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Multiple sources say Google will unveil three new Nexus devices on October 29


Google’s big Android event is only a week away, and rumors are swirling that we will see multiple Nexus devices running the new Android 4.2. Matt Brian of The Next Web and Ryan Socio of The Verge Forums are both reporting that Google has been sharing a video recorded at one of its weekly all-hands “TGIF” meetings on its internal network, which details the devices that will be unveiled at its October 29 event.

The information being distributed to Google employees matches up with previous rumors from the last month. Google is said to introduce a Nexus 4 smartphone by LG, a Nexus 10 tablet by Samsung, and a Nexus 7 tablet with 3G modem by ASUS. There is no mention of any other devices, like the rumored Nexus 5 by HTC, but it’s always possible that Google has some surprises in store.

Rumored devices said to be unveiled include:

  • The new Nexus 4 phone by LG
  • A 3G version of the Nexus 7
  • A 10 inch Tablet by Samsung – Nexus 10 (with a very high resolution)

Rumored features of Android 4.2 include:

  • Huge improvements to Google Now, cards will be different, a card comparing how much you’ve walked across months and a card that pops up when ever you go to a new city, showing all the POI’s and distance to them
  • Notifications get further improvements, now you can read entire messages in the notification center
  • UI improvements for bigger tablets
  • The keyboard will come with something similar to Swype
  • Profiles feature is coming for the tablets, not sure about the phone
  • Google will introduce ‘Content in the center,’ which will allow users to access Play Store content from a widget
  • Panoramic camera settings will be updated to support both horizontal and vertical movement by default

Even though there have been several hoaxes floating around, some of which listed similar features for Android 4.2, we are leaning toward believing this recent batch of reports. Both of these new independent sources make reference to Google’s “TGIF” meetings, and it appears that some of the Googlers outside of the Android team are spreading this information.

The Nexus 4 has already been heavily leaked, and it feels like we know everything about it, but the Nexus 10 tablet has not received the same hype. It was rumored that the Nexus 10 might have been pushed back to the first half of next year, but all the recent information has led us to believe it is in testing and will make its debut next week.

We have already seen the refreshed Nexus 7 with 32 GB storage go on sale, but we are really curious about the Nexus 7 with 3G modem. It’s likely that Google will sell the device unlocked, but I wonder if Google will roll out a new data plan for users. Google once wanted to subsidize a $9.99 unlimited data plan, but those plans fell apart and we haven’t heard anything new since. Google already offers 100 MB of free data each month on their Chromebooks, so it’s possible they could try something similar with an Android tablet.

If this is “everything that Google will unveil” next week, how do you feel the event is shaping up? Are you satisfied with a new Nexus phone, new Nexus tablets and a new version of Android? Or do you hope Google will have some bigger surprises in store?

[Thanks Brandon for the tip]

Via: The Verge

Source: The Next Web

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  • Alexander drzfr3shboialex

    I read that yesterday. Those features sound nice, but hopefully there is more. Lg nexus and nexus 10 is where I’m at.

    • vforvortex

      Would you still buy it if there is only 16gb of storage with no sd card slot?

      • sid

        A shit ton of people are a galaxy nexus with same storage i dont see the problem .
        no one’s forcing people to buy a nexus people who are ok with it will buy .
        i seriously don’t see the need for more storage i have like 3 to 7 GB of music any given time and i put one season of TV show’s or 1 or 3 movies on the phone at a time because its not possible for me to watch more than that in under 2 to 3 days within which i can update the content ..
        seriously so annoyed with people who blow it out of proportions when it comes to storage situation .
        HD games maybe take more space but i dont play that many games and if push comes to shove i can always make use of the USB OTG to dump movies and shows on it .

        • ionorov

          Jeez calm down buddy. What?! God kills a puppy for every mSD bought?

          Its ok if you like:
          - Paying 50$ for what is actually 10$ worth of extra 8gb
          - Paying 120$ yearly for online storage
          - Paying even more money for bigger data plans

          Its also ok if you:
          - like to delete and transfer big files every few days
          - like to carry around a separate thingamajig to store files in.
          - are ok with saying “Sorry Pa, don’t have your grandkids’ adorable video…no space on my phone”.

          See, for the rest of us, we prefer to just plug in a 64GB mSD card and be happy.

          • Sid

            again u misunderstood.
            im all for SD card slot but its very apparent and evident from the last 2 years your not getting one on a nexus so why all the crying about something which is pretty obvious .
            Also u assume that we better data plans and blah blah its not the case im from india which means we dont have contracts here we buy all the phones unlocked so in other words an S3 or note 2 for us is about 650 dollars so a nexus with those specs @ 450 dollars is totally worth it and price difference is huge.

