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Nexus 4 once again shows it front side and back side


We have already seen the Nexus 4 from every conceivable angle and we know most of its specs, but we still have 10 days of waiting before Google announces the device on October 29th. The leaks are still flowing in, but it’s mostly a rehash of things we have known for the past month. Today a pair of new pics surfaced with details that confirmed the device will feature a 2100 mAh battery.

First we had our favorite leaker @evleaks post a shot of the front of the device, then Alex Dobie of Android Central shared a shot of the device with the back cover removed. The battery was not meant to be user replaceable, but someone was able to pop off the back plate by removing the screws at the bottom.

These are not exactly the most exciting photos, but at least we know the battery capacity of the devices in testing. We would love to see a MAXX-sized battery in the 3000+ mAh territory, but maybe Google has a few tricks in Android 4.2 to extend the battery life. Nothing is really final until Google makes their announcement, so things are always subject to change.

Go ahead and call me a Nexus fanboy, because I’m going to buy this device no matter what’s on the inside.

Via: Android Central

Source: @evleaks

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  • sam

    Can someone tell me please if it has a regular sim, micro sim, or a nano sim?

    I remember the galaxy nexus to have a regular sim card

    • J3R3MY_H


    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      My guess is micro SIM.

    • Dima

      Micro sim

  • Alexander drzfr3shboialex

    I agree with you at the end. The updates first is more than enough plus having these high end specs makes it the best smartphone.

  • ddpacino

    If the camera isn’t significantly better than my Gnex, I may have to pass for something else. Hopefully, there will be multiple Nexi — hardware choices and all with stock Google experience.

    • LukeT32

      I can’t complain about the Gnex’s camera. It takes better photos then my girlfriends RAZR.

  • Alexander drzfr3shboialex

    I have hope that there will be a 32gb version. If Google is releasing a nexus 7, doesn’t that show that Google is hearing customer demand?

    • zymo

      What I don’t get is, that Google is offering a 32GB wifi only tablet with will be used most of the time at home or somewhere else where you have wifi connection and can stream content to your tablet, but a smartphone only gets 16GB (max.)? We are not living in the year 2089 where you have 100% 5G cellular coverage with an unlimited data option.

  • Erin

    Not impressed. Looks boring and old. My new iPhone 5 from Apple is better and so shiny. They said its the best phone and they were spot on.

    • Akhil Sood

      Don’t bug him dude, he’s just hurt, real bad!

    • walker

      If shininess makes your phone something better than another, maybe you should have stuck with an iphone 3G. The iphone 5 is a scratched up, matte design. Besides the awkward shiny bits of glass at the top and bottom. How shiny is that compared to its predecessor?

      Who said it’s the best phone? Every reviewer website has different results, every person has a different perspective. You are obviously a blind follower.

    • stenzor

      Sorry, did you say you have an iPhone 5? I couldn’t tell from the 1″ thick Otterbox case and 10 screen protectors you have on it

    • trruueecb

      Not as shinny as cheap plastic.

  • FloMi

    I can’t stop hoping for some kind of Nexus Phablet…

  • Arthur

    Anyone notice that in the previous photo leaks, on the patterned LG back cover, at the bottom in small letters it read Made in Korea, in the back of this phone, behind the battery it reads Made in China. Not that it really matters but flagship LG phones are usually made in Korea. The LG Optimus G which this is rumored to be based on is also made in Korea. Just something I noticed.

    • fredvermejo

      If you look close, the battery is made in China and not the phone itself. Doesn’t matter where the phones come from, their batteries will always made in China. :-)

  • www.phonewbie.com

    Taylor, I have a question. How does T-Mobile lock down the tethering? is it through the sim? I ask because if this comes with a micro sim, I have to get a new sim from Tmo. wouldn’t they block the tethering? or do they block it through the software?

    • numbertwo

      I have an unlocked galaxy nexus on T-Mobile network and your able to tether so I don’t think it should be a problem with this nexus

      • www.phonewbie.com

        Thanks guys!

