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Samsung officially announces the Galaxy S III Mini; not quite what we hoped for


I know a lot of Android fans would love to see the Samsung Galaxy S III specs in a smaller form factor, so prepare to be disappointed with the latest Galaxy S III Mini. The device is nothing to be ashamed of, but it doesn’t offer the latest and greatest specs that some had hoped for.

“The Galaxy S III introduced a new concept of smartphone that has proven hugely popular around the world. We’re now delighted to bring its revolutionary design, intuitive usability and intelligence to the GALAXY S III mini in a more compact form,” said JK Shin, President and Head of IT & Mobile Communications Division at Samsung Electronics. “We continue to make every effort to provide extraordinary mobile experiences to meet a wide variety of user needs.”

Highlights of the Samsung Galaxy S III Mini include:

  • Android 4.1 Jelly Bean with TouchWiz
  • 4.0 inch WVGA Super AMOLED display
  • 1 GHz dual-core STEricsson processor
  • 5MP AF + LED Flash / VGA Front
  • 8/16 GB internal storage, 1 GB RAM
  • WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0, NFC, GPS/Glonass
  • 1,500 mAh battery

As you can see, the Galaxy S III Mini could still be a great buy for the right price. Unfortunately, the launch details were not announced, so we will have to wait and see what the suggested retail price might be. If Samsung can offer this device below $299, it would be very competitive with the best unlocked phones.

GALAXY-SIII-mini-Product-Im samsung-galaxy-s-iii-mini-6 GALAXY-SIII-mini-2 GALAXY-SIII-mini-3 GALAXY-SIII-mini-4 GALAXY-SIII-mini-5 GALAXY-SIII-mini-6 GALAXY-SIII-mini-7

Source: Samsung Mobile Press

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  • Hinds2009

    At least it’s launching with jellybean and would sell very well in the Caribbean!

  • http://www.jaxidian.org/update/ jaxidian

    Yeah, I’m totally disappointed with this device. I was hoping the rumormill was wrong and this was effectively the Galaxy S III with a smaller screen (and maybe a qHD resolution). Instead, this is a totally different device, heavily crippled (comparatively speaking – it’s no piece of junk), but most importantly, I think this tarnishes the name “Galaxy S III”. I get that Samsung was trying to ride that very successful wave, but they should have done it in a way that didn’t hurt that name imho. Perhaps call it the Galaxy M III or something to say, “Hey, this is similar but different”.

    • http://droidsamurai.blogspot.com DroidSamurai

      Look, if by releasing a Galaxy S3 Mini like that, they will get rid of all the mid level phones, I am all for it. But I don’t think this is what’s going to happen. If so, what makes a S3 Mini different from similarly equipped Galaxy “Non-S” phone?

  • http://www.technogasms.com Sean Riley

    The Galaxy S III should request an injunction against the Mini.

  • Mark

    Utterly baffling…Samsung is throwing its own name and brand in the trash? Its sad to see companies just out to make a buck in the short term instead of trying to maintain a reputation. Having a good name is worth a lot more than tricking a bunch of people into buying something.

  • inviolable

    If the price is right, I’m getting it for my girlfriend.

  • Mix

    My buddy likes the GS3 but not the size so this just might appeal to him as after ruining 3 iPhones he is going to make the change.

    He is not a specs person.

    Hopefully Samsung makes this cheap and unlocked or else I don’t really see it taking off in sales.

  • kwills88

    Samsung really dropped the ball on this one, they’re basically just capitalizing on the Galaxy S line name..would have been great if they added a hi res screen, added a dual core S4 chip in this and it would be great.

  • nobara

    Considering the price (429 euro in Finland, 370 preorder in UK) it’s a total loser. I expected a price tag around 300 euro for the specs it has.

  • w00x

    What is this and why is it one year late? I prefer the Sony Xperia P over this toy any day. A no brainer. Disappointment from Samsung. Yet again.

  • MyMilan

    The only thing mini about this phone are the features and the specs. They should call it something else, as it is not in ANY way in the same class as the galaxy s III. Samsung really dropped the ball on this one. An epic joke is it retails for more than 200.00.

  • iamXiV92a

    The i9260, and not a Nexus 2, right?

    • iamXiV92a

      Whoops – the Galaxy Premier is the GT-i9260: 4.65-inch 720P Super AMOLED display, a dual-core 1.5GHz CPU, and 8MP camera

      Any way we can get an “Edit Post” option?

  • Nathan D.

    just saying, it isn’t for me

  • Nate B.

    Personally with the name mini I knew it wouldn’t be much. I think they need to stop making so many variants period. Just make a flagship with several color options all at launch and memory variants all at launch. Make a tablet with memory variants all at launch, and the Note series with color options and memory all at launch. 3 yearly cycled devices a year is all you need.

    • Dags -

      Why would they do that when they’re selling more smartphones than any other manufacturer in the world with the current strategy? Why leave all the other markets (low and mid-level, small and medium screens) to other manufacturers when they can dominate them too?

  • NeoJesus

    I’d rather buy a used Galaxy S II

  • stenzor

    Wow, that’s like calling a Volkswagen beetle a Porsche mini

  • eYe

    Isn’t this exactly like original Galaxy S? Are we going backwards now?

  • JIW

    It’s the Galaxy Atrix 4G (accept the Atrix has a higher res screen and bigger battery).

  • yowanvista

    Not to mention that it has only 552MB of usable RAM, that’s a real bummer for those aiming to run some heavy stuff on that underpowered device.

  • jerrbomb

    Its great that they are releasing a phone like this… not everyone wants a 5 inch phone… the real question IS what the price is going to be

  • walker

    This was exactly how I imagined. A watered down version, like when Sony Ericsson released Xperia X10 then the Xperia X10 mini. The impression to me was shrunk down external = shrunk down internals.
    Moving on.

  • E1

    the specs are just awful compared to the original GS3 but is not so bad for those looking to dump the even bigger disappointment the iphone 5 is and looking to join android at least the 4in screen will make them feel at home ?
    hopefully there is an HTC nexus on the way that might call my attention samsung kinda let me down with my Gnex

  • nerdnation1218

    Big big upset:/

  • http://pixelswim.com Steve Heinrich

    “People with tiny hands don’t need the specs.” – Samsung