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LG Nexus to debut at $399?


We already know the LG Nexus might debut on October 29th, and now the latest rumors suggest the 8 GB version will retail for only $399. The best unlocked Android phones sell for $500-600, so the LG Nexus could be a great deal if you can get over the limited internal storage. We also expect Google will offer a 16 GB version of the device, and I’d guess it might sell for around $449.

The current Samsung Galaxy Nexus sells for $349, but the hardware is really starting to show its age. For an additional $50, you could get the best mobile processor (Snapdragon S4 Pro), best display (True HD IPS+), upgraded camera, new battery technology, and the latest version of Android.

Not everyone is happy LG Nexus’ limited storage options or design choices, but we still believe that this could be the best selling Nexus device to date. The demand for unlocked devices has been on the rise, and there are a ton of competitive pre-paid wireless plans starting at $30 per month for “unlimited” data.

Based on everything we know about the LG Nexus, would you buy one for $399?

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  • Anan Banka

    Hell yeah!
    I’d go for the 16GB/32GB version though if it would be around $550! :)

    • http://www.jaxidian.org/update/ jaxidian

      I’m already considering it even though I have a perfectly-capable Galaxy S III! I totally don’t *need* to upgrade, but yeah, this is really quite tempting!

      Decisions…. decisions….

      • J3R3MY_H

        But what price does the Galaxy Nexus fall to? If it goes to $249 for 16gb then I really have a tough choice between it and a 8gb LG for $399

        • http://www.jaxidian.org/update/ jaxidian

          I bet the GNex won’t drop to below $299. Ultimately, it should probably be priced at ~$100 less than the Nexus Optimus if the Nexus Optimus is going to sell at $399. If the Nexus Optimus starts higher, then maybe the GNex should be more like $150 cheap then. I just can’t see it making sense to sell it for cheaper than $299. Unfortunately for us, these companies still have to make money. :-P

    • Johannes Homeier

      My decision is almost set

      I’m currently ownenig a SGS III but will – most likely – go with the LG Nexus if there will be a 32 gb version

    • Rockefeller

      Too expensive for this bad phone!

      • ben

        Define bad, give reasons and proof or gtfo

  • halo0

    If there’s an option that doesn’t have the chrome trim, yes. Also, what new battery technology?

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      We are assuming the LG Nexus will have the same battery tech as the LG Optimus G.

      See this article: http://androidandme.com/2012/09/smartphones-2/5-reasons-your-next-smartphone-might-be-from-lg/

      • halo0

        Oh. More cycles = yawn. Was hoping for more life! With a non-removable battery though, the extra cycles are pretty much necessary.

      • halo0

        Do we know the specs (mAh) on the LG Nexus battery?

        • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

          Nope, but the Optimus G is 2,100 mAh.

  • nmoline

    I’m still hoping for a subsidized version on AT&T. I’m going to have a contract for two years anyways, why not get it for about $199.

  • thekaz

    Hell no– wait. Off contract?? Hell yes!

  • Brian

    Absolutely. That’s exactly the mark I was hoping for. I hope that you’re right about the $50 increments on storage rather than $100. I wouldn’t mind shelling out $450 for 16 and $500 for 32, but I’d stick with the 8GB if they go for $500 and $600, respectively.

  • Dashon Davis

    I too would buy the LG Optimus Nexus considering the price it will drop for. Most likely, i’ll probably try and get the 16gb model but would still be happy with the 8gb as well. Can’t wait to see that snapdragon processor in action!

  • Jaywrayson


  • MyMilan

    Sorry, I am NOT willing to pay 399 for a phone that is only worth 299.

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      It will be the fastest Android phone available… and the other high-end stuff is selling for $500+ unlocked.

    • Ken Marshall

      How do u figure is worth $299? lol

      • jonathan3579

        Idiocy. That’s the only explanation…

    • http://www.focuszonedevelopment.com Homncruse

      That’s $399 *off-contract*. If you get it on-contract (a poor choice IMO), I’d bet that it’ll be closer to $99.

      As Taylor said, it’ll be the fastest Android phone available – you realize these phones aren’t free to research, develop, manufacture, right? The price will drop with time, just like the Galaxy Nexus (and every other phone ever). $399 at launch is a steal.

  • bdbplatano

    I thought the Galaxy Nexus dropped to $250 in Google Play?

    • kinderdm

      10 seconds going to the google play site shows its $350.

