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LG shows us why their Nexus should be so special


Most people seem to be downplaying the LG Nexus because one version of the device will have 8 GB storage and LG sucks at software updates, but we couldn’t be more excited to get our hands on one. It will be the fastest Android phone with one of the best displays, and we still don’t know what other surprises Google has in store. It’s pretty much confirmed that the LG Nexus will be based on the Optimus G, so take a couple minutes to watch this new video that highlights the best features of that device.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/profile.php?id=583695634&ref=profile Rahul Singh

    I like this phone no matter what everyone else says, just because it’s NEXUS!

    • http://www.jaxidian.org/update/ jaxidian

      Yeah, no kidding! I absolutely LOVE my Galaxy S III and thought I was actually gonna pass up this year’s Nexus but the more I learn about it, the more I want it! The ONLY thing that might hold me back is a non-removable battery. I need to know more about this wireless charging solution…

    • TJ Mir

      You do realize that’s how Apple fanboys behave?
      They go crazy over a phone just because it’s new!

      • Ardrid

        I don’t think that’s what he’s saying at all, either explicitly or implicitly. I interpret his comment as meaning that he likes the design of the phone, and the overall idea of the phone, regardless of what anyone else thnks because the phone is a Nexus. He doesn’t say that’s definitely going to buy it or that he loves it because it’s the latest thing on the scene; rather, he simply says that he likes it because it’s a Nexus device.

      • pjamies

        Also, because Apple only puts out 1 phone! You really do not have any choice, you have to take what they give you! and that is just un-american!!!! (and sad..)

        • brandnew234


    • Max

      That’s the same reasoning justifying Apple fanboys for upgrading from the iPhone 4 to 4s and 4s to 5 – because it’s Apple. Until I see specs and reliable reviews I’m going to the fence on this

    • i lost

      Well said Singh sahib ;)

  • nerdnation1218

    Looks good on youtube on my S3 lol

  • BenJT

    Because you can shoryuken?

    • J3R3MY_H

      That was obviously a kamehameha

      • Meas

        Sure-you-can Kamehameha!

    • walker

      It was more like Taichi.

  • Paul

    Dual screen Dual play & camera time catch shot look very interesting. I will reserve judgement until I get release version photo samples to see if I will replace my Sony Xperia with this. For me its all about the camera first.

  • redraider133

    I wonder how many of the features LG added will be in stock android? The dual screen and that looks pretty awesome.

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      I am expecting that the LG Nexus will feature Miracast wireless display and some form of this dual screen display output.

      • J3R3MY_H

        Maybe Android 4.2′s big feature is miracast? Tegra 3 is supposed to support it also.

        • Hue Three of Five

          Does anyone know if there is any chance that the current GNex will get this wireless output to display tech?

          • Michael

            Yea, OMAP 4/5 and Tegra 3 are on the list. It’s a standard based on Wifi Direct so it’ll be widely available once it’s released.

  • roland

    I just hope to see a 16 and 32 GB.the device Is going to be the best Android out.

  • Mohsin Alee

    Its best just because its nexus.

    Enough said.

    • http://www.jaxidian.org/update/ jaxidian

      I was just thinking, “I totally agree with you! OMG, we sound like iPhone fanboys! ‘It’s best because it’s an iPhone!’”

      OMG, we’re sheep!!!!


  • sandwich

    I wish there was a smiley that could accurately represent my facial expression while watching that… video… thing. Closest I can come up with is O.o , but there’s some severe nose-scrunching that’s missing with that portrayal.

    What was the first 30 seconds supposed to represent? Why is there a ninja? What is “30% higher graphic quality” supposed to mean? Why do I have to stare at the flexing chest of a topless black cloned Robin Hood? What does “Exceeding battery efficiency” mean? Do I really have to prance around for a Kinect-like system just to interface with the phone, or can I just, y’know, touch the screen with a finger?

    • droilfade

      You must be an engineer. You are right. It is necessary to quantify the claims you make especially if it is an short advertisement. Better than what, better how, efficiency compared to etc…? I don’t expect them to go into the details…but a short sentence or a comparison with a flabby chest to a flexing muscular chest :p Lol…..

    • ericl5112

      My personal favorites are the claims of the phone being butter-free (laggy?), with brilliant cross-tasking, and the still time shot.

      • Akshay

        It said “buffer” free.

    • http://www.focuszonedevelopment.com Homncruse

      “Do I really have to prance around for a Kinect-like system just to interface with the phone, or can I just, y’know, touch the screen with a finger?”

      Best. Comment. Ever.

  • Ironzey Lewis

    I’ll be watching out for the next Nexus.

