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Production of Sharp’s 5-inch 1080p displays almost underway

sharp-booth-630 Image via: Pop Culture Geek with Creative Commons

Move over 4.x-inch 720p displays, you low resolution toys of yesteryear. Your time is up. Starting this month, there’s going to be a new sheriff in town: Sharp’s 5-inch full HD 1920×1080 443 ppi displays are slated to go into production this month. And they could find their way into phones that will hit shelves before the end of the year.

Announced this morning on Sharp’s online news portal, production of type 5 LCD panels will start in October. By using “CG-Silicon” technology, Sharp has been able to cram a full blown 1920×1080 display into just 5-inches of real estate. The end result is an incredibly impressive 443 ppi screen that will blow away anything currently on the market. The only thing that will be able to compete this year, if things go according to plan, is LG’s 5-inch full HD panel that boasts a density of 440 ppi. Sharp’s numbers claim their display has a slightly higher ppi than LG’s, but there’s no way anyone would be able to tell the difference between the two.

No specific products using Sharp’s type 5 panel have been announced, but we have some good ideas. There’s a rumor going around online right now that HTC will be manufacturing a 5-inch Nexus device this year, to be released for the holiday season. While we still have our doubts on the validity of this rumor, should it come true, Sharp’s 5-inch 1080p panel would undoubtedly be the display HTC goes with. HTC has used Sharp panels in the past, and nothing else would be ready in time.

The Nexus 5 rumor is based around a slightly more solidified device, the 5-inch HTC Droid Incredible X, which has yet to be officially announced. Earlier rumors on the Incredible X point toward a slightly different display than the one just announced by Sharp, but it’s likely those rumors were just wrong.

A 5-inch 1080p 443 ppi display feels like a bit of overkill to me, but if the phablet trend continues to move forward, an ultra high-resolution display makes sense. I’m still hoping my next phone comes with a nice 4.5-inch 720p display, but I’d still love to get my hands on one of Sharp’s panels. How about you?

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Source: Sharp

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  • Alexander drzfr3shboialex

    Yes!!! Be on that Htc nexus! Take my money Google and HTC!!!

    • vforvortex

      Imagining a day , hopefully soon of the 5 inch 1080p edge to edge display both horizontally and vertically. :D

    • Lance75

      I couldnt live with a 5-inch display, the dreaded fragmentation and cheap looking plastics phones. The iPhone 5 is work of art, a thing of beauty. Its superior to any plastics phones out there. iPhone for me and my friends. Once you go iPhone you never look back and return to inferior phones.

      • Souhaieb Besbes

        your post is just so full of lols
        you don’t want plastic samsung fine go with htc aluminium
        but iphone is nowhere as good as the android especially for its 5 year old interface who hasn’t evolved a bit. it was “revolutionary” back then, but now it’s just two old to live up to the hype

      • Laurentiu V.

        Seems like you’re looking for a better phone or you’re iLost…

      • Fran

        Not sure why so many people hate plastic so much.
        Everything is made from the stuff.
        Welcome to the 20th century. (Let alone the 21st)

        It’s IDEAL for a cell phone case.
        Doesn’t shatter like glass.
        Doesn’t block your signal like metal.
        It’s very inexpensive.
        Can be molded to countless shapes. (Far more than glass or metal ever could.)
        It’s very strong and very durable.
        Wide spread availability.
        Can be made in 1000s of colors without worry about the “paint” ever scraping off.
        It’s very lightweight.
        It can easily be made glossy or matte finish.
        Can easily be made smooth or rough. (and a thousand levels in between)
        Can easily maintain its shape when bent. (unlikely glass or metal)
        Can be made clear… just like glass.
        Can be made shiny reflective… just like metal.
        Can be made to feel horrible… or great in your hand.
        Can be made to NOT slip out of your hand.
        It can be drilled and mounted.
        It can be soft or hard.
        It can house an extended battery, that would be hard to do with glass.

        If you put the phone in a case… you won’t see or feel the plastic back anyway… ever.
        (You’ll feel *YOUR* cheap plastic case choice, instead.)

        What exactly are you seeking, that’s impossible for “plastic” to do???

