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This is what the final LG Nexus design could look like


Before all the recent leaked pictures of the LG Nexus, an inside source gave us his hands-on report of the device. All the details he provided have turned out to be true, so we decided to mockup what the final device might look like. To our surprise, the Photoshop’d phone looks quite nice. Do you like it?

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  • LG Nexus

    It looks beautiful.
    I like it

    • LG Nexus

      I gotta admit the thing surrounding the flash looks a bit wierd, but it’s still very elegant, the whole backside of the device. I prefer it over the back of the galaxy nexus.

      • LG Nexus

        Yeah true, I think the LG nexus looks great, but I’d prefer if the screen was curved like the galaxy nexus. And of course I don’t like LG but hey it’s a nexus, so I don’t mind.

        • Nate B.

          I honest think if they kept the curve it would have made a dramatic change for good with this phone.

          • http://www.jaxidian.org/update/ jaxidian

            The curve was nice but would never be a deal-breaker for me.

            I swear, the more and more I learn about this device, the more and more I want it!!

          • DDP

            The curviness of the Gnex screen is ever so slightly, yo can barely tell. Lay it face down on a flat surface and it alllllllllmost flat against it. Not much of a dealbreaker for me.

            Storage is my only issue now. Impress me, LG — 32GB stock out of the gate!

          • Hom0ncruse

            final nail in the coffin for nexus brand

        • neXus

          androidandme y u no new news?

    • muiii

      The previous one had really a nice and curved design, this one is just flat and common, no interrest. I would have buy one if the design was awesome, this one is just another phone

    • android minidix

      It looks hideous AND its LG. No thanks…

    • thekaz

      That Nexus logo is sexy…

    • Nate B.

      The word sux is in it but the entire word backwards doesn’t mean it. Your post is invalid.

    • http://www.jaxidian.org/update/ jaxidian

      Just like iPhone has a “ho” in it, that must mean it’s crap, right? *smh*

      Please go away.

      • Omar

        Well it IS crap, at least you got that right :)

    • richard yarrell uses android

      iphone 5 looks better and has passbook. lg nexus is a bum phone

  • Arsonity

    Looks good! I just wish the LG logo was flat black.

    • LukeT32

      I like the nexus logo on the back, wish the LG was the same black color.

  • halo0

    What about the front? The chrome trim on the prototype is horrible. Hello Nexus 3GS!

    • MoSDeeb

      I am in the same boat as far as chrome trim is concerned. Chrome accents comes off as cheap and ugly.

      • kazahani

        I think glossy chrome can be done right. The white Galaxy S 2 with the chrome trim looked great.

    • ameadows

      I feel the same way. That “chrome” trim is crazy ugly. I wish that rim was matte black like the rest of the phone’s edge. I know it shouldn’t bother me as much as it does, but it’s a major turn off for me. It makes a potentially slick looking phone, look like it was zapped straight from the future of 2003.

  • walker

    I’d wondering whether the nexus is under the glass or on top, engraved like the Nexus 7 or not.
    I suppose it looks a little better… but its so flat.

  • birdman

    Yes get rid of chrome trim. God that looks awful

  • chris

    like this better.

    Photo done by Zurginator on XDA.

  • masterpfa

    I am keeping an open mind as regards to the final released product.

    I just keep getting this feeling that we are in for a surprise come October 29th.
    The mock up is OK but…………………. still a rumour.

    • oneillperson

      You hit the nail on the head. It makes total sense that the prototype models would be low-storage and not look exactly like the final product.

  • Revalence

    “Meh.” Could be better. Could be worse.

  • Alexander drzfr3shboialex

    Its OK, I’m just waiting on the official announcement.

  • Scott

    no offense to LG but their logo should be smaller and blend in with the back of the phone

  • SanzaBlancoAkA2C

    Love it. 16GB & I’ll have zero doubts.

  • MelchiahX

    Looks awesome but I think the jellybean “x” colors would look MUCH better. Especially if its going to run stock JB as opposed to KLP.

    • Nate B.

      & then if the next update is a royalty different theme what should it be? Those are Google colors & it makes sense.

    • Nate B.

      & then if the next update is a totally different theme what should it be? Those are Google colors & it makes sense.

  • David

    You have got to be kidding.

    This is the most boring nondescript hunk of black plastic I’ve ever seen. How can anyone spend any time debating this look? There is no look.

    • Mantas

      Get out of here.

      • nuadar

        go f*ck yourself, it looks horrible and dated, compared to other flagship phones like iPhone 5, Lumias, HTCs, Samsungs..

        • kazahani

          No, really. Get out.

