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First LG Nexus 4 review appears online


Does anyone speak Russian? The first review of the LG Nexus is now online, coming from the same Russian source that leaked a bunch of photos of the device earlier this week. We are using Google Translate to skim through the article, but you can head over to the source link and check out the pretty pictures right now.

New details from the review include:

  • The inclusion of a multi-colored LED noficiation
  • There are no pogo pins for accessories
  • The micro SIM slot is on the left side below the volume rocker
  • The back is completely smooth and glossy, perhaps scratch-resistent glass
  • The sides of the device are made from a matte black rubberized plastic
  • Size is 134 x 69.2 x 9.2 mm
  • Weight is 139 g

Most importantly, the reviewer says “it is too foolish to describe the pros and cons of the device” because it has not been officially announced and they only have a prototype to play with.

lg-nexus-4-buttons lg-nexus-review-5 lg-nexus-review-4 lg-nexus-review-3 lg-nexus-review-2 lg-nexus-review-1 lg-nexus-review-8 lg-nexus-review-7 lg-nexus-review-6


Source: Onliner.by

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  • Max M.

    “In the yard the midst of autumn, and that means approaching the inevitable – the announcement and the subsequent release of a new smartphone model line Nexus.”

    Lmao. I love Google Translate.

    • stenzor

      That’s an almost 100% perfect translation

      • Marc

        The article is best when you read the Google translation with a heavy Russian accent.

  • cj100570

    Use Google Translate for Chrome. It isn’t 100% but it’ll work nicely to give you the Cliffs Notes.

  • Armen

    i know russian, the smarphone has a good screen, but iphone’s screen is a bit better, the rezolution is 1280*720, camera is 8 mp,NO 13 mp, processor is qualcomm s4 pro, but benchmarks are showing that tegra 3 is way better

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      Sounds like the LG Nexus benchmarks that we posted. This must be using really old software, because the Snapdragon S4 Pro bests Tegra 3 based on the latest benchmarks we have seen.

    • robert


    • Mike

      lol typical androidandme people down rate you when you say ANYTHING negative about android.

      All you did was post what the site was pretty much saying …thanks for the heads up

      • aakash


      • http://www.focuszonedevelopment.com Homncruse

        Hm, what was the rating before the downvotes then? Because it’s at +11 now…

      • TB

        You’re quite the whiner.

  • Hinds2009

    Can’t speak Russian but the pics look amazing! The sensor must be top notch!

  • Anton

    I’m Russian :)

  • the juiceman

    notification light!

  • dimiboy

    HAHA! I speak Russian!

    • Anton

      Молодец, я тоже )

      • Raptor

        Ну и как вам здешние дегенераты?

        • stenzor

          Пошел к черту динозаврик

        • Raptor

          К стати, заметили что блоггеры в Беларуссии, a казалось бы край света,… 1000-кратно умнее местных одноклеточных укурков?

          Translating: Holly #$%^….i am surprised…It’s really great site Onliner.by ! And great bloggers which really discuss things as opposed to unicellular swamp of 1000 Dick Yarrrels here…

  • J3R3MY_H

    “It is foolish to describe the pros and cons of the smartphone, which has not even announced and has the status of a prototype.”

    But we’re gonna do it anyway!

  • Alexander drzfr3shboialex

    It looks so much better than the galaxy nexus. I hope the white one is available in launch to see how it is.

    • iamXiV92a

      It looks almost identical to the Galaxy Nexus from the front…

  • Saar Hay

    This is the translating to the review, it is not 100% but take it or leave it:

    In the yard the midst of autumn, and that means approaching the inevitable – the announcement and the subsequent release of a new smartphone model line Nexus. My very first “smart phone”, Google has created in collaboration with HTC, the Taiwanese developer then it changed to Samsung. It seems that after two years of partnership with the founder of the series Galaxy Internet giant is again thinking about changing partners.
    That the new Nexus is manufactured by LG, we have no doubt. According to rumors, this year, Google may go to an entirely new strategy, with the support of not one but several manufacturers. Maybe so, but so far there is only accurate information about one model – LG E960, also known under the code name Mako. If we believe the data leakage from the documentation of foreign stores, selling new product will be known under the name of LG Nexus 4 – and we shall call it. The number “4″ in this case points to the generation of smartphones Nexus.
    To the Editor Onliner.by got one of the prototype LG Nexus 4. In a preliminary review of the device will consider features of the model and compare it with its predecessor – Galaxy Nexus.
    Features of the prototype
    The smartphone has been extremely problematic, so some features we have not been able to test (eg, Beam). Moreover, it is likely that the final version of the LG Nexus 4 will be slightly different from what we are facing today. The device is likely to receive a more recent version of the OS and capacious drive (unlikely Google and LG to market a model with 8 GB of internal memory with no slot microSD).