            PS: im from india which means u can forget about using cloud storage .

          • ionorov

            @ Sid

            A lot of us want a Nexus device… but can’t seriously consider it because the starting capacities are quite low. A fact made made worse by the lack of an mSD slot.

            By your logic, we should stop asking/hoping for Nexus with mSD slots. So,
            - should HTC fans stop whining about the small batteries?
            - should Samsung fans stop crying about pentile amoleds?
            - should we let Sony just keep on using yesterday’s chips?
            - should we just shrug nonchalantly at LG’s buggy software?

            If I misunderstood you, it’s because of the tone of your comment. You came off as someone who can’t stand people asking for more storage. It’s great that you’re happy with 16GB but why get annoyed at someone asking for more?

            Maybe I was wrong assuming that you pay more for data plans but the rest of my points still stand:
            - YOU like transferring files every few days
            - YOU like paying 50$ for 10$ worth of storage
            - YOU like carrying around a USB-OTG device
            - YOU think only 16GB is enough to put all your family photos

            But I venture there are quite a few of us who don’t like doing any of the above things.

          • Tony

            No, we’re just trying to move away from overpriced, external, flash storage.. Google has done so, why shouldn’t we?

            I can’t ever remember filling up my phones.. even with meager storage amounts in the past. We don’t need it anymore and while I’m sure it can be inconvenient for some, it’s really not a major concern anymore. If you really are carrying around more than 10-12GB of media, you need to dump it onto your home computer every once in a while, not to mention you have the option to have every picture/video uploaded to DropBox or Picasa/Google+ anytime and anywhere. There is no excuse for carrying around that much data anymore.

          • ionorov

            @ Tony

            > we’re just trying to move away from overpriced, external, flash storage..

            To what? Even more overpriced internal flash storage?

            Amazon just had Sandisk mSD cards on sale. 64GB for just $45, I think. Contrast this with most devices now, where you need to pay $50 to $100 for just _16GB_ extra internal storage.

            Tell your argument to those guys who just bought 16GB N7, only to see Google bring out a 32GB model in the blink of an eye.

            > can’t ever remember filling up my phones..
            > There is no excuse for carrying around that much data anymore.

            Yay! That’s really awesome. Seriously, I’m happy for you.

            But just because YOU don’t need extra storage, WE ALL don’t need it too?

            What are you? A communist in reverse?

          • iamXiV92a

            @ Sid and @ ionorov
            You both bring up good points and I for one was appauled at the fact (a year ago) when the Galaxy Nexus was releasd without an SD slot. I thought who would want that?! So I got a Galaxy S II Skyrocket and picked up a Samsung 32GB mSD (I filled the stock 16mSD with pictures and whatnot).

            Then I later ran into another issue. Though my Skyrocket now had 48GB of storage space… only 2GB was allocated for apps. This didn’t make a lot of sense to me. Regardless, I went with it and found myself deleting items (I would have otherwise kept) in order to make room for new items. So I decided to pick up a Galaxy Nexus (miffed at the fact that only the 16GB version was availabe for purchase). With the 16GB Nexus, I realised that not much has changed for me: I still stream my MP3s from Amazon – all pictures are kept on my phone, even after moving the 8MP shots from my Skyrocket over (not being able to delete pictures from the instant upload defeats part of the purpose, in my opinion) but this time, ALL 16GB is usable for whatever I feel. I’ve got 800+ pictures (5 and 8MP), wallpapers, screenshots, some 20-ish YouTube videos downloaded as well as a few 720P camcorder videos and I’ve still got 5GB left.

            My point is, for those saying that 16GB w/o a mSD card is a dealbreaker, well Google isn’t going to change anything, they want you to use the cloud service that’s free with your account. As Sid mentioned, there’s Dropbox, SugarSync, Cubby, SkyDrive, Picasa (not to mention your home PC/Mac or Linux machine)… the list is almost endless.
            Do I have a seemingly unlimited data plan? Yes, for now
            Do I move files to/from my Nexus to my PC/Linux box? Nope
            Do I carry around a USB-OTG? Nope
            Is 16GB enough for all my family photos? Good Zeus No – Enter: the digital camera
            But as consumers, should we demand more? Hell yes, because we, to an extent, help shape what the manufacturers release

            Google, I’d feel more comfortable with an unlocked 32GB Nexus.
            I want a bigger battery (or better technology), HTC
            Whenever Jelly Bean shows up, I’ll thank you but STOP with the Pentile screens Samsung.
            No more old chips Sony.
            HTC, Motorola and LG… what’s with the bootloaders?!
            [big nod to XDA]

          • Jeffroid

            What happened to android being able to provide people with CHOICES? The lack of microSD is a REAL problem. It implicitly TAKES AWAY CHOICES.