        • walker

          If swearing makes your opinion stronger, swear all you want. Whether the phone’s design is good or not is an individual matter. I’m not very fond of the overall design either, but optimistically, this is a prototype and unofficially announced.

          Swearing just makes you unwelcome.

        • me

          Ya and like the iphone 5 isnt outdated its just a longer version of a 2 year old phone

  • oronm


    the colors COLLIDE with gray/black pattern. it looks like a bad toy!

  • CTown

    That really is nice. The front of the Galaxy Nexus is very bland so it’s nice to see the chrome trim on it. I’m liking how the back of the device shows a lot of creativeness. Like with the Nexus 7, Google is showing how unique they can make a device in a crowded market.

  • Nate B.

    thats neat but i would still like another iconic design. something new. and then slap the nexus and google colored logo on it

  • moi

    You have been pwned by Android Police, they came up with great exclusives such as the gmail.apk from Android 4.2, you come up with flying pony rumours and imaginary designs that would shame Sesame Street.

  • Ardrid

    I definitely wouldn’t complain. My only hope is that the shell is made out of polycarbonate, like the One X and Lumia, rather than standard cheap feeling plastic.

  • ??

    hope the word “nexus”could slightly bigger with the”neus” silver in colour,tat will be nice

  • Proesterchen

    In one word: No.

    Frankly, this whole device doesn’t appeal to me, the bland front with the silly silver trim; the form, especially the oddly flattened back; the silly disco ball texture on the back – it’s all rather awful, cheap-looking, and no amount of Nexus branding can fix that for me.

    In fact, I’d say I’m so put off by the design of this Nexus, it’s specs don’t even matter. It could be the fastest phone on the market and I still wouldn’t want to buy one.

    Which I suppose is a sure sign I’m getting old, I don’t want to put up with ugly things anymore, just because they’re great at running benchmarks.

  • thommes

    Nice one, yes. But I can’t stand it’s minimal storage! 8GB is absolute too less for me!

  • jamal adam

    It looks nice, though I would prefer the Nexus logo to be engraved into the back rather than sticking out, like on the Nexus 7.

  • Rutvik Reddy

    Looks awesome. Though I feel the Google Nexus offers more

  • Juan Huerta

    I don’t care a bout the look i just want a Powerful Processor, better display than the previous nexus and a camera as good as the galaxy s3 or better.


  • orangestrat

    The colours help. The chrome LG logo still sticks out dumbly though

  • roland

    I love every thing about this phone just the 8gb is not for me

  • w00x

    You guys know what would amaze me? If Google, being the jokers they are, leaked this phone just for the press/rumors, and release a completely different device (design wise, not specs) when the time comes. I would be rofl-ing all over the place.

    • Nate B.

      That would be cool but people always hope that for every phone. It’s not going to happen. Waist if money & time. Because if they really want to hide something they’ll have strict rules about leaking anything. Probably fire them.

  • h0ruza

    I’m guessing the small storage is because this is a pre production test unit.

  • Saar Hay

    Are you blind? this has being done using photoshop.

    • Saar Hay
      • Glenn P

        Did you read the article? It specifically points out that it is a photoshopped mockup. They even USE the word PHOTOSHOP in the small descriptive paragraph.

    • Nate B.

      Are you an idiot? Taylor simply said it was photo tweaked to get an idea of the visual look after all the rumors. People always mock up something of leaked details to see what it could possibly look like. Read the article first.

    • stenzor

      There he is! Sherlock himself!

  • Devil

    No offense, but 34 articles on on same topic everyday makes you look like an android sheep. This is the same thing android fans accuse iFans about. Let me guess the next few articles will be similar to:

    1] Circuit board of Nexus
    2] Camera module of Nexus
    3] Leaked inventory screen-shot from Phones4U
    4] IBtimes “leak” about Nexus announcement date.
    5] A very long article on why the screen is best in business

    Really, this is just same articles I see on macrumors about iPhone. Only difference is that they do it for iPhone, and you do it for Nexus. Both are “sheeps” anyways. I use Android, that doesn’t mean my life is ruled by Android/Nexus/Google. It’s good to be excited about something. It’s really bad when excitement turns into an obsession.

    • RonWeez

      If you are tired of seeing nexus rumors on this site then stop coming to this site I’m positive that will solve your problem

      • Devil

        Who visits this site anyways apart from sheeps like you? this guys sounds like he licks Page’s di*k evey night.

    • Glenn P

      …Is this not an Android blog? Is Macrumors suddenly not an Apple blog?

    • Nate B.

      So he should let the news go by on an Android news site?

      No. iSheep are people who are blinded by what’s real & praise everything regardless.