      • ToxMarz

        Maybe he doesn’t have internet. /s

  • Medius

    I bought my Desire S for about $430 (Europe) so it wouldn’t be very hard to give $450 for a Google Nexus :)
    I would appreciate if Google gives us a definite information wether there will be multiple OEMs as the rumour says or no.
    Because if HTC or Sony make a version i most probably would wait for them. HTC makes great hardware and Sony’s design line of the last devices is most definitely my taste.

    So..wait and see :)

  • Hinds2009

    16gig would work for me! Definitely hope google got some goodies left to reveal about the device!

  • NexusNYC

    $400!?!?!?!? WTF!!?? that is absurd.

    • Ken Marshall

      Yeah I get the thinking but Im not sure is the best strategy making them dirt cheap and now you skew peoples perceptions. Not so sure they will make up the revenue on Google play either. How many Nexus 7 have been sold have we had any numbers yet I havent seen any?

    • NexusNYC

      but im still gonna get one……

    • http://www.focuszonedevelopment.com Homncruse

      How is that absurd? That’s $399 *off-contract*. If you get it on-contract (a poor choice IMO), I’d bet that it’ll be closer to $99.

      You realize these phones aren’t free to research, develop, and manufacture, right? The price will drop with time, just like the Galaxy Nexus (and every other phone ever). $399 at launch is a steal.

  • lilmoe

    Yup $400, just like I thought. If this is true, I’ll be getting the 16GB version for $450.

    But I’ve yet to see (or hear about) a phone that doesn’t leave me a bit sour and saying “I wish it had this or that.” At least, in this case, a removable battery and a SD-Card slot.

  • Ty

    Maybe it’s just me but 16 gb is plenty. All I’m worried about is LTE on ATT…

    • iamXiV92a

      LTE is fast (faster than my WiFi at home), I’d like this as well, but if it’s a Nexus, it’ll keep costs down (my assumption) if they don’t have to make an LTE version just for AT&T

  • Mil

    Anyone know if the screen will be pentile or RGB? With regards to the 8GB starting option, why are people upset? I’m sure there’s many who will find 8GB more than enough. And can be sure there’ll be options for 16GB and 32GB for those who need more.

    • Ken Marshall

      Hi mate, its an LCD2 IPS+ so RGB not Pentile, and at that resolution 1280×768 on 4.7 inch screen is gonna look super crisp “retina” class PPI :)

    • stenzor

      Pen tile is an AMOLED tech. This display is LCD

  • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

    Last year when the Galaxy Nexus debuted overseas, people were paying $700-800 to import one to the US.

    • jdog25

      That price was for suckers, I got mine the week after Thanksgiving for $675 and 2 day shipping from the UK to the US.

      • irishrally

        I paid about the same to get the Galaxy Nexus imported from the UK, only to have the screen crack badly after falling from about 3 feet on to tile (I was in the bathroom).

        I can’t wait to get this phone. As much as I would like a Sony Nexus, I’m not waiting around for a few months for other Nexus phones to come out when there are no firm releases at the moment.

        The more I look at all the pictures of the LG Nexus the more I’m falling for it. I’m over the whole no removable battery, expandable storage bit. There is no chance there won’t be at least a 16GB version so get over that too. It is definitely an improvement over the galaxy nexus, especially the hardware, SoC, screen, camera etc, and I’m looking forward to playing with it.

        Now that we’ve seen pretty much every angle of this prototype in wild, lets do some drop testing and see if the screen holds up.

  • buckykatt

    I would go only for an hypothetical 16GB version. For me 8GB are under the acceptable minimum…

  • Kaser

    Taylor does this thing have a notification light? Or are we copying the iPhone again by removing useful functionality?

    • jonathan3579

      Unfortunately, no pic or comment I’ve seen regarding this phone have indicated a notification light. I know it might be silly but that’s something I take heavily into consideration these days.

      • Kaser

        It’s not at all silly. It’s incredibly useful. I think it’s very important for my phone to be able to alert me without turning on the whole screen or vibrating/making a sound while I’m at work or somewhere else where I’d like my phone on mute. And in this day and age, having a notification light like the Galaxy Nexus’s that can be tweaked and customized by an app like light-flow should be the standard, not just the exception. If notification lights get phased out, I guarantee that at some point some manufacturer will release a phone with it, and have settings to change how it blinks, and tout it as a major feature. And then people will look at it and be like “ooohh, aaah, that’s so useful!” smh

        • http://www.focuszonedevelopment.com Homncruse

          I’ve accepted not having a notification light (with CyanogenMod anyway) since my phone’s button lights come on and serve as a notification light.