      • RushAOZ

        IS there any way androidandme can ban some of these IP’s? These idiots come onto an android website to troll and it’s just plain annoying to see. You’re lost you fucking asshole. Go jump off a bridge.

    • Jason Harvey

      that much pixels seems like a battery killer to and I doubt they will be able to mass produce these displays in time for the next nexus but we will see what amazing thing Google sharp and what ever company makes the next nexus

  • Fulaman

    Nexus phones need to start having expandable memory slots. I don’t see how iphone 5 can compete, especially since the Galaxy S III is already a better phone, and now with this coming out the current phones out will be put to utter shame.

    • iamXiV92a

      Everyone complains about Nexus phones not having an expandable SD slot. It’s not a deal breaker as I’ve made do with the 16GB on my G. Nex, but next time Google, please release a GSM version with 32GB on board, for these new monstrous 1.7GB games like Horn…

    • Ken Marshall

      Im an Android fan, but how on earth is GS3 better than iPhone 5, apart from bigger less sharp screen? The inards completely blown away by iPhone 5, and GS3 comes with Touchjizz versus iOS 6

      • aranea

        The answer is easy: iphone 5 the biggest catch up that happens to iphone.

        Enough trolling though. Maybe this site should require membership for commenting.

        • Ken Marshall

          Nah come with facts:

          Camera, PowerVR GPU, screen density/PPI, In-cell tech, IPS LCD2, Battery life, Worldwide LTE, Apple ecosystem= more and better quality apps, games like Street fight IV which will never see light of day on Android.. worldwise music store

          The GS3 I only see having bigger screen and plastic which I do see as a plus as more durable. Slow updates as have to come through Samsung and Touchjizz.

          In fact even Windows Phone 8 has music store worldwide I think Android is going to lose market share this christmas Google only seems to update Maps

          • Bathroom (whites only)

            Agreed, iPhone 5 is the best phone ever made. Android is for Richard Yarrell’s!!!!!!

          • Luke

            ‘Apple ecosystem= more and better quality apps’, man have you been brain washed, lol..Google play store has every app Apple has and way more.
            Music store?? Who needs that again? Google isn’t being a bitch about piracy the way Microsoft and Apple are which basically means everything that you need here is free.
            Android = coolest looking, open-coded, multimedia friendly, free system
            IOS & WP = none of the above!

          • Nes

            Camera of both, the GS3 and iPhone 5, is crap, considering both are flagship phones. Maybe it’s just my eyes, but comparing the One S/X with these to phones shows how little Apple and Samsung care about the already crappy cameras. Battery life of the GS3 is better. LTE is, especially not in europe (Worldwide? lol), not that much of a gamechanger. In-cell tech, not much more of a fancy name, since there are even thinner phones around. The Screen of the iPhone is good, same goes with the GS3. Stop throwing around marketing slogans and words and look for yourself.
            Updating your android is harder than it is with your apple product, that’s right.


          • Ken Marshall

            @ Luke theres sticking up for your OS and then theres just being outight pathetic and childish.
            Android has every iOS app and more? Ok find me the music apps I can get for an iPad on Googleplay. Wheres the controllers for Logic Pro?
            Where is Street Fighter IV? I seen it was exclusive to LG and never came out for any other phone. iOS is now on STreetfighter X Tekken btw.
            Face it Google fragmentation and lack of support for devs and protecting their revenue, means the devs go to where they are protected, which is iOS and soon to be WIndows Phone.

            Trust me the masses like convenience and they like ecosystem.
            Google just wants to cobble something together and get market share they dont really care for quality. Hence they dont even vet their apps. They couldnt give a toss at corporate level (not saying individual employees dont).

            And yes WORKING WITH YOUR PARTNERS, to ensure mutual benefit is good business sense, and means you have happy consumers. I have been with ANdroid since Nexus S and now have a GNex but unless Google fixes these problems such as outlined above, which I dont see any indication of Google doing, it means I am now just deciding which of 8X or Lumia 920 to get, thats reality.
            Google has taken over 1 year and no news to even bring Google music outside U.S. They could have done so already everybody else has managed it. Its just incovenient to have load up some shitty Amazon app, or go to my computer just when I want to buy a song. And the lack of even desktop version means I have to use Amazon, or use and install Itunes which I dont want.It would be nice since google already has my credit card to just hear a song get on google play and BUY IT but I cant with Android.

