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Samsung Nexus 10 quick start guide leaked?

Nexus 10 quick start guide

There have been no shortages of rumors when it comes to what Google will unveil at its Android event scheduled for this coming Monday. At this point we’re expecting lowered prices on the Nexus 7, a new 3G enabled Nexus 7, the LG Nexus 4 and quite possibly a 10-inch tablet manufactured by Samsung known only as the Nexus 10. Today, we got our first real solid leak on the Nexus 10 in the form of a quick start guide from Korean site Seeko.

According to the quick start guide, the Nexus 10 will look nothing like the Nexus 7 and more like the Galaxy Note 10.1. Which doesn’t bode well for build quality. The design renders in the book seem to indicate a more rounded slab, with some sort of strip across the back where the camera is housed. There’s also a Nexus logo that looks identical to the one on the Nexus 7, and the one rumored to grace the back of the Nexus 4, as well as a Samsung logo.

Unfortunately the quick start guide doesn’t tell us anything specs wise (no mention of that 2560×1600 display), but it does show that the Nexus 10 will feature a micro USB port, micro HDMI port, charging port, headphone jack, front- and rear-facing cameras and a notification LED.

There’s no way to tell if this Nexus 10 quick start guide is real or not, but if a 10-inch tablet is set to be revealed by Google this coming Monday, it would make sense for them to already be in production. Still, don’t take this as fact quite yet. If it is real, we will most definitely be buying one. How about you?

Nexus 10 quick start guide cdpkorea-1351165498-1 cdpkorea-1351165656-2

Via: The Verge

Source: Seeko

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  • J3R3MY_H

    Anyone else expecting leaked photos of this device tomorrow?

  • triangle

    Depends on the price, but it does sound sweet. However, if they don’t include an SD card slot like all of the other Nexus devices, then I’m out. No dice for me.

    • aranea

      I hope they have at least a 32gb model if they don’t have the microSD card slot.

      • ionorov

        They’ll probably have a basic 16GB model with a $100 upgrade to a 32GB one.

        Meanwhile, you could buy a 64GB mSD for $45. :/

  • goeschl

    proprietary charging port?

    • Tangent

      “but it does show that the Nexus 10 will feature a micro USB port, …” O.o

      • Dustin Earley

        I’m guessing micro USB for accessories.

      • Dustin Earley

        If you flip the picture horizontally, it looks like the page behind the back-shot of the Nexus 10 says, “Charge the battery,” and shows a picture of a micro USB cable plugging into the side of the device.

    • elijahblake

      I bet it’s going to be for a dockable keyboard…

    • Lowkey

      Nexus One, Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 7 all have pogo pin charging connectors for use in a dock.
      Perhaps that’s what we’re seeing on the Nexus 10 as well?

  • Nate B.

    I don’t believe this. It looks just like a Note 10.1 that came out a few months ago. I mean exactly. Monday is almost here. We will see then.

    • Ardrid

      That actually isn’t that strange to me; in fact, it’s right up Samsung’s alley. If you look at every Nexus device they’ve produced, it’s largely an iteration of one of their existing flagship devices. Galaxy S -> Nexus S; Galaxy SII -> Galaxy Nexus; it wouldn’t surprise me if we see Galaxy Note 10.1 -> Nexus 10.

      • Nate B.

        That’s true. But I personally find it very ugly. There are so many designs they could have thought of. I wanted it and still hope for it to be a stealth black all over. Something a little futuristic looking. Even if they went with the ASUS design I would of been cool. Just a different color. When you make something for someone else thy need to come up with a different design. This is not a S series phone or tablet. I don’t like phones being based off others. Make your own. Raise the bar regardless of what your last flagship was. This is its own device. They need that mindset. We will see Monday.

      • Droidberg

        i dunno about you.. i currently have a Verizon GneX and outside of the battery door.. nothing else looks anywhere CLOSE to the SII imo … not even build quality despite the same type of materials ..

  • Nate B.

    The text looks really funny in the booklet to. Pretty big like whoever made this up wanted us to know this is that and that is this. The closer something approaches, the more rumors and fakes come out.

  • uknowme

    I think they should have stuck with Asus.

  • Ardrid

    If this is true, goddamn. Can nothing be kept in house anymore? What the hell is Google even going to have left to present at this rate?

  • rashad360

    Sweet! Everything looks good so far in terms of specs. I would be ok with no micro sd slot as long as internal storage is 16GB+

  • live2ski

    very cheap/thin paper. you can read everything on the next page.

  • Nathan D.

    Beast of a tablet already and it not even out yet or official.

  • walker

    I’m not very convinced with the credibility of this manual. Looks poorly designed. Images and writing center off to the spine which leaves a giant margin on the outside and the huge writing…

    Not very keen on the design. I don’t mind round bezels, but I mind the thickness. Wish it was more sleek looking if this was ever the real deal.

  • RX-78-7

    Should’ve stayed with ASUS as their manufacturer, better build materials and it would’ve given some consistency to google’s nexus tablet line.

    • Dan

      Have you ever heard of the Nexus 7 lifting display? Asus is crap.

  • ionorov

    Doesn’t look like it’ll have an S-pen (like the Note 10.1). Hmm. Would be great to have a great-specced device like this with an active stylus.

  • Oscar Ortega

    Hurry up and buy (Chinese lady voice)

  • OneClickRoot

    Read more news and rumors about Samsung Nexus at http://www.oneclickroot.com/android-tablets-2/nexus-10-rumors-starting-to-heat-up/ and know the updates of the new device.

  • veracu

    OK, so don’t get me wrong please. I prefer Nexus devices all the way and Android is my mobile choice. But doesn’t the surface pro sound pretty amazing. I get the problems with Microsoft, I do, but windows on a tablet… yea I’ll be getting that one.

    • okfourme

      Granted I won’t let anything Microsoft inside the door (everything I own that can runs Linux) but even given that obvious bias you’d have to admit that at 903g and 13.5mm the Surface Pro doesn’t stack up to well against the current crop of ARM-based tablets. My Asus Transformer checks in at 680g and that’s quite a bit too heavy in my taste. And then there’s the question of the inevitable fan, grill and resulting noise to cool the i5.

      • veracu

        Great point about the weight. For me weight ain’t a concern. You thoughts about arm based devices is something I hadn’t considered but will definitely check out now that you mentioned it. This is why I like this site too because keeping it conversational only helps us learn. Thanks for the thoughts.

  • cuteandrew21


  • sbala

    Really an awesome specs

  • klcow92

    make a N10 with 3G or 4G LTE!!!!