    These commercials didn’t really do it for me. I hope we won’t have to flail around like that dude to do stuff with the phone. /S

  • Alexander drzfr3shboialex

    I find this pretty irrelevant. All the non hardware features/ specs are in Leg’s customUI, which as we all know the nexus won’t have.

    • Alexander drzfr3shboialex


    • dan

      Yeah me too. Other then the hardware processor, ram, screen etc… nothing else is on the nexus. None of the LG features are q slide etc…

  • antony

    all I have to say is this phone is very interested because we’ll talk about LG not being a good name brand but we are talking about if Nexus brings it out we will probably have the fastest update and probably Nexus will be handling this phone this is what I see we should give it a try you know and let’s see if it works like they say is work so good luck LG I’ll see you soon :) ?

  • acey_zero

    It’s cool that it gives mystical super-human abilities, but sealed battery and no SD is still a deal breaker.

  • lowlevelninja

    Dear Android OEMs,

    Footage of phone in action > Useless filler/SFX/Stuntmen/Gymnasts/Martial Artists.

    Android Fans Worldwide

  • h0ruza

    The Optimus G is not The Nexus 4.

    The Nexus 4 is BASED on it so lets wait to see what’s still in there and what’s been replaced before judgement.

  • Joe Mamma

    Please let HTC create a nexus… Please let HTC create a nexus… Please let HTC create a nexus

    • Thamer

      I am with you bro.

      • Thamer

        Or sister for that matter.

  • diordna

    Did he just form a blazing bow?

  • Nate B.

    Try lost me at innovative design. I’m sure it’s more technical then I could imagine but nothing innovative about it captures me as far as design. All those technical terms mean nothing to me when it’s not obvious just by looking at it. Because it honestly looks like a Galaxy S II.

    I like the idea of dual screen with apps, but I like the way Samsung has done it on the Note II. I do not want transparent messaging over what I’m doing. I like the pop up Samsung has and you can pinch to zoom it. Transparency will get confusing depending on the images that are aligned together. Defeats the purpose to me. Because if you make it so transparent for a moment to text real quick or whatever you won’t see anything. Hopefully it’s developed different for the Nexus.

    Again, the design could be way more iconic. I don’t mind a stealth like look on the front, but the shape needs character.

    • Nate B.

      I meant they* lost me

  • Alex

    Hey guys,

    You do realise that pretty much all of the features in that video will be exclusive to the Optimus G and not available on the for the Nexus 4?

    The only thing it will share will be the screen, processor and RAM.

    The slick design, 13mp camera and clever software tricks, which made up most of this advert, are unique to the Optimus G. However, to get those you have to put up with LG’s crappy android skin.

    The Nexus 4 is cheap, fat, ugly and has an 8mp camera – but it does come with the raw android goodness.

    Neither device will be very good as a result of it’s failings.

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      It is a preview of what the hardware can do. And I do think we will see some of these features make their way to the LG Nexus.

      • Adrien C.

        Not to mention that as it’ll be a Nexus, people will port these features to it and we’ll se a lot of ported Optimus (Goodness|Greatness|insertyourfancynamehere) Custom ROMS as we already have Sense UI, Xperia and SIII ports for other devices.

        And we won’t have to worry about locked bootloaders, missing drivers or issues alike.
        That’s why no matter hideous design the Nexus line can come with, it’ll still is an interesting choice.

  • Nathan D.

    ooo boy, can’t wait for this to come out.

  • Revalence

    Where are those awesome Google-made commercials? I still remeber the Calling All promos for the GNex. A sophisticated phone for our sophisticated needs. Better than bashing fruit lovers in line. XD

  • LuckyHermit

    I was able to get through 1/2 the video before I was overcome with the cheesiness of it.

    I hope it is a quality device, because I really want to Nexus program to keep going.

    I won’t personally be in the market for a new phone till at least a year from now, so I don’t care too much about the features, but only 8GB and lack of micro SD is pretty much deal breaking for me.

    Hopefully next years model(s) will have an external storage option. (or at the very least, more internal storage)

  • jamal adam

    The phone levitates, now that’s sick.

  • phyb33r

    only 8gb memory with no sd card slot… :(

  • theandroidmaniac

    HTC , should be next , for sure !!

  • http://www.focuszonedevelopment.com Homncruse

    Does anybody know what app that is that gives you superhuman mystic Scott-Pilgrim-Vegan abilities?

    If it’s not an app, I want to live in that world.

  • Kancha

    8gb? seriously?? No SD slot? Are they kidding? Google trying to be Apple forcing people to use cloud. I have 16 GB Nexus 7 and have to actively manage my contents. Not doing the same in another device. I will pass this one. No thank you Google!

  • jonnoyboy

    Ima pass on this phone , don’t trust LG anymore plus only 8g .. not cool

  • jonnoyboy

    I wanna see a new HTC nexus not a crappy LG and Samsung phone …