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New Nexus 7 32 GB to retail for same price as old 16 GB model


We know that Google has a family of new Nexus 7 tablets coming soon, but none of the details are official. So far we expect a $99 entry-level version, an ultra-thin model with 32 GB storage, and possibly a third device somewhere in-between. According to a new leak from a UK retailer, it appears the new 32 GB version will retail for the same price as the old 16 GB model.

A reader sent us a shelf tag that shows the Nexus 7 32 GB listed for £199, the exact same price that the 16 GB model launched at in the UK. In the United States the 16 GB version sold for $249, so we can assume that the 32 GB version will also sell around $249.

We don’t know if any other specs will change, but we can confirm that ASUS and Google are sticking with the Tegra 3 processor. The recent release of Android 4.1.2 also suggested a new revision of the Nexus 7 might use a different power management chip. Previous rumors have also said we might see a Nexus 7 with a 3G modem, but we haven’t seen any evidence to back up those claims.

I still consider the Nexus 7 to offer the best Android experience for a 7-inch tablet, but you might want to hold off your purchase with price drops just around the corner.

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  • Ardrid

    Impressive on Google’s part, though I suspect anyone who recently purchased a 16GB model is going to be pissed off. Nice to see Google getting aggressive though.

    • CiDhed

      Nope, not pissed at all.

    • ss

      i am kind of pissed just got one last week but as a gift. owell

      • Karan

        I just picked up one 2 days ago. I guess I am returning it.

    • Artietudue

      It’s tough to say I’m not upset because I just bought mine a month ago, but moving to a N7 from my HP Touchpad has been awesome. I thought I would miss the size, but it plays everything! My Color Nook has become a dusty relic since I’m using the N7 and Aldiko to do all my e-reading.

      • Wilson

        Planning on getting one, my touchpad and touchstone will probably be my new alarm clock lol

  • http://www.jaxidian.org/update/ jaxidian

    I approve! More storage without a higher pricetag. I bet this might upset some of the 16GB owners but this is still a good move.

    • Mix

      You are probably right and I do not mean to sound harsh but, for the most part, that is a price you pay for being an early adopter with electronic devices.

      I will be buying this 32gb version as soon as I can as this is the device that I have been waiting for!

      • Jimmy_Jo

        So true. Early adopters have to deal with bugs and higher price tags. That’s just the way it goes.

        But it would be awesome to see a company like Google issue retro-active rebates for early adopters. Like after they sell a couple million or whatever it takes to be profitable and they’re going to do a price drop, offer like a $50 rebate check or something. I realize that equals paying out $50,000,000.00 but they would probably make another $300,000,000.00. Consumer loyalty is hard to come by unless you’re Apple. But I think people would respect that and stick with or switch to Google. People don’t like getting “ripped off”. Even if it’s just the way the perceive things as any company can charge what they want and no one is forced to buy anything.

    • http://www.focuszonedevelopment.com Homncruse

      Except they may not do the promotional $25 Play Store credit thing, which was effectively $25 off the device, making it $224.

    • masterpfa

      At this price I won’t be complaining, would have been nice to have this available at launch, but one of my kids will get my 165Gb while I treat myself to a 32Gb model

  • Toonshorty

    My tip made it to the news, I feel pathetically special.

    • CiDhed

      Just to see how it feels.

    • Anon

      Shame it wasn’t actually you who risked it getting a photo of an unreleased product label though isn’t it, even though you feel able to take all the credit for it.

      If you look on forums.aria.co.uk, you’ll see the original source of the photo.


  • evisu

    And why couldn’t they bring 32gb to start with? Hope they fixed all their other hardware problems and i might get one.

  • lolo

    I have 2 16 gb N7′s and I’m not mad about this at all. It’s the nature of the beast :) 16 gb is plenty storage for me so maybe that’s why I’m not bent about this. But I’m sure plenty people will be. Plus with “stickmount” and a otg I’m good to go. Now if they made the screen 8.9 and maybe released it with Keylime pie, then I might get my panties in a bunch.

    • CiDhed

      Same here. My 16gb N7 has been great. I’m not at all concerned about there being a price drop.

  • Snicholls

    I returned my 16GB to Tesco with a Fault, refunded it on the premise that there is 3G/4G Model coming to the Market soon, happy to find the 32GB at same price if the 3G/4G does not appear.