            I used a Nexus S before and the 16gb just isn’t enough.

            After using S2 with a 32gb microSD card slotted, I realised how useful this is and it’s giving me A CHOICE TO USE THE PHONE.

            I can’t understand why the very first legendary Nexus phone – Nexus One, is able to have a microSD slot and the successors just can’t have it.

          • ionorov

            @ iamXiV92a
            Yes, the cloud is great. Yes, we have dropbox, sugarsync, gdrive, etc. Yes, all this is oh so awesome. But before we rush headlong onto the cloud future, can we at least get constant, fast and reliable internet connections first?

            Also, have you thought about how much you pay to get sufficient GBs on these services? You pay, not once, not twice, but for every month and every year you plan on using them. Now what if I told you you can have 64GB forever and ever… all for just $45. :)

            It’s like Jeffroid says, where are the choices?! If I wanted to be mind-controlled, I’d buy an iPhone :D

            Really, it’s great that some of you have so much wireless coverage that you can microwave your dinners just by holding it above you. But think about those of us who lose a 3G connection just by going into the next room.

            I love Dropbox and Gdrive. But there’s always the need for a constant connection. If I had a penny for every time I wanted but couldn’t download a doc/file/mp3/video… I’d buy Google, put mSD slots in all Nexus devices, and then give everyone ponies too!

        • LukeT32

          I have the 32gb GNex and am no where close to 16gb used.

      • NeoJesus

        “Would you still buy it if there is only 16gb of storage with no sd card slot?”

        Hell no.

        • iamXiV92a

          Good luck getting your updates from Sprint/Verizon/AT&T then… ;-)

          • veracu


        • veracu

          If that’s you in your avatar then you’re very pretty.

    • Romney a$$hole (hates 47% of all americans!)

      Too late. Most people already bought the best smartphone, the iPhone 5.

    • aranea

      I’m totally down to buy both the phone and the 10 inch tablet when they come out. I’ve been holding for both for a long time now. This last week will be a long one, full of anticipation like a little kid waiting to open his presents :)

  • Stephen

    I can not wait. I will be getting a nexus 10 if it’s revealed

    • zerosix

      I’m getting 2 or 3 at once. Nexus-branded tablet with a big screen is exactly what I need.

    • Louis A

      If a nexus 10 made by samsung with high resolution is announced, I will be first in line to get one. Christmas will come early if this turns out to be true.

  • stenzor

    I’m pumped for the Google Now updates.. it’s been amazingly helpful already in my daily life.. I can’t wait until it gets even better!

    • iamXiV92a

      I too am stoked for Google Now updates!

  • jamal adam

    Three Nexus devices is pretty epic but I have this feeling that Google has another surprise up it’s sleeves.

    • DSaif

      2 Nexus Devices and 1 Refresh.

      • Brian

        Yeah I think a refreshed Galaxy Nexus would make a great budget phone.

    • JLishere

      The real surprise won’t be hardware.

  • J3R3MY_H

    This event is going to be epic. New hardware and new software always makes me happy.

    • Romney a$$hole (hates 47% of all americans!)

      Epic? They will introduce a new round of android fragmentation that will plss off even more developers…..

      • BigDong

        You’re right. People should get an iPhone 5 or Lumia 920. Android is fragmented.

        • iamXiV92a

          Every mobile OS ecosystem has fragmentation
          – Look at Windows Mobile history
          – Talk to the OG iPhone users (because they ARE out there)

  • Adam

    I’m all for a Nexus 10 tablet. I understand some prefer the 7″ form. But I prefer the extra screen real estate, especially with widgets.

    However, the persistent rumors of only unlocked versions of the Nexus boggle my mind. I understand including them, but to only include unlocked versions exclude LTE versions with carriers would be a bad business decision if Google is really trying to brand the Nexus brand.

    I know tech enthusiasts hate carriers, but the vast majority of smartphone buyers use them. How does it hurt to do both unlocked versions through the play store and do versions with LTE through carriers? I am in an area where pre-pay coverage is awful (including AT&T). I have no choice but VZW for reliable, fast service. If Google doesn’t even hint carrier versions are coming, I’m not gonna wait and hope they come out with one. No one else will either. Now if they announce carrier versions are coming “by the end of the year” or some such vague statement, I’ll wait. Even with the debacle that was the GNex on VZW, it still got updates ahead of any other phone on VZW. Please don’t leave us out in the cold, Google.

    • stenzor

      Re: “I understand some prefer the 7″ form. But I prefer the extra screen real estate, especially with widgets.”

