoz

        I don;t think it will be THAT expensive. Look at the new chromebook. Has the same SoC and costs in the 250-300 dollar range. This Nexus 10 will be a knockout.

        • Jim

          Thats what i was thinking. The processor is probably 20-30 dollars alone and the memory and other specs are similar. I hope the touch capabilities and added sensors dont run the BOM up though

  • Zubieta

    Just 16GB in storage and no expandable?!
    This tablet is perfect save for that!

    With such a HUGE screen, Full HD content can be expected to be REALLY HEAVY
    Hopefully it will come up to 64GB but even that may be lackluster to some

    16GB+MicroSD would have sealed the deal!

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      If the smaller Nexus 7 is getting a 32 GB version, then I suppose Nexus 10 will also have a 32 GB version.

  • heat361

    with this device we should see developers start to finally make more tablet specific apps.

  • Gus

    I think that this will be priced at $349-$399. Really premium specs. I think Google should try to go lower to get more people. This should be a very nice tablet.

    Nexus 7 – $199-250 16GB and 32GB
    Nexus 10 – $349-399 16GB
    Nexus 4 – $399-450 Hopefully 16GB

    Drop Galaxy Nexus to $299 and keep it there for a while. A good rounded out product line.

    • masterpfa

      Great point re GNEX it’s still a more than capable phone and stand the test of time for another year at least.

  • Chuck Mullen

    Really, the internal memory size issue can not be overlooked. It for me, brings the value down, and not being able to expand it… even LOWER.

    Heat361 saying @400-500 that is way, WAY, to high for what you are getting.

    3 high end games, for example like NOVA 3 – at 1.6 gig, The Dark Knight Rises, 1.9 gig, and something else plus some apps, and your nearly out of space in a minute. I have this problem with my Galaxy Note and it angers me, and LIMITS MY USABILITY of such a great device.

    The bigger question is whom is the intended audience? Hardcores or casuals?

    Id go MAX, $299… but Id rather it be $249… sorry I am cheap. But also a realistic spender, I am not going to go jump the shark just cause its a NEXUS with guaranteed updates. Even if that makes or breaks a device for me, along with space… specs, are important but not the end of the world.

    • heat361

      i dont see storage being a problem and they will most likely release a 32 gb model

    • shadhussain

      @Chuck Mullen: I would’ve disagreed with you if we were were talking about lack of memory (and expansion slots) for a smartphone (e.g., nex4) … i’m getting flamed for my opinions there on another post. however, when it comes to a high-end tablet, i tend to agree with you 100%, *IF* you want to use a tablet as a viable everyday laptop replacement.

      the transformer prime is now my primary entertainment/computing device at home – i perform many cloud based tasks on it, including streaming music and videos, but i also play casual games, download media and organize photos which have heavier memory requirements.

      of course most of this is based on speculation and google will likely release a 32/64 gb version. but the sd expansion slot is still pretty important to me. i’ve found that even casual users in my family who have a nexus7 find this limiting, especially when using the tablet to export/organize/view/edit/post digital camera photos and swapping media files.

      • Chuck Mullen

        @heat361 – Glad to hear its not a problem for you to be limited in available storage but I am struggling like HELL with my NOTE @ 16 + 16 right now. So I am happy someone finds the limited memory in 2012, soon 2013 acceptable to be under 64 GB for what we are EXPECTED to be paying for this “PREMIUM” device, used loosely..

        @ShadHussain – Thanks for your reply/comment. I do use my tablet as a desktop replacement. And space for me is precious and I have been forced to delete content just to stay up with the new games. And yes I use it for gaming too.

        And to those hitting the – on me, cause I mentioned the space and lack of it, well, whatever… and really I do not want to pay for something that a few months later, MAY show up with increased space, all of you BURNT NEXUS 7 early adapters, I do not feel your pain… this is why I resisted. And I will continue too… until I see something legit, and real.

        Ill say it again, type it again, scream it again, SPECS AREN’T EVERYTHING, kiddies.

        • rauelius

          I’m convinced that the people who are ok with 8GB and 16GB as the only storage options are shills, or vehemently against freedom of choice.

        • ionorov

          They’re probably down voting you because of (a) the space criticism and (b) that price of $249 for a Nexus, which is a bit insulting. Lol… we’re going to go down in flames :D

          1) This is a nexus thread. You can’t really say anything too critical about the guaranteed perfect, awesome and godly Nexus, birthed from the loins of Schmidt, Brin and Page.

