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Top 5 most wanted Android smartphones for October 2012


Hundreds of Android phones are released every year, but only a handful of products get all the attention. The big releases are normally saved for the fall shopping season and we are expecting new flagship phones from HTC, Samsung, Motorola, LG, Sony, and many more. Read on to see which phones topped our power rankings.

1. LG Nexus 4

 Most wanted feature: Stock Android 4.2.

Who’s it for: Android enthusiasts that want an up-to-date, pure Google experience. Fans of pre-paid wireless looking for the best unlocked phone.

Rumored release date: October 29th.

Expected US carriers: AT&T and T-Mobile for the unlocked version. It’s possible we could see a carrier locked version on Sprint or Verizon, but the unlocked model will be more desirable.

2. Samsung Galaxy Note II

Most wanted feature: 5.5 inch display.

Who’s it for: Creative types that like to draw with the S Pen. Users that want to fit a small sized tablet in their pocket.

Release dates: October 25th for Sprint, mid-November for other carriers.

Expected US carriers: AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, and US Cellular.

3. HTC Dlx

Most wanted feature: 1080p display

Who’s it for: HTC fanatics that want the best HTC has to offer. Verizon customers that want a 1080p display for bragging rights.

Expected release date: Currently in testing, could debut by mid-November

Expected US carriers: Verizon exclusive

4. Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX HD

Most wanted feature: 3,300 mAh battery

Who’s it for: Those that want all day battery life, and then some.

Release date: October 18th

Expected US carriers: Verizon exclusive

5. Sony Xperia T

Most wanted features: PlayStation Certified, 13 MP HD camera from Sony with full 1080p HD video recording

Who’s it for: Fans of James Bond. Mobile gamers that want access to the PlayStation Mobile store.

Expected US carriers: AT&T exclusive

Poll: What phone are you waiting for?

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  • Alexander drzfr3shboialex

    I’ll take a number 1 please, I’m on a diet.

  • droilfade

    Certainly the nexus! The excitement is growing and I want to see what it has to offer. However, I’ll steer away from commenting on rumors..like the storage space etc….until I see the product. The Optimus G looks promising and hopefully he new nexus blows my mind.

  • triangle

    Looking to hear more about the 1080p HTC device, but I’m waiting to buy the Note 2. Not as excited about the Nexus this year as I was last year since this year’s nexus is kind of a rehash of last year’s design, but the upgraded specs are very impressive indeed.

  • Deren

    Asus Padfone 2.

    • alexx

      Lol I keep laughing at that name, Padfone, cuz of how the CEO presented the original, like a magician!

    • Bryan Stoner

      The Padfone 2 should be at least number 2 on this list. It makes absolutely no sense to me why it isn’t even on this list in the first place.

      Tisk tisk~ ToT

      • kazahani

        There’s no U.S. availability for that device. That’s probably why it’s not on this list.

  • shadhussain

    “Other” seems to be trailing second behind the LG Nexus. What is this “other”? The Padfone (not available in North America)? Xiaomi mi2 (available in China only)?

    • shadhussain

      edit: trailing *closely* for second spot

  • Thijs Oost

    I’m waiting for a new Nexus phone, but I want a Samsung-, HTC- or Sony-Nexus; not LG…

  • alexx

    Shame, you left out the most beautiful, futuristic, most rugged, sexiest, nVidia backed, PlayStation Certified device – the mighty HTC OneX+! Come ONNNNN! Its got the charm of 2015!

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      HTC Dlx has already replaced the One X+ in the hype machine.

      • dbest180

        That “Hype Machine” is real. That’s what made the Microsoft advert for Surface. Google *The Surface Movement* to see what I mean.

      • Edmond Granberry

        Why didn’t the Dix get more votes?

      • Edmond Granberry

        Why didn’t the Dix rate higher in poll?

  • CTown

    The back of this LG Nexus doesn’t really look like the orginal picture (the one with all of those crystals). Or was that picture just really zoomed in?

    Why does HTC always make their phone with the highest resolution a Verizon exclusive? Sort of like the way Verizon will exclusively advertise the Droid Razor Maxx (perhaps they will give HTC an honorable mention at the end of the commerical)!

