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New Nexus product pages goes live on Play Store


Want to order one of Google’s new Nexus devices? They aren’t on sale quite yet, but Google just updated their Play Store with the complete produce pages for every new device. If you provide Google with your email address, they will notify you as soon as the products become available.

  • Nexus 4: 8GB for $299; 16GB for $349; available unlocked and without a contract on 11/13 on the Google Play store in U.S., U.K., Australia, France, Germany, Spain and Canada. The 16GB version will also be available through T-Mobile for $199, with a 2-year contract (check here for more details).
  • Nexus 7: 16GB for $199 and 32GB for $249; available in U.S., U.K., Australia, France, Germany, Spain, Canada and Japan, and also through our retail partners Gamestop, Office Depot, Office Max, Staples, Walmart.
  • Nexus 7 with 32GB and mobile data: $299 and unlocked, on sale 11/13 in the Google Play store in U.S., U.K., Australia, France, Germany, Spain and  Canada.
  • Nexus 10: 16GB for $399; 32GB for $499; available on 11/13 in the Google Play Store in U.S., U.K., Australia, France, Germany, Spain, Canada and Japan.

I have found that 8 GB of internal storage is cutting it pretty close for my usage patterns, so I’m going with the Nexus 4 with 16 GB. When it comes to tablets, I think I can manage with 16 GB so I’d like to get the Nexus 10 at $399. Which devices meet your needs?

Source: Google Play

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  • halo0

    I was planning on just the 8GB but looking at my Galaxy Nexus I see that I’m already using more than that. Will go with the 16GB :)

  • Noven

    Yeah I’ll be getting the Nexus 4. The new Photo Sphere looks amazing! Everything looks really promising. Can’t wait to actually hold one in my hands.

  • Charlesbrown79

    Does it seem like more phones are doing away with the external storage?

  • P Ryan

    Where did the older phone go? Can I still buy it?

    • Trevor T

      Looks like you won’t be able to buy an unlocked one directly from Google. So you’ll have to go the Amazon, Buy.com, ebay, or craigslist route or get one from a carrier. But you should be able to pick one up for pretty cheap.

    • Voliam

      I went on the Play Store the morning of 10/29 hoping to see it at a discount. It was already removed. I couldn’t justify spending $30 more elsewhere when the sellers offer the phone with no warranty.

  • shadhussain

    finally a naming convention for the nexus series that makes some sense! now here’s to hoping that they keep this going – a new release of nexus4, nexus7, nexus10 every year (with nexus accessories). i feel giddy.

    • acey_zero

      Hehe, I agree, great to see them simplifying the name, except how exactly are they going to keep this going every year since the numbers are based on screen size? I sure hope they are not going to increase the size of every device by an inch every year… :)

      • shadhussain

        screen sizes will likely stay constant. unless of course they decide to start adding newer products (i.e., nexus24, nexus55) … that’d be a little ridiculous, no?

  • kilmas

    i want one.only question i have,is how the camera quality is?.i have seen review of the lg optimus g and the hardward is good,but the camera is good not amazing.i have a Gnex now,and the camera is horrible.i want a nexus phone with great camera

  • Rick Schwartz

    Who Makes the Best 10” Tablet Now? How the Nexus 10 compares with the six best 10″ tablets on the planet. http://bit.ly/Rs7R4o

  • Marcus

    Is it possible to plug-in external HDD’s in to nexus devices ?

  • Yolo


  • RX-78-7

    Great pricing on all products, quite amazed at how they’re selling high-end devices at such an affordable price.

    I will be getting a Nex 10, and a Nex 4 at a later time.

  • Ardrid

    Much like Taylor, I think an 8GB Nexus 4 would probably be cutting it close for my needs, particularly when you consider that I’ll probably be keeping this phone for the next two years. An 8GB device would allow for 7.45GB of usable space. If you figure JB 4.2 takes up about 1.5GB, that leaves you with 6GB to work with. I’m only using 4.5GB on my Captivate, but that would only give me 1.5GB to work with for the next two years if I went with the 8GB Nexus 4.

