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LG’s Nexus could launch as the Nexus 4, with multiple colors


Most of the details surrounding the next Nexus have already leaked, but we are still unsure of the final product name and launch plan. This morning The Verge reports that the device could launch as the “Nexus 4″, according to a leak from UK retailer Carphone Warehouse. If their inventory system description is correct, we also might see black and white color options for the Nexus 4.

The LG Nexus would be the 4th phone in the Nexus series and we expect it to feature a 4.7 inch display, so the name Nexus 4 certainly makes sense. Google already went with Nexus 7 for their 7-inch tablet by ASUS, and they are widely expected to partner with Samsung on a 10.1-inch tablet sold under the name Nexus 10. Other rumors have even suggested there could be a Nexus 5 by HTC, but there has not been a lot of evidence to back that up.

We were originally told that the next Nexus would be announced in October, and CNET had a similar report saying the LG device would launch this month. CNET’s sources also said the product name was still undecided, so don’t be surprised if the LG Nexus launches with a different name like the “Optimus Nexus.”

What do you think of the name Nexus 4? Are you ready to hand over your money to Google, or will you wait and see if any other Nexus phones appear?

Source: The Verge

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  • Paul

    I would like the Nexus 4, but all depends on the final photo taking quality, if like other nexus it takes photos worse that the competition then this will not be my next phone, I will wait for the next Sony phone with HDR camera sensor.

    • Daniel C

      Camera sensors are not HDR. HDR is a post-processing technique that involves combining multiple exposures into one image. It’s done by software after the images are taken.

      • NeoJesus

        Yea, not even a Canon 5D Mark III has an HDR sensor. The only HDR sensors known to humankind as of now are your eyeballs and even they aren’t full range HDR. Notice how when you enter a dark room from the bright, sunny outdoors, that it takes time for your eyes to adjust?

    • Natalie

      Nexus 4 vs iPhone 5. Nexus always behind, i guess. I have an iPhone 5 now (upgraded from iPhone 4).
      Bye, Natalie

      • Glenn


      • Darkseider

        Obvious troll is obvious and apparently oblivious as well. kthxbye.

      • JS_215

        Thank you for informing us, but nobody asked or cares.

      • JSNYDERC

        lol good joke

      • TMOTECH

        See You later Natalie. Bee careful out there today. The world is a dangerous place for the mentally disabled.

      • uknowme

        I feel dumber after reading that.

      • steven z

        well, to be honest, consumers might feel its outdated when you compare the name to the iphone 5.. they can be stupid like that.

      • walker

        I think you need to re-do your guesswork.

      • Zyo

        OK, bye.

        Enjoy that extra row of icons….I guess.

  • tmoore4075

    As long as the hardware works well I’m positive the software will work great. I’ll consider it if the unlocked price is good.

    • OnIn2

      As a G2x owner, I will not only LOL at you, I will point when you come here an whine about the phone.

      • tmoore4075

        I said I’d consider it. I didn’t say I’d buy it. Wait and see if the hardware works well with the software. I would never go out and buy a phone as soon as it launched that would be beyond stupid. If I was that I’d be an iPhone fan. I didn’t buy the G2x because of plenty of negative press. And the G2x on T-Mobile wasn’t pure Android. Pure Android doesn’t have any carrier or manufacture BS.

        • http://www.focuszonedevelopment.com Homncruse

          The G2x is *stock* Android. Of course it had carrier bloat – it wasn’t a Nexus phone.

          • Guitargler

            The G2x pretended to be stock Android, but it never really was. I had one, and it became really obvious with the Gingerbread update. Sold it for a Nexus S and haven’t looked back, but I’m thinking the Nexus 4 will be LG’s second chance with me.

  • Ardrid

    If the hardware specs line up as rumored, I’m definitely in for one. Intrigued by what a white model would look like.

  • nmoline

    I am currently borrowing my Wife’s old iPhone 4 as my Samsung Captivate died on me. I am dying for a new device worth the purchase. I have two requirements:

    1. Nexus
    2. Quad-Core

    Therefore, I fully expect to be picking up the next Nexus as soon as it is released.

    • http://www.focuszonedevelopment.com Homncruse

      Ouch. I wouldn’t even wish that punishment on Richard Yarrell.

  • kelltrash14

    I can see this naming convention falling apart fast if that’s what they stick with…

    Nexus 7-2
    Nexus 2-4-2


    Or do you just start throwing letters and pluses and the end

    Nexus 2+ Super

    Personally, I think the logical conclusion is to remove the Nexus part as a title option if they are going to make a wider range products, or they end up sounding silly. The other option being to stick with the manufacturer terms coupled with Nexus like Optimus Nexus….which is still not great.

    • Natalie

      They should take a lesson from Apple and learn how to count. What a mess.

      • Desi

        YEAH!!! Like the iPhone 3G, which is the 2nd iPhone. Or the iPhone 4S … which is the 5th iPhone. Or the iPhone 5 … which is the 6th iPhone.

