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LG Nexus gets hands-on treatment by Belarusian tech blog


The LG Nexus has to be one of the worst kept secrets in smartphone history. New images of the device have surfaced thanks to Belarusian tech blog Onliner. As most respectable tech blogs would, the Onliner has done an amazing job of documenting the LG Nexus from every angle imaginable and even took the time to show it off next to Apple’s iPhone 5. We’re sure you guys would love to see a head-to-head LG Nexus versus the iPhone 5 showdown, but we’ll be waiting until the device is officially unveiled before we start comparing it to the competition. 

The device, labeled as the LG E960, is equipped with a quad-core Snapdragon S4 processor, 2GB of RAM, 8GB of internal storage, 8 megapixel rear camera and a 4.7-inch 1280×768 display. Like previous sightings of the LG Nexus, the device is running on Android 4.1.2, but there’s always a chance that it will receive a software update to Android 4.2 before the expected October 29 announcement.

lg-nexus4 lg-nexus-4 lg-nexus-4-1 lg-nexus-4-2 lg-nexus-4-3 lg-nexus-4-4 lg-nexus-4-5 lg-nexus-4-6 lg-nexus-4-7 lg-nexus-4-8 lg-nexus-4-9

Does the hardware design of the LG Nexus live up to your standards? If you were given the chance to change a few design features, what would you tweak?

Source: Onliner

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  • android indian

    Are you kiddin me? 2 gb ram, and 8 gb internal storage?? 32 gb is a minimum required

    • iamXiV92a

      16GB should be minimum with 32 optional ;-)

      • Carla90

        my iPhone 5 has 32gigs……love it!!!!

        • RX-78-7

          Dunno about that, I mean.. you’re in a android blog reading about an upcoming device, sounds like you’re not satisfied.
          Make the jump lol

        • UCLAKoolman

          After using the iPhone 4 and 4S for the last two years, the iPhone 5 looks so incredibly boring.

          I’m making the jump to Android this fall, and this phone may be my next.

          • jamal adam

            We welcome you with open arms.

          • Dominik

            I’m the exact same case, except I didn’t have iP4 but iP3GS. :)

          • http://www.focuszonedevelopment.com Homncruse

            And when that time comes, you’ll be one of the few with an informed opinion about both sides of The Great Mobile War, and we will be glad to have you on our side.

          • Slimbimjim

            I’m in the same boat. I’ve had a 3Gs for 3 years now and I do really appreciate iOS’s smoothness and quick updates (I’m running iOS 6!), it’s GPS is poor, the screen isn’t very big and I run my business via Google Apps.

            I checked out the Razr HD and it looks and feels great but the iPhone in me feels that I shouldn’t have to wait for 2 levels of corporate bureaucracy to clear an update (manufacturer then telco).

            I’ll soon be there!

        • androidrules

          Carla is a slut in an android’s world

      • jamal adam

        It could be that this particular one has only 8GB because they are trying to go for a lower price so that more people get a Nexus and maybe they also have a 16 and 32GB Nexus for those seeking more storage.

    • inviolable

      Android Indian? Lol

    • Fahad Rahman

      I don’t get it either… in this day and age Flash memory is dirt cheap why do they keep trying to force us to use the cloud with a shitty infrastructure is beyond me. I’m on T-mobile, I don’t know about the rest of you guys but any time I try to stream anything off Google music it always has to stop or pause… if you’re not going to give me the internal space for Pete’s sake just give me an expandable memory slot! Shit is getting silly…

      • shadhussain

        I can see 8 GB working for “most” people. If the goal of Android is to commoditify the smartphone, then an unlocked 8GB Nexus @ ~$300-$350 would be awesome.

        I’m actually quite content using cloud storage for my music and files these days and have minimized my on-device storage needs. It takes a while to change habits and figure out all the efficiency tricks, but I do enjoy instant syncing across devices and not going through the hassle of transferring files. what i am still waiting for is a *free & unlimited file size* photo cloud storage option in g+.

        my wife has yet to embrace this cloud dependence and so the debate in our own household will continue, let alone tech blogs.