      You know that the actual physical size of the screen doesn’t determine screen real estate right? A 7″ display with the same resolution as a 10″ would have the same real estate…. Also, even though the Nexus 10 is rumored to have a 2560 x 1600 resolution, I would be surprised if it actually increased the real estate. Since WQXGA is the same aspect ratio as WXGA, everything will probably just be enlarged in size.

      • http://about.me/barontankhe Ton Habraken

        Screen real estate is determined by a combination of screen size and resolution. If you compare a 4.3″ 1280 x 720 with a 10″ 1280 x 800 you’ll notice the 10″ has much more screen real estate even if the resolution is almost the same.

        • DSaif

          Depends on PPI & DPI settings.. Just like you can get Tablet UI on Nexus 7 by changing it

        • stenzor

          Between a phone and a tablet, yes, but the difference between a 7″ tablet and a 10″ tablet won’t be that much.. If anything there will be some more space in between elements, but not more room for icons and widgets

          • mattcoz

            It’s not that difficult to understand.

            Nexus 10 = 2560×1600 @ XHDPI = 1280dp x 800dp
            Nexus 7 = 1280×800 @ TVDPI = 960dp x 600dp
            Nexus 4 = 1280×768 @ XHDPI = 640dp x 384dp

            So the 10 has about 78% more screen real estate than the 7.

          • mattcoz

            Down voted for providing actual information? Heh, ok…

          • ionorov

            @ mattcoz

            Hah! You’re in a Nexus thread here boy! Round these parts we down-vote anything not praising our lord Nexus! To hell with “actual information”!


        • msgnyc

          Please show me a 4:3 1280×720 display o_O?
          1280×720 is 16:9
          1280×800 is 16:10 and will have slightly more screen realestate because of the additional 80pixel width/length depending on which way its held.

          • bob

            htc rezound

          • msgnyc

            Won’t let me reply to you Bob, so I’ll do it here.
            Wrong. The rezound is a 4.3 inch 720×1280 16:9 aspect ratio display.
            You’ve confused screen size with aspect ratio.

          • msgnyc

            I’m an idiot. I’m confusing screen size and aspect ratio….. hahaha

    • veracu

      I own the toro; bought it 6 months after release unsubsidized because I have unlimited data. Learned a few years ago to wait on new electronics to see what problems users find with them and I’ll keep doing that for life. So I knew the issues with the nexus but I wanted jelly bean. Updates? Root.

      I too hope for a new verizo nexus. if it doesn’t happen, I don’t doubt devs will be supporting the toro thru android 6.0, even with these outdated specs. Shiiiiiiiit, I rooted some friends’ vibrants and fascinates and they run 4.1.2.

      If I end up traveling the globe I’ll get an unlocked gsm nexus for sure, but if I’m coming back to america I won’t be giving up unlimited 4g lte speeds.

      PS. 64g sdxc is dope and had it in my bolt and rezound and still use it in my rentina mbp. And while nexus 10 sounds dope, call me crazy but windows on a tablet (pro of course) sounds I’ll.

  • Christian

    Google is the one company that I really hate to see things leak. Having had the chance to work there this summer, I can tell you that they put an amazing amount of trust in their employees. The degree of openness is amazing and it makes for a truly wonderful work environment. I just worry that too many leaks will change that.

    • iamXiV92a

      I’d love a job there… :-)

    • BigDong

      I would love a job at Apple! The best tech company ever!!!

      Long live Apple and Steve Jobs

      • jonius

        Steve Jobs died already, just like what is happening with Apple right now, the next dead company.

  • ruperto17

    I’m somewhat disappointed.
    I was hoping to see several Nexus phones. The LG model does not interest me.

    • Orion78

      I totally agree. This will be a big disappointment if this is all there is. If no more Nexus phones will be unveiled, I’ll just stick to my GN.

      • Galen20K

        and I agree with both of you, I really hope there truly are Multiple phone devices and not only the LG.

    • westy

      I can sympathize a little bit because LG hasnt had the best reputation for phones but before you throw the towel in atleast see what the reviews say about the phone first. Samsung made horrible Android devices for a while before they finally started getting it right. From the specs and the design so far im still looking at buying it. The price and a few reviews are what im waiting to see before i make a final decision.

  • Hinds2009

    I’m thinking these things are more than enough for the 29th,anything more will just be bonus! Bring it on. I’m definitely getting the nexus 4! LG hardware +Google software = winner :-)

    • http://about.me/barontankhe Ton Habraken

      Funny for me it’s more like : LG hardware + (doesn’t matter whos software) = Loser. I own an LG phone so I know what I’m talking about.

      • http://about.me/barontankhe Ton Habraken

        Ouch.. down voted for telling the truth.