        Makes sense.

      • nippi1111

        shud learn how to count money for a overpriced shit apple manufactures

      • Alex

        You mean the Ipad, the Ipad 2 and the Ipad 3….oh wait the “new” Ipad, they sure can count! Keep on smoking dope and maybe you can make a career out of it.

        • http://www.focuszonedevelopment.com Homncruse

          I can only count to 4. I can only count to 4.

      • Zyo

        Apple? That’s the worst example I have heard.

      • walker

        Take a lesson from Apple and learn how to count? No because patented it!
        We should give Apple credit for re-arranging the number system for Apple supporters to their understanding.

    • Glenn

      Or, they could use the same naming convention each year, with the understanding that there’s a new generation. Kinda like Apple does with their iPod and computer/tablet lineup. All of their iPods are called whatever they always were called (Touch, Nano, classic), even when a new one comes out.

    • http://www.focuszonedevelopment.com Homncruse

      I had the exact same thought. Sure, this naming scheme works well for this generation, where the numbers refer to the screen sizes. But what about the next generation? Do we call them the Nexus 7.1, Nexus 10.2, etc.?

  • JS_215

    White one would be cool. But lets hope that Apple doesn’t come after them!

  • Sid

    Cmon HTC!! We want the Nexus 5! And don’t skimp on any of the specs including the battery – min 3000 mAh.

  • daveloft

    No it won’t launch as Nexus 4 just because Carphone Warhouse calls it the Nexus 4 in their inventory as they also call the Nexus S the Nexus 2. So move on, there’s nothing to see here.

  • Nate B.

    It’ll look better when it’s all shiny and showing off, but I’m still not feeling the design. Might look better in white. Now we wait.

  • anoymous

    i hope they reconsider to put super amoled hd instead of ips

    • Zyo

      LG doesn’t do SAMOLED

  • shadhussain

    i read multiple colors and thought of some cool grey/blue/green matte metallic tones and then i read “black and white” …

    • iamXiV92a

      More colours (aside from black/white) would be awesome! Not brown though!

    • walker

      Aside from Black and White, they’ll probably have a titanium one out. Wait… that’s grey.
      Thing is, when I read colours… I thought of RGB wise… and not shades.

      Maybe they have’ll a colored X.

    • ionorov

      Yeah… same old boring black and white.

      Really hope HTC bring their colours to Android. Or Sony.

  • iamXiV92a

    I’m ready now… Solavei looks pretty good and with the T-Mobile/MetroPCS merger, prepaid is looking VERY tempting

  • spazby

    i can’t wait how the whole nexus experiment shakes out and how many more nexus branded phones are out there by year end

  • Alexander drzfr3shboialex

    They always name everything different than what it really is. I would like to see how that white version would look.

  • LittleGreenDude

    I think they should offer one in all the colors of the nexus sign! Red, green, blue, and yellow. That would be totally sick.

    • shadhussain

      that would almost become too windows-y …

  • Hue Three of Five

    8gb storage in any type of device is just unexceptionable. That version better cost less than $100. I am very unimpressed by this LG Nexus so far.

    • Hue Three of Five


  • dil


    LG Nexus 4
    Samsung Nexus 2
    Htc Nexus 3
    Sony nexus 1
    Motorola nexus 5

    • guest

      my thoughts on this seems the same just alil different like:

      HTC Nexus 1
      Samsung G-Nexus 2
      Sony Nexus 3
      LG Nexus 4
      HTC Nexus 5
      moto nexus 6
      Nexus 7
      without counting the HTC Nexus 1 and only counting the others i mention seem like a good sum up of where google might be going almost in chronological order. but then again this just my thoughts on this.

    • shadhussain

      when it comes to consistency in naming its devices, google’s whack. trying to make sense of how google hands out nexus name plates (let alone figuring out the above two posts) requires a level of creativity and imagination i’m struggling to conjure up.

      what i know now is that google has released 5 nexus devices, in the following chronological order: (1) HTC Nexus One; (2) Samsung Nexus S; (3) Samsung Galaxy Nexus; (4) ASUS Nexus 7; (5) Nexus Q. recognize any patterns there? ummm, i don’t.

      • Scott

        Theyre saying it would be the 4th NEXUS smartphone.

  • Whyzor

    The Nexus 4 is probably just the diagonal screen size, same as Nexus 7, Nexus 10 (rumored Samsung tablet). There’s still room for Nexus 5 from HTC or Samsung. And a budget Nexus 3 (3.7″)? to round out the portfolio.

  • Scott

    Should be the Google Nexus 4 by LG like they did the Google Nexus ONE by HTC

  • Nathan D.

    It also the fourth nexus, which helps in its name. But it probably the best name for it, short and sweet.

  • Pax

    Can somebody just build a decent 4″ phone?? (not apple)