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Nexus 7 32GB goes on sale for $249 at multiple retail locations


Recent leaks suggested the Nexus 7 with 32 GB storage would be selling for the same price as the Nexus 7 with 16 GB, and now we can confirm this information thanks to several recent purchases. Both Droid-Life and The Verge have obtained copies of receipts from Staples that show the Nexus 7 32 GB is selling for $249. We don’t expect the device to officially go on sale until October 29th, but you might be able to score one early if you are lucky.

Several Staples locations are selling the Nexus 7 with 32 GB early.

Via: The Verge

Source: DroidLife

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  • heat361

    The 16GB nexus 7 will also be dropped to $199 and the 8GB nexus 7 might be discontinued. Staples has been told to offer the 8GB nexus 7 as clearance.

    • MikeG

      If the 8GB Nexus 7 is going away, that bodes well for the Nexus 4 having at least 16GB of storage.

    • Nancy.

      Too late. We already saved out money for the new mini ipad. I dont think the nexus corporation can cope with this. Apple got the best technology, they invented passbook.

      • Simon

        are you sure they didn’t buy it, and then made it worse like with Siri.

      • LukeT32

        Nexus corporation? You mean GOOGLE

        • Chris

          don’t feed the troll

        • Max.Steel

          Just ignore Ben Johnson (that’s the troll’s real name).

    • higgght

      Why doesnt google keep it as a $179 price point? It will bring people who don’t use alot of storage.

  • ondore

    I already have 16GB version and I think 32GB will fulfil most user requests – for that price it is definitely great offer. Hovever next generation is comming soon and we are looking for fine resolution screens and – Cortex A15 CPU! ;-)

    • masterpfa

      Remember this is a $199 tablet we are talking about.
      Next generation chips are already out but these are on high end phones and tablets. I feel for the sector of market Tegra 3 is still a nice piece of kit and at this price point the Nexus 7 still is a market leader.

      • SGB101

        tegra3 is a cracking chip.

  • Chuck

    I really hope Google doesn’t do this for the “Nexus 4″ launch. Assuming there are only going to be 8gb/16gb versions for the Nexus 4, I’d be beyond pissed if a few months after launching the Nexus 4, Google offers a 32gb version.

    • ionorov

      The Nexus 7 started sales in July… so it’s only been 2-3 months. Man… I feel for those early adopters.

      I hope not… but this same thing may happen to the “Nexus 4″ too. Google moves forward fast, and they love to burn bridges as they fly by. They don’t care about consumers. Never have, probably never will.

      Really hope those who recently bought the N7 can bring em back for an exchange.

      • masterpfa

        I’m an early adopter and I hope this is true. I am all for progress and I still believe I got a great deal no doubt the new buyers will get an even better one (might just get another one too!)

  • LG Nexus

    If only the god damn nexus phone(s) would go on sale already

  • Galen20K

    do you guys think we’re close to the next iteration of the Nexus 7? if we are, I might hold off buying the 32GB just to see whats ahead if its not too far off.

    • ionorov

      With Google, it’s anyone’s guess.

      Buy it today and maybe it’ll be 2 years before Nexus-7 v2.

      Or, buy it tomorrow and Google will announce the Nexus-7.5 with 64GB and Exynos 5… the minute you walk out the store :D

      Best bet is to wait til mid-Nov to see how everything shakes out.

  • Ichigo

    ipad mini my a$$. especially with a rumored price of 329.99. What a great deal the N7 is!

    • MikeG

      I’m saying this without owning one, but I really feel the Nexus 7 is the best tablet on the market at the moment. iPads are nice, but quite expensive for a ‘nice to have’ technology. Before the Nexus 7came around I thought the Kindle Fire was the best on the market from a price/functionality standpoint.

  • Max.Steel

    What a bunch of bullshit. Just got the 16GB last month. UGH!

    • ionorov

      Yeah, this sucks for you early adopters.

      I think it was only on sale what… July? August? Jeez… barely 2-3 months ago. You guys got burned by Google here. Especially if you can’t bring it back for an exchange.

      Hope Google steps up and offer some free apps or something.

      Pissing off your loyal Android fans? You’re doing it right, Google. :/

      • Prince77

        Actually it only sucks if that’s how you feel. I have a 16gb and I am happy with it. Majority of you that want more space want to put a lot of everything on there. I just have mine for games and if I want to get rid of some I will no big issue.

      • Dylan

        we did get a $25 play gift card, $10 in google wallet, and some magazines.

        • Max.Steel

          Google never gave away $10 in Google Wallet for the N7. Must be getting it mixed up with the GNex.

          • Dylan

            I got $10 for each.

  • timthedon

    Ugh this sucks I JUST received my nexus 7 8 gig yesterday.

  • jj

    All of you guys who bought the n7 dont feel to bad im stuck with this way overpriced lg gslate bought it way to early in the game.

  • runekey

    As someone who just bought a 16G model less than a month ago, yes this is a bit unsettling. But at least I got in on the $25 of free credit offer. I still havent burned through that yet

  • Matthew

    3G? Does anyone else think there are only going to be two models, a cheap $99 8GB and a $249 model with 32GB storage and 3G?

  • RobBull75

    Looks like I’m going to take full advantage of Office Depot’s return policy and exchange my 16 GB for the 32 GB model.

  • chris

    I was just in an office depot in Buena park California and even though there was 8&16 GB stickers on the shelf the staff member told me they only came in 16&32 GB models and no 8gb. I told him that they weren’t supposed to be released yet, he shrugged.

  • David

    Deoes anyone know what size sim card this will to , so we can go ahead and order the sim card for Solavei

  • Mai Huong

    mình rất muốn mua 1 cái nexus 7 32G, mua ở Mỹ thì bán giá bao nhiêu, có trang bán hàng nào giá rẻ để gửi về Việt Nam không?