        • Chris Dysart

          yes while cloud is magnificent, first it kills data, which for how often i listen to my music i would need unlimited which verizon took away mine. Second it is always using your radios which kills battery life as well. i prefer to keep everything on solid memory. i love the cloud and google drive, but it is just not for my phone

          • shadhussain

            fair point. the reality of anyone’s overall smartphone user experience is that it is generally a combination of the device/OS AND your voice/data plan. where you live, what you use your phone for, which provider works for you, etc, – these factors dictate that there really can’t be a one solution fits all. if it did, android wouldn’t need to exist. we’d all just walk around with iphones.

        • UCLAKoolman

          I’m more concerned with the limited storage for photos and HD video taken with my phone. I’ve run into space-issues before with just 16GB of internal storage…

      • JSW25

        Flash memory is dirt cheap? Really? Do you even have a clue on the price for 32GB of LPDDR2 memory? And not the stuff you buy at Fry’s, that won’t work in your cell phone.

    • www.phonewbie.com

      My guess (or hope) is that they will sell an 8gb and a 16gb like the Nexus 7. A 32gb would be nice as well.

    • JJ

      What’s to hype over this? Its not even the official build. Its obvious, as with previous Nexus, that there will be a 16 and 32 gb version. The dam thing even says not for sale on the back of it geez

    • LukeT32

      I read in another article that the tester GNex only has 8gig, but the launch units had 32 and 16. Well if on VZW

    • Richard Yarrell

      They gotta be kidding. Who’s smoking at Google or Lg. They better sell this for 99.00 dollars since it only has 8gb of internal storage. My Galaxy S3 bitch slaps this thing silly from a software and storage standpoint. We won’t even discuss what the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will do to this device. Lg needs to start giving these away for 99 dollars on October 29th and free on black Friday. This device is useless..

      • squiddy20

        Didn’t you just say not even 24 hours ago that “Androidandme can fuck off”? Oh that’s right, you did: http://www.slashgear.com/softbank-reportedly-in-advanced-sprint-12-8bn-acquisition-talks-11251395/#comment-679320151 So why the hell are you here you hypocrite?
        Additionally, it’s hilarious to see that you don’t get that Google is trying to push everything/everyone to “the cloud”. That’s why the Nexus 7 has a max capacity of 16 GB. Besides, why are you complaining? You’ve got access to T-Mobile’s “bitch slapping HSPA+ 42 MPS” network. Even a quarter of that theoretical max speed means you’re downloading Angry Birds in 2 seconds.

    • Phillip Wu

      realistically no one really fills up to that much, unless you are packing it with HD movies but its not a tablet……and don’t forget if you get too full most people today can just use cloud based storage such as drop box which has plenty more space so that’s not really a deal breaker, , and btw 2gb of ram is more than enough ram that is needed to run that phone smooth and buttery!!

  • heat361

    I think it looks beautiful :)

  • jm9843

    It looks great. I don’t care about the limited storage as I don’t use my phone as a pmp archiving my music collection, watching movies, or playing huge console-style mobile games.

    Also of note: no pogo pins. Hopefully this means there’s some truth to that inductive charging rumor.

  • mikeymop

    It’s perfect in every way, except it doesn’t have a removable battery. WTF LG! That an LCD screen and a button layout that makes sense are all I care about. And they almost ticked all those marks.

    I hope HTC or Sony come and save the day with an s4 pro powered Nexus

  • lolobabes

    It seems that since the Nexus S, all Nexus series had the same shape, I would love to see ad different form. 8GB internal storage is the biggest joke yet! wtf!

    • mikeymop

      I also think the headphone jack is better on the bottom of the phone, but I think they’re just trying to differentiate from the iP5 now. It’s one of my favorite things about the Gnex’s form factor.