        • Facit

          No, for beeing clueless. The problems you have with your current LG phone, are they hardware or software problems? If its hardware, use warranty. Software… Google fixes that with the Nexus brand. So win win.

          • Devil

            Who takes care of drivers? firmware? how does software interact with the hardware? who’s handling that? LG? or Google?

          • http://about.me/barontankhe Ton Habraken

            You’re the one being clueless. If You had my experience you wouldn’t even made this comment. But for everyone who down-voted me. I’ll tell the story again. Just to prevent you guys from making the same mistake I did a year ago.

            It all started a year ago….

            Two weeks after I bought my LG Optimus 3D the phone’s capacitive keys broke down and my phone was send in for repairs. I got it back after 2 weeks and it should have been fixed. After half a day the same problem showed up again. I registered myself for their “VIP” service and got the phone replaced within 24 hours….. by a phone which could not make a phone call.
            They replaced my broken phone for another broken phone!!! After lots of complaining and being called a crook by their customer service. I got it replaced vy a phone which worked….. for a few months. 6 Months after I got the replacement the power button broke down.
            I was lucky because I still had the “VIP” service so it got replaced by another phone. 2 months after that replacement (that is right now) the phone charging started to get erratic and it didn’t show the correct charge anymore. So right now I’m stuck with my 3 year old HTC Hero because my LG Optimus 3D is in for repairs….. AGAIN!!!

            Beside all my hardware issues there’s the software update issue…. whenever I got a replacement it was still on froyo…. which meant I had to update it to gingerbread. And I think absolutely nobody is expecting an ICS update for their 3D or 2X anymore. So software wise Android is almost on 4.2 and LG owners are stuck on 2.3….

            So you can down-vote me al you want but I’m not walking into an LG trap again.

          • ionorov

            @ Ton Habraken

            That sucks… nobody should have to go through that. You are perfectly within reason to not trust anything LG.

            What some here are saying is that we should give LG another chance, because this time, Google is in the driver’s seat. (Note that _that_ made any difference to the Verizon GalNex :P)

            Also, no use fighting the flow man. This is a Nexus device. It _will be_ the perfect device. Any contrary comments will be down-voted. We must worship anything Nexus… to fight those iPhone infidels! Praise our saviour, the Nexus!


        • jamal adam

          The thing is that you can’t keep looking at their past mistakes to judge them in the present. Reading the reviews of the Optimus G, I can see that LG has turned a new leaf and are making many strides and learning from their mistake to improve and be better. No company has come out of the gate with a device that’s perfect because it’s a process that is ongoing and that develops and improve for the better with each iteration. Look at Samsung, remember when they came put with the Behold II but look at where they are now. Success takes time, it doesn’t happen overnight.

          • avi

            u r right ,,,i already had 2 samsung droids in the past and i really didn’t hav good experience with them,,,,it’s true lg software is crappy,,,but in nexus it is backed by Google,,,,and one more thing people don’t know how Nexus design are made ,,,,,Google is main Boss in overall design implementation of these devices not sammy or lg.
            What u guys think Lg is not capable of giving a new design,,,,,if u think so than God help u,,,,Nexus 4 seems very much like Galaxy nexus bcoz there is a reason
            These nexus is going to come with jellybean build MR1 which is also 4.2
            since it’s an incremental update not a completely new build ,,,,,that’s Google is not interested in giving new design to it ,,,they save this for Nexus 5 that might come with 5.0,,,,they only do hardware changes so as to make this new os More fluid and uptodate for future update,,,,,,,

  • JevyJav

    Yup 5 devices! Nexus Q, Nexus 7, Nexus 4, Nexus 10, Nexus 7 3G, there you have it. Guess this means i’m keeping my G-nexus Cause i’m not really liking the looks of the 4

    • DSaif

      3G shouldn’t be counted as a different device

  • DSaif

    Not satisfied as there’s no multiple phones.. HTC Nexus DLX Please!!!

  • Humberto H

    Maybe Nexus 4,10 and Q.

    I cant wait to sell my crapy transformer prime

    • www.phonewbie.com

      How much?

  • Gsizzle

    8 Days and Counting … Need my Google Fix BADLY!

  • heat361

    I’m thinking there might be another nexus from another company under the code name “Occam”. It showed up in server logs along with the “manta” which is the nexus 10. So it should be released around the same time.

  • humidity

    Here’s to hoping that there’s a super-phone coming from Samsung/HTC with LTE!

    • aranea

      Is it solid that LG Nexus won’t have LTE. Maybe it’s the demo versions that don’t have it. US GSM versions may be sold with carrier specific LTE bands. At least for ATT and T-Mo, like that did for the 3G bands before.

