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Nexus 7 with 32GB storage spotted in the wild


Less than a week ago, a photograph showing the internal sales database for Carphone Warehouse in the UK appeared online featuring a screen protector for the Samsung Nexus 2, and a Nexus 7 variant with 32GB of storage. The Samsung Nexus 2 is still just as much of a mystery as when the photograph first leaked, but the 32GB Nexus 7 has been all but confirmed by making an appearance in the wild.

Japanese Twitter user oppese has taken to the social network to share a picture of a Nexus 7 with 32GB of storage he received by mistake. Apparently, when ordering a Japanese version of the Nexus 7 with 16GB of storage, a 32GB variant was sent instead. On oppese’s Twitter account, pictures of both the 16GB box and the storage screen in the settings menu showing a remaining 27.58GB of storage have been posted.

It is possible that oppese faked the storage information screen, but given the previous Carphone Warehouse leak and just how much sense it makes for Google to carry a Nexus 7 with 32GB of storage, we’re inclined to believe this is real. If that is the case, we expect it to be announced sometime before the end of the month. It would make a great addition to the announcement of the next Nexus device that should be just a couple weeks away now.

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Via: DroidLife

Source: Twitter

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  • iraiderx

    I hope it is real, than it would be a real reason to jump from my CM10 Kindle Fire to that one.

  • PhoenixPath

    This…or 10″….can’t decide…especially if they pull this “wait on the 32GB version” crap with a 10″ variant.

  • aranea

    I saw that on engadget this morning. it’s cool but i’d be happier if someone received a nexus 10 by mistake :)

  • stenzor

    Hopefully 32GB replaces 8GB as the low end of the memory spectrum.. not even due to all the media we’d like to stuff on our tablets, but because of the sheer size of some apps these days. 2GB for one game…. adds up.

    • zerosix

      8Gb is not something bad. For example, I don’t play games on my tablet, just read and (sometimes) listen to music. 8Gb is really ok for me.
      If there was a 4Gb version for 100 bucks I would buy it immediately.

      • stenzor

        Might as well use a pentium II with 128MB of RAM then eh? I just surf the internet and do some word processing, what more can I need?

        The thing is, it’s not only about that… it’s also about the fact that bumping up 8GB to 32GB would cost about $10 or $15 in the manufacturing process… make enough 32GB modules and the cost drops to what 8GB was before thereby allowing them to sell the tablet for just as cheap while quadrupling the memory. It’s been years since 8GB was the standard low-price memory module, we should have reached the economies of scale that would allow 32GB to be that standard by now… or at least 16GB.

        • zerosix

          Reality: the production cost of 8Gb and 16Gb Nexus 7 is $159.25 and $166.75 respectively (-$9.25 and +$33.25)
          Your idea: the production cost of 16Gb and 32Gb Nexus 7 is $166.75 and $174.35* respectively (-$16.8 and +$25.75)
          That’s the point. N7 is not for money, it’s for market share, but they can’t just give it away.

          *Here I suppose, that doubling the memory cost 166.75-159.25=7.5.

          • zerosix

            I failed a lot. I’m sorry.

  • Revalence

    Now add MHL and we’ll be good friends, Google ;)

  • hoaxerz

    Yeah… that or its another lie of which again you bit LOL! Idiot!

  • rauelius

    Dump or discount the 8GB version to $150, the 16GB for $200 and the 32GB for $250…that will make it a happy holidays for everyone.

  • rauelius

    I find even 16GB being miniscule. I have to constantly remove games and music if I wanna put new stuff on my GNex. 8GB is a cruel joke. 32GB should be the baseline for all mid-high end android devices. I would have bought the Nexus 7 at launch if not for the pitiful available storage options. Right now, my Iconia A100 (rooted and modified to use my 32GB Micro-SD as the main memory) is serving me fine, if the N7 was available at 32GB I would have gotten one in a heart beat and giving my A100 to a family member.

  • TruFactz

    Ugh, Google imma punch u guys in the neck, now I gotta stay in line for……wait, naw, I’ll just call staples again……..(stewie voice) THEY BETTER HAVE IT!!!!

  • Renato S.

    I can see Google dropping the price of the existing models. I’ll be mad, but I’ll understand, but I’ll be mad.

  • Nathan D.

    An awesome tab is about to get some awesome memory space, win win situation. I wouldn’t be surprise if you need to pay an extra $50 for that extra memory space looking at the current price points for it.

  • RobBull75

    16 GB should be the starting point for tablets. I understand the Google wants to push their cloud services, but most games require 700+ mb of additional data, so the 8 GB version is impractical for a lot of users. I’d like to see a price drop on the 16 GB.

  • Mix

    If this is real then I will be buying it.

  • mario_1603

    I want this

  • me

    That’s nice.