      • http://droidsamurai.blogspot.com DroidSamurai

        Are you kidding me? I hate the headphone jack of my GNex. There’s interference on the audio every time I hook up the headphone and charge at the same time. I tried a dozen of charging cables, and none of them help. Moving the jack to the top and away from the USB port, please. For the record, this is the single thing I don’t like on my GNex, other than that, it’s perfect.

        • Brandon

          I have the same problem with my phone, but what makes you think it’s because of proximity so much as just bad circuit design?

        • MDZ

          Yea.. my gs2 has interference when charging and plugging in aux.. yet my old nexus s with the plug on the bottom works perfect lol.

    • True_Neutral

      I don’t know why everyone is getting upset over the 8GB at this point. Yes, I agree it’s rather little. But lets’ not forget that this is a pre-production device. Save any potential anger for the final, launch device :)

      • Mark

        I work for a company that made hardware devices and a lot of our pre production units had less memory to save on cost. A preproduction unit is very expensive to make so if they’re working on the O.S and other aspects of the device where 8gb vs 16gb vs 64gb of memory isn’t going to make a difference, not in this state of testing, then they’d rather save the cost where they can. I mean jumping the memory from 8gb to 64gb at the last minute is no big deal, it’s just a chip change on the final board. But I doubt any of the development and testing they’re doing require that much space. Wait for the final. I personally hope the final has a MicroSD slot, annoyed the last 2 Nexus devices didn’t have a MicroSD slot nor does the HTC One X series. Same with non removable batteries. Go ahead, copy Apple more. The things I hated about iPhone’s are now making their way onto Android phones.

  • Shaun Nicholson

    Needs more onboard storage

  • Steve

    Looks like a departure from the curved display (a la Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus.) I quite liked the curved display.

    Would like to see what the screen technology is, IPS, Pentile, AMOLED??

    Agree at this point with the 8GB internal, that’s a downgrade at this point.

    • Derek

      coming from LG it’s almost guaranteed to be IPS. They make very good IPS displays.

      • rossi

        this will be one of the major upgrades from the GNex…people are underestimating it

    • RX-78-7

      If it’s the same as the one in the LG optimus G it will be an IPS+ with in cell technology and 470 nits of brightness. Needless to say, it’s going to be a gorgeous display.

  • matt

    Man this gets worse the more I read on this phone..Having the headphone jack on the bottom is not good for me since I use mine to plug into my car radio.

    • RX-78-7

      Phone jack is at the top.

  • Traitor disgrace Lance Armstrong

    Belarus is famous for EPO doping and blood doping. Just saying….
    LG nexus looks nice

  • http://droidsamurai.blogspot.com DroidSamurai

    Let me guess — the 8Gb storage is there merely because it’s a prototype. There’s no way Google is making a phone with 2Gb RAM but only 8Gb of storage.

    • NotRelevent

      Pretty sure it has more than 2 gigabits of RAM.

      • Shadow

        @Notrelevant for one its gigabytes not gigabits and two 2 gigaBYTES of ram is a ton for a smartphone. A gigabyte is 8 times the size of a gigabit

        • Velmeran

          Yes; however DroidSamurai had Gb (Gigabit) in their post, not GB (Gigabyte); thus NotRelevent’s comment.

    • rossi

      this might be the entry level version, because google wants to sell cheap unlocked devices without any carrier…surely we’ll see 16/32 and maybe even 64Gb versions for the power users
      if this 8Gb version comes at 199, like the nexus7, it will be a winner

  • theandroidmaniac

    http://esponential.wordpress.com/2012/10/04/top-5-features-we-want-in-android-4-2-key-lime-pie-or-whatever-itll-be-called/ Pretty awesome. Really appreciate the work the android and be team is doing
    Guys , check out this page as well , this guy has made an amazing wish list about what we want in android 4.2 key
    lime pie or whatever it’ll be called . The link is on top.