          2) People around here can be vehemently anti-mSD because… because… I don’t know why actually.

          Don’t worry, someone will come around shortly proclaiming that 16GB is enough. Someone will say how they’ve never even filled up 4GB of their 8GB N7. How we should all praise Google’s decision to rid ourselves of cheaper mSD storage. (oh wait… it’s already begun with heat361 :D )

          See, these guys are like reverse-communists. THEY don’t need extra space, so EVERYONE doesn’t need extra space. THEY are willing to spend $$$ on expensive internal and cloud storage, so EVERYONE must pay as well.


  • uzunoff

    Did the description say dual core processor? I thought it would be a quad core.
    Dual core on a 10 inch tablet and quad core on a 7 inch tablet doesn’t make much sense.

    I know that someone will pull benchmark saying that some dual cores are as good as quad cores, but common.
    This isn’t 2010 anymore

    • Tommy Thompson

      It’s a dual core A15 VS A9, It will power through just fine.

      • Fexus Naggots

        Clueless android sheeps are always up for excuses….i guess you will provide an excuse for the new round of 4.2 fragmentation – you know only 0.01 percent of all android users have jelly bean for now!

        • h0ruza

          Boring haters talking about fragmentation as if simply saying the word will make android users cry.

          Playground name calling seems to be popular with so many of these comment trolls but they never anything new to say.

    • Gus

      This processor is better because its based on ARM Cortex-A15 as opposed to A9 as the quad core Tegra 3 in the Nexus 7. Plus its clocked higher.

    • lilmoe

      You have no idea what THE Exynos 5 Dual (5250) is, do you…..

      • Gus

        I do.

  • Fabio

    Phablet UI on a 10″device?
    i assume fake….

    • herbivore83

      A good catch. A 10-inch tablet would not have the notification shade at the top.

      • heat361

        Yeah it would after Google makes the ui more uniform in 4.2

      • TheKockyRooster

        they are shying away form releases just for tables

    • ionorov

      Yeah, having that huge black bar of nothing seems too wasteful. It’s either fake or an early prototype or something.

  • humidity

    I hope it starts at no more than $400 and maybe be more for more storage.

  • J3R3MY_H

    Very interesting that they are using the Nexus 4 and 7 layout and not the tablet originally in Honeycomb.

    • J3R3MY_H

      tablet *layout* originally in Honeycomb

    • Ardrid

      That’ve been doing that since ICS was introduced. Google wanted to mold the paradigms instead of having two unique layouts.

  • http://nickedynick.blogspot.com Nickedynick

    The soft buttons look weird in the middle, I hope this isn’t a final build…

    Otherwise, I actually quite like the look of the thing.

  • Ardrid

    Goddamn, that thing is going to a beast! Price it at $350 and it’s an instant winner. Look out iPad Mini: the Nexus 10 is coming!

    • Zubieta

      With those specs, won’t go lower than $499, tops $450

      • Gus

        Samsung Chromebook has the same processor at $249 price. Cost will be the screen. I see this at $349-399.

    • Ardrid

      Hmm…an Apple troll must have downvoted me. Sorry, I stand by my post. If Google can get the Nexus 10 priced at $350, or even $400, the iPad Mini is in trouble. Its only saving grace will be the brand name it carries. And if Google aggressively markets the device, expect things to get very interesting.

      • shadhussain

        to be fair, droid trolls run amok these days too …

        • h0ruza

          Chances are they do but most of us don’t prowl sites where are only interest is to be an idiot from the safety of an IP address.

  • Nate B.

    I don’t like the design. I was hoping for a very little bezel. I mean it looks like a black Note 10.1, but the fact that it’s black it looks a little better then the Samsung series of the Note 10.1..

    I guess the Stock OS can overtake that. I mean I wasn’t heavily sold on the Galaxy Nexus but enjoyed it when I picked it up.

  • Mix

    Is this dual core faster, or better, than the quad core on the Nexus 7?

    • heat361

      its better more battery efficient while providing more power for the system

      • Mix

        Awesome, thank you for the info!

        • Thomas MacDougall

          Also, for the most part, Faster cores > More cores

    • Ardrid

      The Exynos 5 + Mali 604 is a massive improvement over the Tegra 3 despite having “only” 2 cores. I’ve found that most Android enthusiasts are preoccupied with core count. It needs to be understanding that simply having more cores is not a guaranteed recipe for more performance. In fact, because most software is single threaded (and, at best, dual-threaded) a strong argument can be made that those extra cores are a complete waste of die space and are a needless drain on efficiency and battery life.