    The following are the most serious and common problems of the prototype. Model like from time to time to reboot, sometimes it does not respond to the power button, and then have to resort to a “soft reset.” Smartphone hardly charged when connected to a computer (goes into an endless loop on / off), reset network Wi-Fi, it also can not connect to the computer for lack of a driver.
    Not forgetting the pile of issues specific to the LG Nexus 4, let us examine it more closely.
    “So it’s a Samsung Galaxy Nexus!» – Says one, looking at the front of the smartphone. In front view LG Nexus 4 is really very similar to last year’s model: the same shape, curvature of the upper and lower ends, the absence of a touch-sensitive buttons below the screen in place, even “firm” invisible when inactive indicator of system events, hidden under the display.

    On the left – LG Nexus 4, right – Galaxy Nexus

    The differences lie in the details: the LG Nexus four straight, not curved glass slightly differently decorated earpiece, camera for video calls more pressed to the upper right corner.

    In size both smartphone also close. According to our measurements, the size of Nexus 4 is 134 × 69,2 × 9,2 mm, weight – 139 g Thus, the device is 1.5 mm shorter than the Galaxy Nexus, but nearly 1.3 mm wider. Model from LG thicker predecessor by 0.3 mm. Here, however, we must remember that the new product is flat cap, while the Galaxy Nexus is the “hump”, under which the thickness of the shell passes away for the 9 mm.

    On the left – Galaxy Nexus, right – LG Nexus 4

    On the case of Nexus 4 no contacts for connecting accessories, while on the right side Galaxy Nexus had such contacts. But the power button remains in the same place. Volume rocker has not disappeared from the left side, just move a little higher. Here, hidden tray cards microSIM: as in the case of the iPhone, it will open with iSkrepki or improvised as a needle or a pin. 3.5mm audio jack jumped from the lower to the upper edge, which also swept a second microphone. The main microphone along with microUSB connector located at the bottom.

    The most interesting thing in the design of LG Nexus 4 – is his backside. To the touch it is completely smooth and glossy. Perhaps the cover is made of scratch-resistant glass. In any case, as we tried, but scratch the metal key and could not.

    Despite the smooth uniform surface, visually textured rear panel appears. All the matter in the mosaic image, something resembling a “matrix effect” or some of the “live wallpaper” in Android. Drawing consists of many tiny dots, some of which change color from black to gray at a certain angle. Looks interesting, unusual, and not matter, as might be judged by some pictures. Because of the design features fingerprints on the lid are only visible from certain angles.

    In the top left of the back of the eye visible square 8-megapixel camera and LED flash on it. Bottom, right of the logo LG, there is a vertical slit located external speaker.

    Metal design elements in the design of LG Nexus 4 no. As mentioned above, the back of a smartphone or a covered glass or durable plastic. Along the perimeter of the apparatus used matte black rubberized plastic. Finally, around the front of the device is a thin strip of glossy plastic “chrome.”

    Cover the smartphone is not removed, so change the battery yourself will be difficult. For the prototype at Nexus 4 Average assembly bother unless too wide a gap between the two halves of the unit on the bottom.