  • iamXiV92a

    Good looking device – almost identical to the Galaxy Nexus (from the front) o_O

  • Medius

    Looks quite nice actually. Still can’t get completely over the fact that it’s LG but after those photos i may be considering buying it.
    I still hope though that the rumours about the multiple OEMs is true. I would be thrilled to see Nexus versions from Sony and HTC.
    I hope for Google and LG that 8 Gb storage is just with the test device. Otherwise it’s laughable.

  • ??

    pls dun be ips,be amoled,we want true black !!

    • SGB101

      True black at the cost of every over colour!

  • Dwin

    As long as it had expandable storage and doesn’t have a Pentile display I’m in.

  • Brandon

    What’s up with the headphones jacks? Does it have three headphone jacks (2 bottom, 1 top) or are the bottom holes for speakers..?

    • jaywrayson

      It’s a prototype, so they can toy around with having it in different places. The finished version will have just one…which one is the only question.

    • Ayushnasa

      In pictures, the holes at the bottom seem to be holes for the screws of the Battery Cover. Optimus G has a non removable battery. But it is pretty easy to remove the cover. It is just a job of unscrewing the screws at the bottom (which are visible). People here are making too much of a fuss on non-removable battery. If this is like the Optimus G, then its pretty easy to reach the battery.
      PS: To those who flame this comment by saying “Who will carry a screwdriver to open a phone all the time”, a question ‘How many times do you reach out to remove the battery normally?? If you are doing it due to some custom ROM installation, you are most probably doing it at home. Grabbing a screwdriver and unscrewing 2 screws isn’t a big enough deal to flame a Nexus, is it??’

  • Esoth

    I hope the final form factor is a little different – it looks a bit too much like the Galaxy Nexus. Don’t get me wrong, the GNex looks fine, but we don’t want the Nexus line to turn into what the iPhone has done, do we? I quite like having varied form factors each generation.

  • Steve

    Surely it will be 4G as well….



    • IQ fragmentation

      Androidrumorsandme.com says it will even feature 5G

      • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

        Dude, get a life. You have left 5 anonymous comments on this article under 5 different aliases. Why don’t you just register and make an account?

        • Alter Ego

          Because thats what fragmentation is all about! Its about choice.

          • heat361

            Good God why do does this site allow guests like this

          • heat361

            Excuse the “do” in my sentence it was a typo

  • sykkro

    Any ideia of what are those two small holes on the bottom (forth picture)?

    • heat361

      It is for the screws the lg optimus g has them too in the same area

    • O.J. Simpson (sneaking up behind ya)

      I guess its for the lightning connector

  • noff

    That’s not an iPhone5, isn’t it? It’s an iPhone4.

    I like the outfit and I guess there will be a 16GB version, too. That’s all I need for the regular Audio :)

    • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

      The last image is an iPhone 4, but the other three images show the device side-by-side with an iPhone 5.

  • Nate B.

    I knew it would look better when it was all cleaned up. I wish the design was a little more dramatic. It looks almost exactly like the Gnex. I like to see evolution. Like a similar look but noticeable that the design has evolved. I wish the camera was in the middle for the front face. Still in the air about it. Design is a lot for me.

  • halo0

    Does the back come off? It doesn’t look like it but if not where do you put the sim? I didn’t see a door a la One X…

  • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

    I think the look of the device is a bit bland. The sub-texture pattern on the back is really the only highlight for me. Honestly, I can’t wait to see what a Sony or HTC Nexus will look like.

  • Chris

    For those who don’t know. The holes at the bottom are drill holes exactly like in the Optimus G. For the others saying this phone is going to suck compared to the Galaxy Nexus, are you serious? Last time I checked my Galaxy Nexus screen got scratched easily because of having “Fortified Glass” instead of “Gorilla Glass”. Speakers were awful, don’t even let me start with the TI OMAP processor… The 8GB storage maybe is because they are gonna do some kind of upgrade for Google Play. I really hope google/Lg will put Gorilla Glass on the screen this time..

    • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

      I agree, the design may be uninspired, but the internal specs are on the leading edge. The Galaxy Nexus was an OK phone and was outclassed by devices which were already on the market at the time.