    • Dee

      yes it does hv a notification light according to the belarus blog

  • h0ruza

    I’ll wait till the reviews first. I wouldn’t want to go all in with a phone that’s bland looking and ends up having some annoying draw back.

    Can’t wait for the reviews to get to grip with the new kid on the block

  • Revalence

    Bring the GNex down to $250-$300. They’ll sell like $99 HP Touchpads ;)

    • vikings football

      99.00 gnex (off contract) would sell much better than the hp touchpad…i would get one along with one of the newer one that has come out or coming out later this year

  • Alexander drzfr3shboialex

    I have a feeling there will be up 32gb with 50$ more per gb increase.

  • jamal adam

    I still think that the 8GB Nexus is only one of maybe three options and at $399 is marketed toward a much larger audience and those who want the best unlocked smartphone at a great price. I think this would make the most sense but we have yet to hear anything about a 16GB or 32GB Nexus.

    • jonathan3579

      How have you yet to hear it? I point out in the pictures previously that the phone had 16gb. Every single site keeps mentioning 8gb despite the fact that the pictures that were shown said otherwise.

  • Matt

    Perfect! I am going off contract, if this is indeed $399. With all the cloud storage options, google music, google+ (for photos), etc. There is no need for me to go over 8 Gig version, really.

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      One major reason to need more than 8 GB storage is high-end games. But if you don’t game, then the cloud can meet most of your storage needs as you point out.

      • Matt

        That is true, but I feel gaming on a phone is a little lack luster. I am not a huge fan, other than games like peggle and bad piggies. So 8 gigs is perfect for me!

      • LG Nexus

        I’d be fine with 16 gigs.
        Honestly I’d never imagine I’d say this but everything about this LG phone entices me. 90% because its nexus, and has insane specs.
        Design is nice too.
        And I don’t mind non removable battery and no SD slot, I never use them anyway.

        • iamXiV92a

          The non-removable battery bothers me because I’m a ROM flasher, nothing easier than pulling the battery to get it to boot up again instead of waiting on the power button when you encounter the SoD…

          • ericl5112

            Really? It takes me more than 4 seconds to pull the back cover off, pull the battery, battery back in, back cover back on, and power the phone on. On devices with removable battery, holding the power button for 4 seconds does the equivalent of all that.

  • Adam

    Sorry, on Verizon so doubt this applies to me. And to those getting ready to tell me to go pre pay or Verizon shouldn’t get nexus devices… First, I have no choice on Verizon. It has the best coverage hands down. No pre pay in my area comes close and after my wife and others on our plan, pre pay isn’t saving us enough to switch for lower quality. Second, the nexus still got jelly bean wag ahead of any device on Verizon. Actually the time between announcement and ota update was less than iOS 6 announcement and ota update. So still ahead if the game there.

    • Derek

      I agree! I hope and hope and hope that Verizon will get their own Nexus this year or soon!!!!!!!

  • Chris

    Taylorr, I think you forgot to mention that there will be no LTE/4G? That is also why the price is so low. Or am I mistaking? I’ve read in a couple of sites that the guy leaking the price said there will be no LTE/4G? Thanks and hope to read your comment soon.

    • http://www.focuszonedevelopment.com Homncruse

      LTE is proprietary by carrier, so no. However, it will have HSPA+.

  • Joplisan

    My 1 year old Nexus still has 11GB of space left.. LTE is not available in our country. So, 400 bucks for 8gb? Anytime.

  • kwills88

    you guys gotta remember that 16gb of internal storage is actually about 14gb or even less depending on how much space the OS takes up..add your music, then download couple games, then movies, your space will vanish in no time, at least that’s the case for me since i use my phone for media consumption since i use it a lot when i am out and about. 32GB should be the standard on a no sd slot phone.

    • iamXiV92a

      I’ve got about 5GB left – music stays in the cloud (Amazon MP3), somewhere around 800 pictures on my device (8 and 5MP – the 8′s are from my Skyrocket) – I also have something like 15 games with the biggest being about 400MB

      16Gb is doable, I’d like 32 just to be safer…

      • Mix

        16gb is “plan your trips/air plane time down to a T” while 32gb is “grin and put on a ton of stuff”

        I hate having to shuffle things around to make room for other things so I will be hesitant if they do not offer a 32gb version of this phone but, honestly, my phone has been pissing me off to no end lately and an iPhone of any number would be an upgrade. So I can not say that the 16gb does not interest me, I would just have to sacrifice some habits for it.