  • Marcus

    I’ll definitely be watching this event, in real time if possible, but my hype for it has definitely declined. Not because they’re bad products, not even close. It’s just that the LG Nexus has been pretty much unveiled already, and I’m in the market for a Surface since I need a tablet that can be a bit more productive (produce as well as consume) and a sharper screen doesn’t solve that issue.

    I’ll be happy for those lucky ones who get them, though (and a little jealous of that resolution).

    The fact that microsoft has supposedly kept things under wraps makes it more exciting. Not necessarily better, but definitely more exciting.

    Oh, and I’m definitely replacing my Gnex with a LG Nexus. Specs like those are hard to pass up.

  • Manuel

    HTC Nexus is what will get me REALLY excited. I hate to settle for the LG but the LCD screen will definitely do!

  • Dr.Carpy

    I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it, I’m about to lose control and I think I like it! I had to do it. This is pretty cool. The Nexus 10 is the device I’m most interested in. Hoping the Nexus 5 is real, and that they announce several more nexus manufacturers, in particular Sony for me.

    • mattcoz

      I’m so excited! I’m so excited! I’m so…. scared!

      • cozzy

        OMG i remember that movie! Just not the name….

        That part always made me laugh even though it was kinda sad lol.

        • Brian

          It’s from the Saved by the Bell episode where Jessie gets addicted to caffeine pills. A true classic.

  • Drome

    So I guess the multiple Nexus devices will be released this year just not what most of us expected- still looking forward to the announcement

  • Ty

    32G phone, please!

  • rashad360

    Nexus 10 is all I care about from that list. I really hope this rumor is true! With that incredible display, the Nexus 10 could be a serious competitor to the ipad

    • Dirge

      The Nexus 10 will need more than an ultra high resolution screen to compete with the iPad. It’ll need the guts. Exynos 5,anyone?

    • ionorov

      Yeah, if they can throw in an active stylus too… boom!

      Imagine a Nexus Note 10.1. That would be kick-ass… especially amongst the student/business crowd.

  • Nate B.

    The confusion of the 3 devices came when people thought several Nexus phones were going to be released. That won’t happen. Cool idea but it won’t happen. It’s like the telephone game. You say one thing and when it comes back around it’s something completely different. It was always going to be just these 3 devices. I think the phone and 10 inch tablet is a cool idea, but I personally don’t think the relaunch of a device such as the Nexus 7 now with more memory is cool. Should have been that way to begin with. Or two variations to begin with.

    • Nate B.

      What about my comment is negative?

      • Ardrid

        Absolutely nothing at all. Some people are just asses/trolls. I’m sure I’ll get downvoted for having the audacity to support you by calling trolls out.

  • Tom Peterson

    Hopefully there’s S-pen support for the 10″ tablet. Google needs to add support for Wacom styluses in stock Android.

    • Maximus

      This is KEY!!

      Ive been waiting for a Nexus tablet a 10′ version and Wacom Digitizer support to go with it

      Samsung making this tablet coming off the Note 10.1 gives me high hopes

      Google dont mess this up!!!

  • Revalence

    Please don’t Google. I’m begging you.

    I don’t have enough money!

  • lilmoe

    1) Nexus 4
    2) Nexus 5
    3) Nexus 7
    4) Nexus 10
    5) Nexus Q (or Nexus TV)

    Five devices.

  • Chuck

    Please offer a 32gb version Nexus 4 Google. PLEASE!

  • masterpfa

    8 days and counting
    All will be revealed then.

    Personally I’ll just wait for the show and tell.

  • JevyJav

    Things That Needs Say: This kinda reminds me of battle star galactica when everyone was waiting to find out who the final 5 cylons were

    • ionorov

      So say we all

  • heat361

    Nobody builds up the hype for an event like android, you gotta love Google.

  • Scott

    Just make sure ANYTHING they release has a 32gb option. Sick of Google crippling devices with only 16gb.

  • Ardrid

    Interesting. I hope Google has managed to keep something secret. It would suck if everything they were planning on announcing get leaked (reminiscent of the PlayStation Vita launch). It’s sounding more and more likely that the multiple Nexus (read: phone) devices rumor was wishful thinking. We’ll find out in 8 days and, either way, I’m psyched just to know we’re getting a new phone from Google.

  • Nathan D.

    Only a week to go, can’t wait to see what they have to show us.