    I could probably make it work but I’ll most likely grab the 16GB model for the extra piece of mind.

    • Ardrid

      Who’s the asshole down voting all of us? Wtf is with the trolls here lately? You don’t like Android devices? GTFO. You’re an Apple fanboy who can’t accept the fact that Google leapfrogs Apple every chance it gets? GTFO. You’re just an ass in general? GTFO.

  • jd

    Nexus 4 with 16GB. Preorder so that I will get it on time, no waiting.

  • aranea

    I’ll also go with 16gb N4 but for the tablet I’ll go with 32gb N10. Without the microSD card slot I’ll want the extra space. Especially, when I need to top a few movies for a long flight.

  • aranea

    I do have a question actually. Does anyone know if the wireless charging pad will be included in the price or will there be a bundle option to order both at the same time?

    • Danny Calderon

      it says in the whats in the box section it only comes with the ac charger and cable

      • aranea

        Thank you!

  • Nate B.

    You have to remember that at least 4gigs is used up. On my Galaxy Nexus I have 28 gigs left from 32. 60+ apps and no pictures or video on it. So with 8 you’ll be left with 4-6 gigs left with nothing on it. Apps may vary when it comes to space left. I have a bunch of light apps. Not a gamer when it comes I phone. I’ll stick to my console.

  • Nathan D.

    So pretty good prices if you as me.

  • Danny Calderon

    I probably will get the 8gb only because i still have a MYT4g and have about 600 mb of internal storage free and 4gigs of 8 free on sd card. I dont see why anyone would buy it from tmobile , even on the value plan which Im on i would pay $600 after 2 yrs

  • birdman

    Epic prices! I think i’ll pick up a nexus 4 16gb although wish it cam ein 32gb

  • Esoth

    Has anyone else noticed the stereo front-facing speakers on the Nexus 10? That’s another one of those small details that make make a huge difference.

  • masterpfa

    At this price point it’s a no brainer. I would have loved at least a 32Gb, but I have managed well enough with my GNex and 16Gb so not a deal breaker.

    When the phone was leaked I initially said to myself that my GNex is more than capable and I would probably give the next Nexus phone a miss, but well done Google because now we are seeing feature rich products at great prices.

    Nexus 4 16Gb £279
    Nexus 7 32Gb £199

    Come take my money now (“how do you like them apples”)

  • Dennis Lee

    I’m in China, and I’m fansinated by Google and Nexus. However, nexus are never realeased in Eastian. WTF!!! I prefer to regard it as Chinese goverment’s issue!!
    Then, Taylor, could you help me to buy the latest Nexus 4 or any advice you can provide?

  • nebsif

    damnn, I could sell my GS3 buy a nexus 4 and have some spare cash left O_O sweet mother of jeebus!!

  • mipd1980

    I will definitely be interested in the 32GB Nexus 7 Wifi. I have had the TF101 for almost two years and it’s a little to big for my liking. So the 7 is the right price and the right size for me and my needs.

  • Alroy

    Itz like a Nuclear Family !!! lol

  • zolikaaa666

    Nexus 10 *.*

  • squidfizzy

    Even though they are selling the 32gb Nexus 7 for the same price I bought my 16gb at launch. I’m OK with that just in the fact this is the greatest device I’ve ever owned. The only thing is that I should of gotten 2 of them because my family loves it just as much as I do, and I’m not gonna li ree, I don’t like sharing my toys :) but seeing it’s my wife and kids I’ll let it slide. I used to work for Apple back when the iPod first launched and was big into Apple products for a long time. I have since made the switch to Android and am much happier for it. Apple still makes a quality product but they have long been passed by the android devices.
    The Nexus 7 is the perfect device for someone who travels or seeing I’m a big guy it fits right in my front pocket. I’ve had more people ask me about this than any other device I’ve ever owned (makes me feel like a tech rock star) I would recommend this device 100% to anyone. Great work Google!

  • klcow92

    now that they have the N4, N7 and N10, what next? its going to be an interesting year ahead :D