      This is simply news being shared. Nobody is foundling the phone or exaggerating things out of proportion. When something leaks even if little it’s reported. It’s their job. And if the device sucks you can believe it’ll get bashed regardless if you favor android or not. That’s rare for an iPhone fanboy. Fanboys say ignorant things to justify their lovely product or team not. Nothing is ignorant here besides a few post because people don’t read the article and make uneducated comments.

    • Dee

      take the hint from the website name ANDROIDANDME…

      difference is apple rumours promise the earth but deliver nothing

    • Devil

      So many butt hurt android sheeps. No different than iSheeps and WP shills. Only difference is that Android sheeps thinks that they are rational and rest all are sheeps. You guys are no different than any other sheeps.
      By your comments you just proved yourself to be another sheep. Yes, i called you all sheeps. and there is nothing you can do about it.

  • Thomas MacDougall

    if they’re going to market it as the nexus 4, then they should have designed it like a miniature nexus 7, with the same material for the back

    • Android Chlamydia

      The perfect phone for hood rats

  • cthonctic

    Leave out the letters and make it only the four-color X, et voilà.
    Other than that, while I find the overall design rather attractive I wish there was a bit of curvature to it like the GNex has.

  • Glenn P

    Wait–some people are complaining because the device is FLAT on the back? Really?One thing I never really liked, but hardly opposed since it’s silly, is the “chin” look that has appeared on numerous android phones starting with the original Leno phone, the G1. All Samsung did on the S and the Galaxy Nexus was put the chin in the back, making it look like it has a hunched bottom. Like I said, I never really opposed these design aesthetics, but they aren’t very attractive. The LG Nexus appears to eschew the chin in favor of a more symmetrical design, and it looks nicer.

  • Rick

    I sincerely hope google shocks us..The logo looks cool but the plastic is just wrong. Please google I hope you are reading these blogs comments.

    • Glenn P

      The back is made of glass, right? And the screen, too, is made of some form of fortified glass. So, having looked at the device, the only plastic is likely the sides of the phone, and I don’t see a problem there.

  • irv

    If the carriers get this (Verizon) I hope they don’t try to remove “/nexus” and put Verizon. I’d be really upset about that

  • gold D rogers

    i wish Google would just use Motorola to make the Nexus on their own…then the design would look amazing…the phone is the most intimate object we own….its should at least look beautiful…I’m a big fan of Android but i wish Google would take the design of their Nexus to their own hand….don’t – me. I’m speaking from the heart

  • RX-78-7

    The colored x is somewhat of a turnoff(imo). Couldn’t they just right nexus in silver, like the lg logo. It would look more cohesive.

    • RX-78-7


    • herbivore83

      I think it would look cool if the X stayed colored and the LG logo was made black like the rest of “neXus”

      • RX-78-7

        I will have to see the official pics, to see if it sways me. I was expecting it to be like a softer rainbow effect you get from the back of dvd’s or something subtle. :p

  • Nate B.

    I know it’s a Nexus & all, but I’m really thinking I’m going to pass this one up. The official announcement will confirm everything for me. Not impressed so far. The look is unattractive. It’s boring. With all the material and imagination in the world Google falls short to me with design. The best looking design they had to me in any of their products are the Nexus Q(even though it was a flop) & Nexus 7. I mean you don’t need to be but so iconic with a tablet but their are some funny looking tablets out there.

    Definitely should keep the curve. Make it more dramatic if you can. I mean you need to be able to look at it and be like damn! That shit CRAY! Lmao.

    Seriously though. I know they want cost down etc. but the device is already unlocked. Better get over the hump and make something gorgeous. I have a feeling the camera will disappoint to. I hope not. I mean if your willing to ship out a phone every year you need to get on the quality road inside and out. From the internals to the physical design. Only thing covered when it comes to Google is the software. And they can always improve there to.

    I’m not a big iPhone user but it happens to work really really really nice and has an awesome design but simple at the same time. Premium material. A little over priced if your not upgrading but people are buying it. Make them bite the bullet.

    Hopefully other nexus devices are on the way as a surprise. I doubt their doing that as well. We will see in a couple of weeks.

  • Jared

    The original leaked design has done nothing for me. Honestly, I thought it was sort of ugly. But then I saw this. I REALLY hope that the final design looks exactly like this. It’s simply beautiful.

  • get off of me

    I like it but there’s three draw backs for me the none removable battery, the front facing camera 1.3 if the galaxy note 2 got 2mp front why can’t this get a 2? And if the rumors are true about the storage space being 8gb kinda low I want atleast 16.

  • FRusso21

    I like it. With a $450 pricetag for a 16gb version I will get it!

  • kazahani


    I really wish they would come out with a music Nexus phone with awesome speakers and at least 32GB onboard. I have no idea what made me think of this, but I would totally buy that phone.