      The amount of cores is far less imporatant than IPC (instructions per clock) or even clockspeed. And, in this case, the IPC gains found in Exynos 5, coupled with the fact that the other 2 cores in Tegra 3 are going largely unused, means that the Nexus 10 will run circles around the Nexus 7, and likely the A6X as well (at least as far as CPU performance is concerned; I still expect the PowerVR SGX543MP4 to best Mali 604).

      • perlowin

        Chrome spins off multiple threads, which I ASSUME will take advantage of multiple cores. More and more programs are multi-threaded these days. Still, faster clock speed is great since ALL apps will take advantage of that.

        • Ardrid

          Chrome spins off multiple processess to implement sandboxing. They’re not multiple threads in the traditional sense of parallelism. There are very few apps that can utilize a quad-core or octal-core CPU. Those that do are typically found in the video editing, encoding/transcoding, or post-processing arena. Most everything else is single threaded or dual threaded.

      • Mix

        Awesome thank you!

        I just get lost and can`t keep up with all the A5, A6x, Tegra 3 Quad, Exynos 5 Mali dual core core super fun speed time` updates as it seems there is a new processor out every month.

      • lilmoe

        According to GLBenchmark from the source link, Exynos is pushing 2560×1504 at 43.9fps in “GLBenchmark 2.1 Egypt Classic – Onscreen”. The A5X is pushing 2048×1536 at 53.5fps.

        In pixel count terms:
        Nexus 10′s screen has 3.85 million pixels at 43.9fps
        iPad3 has 3.145 million pixels at 53.5fps

        A simple equation applied to convert the speed for a screen that has 1 million pixels would suggest (assuming performance scales perfectly):
        Nexus 10: 43.9fps * 3.85 = ~169fps
        iPad3: 53.5fps * 3.145 = ~168fps

        I’d say they’re both roughly the same. They also have similar memory bandwidth (12.8GB/S). But Mali t604 supports OpenCL and OpenGL ES 3.0 and Google Renderscript, while PowerVR 543SGXMP4 doesn’t, which makes it more “future proof” for apps and games that take advantage of that.

        That said. The dual core Cortex A15 CPU in Exynos 5 is leaps and bounds faster and more efficient than dual core Cortex A9 in the A5X (even better than Apple’s new “Swift” cores in the A6/A6X SoCs)

        On release, Exynos 5 Dual should be the fastest ARM chip yet. Would be interesting to test it against Qualcomm’s quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro with Adreno 320.

  • JT

    I wanted this tablet ever since the rumors but 16GB non expandable equals no deal for me.

  • loso

    Its Clear how the second pull down notification will be on Android 4.2 mobile. Good shyt

  • irishrally

    Why is tabletUI not being used? Not another 213 …

    • heat361

      they changed it so it could be uniform with the nexus 7. I never liked the tablet ui anyway. I like this ui more.

      • irishrally

        Tablet UI on a 10″ landscape tablet is almost a necessity. It would be awkward to have to reach to the center of the screen to hit a nav button or reach the top of the screen for notifications etc. In tabletui everything is properly placed next to your thumbs.

        • Graham Steffaniak

          so why does this tablets ui look like it was made for a phone? the N7 was stretching it, I will be heated if they show it off looking like that on monday.

    • shadhussain

      i’m hoping that’s an early test screen shot, where they realized a drop down notification from the top is not very user-friendly on a large tablet. u don’t need a graphics/fine arts degree to see something looks off with the notification menu size and placing.

  • acey_zero

    It better be pretty cheap as the limited storage bottlenecks it from being a power user device. Most people don’t have enough cash to drop a lot on a casual device like this.

    • J3R3MY_H

      I’m guessing $399. Its better to take a loss on the hardware, especially when Apple and Amazon have so much market share, and try to make it up by selling the eco-system. Basically the same gamble Google made with the Nexus 7.

      • acey_zero

        I am actually guessing cheaper than that myself, maybe $300-$350, but we will see. One thing I have to admit about recent Nexus devices is that Google has been providing very good specs for an amazing price.

        Only problem is they keep bottlenecking it with the storage. Not everyone can afford to stream everything…

  • DM

    Why such a large bezel….

    • J3R3MY_H

      Function over form is my guess

    • h0ruza

      I ask this question all the time. Isn’t about time we had software bezels like we have software buttons?

      Then they could be optional.