  • lou

    I have been hearing that LTE is locked down similar to the way CDMA is but without explanation. Why can’t they make an unlocked LTE device? I thought LTE is GSM technology which would mean that it should be portable. This thing needs to be pentaband HSPA+ 42mb with ATT LTE bands or it is DOA in the United States. Making an inferior device as far as cell/data technology is not acceptable. Imagine the iphone 5S without LTE….

    • Dwayne

      LTE is a GSM technology so it is portable. The problem is that all of the carriers are deploying LTE on different frequencies so a phone with ATT LTE bands can’t roam on VZW or Sprint LTE because it lacks the necessary bands. You would need pentaband (or more) LTE.

  • Fort

    Love to see how Google/LG handles the in year warranty. Because Google/Samsung suck. I was just told my GN repair was on temporary hold due to an unavailable part. What in the world. Just send me a replacement phone. Love to see a story about warranties.

  • Glenn P

    Seeing as I paid $600 for my Galaxy nexus, $400 for my Inspire 4g, and %550 for my Nexus One, Anything less than $500 is an absolute steal in my eyes.

  • MoSDeeb

    I agree with others that an unlocked Nexus at $400 is great. I may not be fully sold on the design, but if this is the only Nexus that is released this year than I will be grabbing it.

    I’m still hopeful for the multiple Nexus rumors; looking at you Sony haha

    • dtraini7


  • dtraini7

    Is anyone else hoping for Verizon to get another Nexus device? Is there any hope!?

  • James Sugrue

    I bought a Galaxy Nexus on VZW the day it came out, and yesterday I bought an unlocked Nexus from the Play Store and switched to T-mobile , but I’ll buy this if it’s $399. With the amount of email reading, fart app running, and Angry Birds that I play, two cores just doesn’t cut it anymore. When somebody pulls out their iPhone 5, and I’m still stuck on a phone from last year, I feel like the guy with the tiniest junk at the circle jerk. I know that this looks almost identical to the Samsung GNex, but my battery cover doesn’t glisten to a Tina Turner mini skirt. The way technology advances, I’m finding myself increasingly frustrated, while sitting on the toilet, repinning recipes of recipes that I can’t stand in person, checking in to foursquare as the mayor of pooptown, and writing Yelp reviews for restaurants I’ve never even heard of. How much longer can I really do this with only two cores? Not long at all. Time for an upgrade.

    • iamXiV92a

      Ha ha! Thanks for the Friday laugh ^_^

  • Fort

    Anything but Samsung.

    • iamXiV92a

      Unless they make it better than their current Galaxy S III…

  • Ardrid

    $400? Count me in! I’ll give it a few weeks for reviewers and consumers to check it out and then, assuming nothing major pops up, I’ll be grabbing one and leaving AT&T.

  • Hue Three of Five

    I love how memory embedded in a cellphone cost about 7x the amount it would cost if one just bought a USB thumb drive.

    • ericl5112

      To be fair, they tend to put higher performing memory built in.

  • rauelius

    I would a upwards of 600 dollars for a 32 gigabyte version

  • Chris

    I would buy it at 399 for sure, even 599 or 699 for LTE and 32gb or 64gb of storage.

  • kinderdm

    I would be interested in one of these. Or maybe if the galaxy nexus drops in price as I am pretty poor right now but not satisfied with my iphone any more.

  • n25philly

    Sorry, not buying a phone without an sd card slot unless it’s got minimum 64gig internal storage. Luckily for google there are plenty of sheep that will buy it because it’s a nexus, but I’d rather have a good phone.

    • Mongtastic

      Why are people sheep because they don’t need or want 64gb of memory? Just because that is what you need doesn’t mean other people need that.

  • rashad360

    8 GB of storage is a dealbreaker. The price looks pretty good but WTH am I supposed to do with a measly 8 gigs?

  • Nathan D.

    I would, and I’ll pay a little extra for more memory space 16 gig or even the 32gig :-)

  • mattcoz

    I really need to dump Sprint and I’m really getting frustrated by not having a Nexus device, so this is music to my ears. They better have a 16GB or 32GB version though, because I need that space.

