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LG Nexus gets benchmarked


Want to see some benchmark scores from the LG Nexus? The guy with the LG prototype ran the device through AnTuTu and Quadrant, then uploaded some pics of the results. We can see that the device scored 9270 in AnTuTu and 4207 in Quadrant, which is lower than scores from the HTC One X with Tegra 3, but keep in mind this LG device is running pre-release software.

The owner of the LG device told me he has had it for “half a year now” and we don’t know if the software has ever been updated since it was in his┬ápossession. We already know that other benchmarks from the 1.5 GHz quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro chip demolish anything that is out there, so these leaked LG prototype benchmarks are pretty worthless.

Basically this isn’t really newsworthy at all, but you guys are so crazed up about anything Nexus related that we thought we would share.

lg-nexus-benchmark-4 lg-nexus-benchmark-3 lg-nexus-benchmark-2 lg-nexus-benchmark-1

Thank you Brandon for the tip.

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  • http://www.jaxidian.org/update/ jaxidian

    muuuust haaaaaave nexuuuuss infooooo….

    • nosense

      That’s not the same LG Nexus as the latest pictures…

      Looks like an older prototype.

      But the black colors look better than the later… IPS?

    • Richard Yarrell

      The funny part my upcoming Galaxy Note 2 pisses all over this crappy Lg Nexus. 8gb of internal storage what’s with this junk made by Lg. Can’t help but laugh..

      • squiddy20

        How do you know that an unreleased phone “pisses all over” another unreleased phone? You haven’t even seen, let alone held, either phone. What a blind, ignorant moron you are.

      • jonathan3579


        You’ve left me beyond words. You’re a lost cause.

  • Nathan D.

    Can’t wait for the announcement :-)

  • MoSDeeb

    My anticipation keeps growing with every Nexus leak

  • heat361

    I’ll get some vellamo 2.0 benchmarks by the end of today to you guys to see

  • jonathan3579

    Did nobody notice that it has more than 8gb internal storage? It’s 16gb.

    • rauelius

      It should be 32GB….

      • zymo

        truer words were never spoken!

      • Euki

        Not only does the picture show 16gb but also external Memory.. lets hope that stayed..

        • Dr.Carpy

          Yup! When I read SD card, I almost did back flips…but I can’t. I’m at work.

          • Mix

            I sure hope you are right about the external memory!!

        • lolbazor

          Story to disappoint you but it says that when there’s no sdcard… If you look again, it’s the same size as “memory”.

          • jonathan3579

            Actually, there’s a .2mb difference which makes me slightly more curious.

          • lolbazor

            Same in my nexus 7!

    • Fahad

      AND it has a microsd card slot. Contrary to what rumours have been saying. Though I guess if it’s been six months, some of the hardware may have changed by now.

  • jamal adam

    Keep the Nexus news coming

  • Ken Marshall

    Wow so this guy has even a pre-production Qualcomm S4 quad chip if he had the phone… for “half a year now”

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      Yeah well the quad-core S4 was sampling almost a year ago. Qualcomm had it on display at Mobile World Congress in March. My guess is that someone “lost” this prototype and this guy “found” it.

      • http://www.focuszonedevelopment.com Homncruse

        I want to be part of that guy’s next hide and seek game.

      • Jonathan Rung

        Yeah, but something doesn’t add up. Seven or eight months away from a Nexus launch, maybe Google has a prototype, but a semi-polished prototype with Google branding? I think at that point they’re deciding on chipsets, not sampling units. How did he get 4.1.2? Plus, no matter how pre-production the hardware and software may be, ASOP on S4 quad with adreno 320 will perform extremely well. We already know that Krait runs AOSP roms smoothly. I could go on, but something doesn’t add up.

        • http://www.focuszonedevelopment.com Homncruse

          The last physical product I worked on (different industry), we had developer prototypes at least a year before launch. Developers need something to code against. When you’re talking firmware, you need early access to get the lowest-level components (like board bring-up) done early.

  • Someguy

    Yes there is no SD card slot on this phone, plus the software itself hasnt been touched since i received a phone, from a “need to know basis source” Plus i did ask people about this phone when i first got it a few months ago and no one replied or even cared about what i had i even sent a tip box to gizmodo back in august to see if they knew what it was and no reply from them also.

    to tipbox Aug 16 Can you tell me what I have here I have a lg phone I think running 4.1.2 jelly bean buttery smooth the shape of it is like an iPhone one piece with what looks like a 4.5 or bigger screen with plasma style screen 16 gig internal

    Thats the original email i sent to them but some people i talked to last night believed no one in the android community would believe i had such a unit and i guess it was pretty much true since no one replied to my Pm’s and my emails

  • Devil

    And 0.0005% of Android users rejoice.. Nexus is even more overrated than WP8. Nexus actually made absolutely zero contribution for Android/mobile. There will be more Nexus news articles than number of devices shipped. If it was upto Nexus, Android would have been washed away from the face of this earth. Get of your high horse. Nexus means nothing in terms of sale. There are only 2 brands in mobile – Nexus is not one of them. It’s a flop, and will be a flop even in future. But you geeks will never agree. The same mentality that Apple fans use for Jobs, Android sheeps do the same for nexus. Nexus is and will be pathetic. period.

    • Ardrid

      Wtf are you even going on about? Do us all a favor: if you have nothing to contribute of substance, STFU.

    • Frank

      Nexus devices are developer devices… they are the biggest contribution to the android market and 98% of apps are based off nexus kernels.