  • rashad360

    I have my fingers crossed for $300-$350 but I believe $400-$450 sounds about right

  • Tony

    Huh, is this an experiment to see if they could put the best specs in the ugliest tablet possible? I think they win easily, I want it to succeed but damn the software buttons in the effing middle of the screen?!?!?!?! Google I will kill you!

    • irishrally

      It is very easy to change the resolution and use tabletUI. Dpi<=177 gives you tabletUI.

  • nippi1111

    take my money

  • anywherehome

    No 32gb? Ok, not buying…..start to think and put everywhere 32gb!

  • Christian

    This is DOA if it’s over $349. With the iPad 2 available for $399, this has to be cheap if it wants to break out from the spec-lusting, geek crowd.

    • rauelius

      In terms of space, I agree with you, but this thing at least on paper decimates the iPad3, so the iPad 2 should be a cakewalk. But I prefer having storage options than pure horsepower. If you told me that Apple had a car that can hold 1 Gallon of gas, but offered two steps up, one that can hold 9 Gallons and another that holds 15 Gallons, the caveat being that the price goes up 20% at each step up. Meanwhile here’s google offering ONLY a car that can hold 1 Gallon of gas….You know what? I’d take a Buick that can hold 16 Gallons of gas over a Corvette that only holds 1 Gallon of gas…sure the Corvette is gas, but there’s not enough room to have fun with….Just like with the upcoming Nexus devices (Nexus 10-4….soldier!) I’ll take space options over hardware specs any day of the week.

      • Christian

        Except regular consumers don’t care about specs. All they know is that this is Google’s 10 inch tablet, so if it doesn’t have a price advantage over Apple’s entry level 10 inch tablet (the iPad 2), then it won’t sell.

  • aranea

    If this is true it was worth for me to hold back and wait for a Nexus 10 :)

  • perlowin

    If it’s under $400 I’d stand in line for one (thankfully though we won’t have to, like other tablet buyers).
    If it’s $500 I’d have to think about it. The resolution is incredible!!! I have my worries about the limited storage. Maybe an SD slot wasn’t leaked out???? One can only hope…

  • Paul

    £299.99 in the UK, and I’ll buy two ;)

    • h0ruza

      Now this is wishful thinking but…

      £159 nexus 7 16GB
      £199 nexus 7 32GB
      £259 nexus 10 16GB
      £299 nexus 10 32GB

      Happy days!

  • Joshua A Jones

    I sincerely dislike the whole phone-like interface they’ve got going on with 4.1+ tablets. For the Nexus 7 i gave it a pass because it was a 7-inch tablet but it’s like we’re going back in time to the days of Android 2.3 on tablets where everything was blown up and ugly. The ICS layout has been perfect for me on the tabs i’ve owned i don’t understand the fascination with going backwards and making the interface inconvenient.

    • TheKockyRooster

      i think they are keeping the UI uniform since its a nexus but more tablet like once jellybean rolls out to samsung etc

  • jamal adam

    Great start to my weekend. I am so excited for all these Nexus devices. Monday will be like Eid and Christmas combined in terms of excitement for us Android fans.

  • TheKockyRooster

    I am going to be GLUED to the playground event monday!!!!

  • bbman

    That looks like an HP Touchpad with front speakers…looks ugly and heavy, plus I would never buy another device limited to 16GB with no expandable storage. I learned my lesson with the Nexus after I could only reinstall apps on my phone and had no room to store any media (music/videos)…cloud storage is overrated when you frequent areas with no coverage.

  • ChrisLH

    I’m not understanding the difficulty in including expandable storage in a 10″ tablet. There should be ample space to include this pretty easily. As others have noted, a tablet is a slightly different animal than a phone and storage space on the device is more of a consideration for a product that may be used for storing a lot of movies or performing actual productive work.

    The cloud is not always and option and doesn’t work in all scenarios – Google/Manufacturers need to stop trying to force that on us, especially on tablets.

    Plus, this thing looks pretty ugly, imo. Too bad because it has killer specs.

    • Lisa90

      I agree, it looks horrendous. Im happy i bought my ipad 2 and i dont wanna downgrade to this bad tablet.

  • Joe Mamma

    Count me in. A-15 is GIGANTIC. It’s going to make a huge difference; most of us have never touched an ARM processor that’s anything like it. Not crazy about the aesthetics, back looks ugly, large bezel is a bit of a turn off, but I’m far more concerned with the screen (please don’t be pentile) and the internals than the way the tab looks. 16gb is small, especially with this sort of resolution. Anyone programming specifically for this tablet will be packaging assets in an app that’s going to greatly balloon in size compared to lower resolution stuff, so a 32gb option would be great.