  • sid

    Seriously WTF is with people dissing the LG nexus ??? i mean seriously ??
    its everything i wanted in a nexus maybe apart from the sealed off battery but as long as the it lasts more than gnex it wont be a big issue .
    i mean people praised a gnex with at most mid range specs and gimp gpu and now finally a nexus with top of the line spec’s and ITS A NEXUS and here u have morons QQing about a prototype 8 gig storage and that its being made by LG ? WTF is that even suppose to mean ? best hardware and build quality should be the only thing that matters for a nexus device dont go QQing about software updates by LG and their UI and other crap details because thats never going to be an issue with a nexus device ( non carrier unlocked gsm device ) .
    and people whigning about only 16 gig storage seriously again what the fuck ? have u been sleeping for last 2 years because its been the same .

    please dont buy a LG nexus GTFO u guys are an eye sore . . from early reviews it seems better built than galaxy nexus with more than 2x better hardware in some ways with close to bleeding edge tech .

    PS: only thing u can blame the LG nexus maybe the design but no one knows if thats LG’s fault because it might be google’s design and LG might have had no say on it , Looking at past nexus its clear galaxy nexus looks nothing like any other samsung device at that time and same goes for LG so it seems that googles the who one who’s designing

    • Alex

      You’re being ridiculous. People praise the GNex as it is still one of the best android phones available, and it is dirt cheap sim free. The LG Nexus looks okay, sort of an evolution of the Gnex design but without the lovely curved display.

      16GB Storage is not enough, unless you are going to offer at LEAST a 32GB model available for purchase AT THE SAME TIME! Not a month later and only exclusively to Verizon (I’m looking at you Google). A non removable battery would be nice, as it’s a Nexus, people flash kernels, theme’s, ROM’S etc. So if you get stuck in a boot loop, just yank out the battery and go again.

      And what the hell are you on about “people whigning about only 16 gig storage seriously again what the fuck ? have u been sleeping for last 2 years because its been the same”. What has been the same? Only 16GB in a nexus phone?

      Yes, but it’s called upgrading, future proofing. People are using more storage than 2 years ago when the Nexus S came out, even last year when the Gnex came out.

      More and more music is being added, more videos being stored, and more data being used, so 16GB gets very quickly used up and you are constantly re-shuffling items to make space (I should know, only having 16GB on my Gnex is a nightmare).

      Oh and P.S, you’re spelling and grammar are atrocious.

      • joel

        ***Your spelling and grammar….

        • Alex

          God that was a schoolboy error. I was tired, forgive me :)

  • Co1e

    I really love that Taylor posts on weekends. Most sites don’t and that’s why I love android and me. Thank you.

  • Jason

    Is google allowed to sell an unlocked verizon compatible CDMA/LTE phone? Will verizon allow the phone to be activated on their network?

  • ionorov

    I will run out and buy that Nexus 10 if it came with a digitizer/stylus. That would be my dream device.

  • onthecouchagain

    Those expecting more than one Nexus smartphone should curb their expectations.

    -The supposed “Galaxy Nexus 2″ turned out to be the Galaxy Premiere (another off shoot of the S3).

    -There’s been no concrete evidence of an Xperia Nexus.

    -And there’s been no rumblings since the initial rumors of the HTC Nexus 5.

    It’ll likely be the LG Nexus 4 only, and I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing. It seems Google really wants to streamline their Nexus line, and I think less devices with more focus will help brand the Nexus name.

  • GBT

    I am not sure if this is the right place to post this – guess Taylor can help direct me. I have since Jun 2012 been looking for my next phone – my iPhone 4 is simply too small and too slow to live with! After reading the reviews on different phones and playing the iPhone 5 myself, I have decided to move from iOS to Android. I want to buy the best Android phone by Christmas 2012. By ‘the best’, i mean the most powerful (speed, photo/video/music, connecting with friends, games etc), the most technologically advanced and most user friendly. Which Android phone would you recommend to me? I realise most phone critics use HTC One X. How would you compare the upcoming One XL+ with DLx (assuming I can get hold of one with my network)? I am new to Android, how would a stock Android phone like the Nexus 4 really compete with HTC DLx, Sony Xperia V (AX or VL) in terms of my criteria listed above? Many thanks for your advice.

    • masterpfa

      Not easily answered as opinions vary by such wide margins. It would be best to do some research and watch a few video reviews on the top phones along with some hands on in-store to decide for yourself

      A wide choice of phones are available and your needs may be totally different from other

      • GBT

        thanks alot masterpfa. after reviewing the various reports, I am still not sure if I should go for the stock android Nexus 4 or to go with either HTC DLX or Xperia V or Optimus G. All of them look good to me. I guess I will wait for further reviews before buying my first Android phone.

    • Rick

      Personally an unlocked gsm Nexus is like heaven..take to several prepaid options and always recieve updates straight from google!! Buying unlocked has been the best decision period..I have used all the skins on various phones.Its true some do offer more options than stock android, but waiting on the oems to update because of the carriers..its attrocious..if you do not root, best get yourself a shiny new nexus 4, you will not regret it!!