            And also yes the lack of any desire to just install some basic guidelines or standards like Microsoft did on PC e.g. DirectX, or like MS has done with WIndows Phone (limiting the type of CPU) means the experience people have is so wildly across the board, and again deters some devs from bringing certain experiences to Android AT ALL. And I am sick of it. I want all the premium experiences, I want convenience and I want cutting edge, and it looks like Microsoft is taking my money this Xmas. That hardware is looking sick and Windows phone 8 UI is looking fresh. But no hard feelings if Google fixes shit I may come back as I do like their app and hate BING.

      • Prince77

        If you are calling Touch Wiz an OS you aren’t smart. Touch Wiz isn’t an OS. If I am wrong someone tell me.

        • Ken Marshall

          Touchwizz actually can be considered a fork if you like its a modification of Android OS. It uses non standard UI elements, non standard behaviours as well and thats why it has to be updated upon release of new Android OS release to function correctly. This updating happens on a seperate schedule to AOSP so you may as well see it as own OS.

          • bobsmopb

            640p still no HD, no email attachements, small ass useless toyscreen, horrible joke ilost maps, horrible wifi and LTE connections, horrible design with denting and chipped paint all over the place, no multitaking, gimped stolen notifcation system, ridiculous 2007 style UI with a bunch of jumbled icons on a screen, crappy Siri which can’t compare to GoogleNow. I feel sorry for the sheep.

      • Luke

        eh, in every way possible!
        SGS3 is the beacon of the modern day mobile technology!!
        Now would you please care to answer this; how in the world does Iphone 5 differ from Iphone 1 aside from better inards?! Hardware may have changed a BIT in 5 years but everything else is completely the same, even design for god’s sake – you’re still not allowed to do anything useful with it because everything is and will be limited. LOL

        • Ken Marshall

          Luke we just went over this the innards in GS3 are not the beacon compared to iPhone 5 plain facts.
          Tell me how does Galaxys S3 differ from GS 1 apart from better inards??????

          Also I dont know about you, but being able to run the most polished and widest selection of software to me sounds like youre able to do quite a lot of useful stuff with iPhone that you cant with any Android phone.
          Again, im not sure what you use your Android phone, but I can give you real specific use cases, that you CANNOT do on Andoid.
          And for me, they are more useful than customising home screen, running live wallpapers, changing stock keyboard etc.
          Real applications as I mentioned, like being able to remote control my music sequencer (LOGIC PRO) , with an iPad or iPhone. This application DOES NOT exist for Android. The music apps that are there on Android are poor quality.]
          Have you seen any of the DJ apps for iOS?? THERES NO COMPARISON.
          If you want to argue these FACTS, you dont live in reality and there is no point continuing this further.
          Again windows seems to have struck perfect balance, as got the huge screens and hardware variation, but also got some control. Google I think will eventually be the low class alternative and is all their fault really.

          • Rafael

            yea…your talking about apps.

            thats right, and i can admit it iOS has much more apps than android.

            but the only reason is that iOS has a little advantage over Play Store, called “Time”.

            so besides that, Android is better than iOS in every aspect.

            using Galaxy S3 here, and yes it is the best smartphone ever made.

            deal with it, iFanBoy.

          • Luke

            Marshall, You wanted an exact example of functions? Here’s one; I use my sgs3 phone mainly for viewing media, and that’s one thing Iphone can’t and will never be able to do. The only format supported out of the box is mp4, however Iphone won’t play multimedia in several formats like divx, xvid, wmv, ogg etc (most popular formats) and there is NO app for that – but if there is one, it doesn’t do justice and does not mantain the original quality of the clip due to changing formats.

            Secondly, no plug and play functionality on either IOS or WM!!!!???

            Only Google seems to know (and actually care) what people really want here!

            REAL functions as you call them like Logic pro and other crap is just something you are being sold as it’s something you need, but come on; apps like this are completely useless and I’ll back this up; do you have a torrent client app in iStore?? I don’t think so; so does this mean you can’t directly download media to your precios almighty 700$ phone for FREE?? O, that’s a pitty right there. See, Android phone can do simple things like this and this is why I will never want to own an Iphone.