    In general appearance LG Nexus 4 leaves a good impression. Design itself seems to be a normal, but the back of the smartphone looks fresh. However, the standard bar with rounded corners are not going to go, “wow-effect” model does not.
    Unlike its predecessor, Nexus 4 received IPS-display instead of HD Super AMOLED, so of no PenTile, bluish, greenish or yellowish white is out of the question. The screen resolution is still the same 720 × 1280 pixels at a diagonal of 4,7 “.
    We can not say for certain whether the touch layer is built right into the display LG Nexus 4. Rather, it is, as the technical features of the model are surprisingly exact match to the characteristics of the flagship Optimus G, which is equipped with just such an innovative touchscreen.
    Sensors embedded in the screen or not, but the image on the screen looks amazing. Contrast, sharpness, brightness – all these parameters new Galaxy Nexus has left behind and very close to the iPhone 5. In the latter, except that the brightness of the above, but, subjectively, the contrast is worse, the rest of the display, both are very similar and are among the best on the market.

    However, to evaluate all the advantages of the screen, it is better to disable automatic backlight that too strongly underestimates the brightness. The maximum possible viewing angles, natural color reproduction, high contrast – all set in an LG Nexus 4 matrix. Still IPS + gives “a light” AMOLED’am.
    We had not much time for testing PV modules LG Nexus 4. The module, by the way, is one of the few significant differences from the LG Optimus G: in the last set 13-megapixel camera, while the Nexus content with an 8-megapixel. The quality of the photo, you can estimate the test on the following pictures:

    In fact, to say something specific about the possibilities of the camera early – there are problems with software enhancement. In automatic mode, photo module prototype does not always work correctly, there are problems with the white balance, focus, often lack saturation and contrast.
    Unfortunately, LG Nexus 4 running Android 4.1.2. “Unfortunately” – because everything (and including us) are waiting on Google for something new. In the end, the corporation that has taught us that with the announcement of the smartphone Nexus is a new version of mobile OS. It is hoped that Google still announced Android 4.2 at the end of the month and show it running on a Nexus 4.

    As for Android 4.1.2, then no significant improvement compared to 4.1.1 we have not noticed. It’s the same familiar “naked» Jelly Bean, which we have already mentioned. Of course, no brand no shells, the minimum set of applications. In general, expect the official presentation of the smartphone and significantly updated operating system in late October.
    Model LG Nexus 4 is based on a chip Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 (APQ8064) with 2 GB of RAM, quad-core Krait and graphics Adreno 320. Exactly the same chip is at the core Optimus G. Computing cores running at up to 1.5 GHz. In theory, the transition from 40-nm to 28-nm process technology had a positive impact on energy consumption smartphone.
    Despite the strong base, with a capacity in the prototype is not so clear. Benchmark unit showed a surprisingly low results, and the test Vellamo he was not able to go because of the constant software failures. The explanation here may be only one – neoptimizirovannost tests, coupled with the “raw” firmware. In daily use to find fault with the device’s performance will not work: instant response UI, hassle-free video playback Full HD. “Heavy” games also come with a bang.

    For some reason we do not have to disassemble the LG Nexus 4, find a battery in another failed. But we were able to test the smartphone battery life. The test is this: we went to YouTube and launched HD-movies in full screen, and the network was activated Wi-Fi, all other wireless modules were disabled. In this mode, battery life is reduced by 10% every 20 minutes, the battery is fully able to “land” at 3:00 and change.

    Our guinea equipped with 8 GB of internal memory, which is very sad. Perhaps this amount of storage is only a prototype, and the commercial version of the model will be 32 or 64 GB of memory. It is possible that the version with 8 GB also appear on the shelves, and will cost significantly less more capacious brethren.
    General impressions
    It is foolish to describe the pros and cons of the smartphone, which has not even announced and has the status of a prototype. Constant bugs interfere adequately assess the potential device. The same camera, it seems, sometimes suffers from software flaws, but overall gives hope for good shots in commercial samples LG Nexus 4. Definitely as a trump card may be noted one of the best in the segment of mobile display. At the same time, the situation is still unclear, with internal memory and a final version of the operating system.
    As for the design smartphone, then, as it turned out, the appearance of the machine turned controversial. I liked the device, including the unusual design of the cover. Views of the entire editorial closely divided: some LG Nexus 4 like almost at first sight, others he called rejection. That in the end we will show Google and LG? According to rumors, the official presentation of the final version of the new Nexus is scheduled for October 29.

    • Glenn P

      Got about half way through until my head started hurting. Got the gist of most of it though

  • Ardrid

    I’m not sure why the design of this phone is getting so much hate. I think it’s a pretty sleek looking device, and that’s knowing that we may not even be seeing the final design revision.