      • GBT

        Thanks Rick. I will read the reviews of Galaxy Nexus to understand more about stock android since some of the functions (or skins) of some of the most popular non-stock android phones (eg. multi-tasking of Optimus G) seem quite attractive!

  • awundrin

    I cannot hardly wait. My birthday is coming up so I plan to treat myself to something shiny, new and awesome coming from Google. :)

  • liang

    the only thing i care about is the new Android 4.2

  • Sid

    Cmon! Also have the Nexus 5 based on the HTC DLX! Please.. pretty please?

  • Bolt

    I guess this would be satisfy the “5 Nexus Devices” rumor- The Nexus 4, the Nexus 7 (current models), the Nexus 7 3G, the Nexus 7 32 GB, and the Galaxy Nexus. I don’t mind there not being multiple Nexus phones, I just wish they would let Samsung put out a refresh of the GNex, maybe update the processor and camera a bit.

  • Himmat

    There was talk that with 4.1 being a relatively small upgrade to 4.0 (4.0 was a big update to 2.3/3.2), OEMs will get OS updates out quicker. Yet, a mere 4 % of Android devices are running JB now. And in a few days we’re going to get another version number. I really think manufacturers should be held to a code of conduct. Now, I know my A510 gets JB in December, but what next? The tegra 3 chip will probably be capable of running at least another 3 more Android versions smoothly. I think I might as well go with a Nexus device, but then again Nexus is not available in my country.

  • Dan

    What about the “occam” phone?

  • brandnew234

    I’m not sure, I may want to get the Nexus 10, but I will not be forced to live with so little memory on a for such a high resolution screen. I’ll also be getting a G Note II (for Verizon). Though I’m not sure if I should get the Nexus 10 or wait out for the next Asus Transformer because Tegra 4 is supposed to have a variant of nVdia’s Kepler GPU, which would be amazingly powerful, and it would have the laptop dock, and Asus is good at getting updates out quickly.

  • slimx30

    oct. 29 can’t come soon enough! I hope they really do reveal a nexus 10. I will be getting the nexus phone and tablet

  • Ardrid

    Having some more time to think on it, I would love for Google to announce deeper integration of Google Music into Android 4.2. It really is an excellent app and would be a great default music player. Throw in podcast support and few people would need anything else.

  • kwills88

    Kinda wish they’d give HTC another shot at the nexus program, but with that said,I am really excited about the nexus 10.

  • Dave Clary

    I wish they would announce the Nexus Note–5.5″ screen of pure Google! :-)

  • Mix

    I have high hopes that since Google released a 32gb version of the Nexus 7 that they will, in the very least, offer a 32gb version of their phone.

    Now I need to go out and buy a Nexus 7 within the next 3 weeks.


  • aranea

    According to engadget one LG exec in India confirmed LG nexus release on Oct 29th.


    On another rumor they mention a samsung galaxy premier but no release date yet:


  • OnIn2

    While that’s an impressive line up, I was hoping for a non-LG cell phone in there.

    Please Google…All I want for Christmas is a non-LG Nexus…Please please PLEASE

    P.S. I can wait until Q1 of 2013 is I have to.

  • jamal adam

    My revised senior thesis proposal is due on the day of Google’s event. Hopefully that means that they have some surprises waiting for me. It will be a perfect day, turning in my proposal and reading all about it what Google has announced. Can’t wait for 29th. I guess this is a good incentive to finish my revisions before hand.

  • Glenn P

    Everyone nags on the Nexus being manufactured by LG. It’ll be really funny when, upon release, it receives praise for both build quality and software quality, and all the naysayers get their panties in a bunch even further. What exactly bothers you guys about the device? The front? Very Galaxy Nexus-like in appearance. The back? Maybe glass, maybe high quality plastic, but still an upgrade over the typical toy like devices (GalNex notwithstanding, I love it) that Samsung has released. AND it’s free of that ridiculous booty protruding from the back. It looks to be a well built device with near cutting edge specs and great stock software. Complain about the lack of an SD card, as it’s probably the only legit gripe there is about the product from most. The removable battery is no issue to most consumers. Don’t blame LG for whatever gripes you have, blame Google. And even then, the complaints are fickle at best. /rant

  • Jono

    Have been keeping an eye on the new Nexus device with a potential purchase in the future.
    Anyone brave enough to have a realistic guess of what this will cost (outright) if it were to come in 16GB form?

  • awundrin

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the Nexus 10. I hope it debuts next week as i would love to have it. Just hope the price is good which I believe it will be.

  • sbala

    It should be awesome