  • http://thomashunsaker.com thunsaker

    I just bought the 16GB version last month. :( Good for Google, I’m hoping they continue making awesome Android tablets.

  • beyondopinion

    I love that under “Operating System” the sticker says “Android 4.1 Jellybean” and displays the Ice Cream Sandwich logo.

    • marus

      And the price is over the bottom line of table. Photoshop ?

  • Booster Gold

    They better be giving 16gb owners extra Google play credit, to make up to this mess.

    • http://www.focuszonedevelopment.com Homncruse

      Why? Was that free $25 not enough for you? The free $25 Play Store credit promotion has ended, and there’s no guarantee it’ll be active again. Besides, be happy with what you have if it’s sufficient – you can’t be angry and expect a handout every time something is minorly upgraded.

      • Booster Gold

        I’m on my second one and I didn’t get the $25 so fuck you and the trolls negging my comment.

        • http://www.focuszonedevelopment.com Homncruse

          You’re really good at making friends, aren’t you?

  • Christopher

    Crap i knew this would happen. I bought the 16 thinking maybe it might go up. Lol crap.

  • zymo

    Now fingers crossed for a 32GB LG Nexus

  • PhoenixPath

    *Puts on sunglasses*


    This is the news I was waiting for. I can stick with my Galaxy Nexus phone and use the N732GB for all my ROM crackflashing fixes.

    • ddpacino

      And how.

  • poler166

    It also said white on top that would nice if its white

  • Chris

    I had to send my Nexus 7 back to google for a refund as it had charging issues, now they revise the power chip!
    I won’t buy another.

  • Havoc70

    Not exactly thrilled with this news, I love my 16 B N7 but really 2 months later double the storage for same price? That sucks

    • Havoc70


  • kwills88

    i held out on buying one because the games i have are pretty huge, so hopefully i can now finally get one and not worry about the space, also i can have all my media content on there, this is great news.

  • stenzor

    The $25 credit ended at the end of last month

    • stenzor

      Yep! And for those who have it, make sure you spend it by the end of September 2013 because that’s when the actual credit expires

  • AndroidMaster248

    I’ve been waiting for a tablet of this stature to come around for a long while, was about to buy a nexus 7 last week decided to hold off due to storage options. Tegra 4 isn’t scheduled to be out till next year. So this will serve me fine until the next nexus rolls around with a tegra 4

  • Zacharie LOIRE

    Fake !! The logo image is not that of ICS Jelly Bean

  • Adam Temple

    This is probably a typo. The ticket is from a retailer in the UK called Currys/PC World. The product code on the bottom looks awfully similar to the product code listed for 16GB model: Product code: 007152. Its a little blurred but you can almost make it out. The product codes are (relatively) randomly generated i.e. similar models of products never have the similar product codes. This is from my experience from working there for 5 years.


    Plus, there’s no way Currys would have any insider knowledge of new product releases and definitely not about any Google devices!

    EDIT: The product code on the website is at the end of the product description on the left.

    • Adam Temple

      I didn’t actually edit, I just copied a comment I made on the Android subreddit where I found this non-story

  • rashad360

    16GB is my personal sweet spot in terms of storage, I couldn’t imagine using much more. I would love to see them offering the 16GB version at $200.

    I would still like to see them add a micro sd slot, though. Being able to expand storage at any time would add tons of value to the tablet.

  • walker

    Early adopters shouldn’t even complain, they’ve had the privilege to use it in advance before others. Also, they would have purchased it, upon weighing its worthiness beforehand. Unless the idea of Nexus got to you first.
    It’s like the NDS and PSP. Nds -> Nds Lite and PSP Fat -> PSP Slim. There’s always refined versions. It’s easily anticipated such things would happen.

  • h0ruza

    Excellent news. Hope you’re watching this Santa!

  • mister

    This is a tag from PC world – its probably just a typo on the existing product – they aren’t known for their attention to detail.

  • Prince77

    Why does it say White on the opposite end of the label??? There was nothing said of a color change. That right there let’s me know that this is fake.

    • Ricardo Jimenez

      yeah that is what i said but theirs also the possibility of a white nexus 7 like we saw in some early trailers of the nexus Q.