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More LG Nexus pictures surface with specs attached

lg-nexus xda

We’ve been hearing rumors that an LG branded Nexus phone is coming to market this fall for almost a month now. Last night, we got our first clear look at what will be LG’s Nexus device, the E960, based on the Optimus G. Tonight, we get confirmation of some earlier rumored specs on the LG Nexus, as well as some more pictures further detailing the device.

XDA user 4shael has their hands on an LG Nexus prototype, and has started a thread on the device to answer questions anyone might have on it. After a few questions on specs, network compatibility and how the device compares to the Galaxy Nexus, we starting to get a better idea of just what’s inside the LG Nexus.

According to 4shael, the LG Nexus comes with a 1.5 GHz quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro CPU, an Adreno 320 GPU, 2 GB of RAM, 8GB of non-expandable storage, 768×1184 320 ppi display, an 8 megapixel camera, Jelly Bean MR1 and Kernel 3.4.0. 4shael also says they don’t think the prototype they have has access to has LTE connectivity, only DC-HSPA+, and feels roughly the same size as the Galaxy Nexus in hand.

The software version, camera, display, CPU, GPU and RAM don’t come as much of a surprise, but the lack of LTE connectivity and limited storage do. It does make sense for Google to carry a version of the LG Nexus with only 8GB of storage to keep cost down, but if they don’t provide an option for 16 or 32GB models they could be in trouble.

4shael left before answering any questions, but promised to be back to answer more along with hopefully providing a video of the LG Nexus in action. We’ll be keep an eye on the thread started for the device in hopes of hearing more. At this point we don’t have any reason to think 4shael would be lying, especially since we know that these phones are making the rounds in the wild.

Do you like what has been revealed on the LG Nexus so far? Plan on grabbing on? Let us know in the comments.

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Source: XDA

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  • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

    For what it’s worth, the other leaked prototype from last night did have 16 GB internal storage.

    • damambt

      Can’t wait! Hopefully AT&T will carry this!!

      • UMA Fan

        In the US, only T-Mobile has DC-HSPA+.

        • SanzaBlancoAkA2C

          42 HSPA+, better camera, more RAM, the best processor on the market, bigger battery & at least 16GB and I will gladly wave bye bye to my Galaxy Nexus. Can’t wait!

          • SanzaBlancoAkA2C

            ***Scrolls down a few post on main page and sees sample cam pics…1 tear rolls down cheek and exits post***

    • westy

      I can do 16gb but anything less would be BS. So i hope you are right

      • George

        My supposition is that somehow Google wants us to use the cloud. 8gb should be enough for some clips and photos you make over the lifespan of the device. But anything more should be done through the Google servers.

        I cannot agree with this: My music and my movies belong on my device where i can listen/watch in high quality, not streamed at 128kbps.. jeez, Google :)

        • iamXiV92a

          While subsequently running up your data on all these capped plans George…

          It’s a prototype… they’ll offer 16GB minimum, they have to… who in their right mind would purchase the 8GB version!?

      • TMOTECH

        I have an amaze 4G with an 8GB SD card and I have over 1300 pictures, 30 or so Apps and 45 5 minute HD videos I have taken. I Still have 4 GB of free space left and I haven’t even touched the internal storage of the phone yet. I Think 16GB will be enough for me. I don’t know why people bitch about 16GB of storage not being enough.

        • DroidRoca

          You ask why people bitch about 16gb is not enough well, you have to understand no one wants to micro manage their storage space. Whenever they say how much it will come with it will be less due to all the applications and what not preinstalled,
          games now a days have huge gamedata Horn for example has over a gig plus, not to mention other games/apps/music/pictures you want to carry around with you. Since you cannot add more storage you’re bound to what they give you and if you’re planning on keeping this device untill you are eligable for another upgrade or just want to wait for the next Nexus I’m quite certain you will run out of that, my Toshiba Excite is down to 3 + gbs and I only had it for a few months.