      Might want to do some research. The nexus line is not supposed to be an everyday device but its quality and stability have made it just that.

    • jonathan3579

      It’s funny how the WP and iOS fan have to come here to try and troll Android users… know why?

      Because Android beats the crap out of their OS’ and that’s a fact.

    • Raptor

      Let me correct you, Devil advocate. It’s the GNex which was a flop. And the morons in this site are those who never contributed anything to Android…

      But make GNex $99 instead of $350 and it will be a good device probably the best in the category of el cheapo junk for prepaid.

      • Raptor

        The proof that GNex was a utter junk (sorry, is this correct word? i just learn English) is that no one here asks anymore Samsung to make next Crapsus. Am i right?

        Sure I am.

        • walker

          We aren’t making any mention of the Samsung Nexus 2 or whatever it is because it’s still an unconfirmed rumor, we have our attention focused the more realistic appeal of the LG Nexus.

          Also, to your interest we don’t contribute to Android, we are not developers. We are on the other end as consumers who contribute and discuss user experience.

          By the sound of it, you are contributing utter junk to Android and Me. Troll.

          • Raptort

            rotfl…. The only “contribution” from morons besides the one circling the drain is occasional purchases your mommy do in Android and Me online store.

  • donr

    The LG Optimus G scored almost double that on Quadrant! It scored 7559!


    Why would you get a Nexus phone with half the performance?

    • Ardrid

      I imagine it has to do with the production of the hardware and software. If we’re looking at a 6 month old device, that would more than explain the discrepancy with the Optimus G.

  • Fran

    I only wish it’ll be available through Play Device Store.

  • Tom

    What? Quadrant result is kind of disappointing.. HTC One X = 4,430 ; SGS III = 5,283.
    Meh =\

  • Frank

    I’m not sure I want to buy a device that has been out for more than 6 months now according to him. Retail unit better have an updated chip set and faster flash memory or that would just be f***ed up…

    Doubt this guy works for lg because that would be some bad marketing right there.. Maybe if he said “had it for almost a month now”

  • Co1e

    Its true. If I see that nexus X its getting clicked.

  • walker

    I’ll just leave the lack of benchmark performance to the pre-software and pre-hardware… I really am not fond of those touchscreen buttons that take up good screen real estate. That bezel at the bottom can do with some buttons.The owner has own this for half a year… so it might all have been upgraded! Getting hopeful…

  • Sam

    Why does this phone look different from that of the pictures a couple of days ago?

    • redraider133

      Agree looks different than the other pictures. Especially the speaker grill.

      • Sam

        Looks less rounded. Looks a lot more like the Optimus G and doesn’t have the chrome edges. What’s going on?

    • http://www.focuszonedevelopment.com Homncruse

      Because it’s a prototype. Prototypes very rarely look anything like the final production hardware. When you’re making prototypes, you make them with the cheapest and easiest components available if said components aren’t actually critical to the product.

  • redraider133

    So this is going to be like the galaxy nexus with low quadrant scores but smooth overall performance? Remember how low the galaxy nexus scored and everyone was freaking out.

  • redraider133

    This is not the same phone as the other lg nexus. Look at the speaker grill up top, this one is much larger than the other pics you posted the other day. Something seems fishy here……

  • http://www.focuszonedevelopment.com Homncruse

    The only way that could’ve been better is if the headline read:
    LG Nexus gets benchmarked, numbers fall out

    • Traitor disgrace Lance Armstrong

      iPhone 5 smokes LG Nexus.

      • cb2000a

        Oh yeah? And what have you been smoking?

  • someguy

    You guys are idiots to assume its a different phone I did the bench marks in front of 5 people.over the net they can confirm its the same phone from the one that was posted a few days ago get your info correct before you try to assume things idiots these days

    • Co1e

      hurts. to. read.

  • dabesdrboy

    from the looks of these benchmarks the phone is only using 2 cores, on quadrant my s3 on vz gets about 8500-9000 on cpu on jellybean

  • Jgarcia

    this looks different than the other device you guys posted pics of..it isnt as curved and looks more like the LG opitmus g

  • Scott

    the first picture isnt even the confirmed lg nexus..

  • NeoJesus

    Non-removable battery = FAIL!

  • geofftate

    If its really the Nexus, the lower benchmarks aren’t surprising considering the lower-speced Galaxy Nexus vs. feature Galaxy s II.

  • Brian Jones

    This phone has an Adreno 320; does anyone know when Google will add OpenGL ES 3.0 support to Android?

  • SS

    The benchmark isn’t very important since the new phones now can run Android quite well.I really hope this phone when upgrade to Android 4.2(future) can run smoother and better usage time than the phones before

    • lars

      It matters. the phones CPU really dosent interfere THAT much with smoothness anymore, that’s mostly due to programming. But it does have a significant impact on gaming (look at a game like HORN), video playback and higher grade programs for image editing (autodesk and adobe, not kiddie crayon) its not about getting the OS to run smooth anymore, its really a good OS with few bug now. But 3rd part apps need an environment to program for. having done 3D for desktop computers, i can tell you while the S4 is a faster CPU i cant nearly run as much from it as i can from a tegra3 due to the specializations of tegra, especially if you want to run effects like wind simulation and water.

      • lars

        oh but that said. the S4 is still a smoking CPU that can throw its weight around. but nexus 4 16GB! really? 16 GB wont even suffice for my apps let lone any content. 64GB (ok im a power user) but 32 MINIMUM