        I have a galaxy nexus as well. I’ve been using the same sim card since the mt4g and the g2x which was when T-Mo let me use tethering for free. However, with this device I will have to cut the sim card myself or get a new one from T-Mo. That was the purpose of the question.

    • Voliam

      S/O to you for this post. It’s refreshing to see someone defend a fellow reader for a change!

  • aranea

    I’ll buy this one too but I’d prefer it if it had LTE.

  • skeeterflea

    This appears to indicate a removable battery! I am so excited to buy this phone now!

    • Ardrid

      It doesn’t. Every phone has a removable battery if you’re willing to go to the effort of disassembling the device. The battery cover on the Nexus 4 isn’t removable without a lot of additional work. In other words, it doesn’t snap off, meaning the battery can’t be replaced.

      • NotSean

        I have a G2X and still find myself having to do a battery pull every-once-in-awhile still (yesterday, but hasn’t happened for a few weeks).
        Now that battery life is so much better than early Android’s, I’m not as worried about replacing the battery, but T-mo has recommended the soft reset battery pull for a few problems in the past. I wonder why they chose to lock it down?

  • koorsr

    Have there been any rumors about the carrier availability at launch? I ask because I’m on Sprint and therefore can’t just buy the international version no matter what.

    • J3R3MY_H

      this is why I left sprint

    • Steve Barry

      Typically international (GSM) versions are out quite quickly. However, in the US, we usually have to wait a few months before they’re here. Even more so with CDMA which of course Sprint is. I would expect this to be available on Sprint sometime around Feb with late December being the absolute earliest. I’d love to see them by Thanksgiving, but I don’t think it’ll happen. In this instance, I would LOVE to be proven wrong though.

  • shadhussain

    i don’t know when or how i became this way … and i feel slightly ashamed to sound like an ifanboy, but this 10 day wait is driving me nuts.

  • Nathan D.

    I can’t wait! Ten days left to go and their a t-mobile event that day, I hope what I’m thinking will come true.

  • zim

    Really looking forward for the announcement on the 29th.
    Still hoping for other Nexus devices, specially Sony (even though I highly doubt it).

    I really hope there is a version with at least 32GB or even more, I don’t wanna use spotify but store at least 8GB music on the device itself.

    Another thing, I hope there will be a nexus with dual sim somewhere in the future,
    I hate having to carry two gigantic phones with me all the time (work & private).

  • fanboi

    LG, meh……… I’ll skip

    • Emirates=muslims=terrorists (fly Delta instead)

      Agreed, iphone 5 smokes this sh1tphone

  • Alfonso

    Anyone notice that it looks a little different in this photo?

    No chrome bezel. I like this one much better!

    • mattcoz

      Possible that the chrome is part of the back that was removed.

  • Cam

    Can’t wait to buy this phone! My Nexus S is on it’s last leg.

    Here is why I think this will be the only Nexus phone this year (although I hope that I am wrong).

    The rumor that came out earlier this year said 5 Nexus devices. These would be:
    1. Galaxy Nexus (price lowered to be a entry level Nexus phone)
    2. Nexus Q
    3. Nexus 7
    4. Nexus 4 (or LG Nexus)
    5. Nexus 10

    That’s 5 Nexus devices so, especially with the lack of rumors for other Nexus phones, I just don’t see there being anything but the LG Nexus. Again, I hope I am wrong. Would love to have a choice. Next phone will be a Nexus no matter what though.

  • NexusNYC

    Does anyone have a good feel for what the pricing may be on this? $299/$349? $399/$449?

    • jop990

      Some say that the 8gb Version Could Coat 399and the 16gb 449

  • Oscar Ortega

    im looking for a new phone, im long over due for a new phone!! Nexus 4 is making my G2 feel super old

  • moi

    This going to lag like all android, get a real superphone like iphone 5, when steve jobs programmed the iphone he would never use java, too slow

    • h0ruza

      My, my. Do you have the first clue of what you’re on about?