    • acey_zero

      Yeah, I like the design just fine personally. It is the non-removable battery and no SD slot that are killing me…

      • Lo

        No nexus device has sd slots…

        • Dylan

          …except for the first one.

  • Ironzey Lewis

    No pogo pins?!?!

    If this is true I may have to pass. The docks were one of my favorite features of the Nexus program. I wonder what they have planned for desktop and car docks?

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      The device is rumored to have wireless charging and we know it has NFC, so maybe they don’t need the pogo pins for the docs anymore.

    • cthonctic

      I have yet to use my GNex’s pogo pins as there is no appropriately priced desk cradle available anywhere near me. I have to say, out of all the missing features (expandable storage, exchangable battery etc.) this is the one I care least about.

  • nitrog7

    Use Google Translate to convert the page to English. Reads well.

  • YMS123

    It does make sense that 8 Gigs is only for the prototype, why waste money on extra flash memory that won’t be used

  • Ratul Nandi

    nice, but why are these guys not showing the “About Phone” screenshots?

  • MikeG

    The review makes the device look really solid. The photos snapped look a lot better than the other purported photos posted a few days ago. If the Galaxy Nexus had an 8MP camera I probably would have already bought it, and love that this one does. Yes 13MP would be nice, but 8MP looks good, especially with the photo module they mentioned in the article.

    The ONLY drawback I see at the moment is the 8GB storage. I really think (hoping) that this is only on the prototype and that the actual phone will have 16GB and for $399. I would likely buy this soon after launch. If only 8GB, I likely will pass because my music alone takes up 10GB of space on my current phone… and I don’t really want to sync all my music to Google Play for the time being.

    I also wish these new phones were slightly smaller, but I can get used to a larger size if I can get everything else I want in a phone, and especially if the Android updates come directly from Google. I simply don’t trust the manufacturers and carriers to keep my software up to date.

    • kazahani

      Well if I were a Googler, I know the idea of an 8GB model Nexus phone would make me LOL…

      • http://gplus.to/winkx droidguyuk

        You are a Googler I bet! and like you I know its 16GB ..

  • MoSDeeb

    I’m looking forward to an official announcement. I just need to keep my personal expectations in check.

  • vitriolix

    It looks nice, the internals and camera seem amazing. But a glass back means this thing will be fragile like the iPhone 4 / 4s … drop it a couple feet and you get a shattered back.

    The microsim slot on the side strongly implies a sealed case… no removable batter or SD expansion re probably enough to make me skip this one… very sad as I loved my Nexus One and Galaxy Nexus…

    • Humberto H

      I hate LG, but the specs are GOOD, and it is a NEXUS, so updates will be from Google.
      The only deal breaker i find, is the 8Gb storage, but, this is a prototype, so, i think it will change.

      The back cover? I hate it, it looks too shinny for my taste. Too much “iphone”, i’ll buy a bodyguardz carbon fiber cover for the back, it will look awesome :)

  • Nathan D.

    This is why I use Google translate, to read foreign reviews. It not perfect but you tend to get the jest of it. So far it sounds like a solid phone, if I have enough money I’ll probably get it later this year or early next year.

  • lilmoe

    What I want to see, is the other unit that other guy was talking about. The one with the colored ‘X’ on the back for “NeXus”.

    I want to see how it’ll look on that glass back.

  • Gill Android

    I feel like Google is going more and more the Apple way atleast in case of Nexus, like no SD Card support, non-removable battery, micro SIM etc. Nexus should be showcasing the strength of Android i.e. openness rather than closeness.

    • da el

      Wait… your definition of closed is a phone that doesn’t have SD and battery ports for you to “open”?

      I thought open meant something else…

  • kazahani

    As long as they’re doing it to keep the price down. I could accept this if it was a cost cutting move.

    I’m sure there will be other Nexus devices with expandable storage and replacable batteries.


    I’d rather buy lg optimus G :

    new design
    new camera
    with real UI not the plain android “experience” with is not

  • irishrally

    How did he get the nav buttons to be blue?

    If he was running 4.2 I’d guess it had something to with the rumored customization center, but, he’s not.