  • Dalingrin

    No way that is the real UI for the Nexus 10
    - By having two bars(top notification, and bottom navigation) even more space is wasted versus the current tablet layout in Jelly Bean.
    - Having the navigation buttons in the middle is simply in no way ergonomic…not to mention an enormous waste of space.

    If it does turn out to be real then this might be enough for me to jump ship to a Microsoft tablet even though I hate closed source. Google should be spending their time making a way to allow having 2 or more applications on the screen at once rather than pushing large screen tablets even closer to being just a large phone.

  • cthonctic

    Give me this with 32GB storage for 350 to 399 € and I’ll pull the trigger as soon as it goes on sale!

  • Scott

    I will buy it and then ill download paranoid android rom and put the tablet theme

  • poler166

    Really like the speakers on the sides, this is would make sound so much better while using the tablet

  • RX-78-7

    There’s no doubt that this is a beast of a tablet( spec wise ). However I’m quite underwhelmed with the design, this is more galaxy than nexus.

    Any news on the display? I’m hoping for IPS+ panel with RGB arrangement.

  • Charles

    If it’s between $300-350. It’ll be great if it was $329 ^_^

  • PeterP

    Considering a retina display 10″ tables costs around the $230 mark in china google should be looking at $300 max $350.

  • Zachary

    Great specs but I really wish ASUS had been the one to manufacture the 10 inch Nexus tablet. I’m tired of the plasticy feel of their products. I think the build of the Nexus 7 is amazing and makes it stand out from the other 7 inch tablets out there.

  • John

    I think the price for 16GB will be in the $300-$350 range… probably $329 just to show up the ipad mini.

    I will be selling my tab 7.7 and getting this but will have to wait till they do a 32GB model.

    The specs are amazing though and based on my tab 7.7 I think think the appearance and build quality with the metal back will be great.

    This certainly makes the ipad mini price and specs look like a joke.

  • TouchMyBox

    I’d pay $600 for a 64GB version.

  • Cameron Schultz
  • ionorov

    Was kinda hoping there’d be an S-pen since it’s from Samsung… doesn’t look likely though. Hmmm… we need more competition for the Note 10.1.

    • Matthew

      Yeah, S-Note style support as a secondary app download would be nice as it is from samsung, but this is expected as its a nexus device.

  • Dan

    Samsung sucks hard at tablets.

  • Mitchell

    I just me or does it look so much less efficient having the quick access buttons in the middle of the screen. Having them on the far left on my transformer prime means they’re always easily accessible with my thumb. No need to stretch or move my hand. Hope this can be changed in settings….

  • Nathan D.

    Can I drool now, that tab is so awesome I can sell my transformer Prime and get it when it comes out.

  • gigaswitchin

    Looks good….no micro SD expandable is disappointing…. Google is obviously wanting us to buy cloud space…..

  • sere83

    A few fantasists in this thread who need setting straight.

    First things first i’m an android user never ownd an apple device. But….

    1. The Exynos A15 won’t ‘smoke/obliterate/decimate blah blah’ the A6X. Real world performance will probably be very similar. I predict benchmarks split with some wins to the A6X and some to the A15 Exynos.

    2. Anyone trying to tell me that that the nexus 4 and the nexus 10 are particularly good looking or well designed are living on a different planet. They look very average in terms of design and build. They look very plasticky as well. And if samsung are using the Galaxy Note 10.1 as a reference for the Nexus 10 expect very plasticky.

    Whether you like it or not apple still has the better industrial design and frankly i ‘m pretty dissapointed by the look of the hardware of these devices, google and its partners are clearly not trying to push the envelope design wise. Nothing new or innovative here and anyone who knows anything about industrial design would agree,

    3. The display on the N10 is a nice edition. 8/16gb only is a massive fail though and they better rectify that soon. Don’t give a cr*p about their cloud storage, when you closest rival has 64gb editions of every product they make you have to wonder what was going through googles mind.

    Every single thread I have read commenting on this leak has been full of comments relating to the lack of storage on the n4 and n10. No LTE at relase is another fail for the N4.

    4. Lack of tablet apps is still a massive issue on the android platform, and googles persistence to not properly categorize the few decent tablet apps there are is IMO a sad attempt to mask the fact they are lacking.

    5. Performance is also still an issue. Sugar coat it how you want but jelly bean is still lacking next to iOS in both polish and fluidity, a few minutes with an iphone 5 will make this abundantly clear. If you don’t agree with this, you are a deluded fan boy who needs to accept the reality and limitations of android in its current form.