    • Jaywrayson

      Makes sense…The Nexus 7 also came in 8 and 16 GB variances. #takemymoney

    • JS_215

      Call me crazy but I think that the 8GB and no LTE is just because it is a testing prototype. They are handing these things out to testers so they are probably trying to keep costs to a minimum. I, honestly, don’t know a ton about phones but the no LTE might just be easier due to them being prototypes and not having to make ones for all these carriers. I am sure there will be a larger variant, maybe even two.

      • NeilB


        • JS_215

          Enlighten me as to what is so fun, please.

    • n25philly

      still not enough

    • NeoJesus

      I’ll take the Note II over this.

  • Ardrid

    Before the inevitable vitriol starts, I just want to suggest that everyone take a deep breath and remain calm. None of us know whether this is the final revision of the hardware or simply one version of the eventual Nexus. For all we know, Google/LG could be planning on selling 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB models at $299/$349, $349/$399, and $399/$449. In either case, I know I’m definitely in for this or any of the other rumored Nexus devices and I suspect the majority of users here will say the same. So, relax, enjoy the rumors and leaks, and have a lively, but courteous, debate.

    • Kyle

      Well said, I enjoy the rumors for what they are worth and am patiently waiting for the Nexus to surface.

    • http://droidsamurai.blogspot.com DroidSamurai

      The chance of a 32Gb at $449 is pretty low. That’s like cheaper than every flagship smartphones in the market … hell, at $449, it will be cheaper than many unlocked med level smartphones.

      • Ardrid

        Obviously those are suggestions. My underlying point was that we don’t know and to immediately jump to conclusions is pointless. Also, don’t discount Google wanted to undercut other devices on pricing in order to further their original ambitions re: Nexus and Play Store.

      • Alexander drzfr3shboialex

        So is the nexus 7, compared to other tablets.

      • iamXiV92a

        32GB at $449 would be SUPERB and I personally think Google CAN do it, though they don’t have to…
        -It would almost guarantee them more sales (not that they’re hurting for money, ha ha)
        -Maybe these other manufacturers might start dropping their prices of off-contact phones to compete (which I highly doubt)

    • Noel

      Don’t forget Samsung GT-i9260 maybe GNex 2, Motorola Occam device running Android 4.2 and also the HTC X5 device which was also rumored to be a Nexus. It will be a bonanza for Android fans the world over…very very excited

  • Alexander drzfr3shboialex

    I’m in tmo so I don’t mind no lte for now since its pentaband gsm. Ask your source their internal memory. I mean c’min Google again with low storage, so many people complained about the gnex storage. I hope 32gb is available, at least 16 if they want me to buy it.

  • Randino

    I’m thinking with the 8 GB option, the desire to sell contract free through the Play Store, the lack of LTE, could this be a cheap version destined for folks that want to go prepaid though Straight Talk and the like?

    Also Taylor, do you have an app for your website? I tried to hit you on Twitter but didn’t see a response.

    • stenzor

      I don’t think there’s an app but it looks pretty nice on Google Currents

      • Jonathan

        Agreed! And personally, I would rather subscribe to A&M than install another app. You could also try Google Reader, Flipboard (is that what it’s called?), or something similar if Currents isn’t your thing.

  • bananafish05

    No LTE, only 16gb of storage: this looks disappointing. I mean even the damn iPhone 5 had LTE!

    • iamXiV92a

      LTE is a battery hog… ask the iPhone 5 sheeple!

      • iamXiV92a

        Granted I no longer live in an LTE area so it’s not a big deal for me

  • craz

    Need LTE and more storage. Hope this is just the low end version. If not I’m keeping my GNex for sure.

  • http://droidsamurai.blogspot.com DroidSamurai

    The lack of LTE will be a big problem. It’s like going backward. I know that there’s a problem with making an open source mobile OS with LTE, but Google needs to find a way to make it work. LTE is here to stay and GSM is on the way out. What will happen 5 years down the road? GSM will be like 2G of today. Is Google going to dodge the LTE problem by pretending it doesn’t exist?

