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Retraction: Recent Android 4.2 rumors were fake


We now know why Google was laughing at recent rumor reports. It was brought to our attention that the details contained in the post Rumor: Android 4.2 to feature Project Roadrunner, new Play store, Customization Center, enhanced Google Now were fake. A rumor is a rumor, but we try to post only the ones that we can verify with multiple sources and we believe to be true. I apologize for failing to confirm this rumor with multiple sources and spreading false information. While we are on the topic of rumors, we still believe the LG Nexus details to be true and that it will launch with Android 4.2.

Taylor is the founder of Android and Me. He resides in Dallas and carries the Samsung Galaxy S 4 and HTC One as his daily devices. Ask him a question on Twitter or Google+ and he is likely to respond. | Ethics statement

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  • Nate B.

    Not your fault Taylor. It sounds good and we all enjoy to read it. Who do we blame? Ourselves if anything. It’s RUMORS like you said. This always happens when Nexus season is incoming. I enjoy it all. We will know soon enough.

    • zerosix

      By the way, that message from a googler is a rumor too. Maybe, he was just trolling, who knows?
      Anyway, it’s pleasant to read rumors, even if they are not correct. It’s great to discuss them. All these things make a&m such place where you want to return again.

  • GuniGuGu

    I read the last post purely as rumour and nothing more. Nothing to be ashamed of if it ended up being a false report… and i hope you don’t second guess ever posting anything like that in the future.

    • descendency

      He should have verified it with an independent source. Even tabloid magazines do a decent job of that these days.

  • heat361

    Whose the moron that gave Taylor false info?

    • http://www.mlswanson.com SparkyXI


      • heat361

        For your information for some reason my n7 auto corrected :)

    • heat361

      Why all the negatives on my comment lol

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      Someone anonymous that was impersonating someone else. Some (but not all) of the details that they shared were corroborated by another source and that’s why I ran with it. We will keep posting rumors that we believe to be true, and this incident will further insure that we confirm ALL of the details with multiple sources. I’m just happy to confirm it was a fake, admit the mistake, and move on.

      • http://www.mlswanson.com SparkyXI

        Thanks Taylor. Keep up the good work. Still the best Android blog on the web.

        • Nate B.

          Sure is the best

      • JS_215

        Thanks, Taylor. Like I said, I don’t think it’s a big deal or you should be sorry.

        1. People make mistakes
        2.You said it was rumors in the beginning, middle and end!
        3. It gives us something to talk, think, wish and speculate about! I mean conversation is one of the main reasons of the site.

        • Nate B.


      • heat361

        NP man we know your a hard worker just keep up the good work

      • MoSDeeb

        Rumors are just that and any info whether true or false will at least be seen by Googlers and maybe even acted upon.

        Keep up the good work :)

      • jamal adam

        Thanks Taylor. We still love you and this blog. Rumours are rumours for a reason, it happens but life moves on and you continue to do what you do best. Keep on bringing us the latest and greatest on Android.

      • kazahani

        It’s a great thing to see that you take this type of occurence so seriously. It really builds confidence in your blog to see that you would post an earnest retraction instead of just trying to save face.

        Very classy.

  • Alexander drzfr3shboialex

    I know the nexus will be great and for now I’m content with that. Hopefully the multiple nexus rumor is true, that is unless Leg’s build quality is like the HTC amaze or one x.

    • Alexander drzfr3shboialex

      *Lg’s . Autocorrect -_-

  • cj100570

    Stop spreading rumors and you wouldn’t have to print retractions! If you can’t verify it it isn’t worth printing. Page hits be damned!

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      Rumors are clearly marked as rumors. We have a pretty good record with rumors, but I’ll be the first to admit when I make a mistake.

      • kazahani

        Hopefully you don’t take people like this seriously. The internet is not short on asshats. Reasonable people understand when this type of thing happens.

      • http://www.focuszonedevelopment.com Homncruse

        And THAT is where the journalistic integrity lies. Nowhere did you state them as fact, and you posted the retraction and reasoning behind it with complete transparency and without hesitation.

    • Nate B.

      Almost everything in the world begins with a rumor or is considered a rumor even when true until confirmed by source. I mean we have a justice system that says innocent until proven guilty even in some cases when we all know they are guilty but we must trial them. Point is, it must start somewhere. There was a reason to start it. Nexus is simply approaching. Get hip.

  • http://www.mlswanson.com SparkyXI

    No apology needed. You were abundantly clear that you were reporting strictly *rumors*. If I’ve learned anything about the Android world, it’s that nothing is nothing until it comes from official sources.

  • pharmacoholic


  • JS_215

    Considering you said they were rumors 10+ times, I don’t think you need to be sorry. I just like how it gives us something to talk about and speculate.