    This is not an attack on android just a realistic impression of what i have seen from the leeks. I’m still very interested to see the improvements in 4.2 and am still hoping android can continue improving and evolving but the facts are the facts and whether you love android or not you have to accept that there are still a number of shortcomings that need to be addressed.

    Incidently I think the N7 is the best nexus device so far and the best value android device available.

    • Zech

      Anybody who disagrees with me is a mindless fanboy! Wah wah wah! Dismissing all disagreement as signs of delusion or inferior intellect is a sad attempt to silence critics of your position. You should be willing to defend your position without such insults.
      1. In terms of benchmarks, A15 Exynos does smoke the A6X. No need to be artificially trying to make both sides equal. In CPU performance the Exynos is way ahead because A15 is just a superior architecture and in GPU they have similar performance.
      2. The design isn’t mind blowing but they’re good enough. The N4 looks a lot like the Galaxy Nexus and the N10 looks like a Note 10.1/Nexus One mash up. Plus the people who posted the original pictures of the N10 said it was aluminum.
      3. The 8/16GB thing is only for the phone. The tablet has 16GB and may or may not have a 32GB version but no one knows so you can’t judge them on that. And you treat the amazing screen as some minor gimmick or bullet point that you don’t care about. You emphasize all the parts you think are bad and dismiss the parts that are good.
      4. The tablet app thing is a problem but Google isn’t separating categories not because it’s masking anything but because of its philosophy that all apps should be universal and scale/reformat for different screen sizes rather than having a tablet label on it.
      5. JB is 97% of iOS’s fluidity. The Nexus 7 almost never stutters or lags and it would handily beat my friend’s iPod.

      Just saying it’s not an attack on Android doesn’t make it so. You’ve consistently tried to diminish everything good about this tablet and emphasize anything bad. That’s a sign of heavy bias against Android.

      • sere83

        haha, no offence but what your saying is completely innacurate.

        I have used the nexus 7 extensively, I have also used it side by side with both the iPhone 5 and ipad. JB still lags especially when heavy content web pages are loaded in chrome and various other instances around the OS. Nothing you can say will convince me other wise as I have direct 1st hand experience. iOS provides a more fluid experience and more polished transitional effects, as I said only a fan boy would dispute this as I have seen it in action many many times.

        1. Where is the evidence for the A15 smoking the A6X? I have heard reports that the SGX543MP4 GPU in the latest ipad is still superior to the Mali-T604 and that the A6X CPU core(s) aren’t based on a vanilla A9 or A15 design from ARM IP, but instead are something of Apple’s own creation. You have no evdience that A15 will smoke the A6X. As I said performance is likely to be similar.

        2. You said it yourself the designs aren’t mind blowing. I was hoping for better and I think apples hardware will still look superior. As a designer this annoys me and i think google should be trying harder to improve their industrial design. Some may disagree.

        3. If they launch with 32gb, then I will eat my words, I doubt they will though. A high res screen is great, but they are playing catch up to apple, a few more pixels is nice but whos to say the SAMOLED will be superior to the ipad screen? I really hope it is but I generally prefer IPS LCD due to the more accurate colour representation. Also there is nothing that ground breaking or original here, apple released a high res display, google responded. Again a simple fact, the n10 screen may well look better, but to emphasize it as some huge ground breaking feature is unnecessary glorification.

        4. Yep I realise this. I also realise that this straight confuses non tech saavy consumers who might not know there are tablet specific apps available, and be given a poor user expereince as they download a load of enlarged phone apps. Again I stand by my point, calling it a ‘philiosophy’ or a way to ‘mask’ their lack of proper apps is a subjective argument with no right answer. But the mere fact so many people comment about the lack of tablet specific apps and the lack of an easy way to find the good few tablet specific apps there are tells me google are doing something wrong.

        5. adressed already

        Again misconstrued. I said at the beginning that i’m an android user i don’t own any ios device and not planning to. Android is still my OS of choice, so how can i be bias against it if i use it all the time as my main and only phone OS? I was merely pointing out what I thought was wrong with it and tried to demistify a lot of the myths that are spread around about the OS. Also I was saying I was a bit disappointed by certain aspects of the new leaked devices. I would like to see these rectified unlike some people who like to sugar coat the truth about android.

  • Juliette, FL

    I rather buy the new ipad

    • sbala

      You will always buy the ipad even if its a ibrick