  • herbivore83

    It depresses me the amount of blind fanboyism going on in these comments. We as Android fans spend so much time picking apart Apple users for their never-say-no attitude when it comes to the iPhone that I can’t believe how often I see posts like “Well, the specs aren’t ideal and I don’t like LG, BUT IT’S A NEXUS!”

    We are the consumer. We lead the way when it comes to hardware and user experience. If you think it could be better, send a message to Google by NOT buying it.

    I just wish we could take our own advice and objectively look at this without jumping up and down screaming “OMG NEXUSS!”

    • Octavian

      I am quite happy that this phone will no feature a Samsung made PenTile screen and have more pixels than the Note 2.

      The hardware looks quite understated, the specs are high end and the software will be provided by Google.

      LGs failures of the past where due to buggy and unsupported software. I didn’t by THOSE phones. This one is quite different.

    • RX-78-7

      To be fair, this is a top of the line device.
      -Best SOC out there
      -One of the best displays (IPS+ in cell techonology). Personally I prefer IPS+ over SAMOLED
      -From what I’ve read of the LG 8MP camera it’s a solid shooter, that is if the NEXG uses the same camera,(you can see the pictures http://reviews.cnet.com/2300-6452_7-10014143-5.html )
      -Rumored battery would be up there with the best in capacity(2,100mah) and it uses a new battery technology allowing to have more cycles)

      -Build quality seems to be very good going by those that had a chance to hold the device.

      The only cons I could think of:

      -Lack of space rumors suggest 8/16GB storage, though judging by the Nexus 7, there could be a 32GB in the works(this one irks me the most, I wont buy a phone with less than 32GB of internal memory, I don’t care much for SD card slot)

      No removable battery(personally it doesn’t bother me much)

      No LTE( We don’t have LTE where I live, but I would’ve prefer to have it for when it goes live)

    • fc1032

      Then again, it’s not like this phone is BAD.

      I would think that “OMG NEXUS” would kinda apply if this phone turns out horrible. Besides the look (which is subjective), it’s still a great phone hardware and software wise.

      I’m not making much comments about this yet, its not announced anyway.

  • Austin Allen

    The nexus logo that big looks rather ugly.

  • Thamer

    Bring the glitter back!

  • Chuck

    This photo from the xda thread looks much better imo.


  • Mark

    This..with a glowing colored X when the display’s on.

    • rossi

      I think the flash is weird, but the ring will help to protect the camera glass against scratches when laid back on a table…different from the GNex, that has the camera popping out…

  • Cody Lamson

    i think the device could be nice, but it better not have that pearl spec on it. and that flash diffuser needs to go. the pictures make the device look iPhone 4S size. it should be 4.8 inches like they said…. i hope. I want it to take me away from my iPhone 5.

  • vj

    Flash bigger than camera…..wtf……better learn proper photoshop

  • alexmaco

    it looks quite good

  • Chet

    A phone? Are you saying that the new LG Nexus is going to look like a smartphone? This, indeed, is quite a scoop.

  • Oliver

    I love it!!! I hope this IS the final design.

  • Shawn Clark

    Looks far better constructed than the Galaxy Nexus.
    Cant wait for the actual presentation.

  • Ben

    It’s funny how some simple Photoshopping outdoes LG’s top designers. However, I don’t like how big the LG logo is or the thing around the flash. It would be better to outline the lens and have the flash flush to the back.

  • B

    Looks awesome..why doesnt my g nex have nexus written on it somewhere?? I like what lg has done but I might stay with my galaxy nexus for a while longer unless Google really sells this for cheap…I only say this because I still am in love with my g nex and have had not one problem with it since I got it six months ago

  • NeoJesus
  • Haresh Gulvani

    LG is one of the bad companies to give timely software update on their devices. Rather than Announcing 4.1 update schedule they should provide the schedule of the devices who havent received ICS 4.0.
    They were going to update LG optimus black in 3rd quarter for ICS 4.0. and still they are not coming forward to announce the actual date and update schedule. they just wanted to increase sales by making this type of false statement.
    This type of companies should be banned or fined for making false statement to higher their sales and doesn’t stay on their words.
    I am really disappoint to hear that google will be making their next nexus flagship mobile with LG. if they dont care about their customers than we don’t need to purchase their devices.

    • gpatrick15

      It’s a Nexus. Say what you will about the hardware, but the software (for the GSM model, at least. All bets are off with Verizon) will be handled directly by Google. So LG’s pretty much off the hook on that aspect.

  • Nathan D.

    It’s a nice looking phone.

  • bdbplatano

    How cool would it be if the bedazzled backing had the nexus “X”‘s as a pattern instead