    • Humberto H

      They are White, they just look blue cause the camera + angle + ilumination + screen. It happens to my everytime.

  • Lane Chapman

    idk what phone is on the google play home page next to a chrome book and a tablet, but the top of the phone looks too flat across the top of the phone to be the galaxy nexus and it doesnt really look like this nexus.. just throwing that out there

  • Glenn P

    I’m still baffled that people are bothered by a nonremovable battery. I mean really, how many people in the real world actually carry around spare batteries? It’s a small percentage. So long as the battery technology has evolved to the point where it’s feasible to lock the battery down to preserve internal space, then I think it’s a fine solution. Hasn’t hurt Apple one bit. Storage is another story though. Don’t care about the missing MicroSD slot, but please offer storage options. I doubt 8gb will be the baseline, but if it is, I hope there is a 16gb and a 32gb option as well.

  • Humberto H

    I think the 8gb is only for the prototype. I think the tickness is also part of the prototype, it is even thicker than my GSII, so, i think the final revision will be thinner.

    And i hope this to be a low-cost device. I mean, the specs are awesome. Add 16gb (minimun) for 400$, do you think it will include the wireless charger base? I HOPE =D

    • Sillmacka

      The prototype does not have wireless charging, the reviewer has said that in the XDA thread.
      That is great since it would end up weighing to much, just look at the Nokia 920 (185g).

      About the 8gb don’t you remember that the leaked Galaxy Nexus prototypes last year which also had 8gb.

      • Sillmacka

        Should have been a post not a reply, sorry

    • stenzor

      I hope it stays thick.. think usually == bigger battery

  • Silgrond

    Time to sell my HTC One X, and the get PREVIOUS Google Nexus (Samsung).
    Sadly the 134 x 69.2 x 9.2 mm size is too big for my hands, it’s the same as One X but a bit thicker.

  • walker

    The led indicator (this green dot of light) or so I suspect… it’s kind of looking a little awkward… the position.
    I used to own a Samsung YP-P2 which was an PMP which had the led light in the similar position, but it blended well with the overall design… despite the fact I pressed on it the first time I got, under the impression it was a button.
    This one just looks like it was slapped on with the purpose of just needing one.

    • stenzor

      It looks like the same position as on my Galaxy Nexus.. note that the dot “pulsates” with notification, they probably took the photo mid-pulse. Also, it’s probably multicolor just like on the GNex, not just green.

    • stenzor

      I should also mention that you can’t see the dot at all when it’s not glowing.. you can see the camera and the sensors, but it’s next to impossible to see the led notification when it’s off

  • nippi

    wooooo…thanks for these pics looks way beeter than what was shown in earlier pics….awsum device

  • Mar00k

    In your article there is one mistake:
    Onliner.by is not a “russian source”.

    *.by – is a domain zone of Belarus (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Belarus).

    Belarus is separate country with our own history and culture. Russia is another country.

  • drone3

    Do we have any info on LG audio quality?

    Can it match the SGS3 ?

  • Jp-on-gnex

    I really like the phone from all we know now. I find the back sleeker than the gnex which feels really cheap but. I hope they’ll remove most of the branding text or no more than “LG” and “google” like the current gnex. I’m not sure about the tiled pattern under the glass though.

    One thing I for sure find horrible is how high the soft buttons are! They seriously need to lower them! The same applies for the borders overall. Im sure with the the advance with have now that it would be possible to make the sensitivity more ergonomic to avoid touching something by mistake where our hand are more likely to be place when we hold the phone. Just my thoughts

  • Uriah

    I hope to order a Nexus soon since it has many great reviews on it. As for the carrier, I am sticking with T-Mobile since they are the only carrier to offer unlimited data with actual speed. In many cases, the 4G on my current phone is faster than the LTE phone that one of my DISH coworkers has. We use the DISH Remote Access app on our phones to stream live and recorded shows through the Sling Adapter that we have on our receivers. With how much his phone buffers, it hardly seems worth paying extra for LTE. It will be nice being able to stream as much as I want without hitting a cap which makes no sense for a smartphone.

  • Stig03

    i love you nexus!

  • Ezy03

    nexus devices rockk!!