  • Alexander drzfr3shboialex

    Still a prototype, no multicolored X on the back and says not for sale.

  • rossi

    why the fuck these leaks always show up in weird places of the world?

    • nihondroid

      I was wondering the same thing. How did this guy get his hands on it?

      • m&m

        A frenchman left the prototype at a bar while he was in Belarus

      • heat361

        The same guy 4shael from xda lent the device to this site to do a review.

  • Thamer

    Give me a white version similar to the white galaxy nexus with a black front,

    Then we’ll talk.

  • RX-78-7

    Gorilla glass and a 32GB variant would be the icing on the cake.
    I got a question for Taylor.. if you talk to your source again, can you ask him if the screen will have gorilla glass?

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      All the high-end phones now have some brand of tempered glass. It might not be the “Gorilla Glass” brand, but it will be scratch proof.

      • RX-78-7

        Are you sure? The Gnex and NEX7 were prone to scratches.

  • Hue Three of Five

    Screen looks pretty crummy. Is the brightness turned down or something? Is this suppose to be SLCD, those are usually pretty good. I preferred my SLCD in my Rezound to my Galaxy Nexus SAMOLED screen.

  • nippi1111

    i hate to say this…but google really messed it up this time….hope something really saves this device or else ….dont know whats gonna happen to nexus range…..

  • MoSDeeb

    Its an average looking device. I was hoping for a nicer design this time around for the upcoming nexus. MY only hope is that is not a Chrome bezel rim. I may be among the few that thinks chrome accents on a phone are cheesy and cheap looking.

    • Nick

      I totally agree, the chrome rim looks bad and too 4 years ago. The rest is OK but I’m not blown away with that design.

      I just wish there was a nexus device based on the One X+

  • Ardrid

    Tentatively, I’m a fan of the design. I’d obviously like to know more about it: materials, feel in the hand, etc, but, all in all, I like it. I’m curious to know if there will be other models. I honestly can’t see Google/LG shipping a modern top-end device with only 8GB of storage.



  • Kevin Amundson

    What is the slot under the volume rocker on the left side of the device?

    • RX-78-7

      Maybe it’s the sim card slot.

      • zymo

        Actually it’s mirco sim (according to the leaker)

        • zymo

          meant micro sim

  • jamal adam

    8GB is nowhere near enough.

  • iamtpb

    Hope LG does some changes to it, changes for good ! Anyway it’s going to be EPIC !!
    8GB might be only for Prototypes , not final one .. and really really want a MicroSD Card Slot ..
    I’m in love with the whole NEXUS program… way to go Google !!

  • Mario

    I’m confident that this is not their final product, because I’d like to see more than 8GB of flash memory available. I’ve been living with my Nexus S for a long time now, so I don’t think micro sd slot is that important to me.
    I’m a bit annoyed with the display tech rumor though. IPS isn’t really the technology I’m looking for on high-end nexus devices. AMOLED type screen is preferable, since they will be using onscreen keys, which looks really bad on LCDs.. (IPS is LCD right?)
    Anyway, let’s just wait for the official unveiling.
    I’ve been saving some money just to wait for this phone. I will be devastated if it isn’t what I’m hoping for.

    • RX-78-7

      I’m still wondering why they don’t make the nav bar like the one in the moto line. The transparent black, which would help with screen burning.

      Transparent bar on GNex, somewhat loud music, be sure to lower it. :)

  • Revalence

    Eig-Eight Gigabytes..?

  • grindking

    I’m going to have to say I hate the device if it’s 8gb. This is 2012, not 1986. We should easily be given a choice of 32/64gb in this day and age and with the price of memory so low. It’s insulting to all consumers if this device is released with only 8/16 as an option. My n7 is completely filled and I have the 16gb model. I don’t want to here this or that about who doesn’t use the full amount of memory; the fact is *I* usually do and I want the option. This is more upsetting to me than most people who dislike that there’s no sdcard slot, but I understand why Google does that. I do *NOT* understand why they’re going the 8gb thing though. Truly insulting.