      • Jon Garrett

        So far on apple’s shinny new phone we have the following issues;

        - data leak
        - maps not working
        - wifi not working
        - purple lense flare on camera
        - siri not working on day one
        - scratches and scuffs on the phones
        - passbook app cannot sync to iTunes
        - yellowish tint on display
        - light bleed
        - incompatibility with O2s or Vodafone’s 4G network
        - still cannot do simultaneous voice and data on Verizon and Sprint
        - incompatible with Sprints’ HD voice
        - incompatible with ALL of your accessories

        • Ken Marshall

          Do you really want me to pull up a list of Android bugs?

          Ill just link to these pages come on now people in glass houses:



          And the key thing here.. is how long do you think A: Apple will let the fixable issues stand?

          and B: How long before they can roll them out to users?

          The answer to both, is in a lot less time than it will take Android, FACT. And remember some fixes may never ever reach some Android phones.. ever

          • Ken Marshall

            I mean.. there are certain quality and experience issues, like the photo downgrading, that have been listed and known to Google since 2008!!! They dont give a fudge!

          • Bpear96

            IMHO, if you buy a non nexus android phone. You should buy it as is. Just think to yourself, “would I be happy if this never gets updated?” If you want android updates, then buy nexus

          • Bpear96

            I’m not saying no nexus’s shouldn’t be updated. I’m just saying be prepared if not.

      • Laurentiu V.

        One word: Android.

    • SimonSays

      It is very unlikely to happen due to Nexus being a Google ploy to shift local storage to the cloud.

      But yeah, it would be absolutely fantastic to have a pure Android phone with expandable memory goodness.

  • Nathan D.

    This will be so awesome, I can’t wait to see one with my own eyes. This display will blow everything else out the water.

    • ƒµôQ

      Yes, it will blow. Only morons and posers want those 5 inch displays. Richard Yarrell wants it. No thx.

      • vforvortex

        i remember apple users using that same excuse and line about phones that were 4 inch or bigger and apple still holding true to the tiny 3.5 inch screen . “3.5 fits perfectly in my hand, Apple knows best, 4inch device cant fit in my pocket.” Do you see the pattern? :)

  • droilfade

    Tegra3 games with a 1080 p display = Mind Blown.

    One thing that is going to be challenging is optimizing- the rest of the hardware, apps and most importantly battery.

    • Alexander drzfr3shboialex

      With chainfire :D. Tegra 3 sucks at pretty much everything but graphics, the new adreno 320 looks beast. The good thing is that the adreno 320 has an awesome GPU and qual was always known for being well rounded, but this processor has outdone the competition.

      • Bpear96

        Chain fire can only currently emulate tegra 2 effects, not 3

  • co.ag.2005

    sweet, looking forward to it! and I thought my HTC One X display was good…this will blow it out of the water.

  • Hom0ncruse

    final nail in the coffin for sharp

  • Lazaro

    I hope there’s still a market for sub 5″ inch screens. I like the screen size of my Gnex and it even allowed me to justify buying the Nexus 7. But if every phone starts becoming atleast 5″ I might as well start holding my Nexus 7 to my face.

    • Fran

      Take the current phone you have and feel is “the right size” for you.
      Use a ruler to measure the overall size, diagonally.

      You’ll find *WITHOUT* increasing the phone 1 bit, an old iPhone 3G could easy house a 4.5″ screen.

      And a Samsung S3 could easily house a 5.5″ screen.

      Why would you hate a “huge screen” if it increases the size of the device by 0????

      Lose the bezel.

      • Fran

        Make the bezel smaller. Not the screen.


  • Nate B.

    Lets hope Google decides to go out with a bang this year with the latest specs. Also, I hope they use edge to edge screen tech if they want to go bigger.

  • shadhussain

    i’d like it to be a pentaband … one of the most overlooked aspect of the SGSIIIs success. any phone that allows me to carry it through ANY carrier of my choice is a win for me.