    • Ardrid

      No, it’s likely they’ll wait until LTE becomes more prevalent. The only carrier that currently allows unlocked devices to utilize LTE is MetroPCS. I suspect Google is waiting for LTE to become more prevalent with other MVNOs since they’d rather forego dealing with carriers and all their issues (see: Verizon Galaxy Nexus). The T-Mobile/MetroPCS merger will obviously go a long way towards making that a reality in the near future.

  • Hinds2009

    I think Google is smart and all will be revealed at launch! I’m not worried, I own a gsm gnex and would be quite happy keeping it if the next nexus is not to my liking. It’s nice having pics and Specs leading up to the actual launch!

  • Gsizzle

    That’s one Ugly looking phone. And this is coming from a GNex user and only someone who owns GNex would understand where I am coming from.

  • Chad

    I’m still not too crazy about LG being the choice of Google for the next Nexus but hey everyone deserves a second chance right? Time to start saving up…

  • Vance

    No thanks. Give me the HTC One X+ with a 1.7 GHz quad-core NVIDIA Tegra 3 AP37 and 64 GB inboard memory.

  • Nate B.

    I’m really not feeling the design. The glitter looking back looks kind of cool, but I don’t like the rest of the device. It’ll probably grow on me as usual.

  • walker

    Prototype. This is just a prototype. 8gb of ROM is terrible considering the standard of the current smartphones. Shouldn’t too much to bump it up to at least 16gb. And that ridiculous line of lines regarded as the resolution. Network-wise, I can wait for LTE to become more wide spread and common in the country I live in.

    • walker

      Oops. My horrible grammar and punctuation. I was saying it shouldn’t cost too much to increase the internal storage to 16gb. Line of numbers not line of lines. Sorry if anyone who bothered reading my post got confused. The only carrier with pre-paid LTE where I live is Telstra and it is certainly not my favorite.

  • BigCiX

    Am i the only one that’s not to thrilled about onscreen buttons?

    • Guillermo

      No, you’re not the only one. That big ugly bezel looks like it’d be a good place to put some buttons, and that’d free up some valuable screen space.

    • nathan118

      Have you ever used a galaxy nexus? On screen buttons are awesome. Not a single nexus is going to be made without them, so get used to it.

  • AT&TAndroidFan

    No LTE? 8GB? At this point I’m praying its just a prototype….

  • walker

    When I was using the DPI calculator… the screen size came up as around 4.4 inches… My mistake? 4shael mentioned a 320 dpi…
    Curious. Hopefully just a prototype.

  • Lucas

    Overall I am quite disappointed by this phone. To start with, the camera is absolutely horrible, it’s actually worse than the GNex! (and i dont think that it will get better by the time it’s released.) Second, the aesthetics are pretty boring, it looks almost identical to the Galaxy Nexus. That’s not a terrible thing but as an owner of the GNex this phone does not excite me. Third, the storage capacity is is odd… should be 16/32GB IMO. And finally, I would have really liked to see this phone with smaller bezels on the top and bottom to make the phone smaller overall (maybe even to fit a larger 5″ screen!).

    I guess what I’m trying to say is that the Nexus is supposed to provide a vision for where Android smartphones are going. There is nothing revolutionary here besides a few internal spec bumps. Maybe I am asking too much…

    • Ardrid

      This is the problem with rumors: everyone treats them as gospel and the final word. None of us know whether those leaked camera stills came from the next Nexus, nor do any of us know the final spec sheet. Reserve judgment until credible reviewers have the device in hand.

      • masterpfa

        I tend not to pay too much attention to rumours and leaked devices as invariably they are wrong or misleading, but for the sake of debate, this time I’m joining in.