    • http://www.mlswanson.com SparkyXI


    • http://www.mlswanson.com SparkyXI

      Again, this.

  • irishrally

    All good.

  • Ardrid

    Damn, that sucks. Oh well, that’s the nature of the business. I suspect some those rumors may best fruit though. They say every rumor has a kernel of truth; I think that may be the case here.

    • JS_215

      Possible! And hey if it isn’t, maybe it can spark some new ideas of the android developers…

  • Co1e

    It’s all good. I just like reading rumors and having something to think about. It’s like it’s Christmas eve and I have a big wrapped present waiting for me. Pure anticipation.

  • http://www.mlswanson.com SparkyXI

    The good thing about this is that no matter what, Google will whip up something pretty awesome no matter what the current “rumors” are.

  • Revalence

    Dang. It was really into the Customization Center. No more kindergarten colors or iOS-like inconsistency on Sense. To think… REAL flagship specs (Looking at YOU, Samsung), and pure vanilla. One can dream, right?

    • JS_215

      This one had me pretty excited too! But when you think about it, do you really think that manufactures would want to just have their skin they developed to be just turned off? And it would defeat the purpose of the Nexus models.

  • http://www.mlswanson.com SparkyXI

    Can’t get the word “sabotage” out of my head though, unfortunately…

    • JS_215

      Ya think someone set Taylor up? Hmmm.. could be possible, sadly :(

      • http://www.mlswanson.com SparkyXI

        After I saw the comment about the rumors actually being corroborated by someone else, it was the first thing that popped into my head. No matter.

  • Jack Thakar

    Disappointing that the customization center rumor is false. Still, I’d rather you post a few rumors that turn out to be false than not post a few that turn out to be true.

  • Orion78

    Figured this was BS. No reason to apologize though. You warned people that its just rumors anyway. I’m still hoping for the 5 Nexus devices coming true.

  • cGmC11

    Ohh nooo!!!…Andy Rubin will hires you?

  • seven2k

    The hoaxer is a dick in my opinion. Its cool Taylor we still love you. I read the hoaxer post and he said he likes Android. Only a total loser will spend time trying to get someone to look bad.

    Still love A&Me though. Next time we know to double check.

  • archon810

    FYI, this is how the hoax creator came out: http://www.androidpolice.com/2012/10/07/the-android-police-week-in-review-the-biggest-android-stories-of-the-week-93012-10712/#comment-675183270

    It’s really unfortunate that this happened, but I’m looking on the bright side – it needs to happen once in a while to make everyone more aware of how much weight they put into rumors and reposting rumors, and that if everyone starts posting crap, there’s a good chance that there’s a good fake out there that will put you back in your place while hurting your credibility. This is better for everyone, as Taylor said. The next rumor is going to be verified much more rigorously.

  • Nathan J

    Rumors are okay with me. They’re just speculation with a little more credibility. It’s fine if they don’t turn out to be true.

    Oh, I just read the hoax confession thing. Skimmed it really. Shocking, someone would make something up out of a wishlist of features. Not as shocking as Google (via Motorola) abandoning users by not updating (non-Nexus) phones, though. So it’s not the worst thing to come out of the Android scene in the last week.

  • awundrin

    You shouldn’t have to apologize. I was skeptical as were many. You’ve built a good community here – keep up the great work. I really enjoy your posts!

  • thekaz

    Damn. First the rumors that Apple’s Maps app was better than Google maps turned out to be false, and now this ;-)

    We still love ya, bro….

  • acey_zero

    Oh well, I was dying for some Nexus rumors, I had fun discussing them even if they weren’t true. And who knows, maybe Google will take note of the customization center (maybe separate from the Nexus program though), I thought that one was a good idea.

    Only thing is I hope the LG Nexus isn’t the only one as I am just not that into it from what I have heard so far…

  • optimuslove

    Well, that sucks. But then again it will be awesome being surprised watching them unveil the next Nexus and the next version of Android, not knowing what is coming. And maybe if we are lucky they won’t actually name it the LG Optimus G Nexus.

    I did find it odd that they would only call it 4.2 and yet do a RIDICULOUS amount of backend work to get an entire customization center built. That sounds like something that would eat up a majority of development and quality testing time, especially considering Android is iterating every 6 months.

    To quote the legendary Chuck D: “DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE!!”

  • Ivan Todorov

    Google You Got Us again… Still LG is possible manufacturer?

  • Nathan D.

    No wonder that guy from Google put “lol”. Well at least you found out that it was a fake. I wonder who would do such a thing, make fake rumors, what will they benefit from it?