  • Daniel Smedegaard Buus

    Well, yes, it’ll blow away anything on the market *resolution-wise*, but I’m still hanging on to my SGSII which isn’t even matched by the SGSIII *quality-wise*

  • Raptor

    I’ve read all 15 posted replies and no one says 1080p it’s an overkill, you are the only simpleton here, Dustin. You should go work for Engadget. LOL

    • Louis A

      Dude it’s called innovation and pushing the envelop. Imagine what the next big thing will be. Albert Einstein never stopped at just one theory. Keep pushing it!!

      • MyMilan

        I agree. I’m really looking forward to these new displays, just hope battery life isn’t effected.

  • melissa.

    Is this for the new ipad mini??? I cant wait for this. It looks so cute!

  • Louis A

    Daaaamn!! Take my money nexus!!

  • Ben

    Aren’t we getting to the point where we are just making bigger numbers for marketing alone? I thought any thing above 300 ppi for a smart phone was not detectable by the human eye… Are we marketing phones for owls now…?

    Is it just gonna keep going because 400 > 300 so why not And the average idiot doesn’t know how much is useful? Come on…

    • Raptor

      here we are … the first moron got out of his fox hole

  • $hitt Romney

    5 inches display.



    lol wtf gtfo!!!!!!!

    4 inches is perfect

  • Dr.Carpy

    I love that Android equals options. In a world of vast diversity, it’s welcome to have choices. Good on Sharp to not play victim, but do some serious soul searching and R & D. Other companies would do well to follow suit. Sharp is choosing to adapt and survive. Unlike others who generate nuisance lawsuits, distribute last year’s tech as the next big thing. Blustering about mapping software being the best ever. Only to release an apology and recommend the product you replaced with your “best ever” solution. Oh to people who spout off that Apple has more apps I’d like to pose a question: of the 1 million plus apps, how many currently reside on your personal iPhone? 10? 20? surely not all 1 million plus, so who cares? Also, how many of you know of someone or have jailbroken your phone? Android would have “jailbroke” your phone from the manufacturer. Anyone impressed by the 1 million + apps thing, probably eats at McDonalds because they’ve served 99 billion + people.

    • Ryan Wilson

      MONTHS after release, only TWO FRIGGIN PERCENT of all android users can enjoy jelly bean.
      For me, this is an epic fail.

      Call Apple want you want, but they would never allow this on iOS.
      Even the 3GS is supported, which is 3 years old.

      • Dr.Carpy

        Android phone devices range in the thousands, while IOS has a whopping 6 devices.The control over the 6 devices should be easy. Yes Android takes awhile. Be fair and let your carrier take it’s fair share of the blame. If they didn’t choke phones with silly extras that most users hate. Do you think Google creates these updates for themselves? No they want it in the of end user, thus enhancing the Android ecosystem as a whole.

  • roland

    Will all these rumored Nexus phone Be sold on the Google website.I don’t particularly like the carriers version of the Nexus

  • jenskristian

    A 5″ 1080p HTC Nexus rocking Android 4.2 would be pretty sweet!

  • Thetrystero

    Back when 1.44MB floppies were the norm, 50MB HDD was overkill. Nome sane?

    • Fran

      You compare floppy capacity to HDD capacity… as the same as “you can’t see 400ppi, so let’s make it 550ppi instead”???

      And then 600 ppi that you REALLY can’t see.

      Then 850 ppi?

      • vforvortex

        i have heard about the 300 ppi figure that the human eye can see up to. however, this figure depends both on the distance between viewer and image, and the viewer’s visual acuity. If you think its over kill and you and majority of people dont buy it, then the market will work its self out. The beauty of capitalism.

  • cGmC11

    Taiwan panel maker Chimei Innolux already have a production of a 5″1080p 443ppi panel and this is the display that will have the HTC 5″ phablet.


  • renyo

    Man I would love a HTC Nexus… Their phones looks are unmatched in the Android world (Sony is good too but overpriced)… I like a unibody design… I mean it’s worked so well with the Iphone… However they should really increase the battery capacity and allow for a Micro SD card… Other than that I hope the next Nexus (regardless of brand) comes out with specs to die for (including this awesome Full HD screen!)

    P.S. Why do Apple fanboys post on this website?

  • bobsmopb

    Man I feel sorry for Iphone users stuck in 2007 with their closed system and goofy UI