  • alexanderharri3

    Any phone released with less than 16GB of non expandable storage these days has manufacturer-based penny pinching over customer sanity. I know Google sells these cheap unlocked, but it’s laughable to have only 4X the storage as RAM!!! For 8GB, it better have a MicroSD card slot.

  • jamal adam

    8GB of storage is terrible but if they are going for a low price Nexus it makes sense. I will assume that they will have 16/32GB options as well, otherwise this will be a big flop. The camera needs a huge upgrade in terms of picture quality and better sensor and low light exposure.

  • Raptor

    Nobody are buying this GNexus shit even for $350 besides morons trolling on this site. Suspect Google has losing money selling them. Specs are terrible. How many times last year i said don’t buy it, wait ?

    • Fiasko

      Really no clue what in the world you are getting at….

  • Mouahed Nahali

    I’ am really disappointed about I heard as rumors. It looks like a little evolution in the some hardware options inside this damn LG device. It’s not only the bad choice of the manifactrer, Moreover it’s about the quality of the device what it can be offered to the casual cstomer that we are. What I really I’m waiting for it’s a ferrari smarthphone. I wanna water & sands resistant like with sony ones. very lightweight and nice look like the iphone 5. Nice materials like htc. and mostly a very good battery that can stands 12 hours 3G + Lte capability. I hope google will understand it.

  • revs

    8GB of non-expandable storage???????????


  • LittleGreenDude

    I’m likin’ this phone. It’s looking like an actual successor to the GNex rather than a whole different phone. Also, I really hope that they do include the cool multi-colored ‘X’, that would be sweet :)

  • Scott

    So most likely it will only be sold through Google Play or for carriers(Att, Sprint, and Verizon)??? If its not ill be highly upset

    • Scott

      Sorry through Google play and not carriers??

  • Orion78

    If these specs are true and this is the only Nexus, I may just hold on to my Galaxy Nexus. Then I’ll see comes in 2013. We’ll see.

  • kingap

    if i have to i can live with a non-removable battery, but im not buying a phone that doesnt have a microsd slot. im not letting my 32gb baby go to waste.

  • nightsun

    I’ll be wise and wait for The Mobile Nexus Wars to play out. Meanwhile, I’ll be snagging one of them new 32gb Nexus 7s.

  • Max

    I hope this is just the prototype and LG and Google address this storage issue. Honestly, if they improve the sensors and camera, the mega pixels is something I can live with. As a matter of fact 8 gb storage is something I can handle as well only if they include microsd up to 32gb. Sell the phone at $350 or maybe less but include microsd. That was the only issue that left a sour taste in my mouth with the nexus 7. I love the nexus line but the direction Google took since the nexus one (best phone of its time IMO) is actually a little sad. Just because you want users to go cloud doesn’t mean you have to force them by compromising customer demands.

  • Usman

    No one notices the WITH next to the Google logo? Anyone care to comment on it? WITH GOOGLE is not a Nexus device.

  • RX-78-7

    I find it strange that they would do the same mistake, after seeing the high demand for a higher capacity Nexus 7(eventually releasing a 32GB version). Everything else looks top notch(personally).

  • RX-78-7

    Can anyone that has an account on that forum ask him if it has gorilla glass?
    Would greatly appreciated.

  • Muhammed Nazim

    No guys… this is most probably a stock android LG device for T-Mobile or so… Definitely not a Nexus.!

    PS: Remember G2X?

  • teecruz

    Did anyone think: maybe for a prototype, 8GB is enough?
    Why spend so much on hardware storage for a device that may as well never be finalized?

    (In this case, obviously it will. And probably will come with better storage by then)

  • Alex Pena

    NFC? Wireless Charging? Also i’d be fine with 8GB only if it had expandable storage, but I don’t see this happening :(

  • rauelius

    If this isn’t available in 32GB…I’m buying an iPhone 5.

  • masterpfa

    Could all these rumoured devices be curve balls, I do hope so as on the whole I have not personally been impressed.