  • Bon Koo

    I don’t store a lot of stuff on my phone, probably less than most people, but I have about 7 GB left on my Gnex. That means I won’t be able to keep what I have, which I think is minimal, on 8 GB phone. So, price doesn’t seem to matter much. It won’t work. It’s like I am trying to save a little bit of money for the inconvenience that I have suffer for the life time of that phone. I mean, I would gladly pay $100 more if I wouldn’t have to worry about the storage at all.

  • Aaron Ratner

    I wouldn’t use this device for free. 8GB of storage is almost offensive in 2012. I barely get by on 16GB now with my GNex.

  • craz

    Doesn’t matter the price if there’s no LTE…

  • tottyrice

    i am… i’m never going back to a contract

  • aranea

    I will prefer the 16gb for an extra $50. Both are very good prices but I’ll need a cover to hide the blink :)

  • jeffb34

    I still am wondering why the back says, “with Google.” Could this phone be the next G series t-mobile phone instead?

  • whyzor

    $400 for this phone is still too much. The Nexus 7 shows that Google can price devices competitively, and given how lackluster their previous Nexus devices have sold in general compared to various manufacturer’s phones. They need the “Nexus 7″ gameplan to make a bigger dent. Which means it has to start out $350 max, or even better $250-300. Even high-end phones like the iphone 5 have component costs less than $200, add another $50-100 for development cost & profit is fair enough. $400 and most people will either get older Galaxy Nexus, or some slightly older devices.

  • walker

    Where I am this device would probably cost me $450 from Google Play… Just like the Nexus 7 8gb costs $249 and $299 for the 16gb. :/

  • Pax

    $399 for 8GB???(actually it would be like 5GB, what the heck?…come on now!!!
    Not worth it at all….It’s like every next generation of Nexus is suckier than the previous with storage…

  • Chris

    My budget is maxing out at $350.
    If they can make a Nexus 7 table for $250, they can make a phone for $350.

  • 5n4r35

    I think $399 is a great price for the phone but a real game changer would be $299 at that price you in the range of many top notch phones with contract. At $299 Google would really tempt and in many cases convince people that wouldn’t ordinarily go the unlocked root to go that root ergo they would accomplish there goal of the first nexus and start to break the carrier model in the US. I thin they can do it. They got the nexus 7 at a bottom basement price and are doing awesome because of it.

  • Y314K

    I was leaning towards the next Nexus or the Note 2… But it seems Asus is going to try to throw a monkey wrench….


    If they bring it to TMobile and other US carriers quickly & at a smart price of $600-$650 at launch with HSPA+ & LTE… This thing can make a dent on both Note 2 & Nexus sales..

    Asus is the best updating 3rd party manufacturer… Only second to Nexus devices + they don’t over do their tweaks to Android…. PadFone just became the front runner on my upgrade list… Small enough device for comfort & Option for a full blown 10.1″ tablet with fast enough updating by Asus… WIN! WIN! WIN!

    • Y314K

      Forgot to mention that unlike Nexus devices…. Asus is not afraid of no SD Card slot…

  • Dave

    My only thing is insurance. I had a Samsung Galaxy Nexus & someone stole it during a car accident. I spoke to Google before about insurance & they said, it would be covered through my carrier, if I already purchased it. & when it came down to it, I was ok w/ getting something comparable, but a MyTouch 4G is not comparable to a Samsung Galaxy Nexus, nor was the MyTouch 4G Slide, especially when I still have to cough up $130 for it. I just bought a HTC One S & said forget it.

  • Michael

    I most defintely will! I dont use my storage for anything other than music, and streaming really doesn’t consume that much battery. I would like at least 16gB of storage and would defintely buy it without question if it has a 32gB option. I’ve been waiting for an IPS LCD Nexus since the N1 came out and this is unfolding to become exactly what i wanted from a Nexus phone (sans the nonremovable battery). It there is an AT&T LTE/HSPA+ version I’ll defintely be scooping this up after the release hype settles down.

  • bobo

    Oh God I am waiting for this phone from the start of Oct. I was hoping for this phone to be less than the G nexus.

    8gbs its not even enough to save angry birds.

  • dave homeless

    250 Gnex, 250Gnex, 250Gnex, no wammy , no wammy, no wammy!

  • ConfusedOne

    I must of missed something. Where are you getting that it’s launching as a 8GB device? Everywhere I read says the LG Optimus G has 32GB.