  • RobBull75

    No harm since you clearly stated they were rumors and not presented as fact. Androidandme is still my favorite Android-specific site :-)

  • skyflakes

    A rumor is just a rumor and this one was accurately presented as such from the beginning. I don’t get why people are apologizing for a “fake” rumor.

  • iamtpb

    We love you more after this .. you know!!

  • aranea

    It’s a rumor. We don’t expect them all to be true. More importantly there are more rumors that came true. For example 32gb Nexus 7 seems like one of them.
    “Purported Nexus 7 with 32GB of storage gets accidentally delivered in Japan”


  • http://twitter.com/MetalMessiah78 MetalMessiah78

    Ha! I made that wallpaper from a screen capture of the ICS YouTube promo video.

  • inviolable

    Dammit. It was probably Richard Yarell.

  • dh33r4j

    Thanks for the rumor. Who knows? What if Google gets and inspiration for Project Roadrunner from this?

  • http://www.focuszonedevelopment.com Homncruse

    There’s some mudslinging going on in the comments over at Android Police. It’s shaming, really. My response there: http://www.androidpolice.com/2012/10/08/the-customization-center-project-roadrunner-rumor-was-an-elaborate-hoax-and-excellent-rumor-mill-case-study/#comment-676534860

    Posted in full here (in case it gets deleted or significantly downvoted or something):
    In response to:
    “yea its like a cult over there cuz on the retraction article they keep defending him when he lied. all up votes and no down votes and u have to join to comment.”

    You don’t have to join to comment. As one of the 90+ rankings over on A&Me, that’s one of the things that I wish they would change.

    I wasn’t aware that there were so many people who visit AP and think A&Me is garbage. My preferences flip-flop between the two. I think both sites are the highest quality Android blogs out there. They each have their strengths and weaknesses:

    1) A&Me has fewer posts and they’re generally later to publish, but their post quality is high. AP can be a little overwhelming with the quantity of posts sometimes, and with the notable exception of review articles (which are by far the most in-depth and thorough in the Android blogger community as a whole), many of them don’t really “say” anything.

    2) The community is better at A&Me. I’ve come to recognize several names in the article comments, and the concept of Threads is a fantastic forum-like endeavor without the bulky overhead of a full forum. While I still comment here at AP, I find that I very rarely recognize any familiar names (except the AP staff).

    It’s obvious that both AP and A&Me take great pride and passion in what they write about. I view AP as a more “mainstream” site and A&Me as a high-quality “family business” site. Don’t misinterpret what I mean, I have high respect for both sites and there’s certainly a market for both approaches.

    I’d hate to think that in addition to platform wars, we’re infighting amongst ourselves between two of the most popular blogs. Those of you claiming that A&Me are a cult-like following, it’s not. What you’re seeing when we defend Taylor is the benefit of the strong community. Many of us have conversed privately with Taylor (and other staff) away from post comments. If roles were reversed, and Artem/AP was the news-breaking party instead, would any of you feel the same about AP as you’re currently reacting about Taylor and A&Me?

    Mistakes happen. Taylor is human. Humans make mistakes. Trolls troll. Sometimes, a troll is successful. Given A&Me’s high track record of their rumor reports pertaining to future truth, I’d rather they continue to post their rumor reports and be wrong once in a while than not post rumor reports at all. At no point did Taylor ever report the rumors as verified fact. Every time they were referenced, there was a big fat disclaimer stating that nothing is true until it’s stated by an official source. Anyone who believed them to be complete truth has nobody to blame but themselves.

    You can’t all be high-and-mighty saying that AP and other blogs don’t post rumors, because they do too — in fact, several of them sourced A&Me’s article regarding these rumors. That should say something about their reputability in itself. In fact, I commend the AP staff for not weighing in with opinion on this, for abstaining from the mudslinging trap that’s oh-so-easy to fall into. I can imagine that at some level, the two sites would love to take all the traffic of the other, but I would also hope that the respective staff at each site is professional enough to understand that competition is a good thing. I would like to think that it’s not infeasible to think that at the end of the day, Artem and Taylor could grab a beer together in mutual business respect and simply have a good time without looking for some sort of leverage over the other.

    I thought we were stronger than this. Better than this. I can say without hesitation that after reading the comments here on AP regarding this debacle, I’m disappointed in many of my fellow AP readers. To anyone who states “Taylor is a bad journalist, blahblahblah”, all because of one mistake that anyone could have made, I say to you: try it. Put up or shut up. Start a fledgling blog in an over-crowded industry and reach high popularity with success. Deal with what I can only imagine is a massive influx of crap each and every day. Dig through the massive piles of feces to find the rare diamond. Be a flawless jeweler who has never once mistaken cubic zirconium for that diamond. If you don’t want to put up or shut up, then grow up or get out.

  • tylerfoy

    We all makes mistakes, thanks for clarifying!