    • Mix

      I have to agree and storage is dirt cheap now so having 32g or the option of expandable memory should be a norm.

      I didn’t pick up an N7 because I would fill up 16gb in a heart beat.

  • mike

    Quad core on android still isn’t as fast and smooth as dualcore iphone 5.

    People give apple shit for little hardware upgrades and ignore the fact it was last year Google finally added hardware acceleration to OS and still not 100 percent and could be so much better
    considering the hardware power we have now. the OS is a huge bottleneck and holding back hardware

    Google needs to get shit together and start optimizing software with hardware

    Be mad fanboys Ive probably been on using android longer than most of you

    • snowbdr89

      Bend over n I’ll show ya where you can put your I crap!!

  • skeeterflea

    Does anyone know if this phone with the SnapDragon S4 Pro will be a GSM model so that updates will come directly from Google? Any word yet as to Tmo getting this phone Taylor?

  • Nathan D.

    Dam, only eight gigs is out rages. that is to low even for me, it has to be at least 16gb. Other then that everything else is beast.

  • josegb2011

    is funny how people freak out this is probably prototype..i bet there will be at least 2 different versions of this phone 8 gb and 16gb, and 32gb released a bit later..

  • ya

    Get rid of half an inch from the bottom of the phone.
    Make the bezel less bright.
    Get rid of the glitter on the back.
    Get more storage.
    Get a removable battery
    Put the cameras in the center of the phone.
    Be compatible with at least the big 4 networks (when bought from Google store).

  • Matt

    Sorry there so many comments to look through.. Is this going to be snap pro? And 8gb. I think I’ll stick with lg 2x 32gb sd!

  • cthonctic

    I would have preferred them to skip the iPhone comparison shots and instead make some comparison pics with the GNex so we can check them out side by side.

    Other that that, I quite like the LGNex’s look but am hoping for expandable storage (or, failing that, 16GB and 32GB options)

  • blankit

    I hope Google reads all of the comments on these sites and goes back to the drawing board…this phone keeps looking like a failore and more by day

  • abrahavt

    Why is there such a big bezel with dead space at the top and bottom? They could have made the phone a lot smaller if they got rid of it. Where are your ergonomic / industrial designers Google? As for 8GB storage and no SD card don’t get me started. We should all just buy the competition (like Samsung Note 2) with SD cards then maybe Google will sit up and take notice and change their mind about providing external storage.

  • Scott

    I love curved edges. This is gona make the phone feel really good in the hand unlike the iPhone 5 with the straight rigid edges

  • Anton

    As many people have said, the 8GB storage is most likely only because it’s a prototype model. As for design, I like it a lot. It’s not too flashy, the back looks great in my opinion, and I’ve always been a fan of chrome bezels. (like on my Galaxy S) Also, this bezel hopefully provides a bit of a lip to protect your screen from cracking incase you drop it on the floor (The One X does look good, but what were they thinking when they made the screen poke out like that!?) like, once again, on my Galaxy S. I’ve dropped it atleast 15 times, and yet my screen is still fine without a crack. The no SD-card is a bit of a bummer, but you can’t have it all, can you?

  • Brian

    I’m still on my OG Droid and I tend to agree. The two buttons that I use all the time are search (long press for voice search, super useful for no look navigation) and menu. That being said, having only spent two weeks on a newer setup (I went w/ a GSIII to keep my unlimited data, then decided to hold out), I dont know how my workflow will be without those buttons.

    It’s also worth mentioning that the GSIII had a menu button, so I have zero in-depth experience without that little guy.

    Taylor – I saw your comment above re: registering. I probably should since I post regularly, but I appreciate the ease of posting w/o an account. At least I’m not flame posting. Keep up the good work. I’ve got a hunch that the 8GB is test/entry model, so the specs seem good. I’m very interested in hearing anything about cost. My hope is $400 or so.