    I was hoping for a Samsung or HTX nexus device, but hey if LG can produce a Nexus phones along with some killer features I’m in, or will I be skipping a Nexus device again (I gave the Nexus S a miss as for me did not offer too much over Nexus One or HTC DHD).

  • theandroidmaniac

    No LTE ? That’s just careless. And we definitely want the external storage.
    Also , jelly bean MR1 ? not Key lime Pie or 4.2 as in this post here

  • Jos78

    Nice, but: 1) looks a lot like the GNex; 2) what does it really bring to the table for the average user (like me)?

  • fc1032

    Well at least the back in this pic looks better than that horrible glitter phone from yesterday. Maybe it was the lighting…

  • Dupri1472

    I will not buy a Nexus device with less than 32 GB storage!!!!!

  • kilmas

    the specs looks good,but 8gb storage is horrible.i high end smartphone should have 32gb storage.i wish they had a other design on the phone.and the camera quality look horrible again.why cant google understand how important a good camera is in a phone?
    i have a gnex and the camera is horrible,and if the new phone has a bad camera i will not buy it.i hope that the rumor is true that there is comming more then one nexus phone.i want a phone like the HTC DLX just as a nexus phone. htc has great camera on there smartphone(one x)

  • Alfonso

    I am really disappointed by this phone’s design.
    The wide bezels and the frame, the small size of the screen compared to the phone’s case… it looks like an iphone 3g!

    Let’s hope this is a false prototype… right now, I’d rather stay with the GN

  • D-RoQ

    So many people complaining about the design. I own a gnex and I think the back of the nexus 4 looks a lot better than the gnex’s. Since when did android users complain about design? Lol.

    • Ken Marshall

      Have you noticed how dumb the comments have got as well. Nexus phones are reaching mass market :((

  • Awesome Sauce

    Im going to keep chanting 199, 199, 199. I have 8 gig Nexus 7 and its more than sufficient for a phone. Im liking what I am seeing so far. Does anyone have a tegra 3 vs the quad core s4 shootout??

  • AnthonyRyan

    I really hope the final nexus has LTE and supports HSPA+ 42 at least and 16gb I’m loving the fact it has the S4 Pro inside that is a selling feature for me

  • get at me banana

    it say with google does this mean its not a nexus phone? from way back to the nexus one does it gotta have the nexus name on the back to called a nexus phone? so this could just be a regular with google phone just like that whack ass g2x with stock software and good spec.

  • Rick

    I see lots of folk up in arms..lets remember these are just leaks..we have another 19 days to go until(hopefully) Andy Rubin gives us the goods…I do hope we get higher storage options..I will be getting it in white..unless we get other OEM options..cough..sony..cough

  • Joe

    Somerhing is wrong with these pictures. Nexus devices never have “with google” written on them, just “google” and they also have “nexus” written on them. This phone doesn’t .

  • grellanl

    Hmm, that’s a “with Google” device by the looks of it – isn’t that their old program halfway between regular vendor devices and a true Nexus?

    There were three levels of integration/separation as far as I remember – there was genuine “Google” (i.e. Nexus-class) devices, then “with Google” which weren’t true Nexus but would have stock software, or something close to it, and then regular “Android certified” devices that had passed the compatibility tests and were allowed to include and Android Market and related Google services. The distinction makes a difference with regard to who supports the devices, releases updates etc.

    The original Droid kind-of fell between the first two categories, but the Milestone that was based on the same hardware was squarely in the latter category, and was much the worse for it.

    So… are all these “Nexus” devices we’ve been talking about going to be released “with Google” rather than be true “Google Nexus” -class devices as we think of them?

  • MitchRapp81

    8GB? what is this, North Korea? (sorry, I heard that somewhere recently…)

  • orginn

    Great looking phone but if that’s the final product then ill pass, way too much bezel, I don’t get lg with the bezels…. Sigh, waiting for Sony or Motorola to introduce one