      There’s a site called imore, you must have got lost on your way to it with all that hate on your mind.

      • Moi

        People who understand computer science always own Apple, it is the most efficient it has a thread that makes the graphics smooth, Apple invented this, so Android forced to use 2nd -rate technology, I do not hate android it is good for those on welfare. But I will always buy Apple, as people can see that I’m an advanced user who understand the best. The latest SoCK in the A6 is made by hand, amazing.

        • walker

          Being an ADVANCED user, you sure have the socks.

          It’s SoC. Meaning System on Chip. Mr Advanced User.

          • Moi

            I will ask the Genius team, to prove you are wrong, their level of education and engineering knowledge is better than Google

          • Nipun

            he is an advanced user with better socks ….and u r makin fun of him ….that is not cool….and for d sock guy
            my symapathy ……ill hang ur sock on my chimney

          • Moi

            I am an advanced user, I have strong programming skills, I know HTML, thank you very much.

          • mattcoz

            Can’t tell if joking or really this stupid, either way it’s hilarious, keep it up.

        • Chris

          I ain’t much of a hater, but there is no reason to come to an Android site and spit out words… The A6 chip is clocked at 1GHZ Dual-Core and uses the new advanced A15 Cortex. I admite, great chip done well by Apple. Then again, Snapdragon S4 Krait is a Quad-Core clocked at 1,5GHZ which uses the new Adreno 322 “If I’m correct”. Honestly, I think deep in your heart you know that is better than the A6 Chip made by Apple. But I’ll give you this, Apple has a stable OS which I’ll applaud them for. But it came with a price and that is restrictions… When Google released Jelly Bean, it made the Android as smooth as IOS without having to use restrictions. But yes, we still have to see Android phones to have the same Android version. Then again, that is why most of us here are interested of a Nexus.

        • Zyo

          mind blown….prime example of iSheep.

          Carry on.

  • ohhhh man

    im kinda looking forward for this phone just because its a nexus if it was run by lg i would pass on it because if it was run lg software like the g2x it would probably be infested with bugs and software problem. so im keeping my option open for the time being.

  • pierre

    im gonna buy it too..people are crazy when they say lg sucks,.,its a nexus google is looking after it folks

  • James BKNYC

    I don’t know..if this is a version of the Optimus G how did it gain size? Isn’t the Op G 8.45mm..how I’d this 9mm? Thicker than my GSM GNex? The battery is the same size so why the difference? What Apple did with the i5 is amazing.. 7.6 mm metal and glass. I still feel we aren’t getting the best Google can do. Design a phone and let someone build it.instead of using off the shelf designs. We deserve a true Halo device..dont tell me anything about this being a developer phone. The N7 is a success..the Nexus name is out there..build on that. This phone won’t sell well.

    • Paul Atreides

      Nexus phones never do. This version most likely won’t make any noise this season or next either. It’s a niche device at this point in time still.

  • -Dante-

    No NFC signs on the battery? Thats weird…Maybe a inner chip? Hopefully

    • kazahani

      I don’t like the NFC sticker being on the battery. I don’t know why they won’t just put it on the battery cover or inside the phone somewhere.

      • -Dante-

        Because the NFC chip it’s on the battery, you even can buy a micro SD with a NFC chip.

    • Walmart elitist

      NFC is a dead horse, Passbook is the king.

      • setspeed

        You are joking, I hope! Passbook using QR codes, now that’s just embarrassing…

      • Zyo

        Keep telling youself that along with Facetime is state of the art and all that stuff.

  • kazahani

    I’m happy with a 7.77 Watt-hour battery. My GNEX’s stock battery is 6.85 Watt-hours and it ALMOST gets me all the way through the day. This should get me there most of the time.

  • alr3030

    Fuck LG samsung rule.

  • alr3030

    Fuck LG samsung rule!!!

  • Zyo

    Why are you here?