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Nexus 4 heading to O2 UK in November


There’s not much to go off of with this story, but O2 has just launched a “coming soon” page for the Nexus 4 on its UK website. The page highlights some of the new features included in Android 4.2 and claims the device will be available in November. With sales of the SIM-free Nexus 4 scheduled for November 14th for £239, we have a feeling O2 UK has plans to start selling the phone for free as soon as it can.

T-Mobile USA is also planning to sell the Nexus 4 with a two-year contract, but we doubt the $199.99 asking price will be appealing to anyone who knows that Google’s price of the phone starts at $299. The huge variance in monthly rate plans between the US and UK may make the free Nexus 4 on O2 more appealing than Google’s relatively cheap SIM-free Nexus 4 option.

Will you be buying a carrier subsidized Nexus 4 or will you be purchasing the device directly from Google?

Via: Android Central

Source: O2

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  • Thomas Biard

    If I had the option, I’d buy it from Google, no problem. $100 “savings” from TMo isn’t enough to sign your cell-life away for 24 months.

  • Oliver Chinn

    £279 SIM free with 3′s sim only plan at £6.90 works a treat!

    • Steve Nutt

      Yep, although that is only 500MB data per month.

  • Steve Nutt

    Nope, the O2 version is not good value.
    I was with Giffgaff, am now on Pay as you go with Three, with both of those I can get unlimited internet for under £15 per month, so O2′s £36/month for 2 years, is a bit much.

    i.e. 36 x 24 = 864
    15 x 24 = 360
    864 – 360 = £504
    Price of N4 = £279 (for 16GB)…

    I’ll take mine direct from Google please. ;)

    • mustybooks

      Yeah it is incredibly cheap.

      16gb + giffgaff 10ppm deal works out at about 21.70ppm over 2 years.

  • Vance

    I don’t understand tmo’s subsidization on the nexus 4… My One S retailed for $499 unlocked and I got it on contract for $249 plus $50 rebate, $50 off first bill, $100 rebate for trading in my Desire, and a $30 in-store accessory credit. ..it was damn near free. I think they should subsidize this down to $99 to if they really want to generate new activations.

  • Nate B.

    It’s up for pre-order over at Negri. About the same price for what Google sold the Galaxy Nexus last year online. So under 500. Not bad. I’d still go with Google just to save a little money.

  • nobara

    I would go buy one directly from Google if I was able to. Unfortunately my country is not in the lucky list and the greedy providers will ask a fortune for it if ever offered.

  • androidforlife

    One great smartphone for one cheap price…what is not to like :)

  • ondrugs

    Am from India, can i purchase nexus 4 online from any store like ebay or maniac store? what say?

  • SGB101

    With the price of the nexus, i am defo on my last contract

  • abrahavt

    TMobile’s 199 offer is a sham. The actual cost is 199 + 15*24 = 560. If you read the fine print you have to make 24 payments of $15 with their value plan. When asked why TMobile couldnt offer it for less they said that they were afraid it would kill the sales of other golden goose eggs in the store. What a ripoff. What a lost opportunity. Amazing how these big corporations cant see past their nose.

  • masterpfa

    I will be giving O2 or any of the carriers in the UK a miss, personally this phone is so attractively priced that for me at least, a subsidised phone isn’t required.

    Currently my SIM only contract on T-Mobile with unlimited everything suits me just fine at £15.50 (via Chitter-Chatter) which works out @ from £25.45 a month, I can imagine the O2 offer will have limited minutes, text and data.

    But for some an outright purchase is not a viable option at all.

  • Bosco

    Andriod, a new Creation