    Also, I’m not getting the whole James Bond reference with the Xperia T…

    • notalive

      Sony advertises its phones in Bond movies since quite a while. Xperia T is the phone Bond will be using in Skyfall.

      • CTown

        Thanks, I didn’t realize that!

  • http://droidsamurai.blogspot.com DroidSamurai

    The LG Nexus is a letdown. I’ve yet to see one thing that makes me want it the first day it comes out (and I doubt that I could get it since it probably won’t land on Verizon.) It’s an upgrade from the Galaxy Nexus, but my biggest complaint about the Galaxy Nexus is the camera and the sensor of the LG Nexus seems just a little bit better.

    I really hope there are more Nexus phones coming.

  • g0dsgreen

    LG Nexus

  • BronxKnight28

    Optimus G for Sprint!

  • www.phonewbie.com

    If im not pleased with the Reviews of the LG Nexus, Im running to the Galaxy Note II.

    • Daniel

      All the reviews you’ve seen are very probably prototype tests. It’s obvious that those tests are underscored by the lack of OS/hardware adjustment

  • Aerohix

    All I wanted was a Xperia T Nexus with Razr Maxx’s battery!

    • Aerohix

      (with LG Nexus processor!!)

  • Joplisan

    LG Nexus, please. I don’t want anything else.

  • Chuck

    The LG Nexus is my first choice, but close behind is the Xperia T/TX cause Sony is making an effort to open source their hardware, which means awesome dev support from day one.

  • Christian

    A Nexus made by ANYONE but LG.

  • Gsizzle

    Am going the Nexus way obviously so is everyone else, even if it’s the LG way sadly. That fake Sony Nexus X made me so happy at first, I was literally going to Jump out of my seat in my cubicle.

    I am honestly just waiting for that next Nexus Leak with a different brand. If that happens I am definitely going to favor the unknown brand over LG, no doubt.

  • Tijmen Hulshoff

    HTC dlx or Oppo find 5

  • Jef Cashless

    No love for the Xiaomi MI2? Before you downvote me, compare specs and unlocked price.

  • RX-78-7

    This year I will be giving my first crack at a Nexus phone. I’m glad they went for top of the line hardware.

  • thekaz

    LG Nexus on Verizon, please!

  • acey_zero

    If another nexus with a removable battery and SD slot were announced I would almost definitely get it, but that doesn’t seem likely at this point…

    I am currently looking at Xiaomi M1S or maybe Sony Xperia V.

  • Scott

    People are saying that the Optimus G is the fastest smartphone in the wild to date. The LG Nexus will be faster because of Vanilla Android!! Cant wait for this to be on Sprint!! :)

  • Sharky

    I’m excited about the Nexus & Android 4.2, but will wait to see what HTC pull off with the DLX. The mockup is hideous, but if the final product is more like a flattened One X and the 1080p display looks incredible without ruining the battery life and app compatibility, it’d be difficult to turn it down.

  • Nathan D.

    Nexus all day :-)

  • Ardrid

    My list looks a bit different and is a little shorter.

    1. LG Nexus
    2. ASUS Padfone 2
    3. Sony Xperia T

    The Padfone 2 is definitely worth importing based on what I’ve seen thus far, and I really like the look of the Xperia T. Both devices are good enough to convince me to forego the Nexus should LG screw it up somehow. And it obviously goes without saying that if either ASUS or Sony are making a Nexus device I would take them over LG without question.

  • http://None Javier Bastardo

    The Sony Xperia T. But what I’m really waiting for is for a Sony Xperia Nexus, double the x’s on the name, double the goodness.

  • robaire

    Words cannot express how much I hate on screen buttons.

    • BigCiX

      Same here!

  • Orion78

    Sorry, not interested in this LG Nexus that everyone is going gaga for. I prefer the Padfone 2. Too bad no u.s. versions. Samsung, HTC, or Asus please make a Nexus this year.

  • Donnieace

    I just want a new phone :-)

  • Paul Atreides

    Skipping these devices, and waiting to receive Jelly Bean on my GS3. The way I see it, I would love a Nexus but not this one. I’m not going to start throwing hundreds of dollars at Google just for the latest update, it’s not helping motivate them to fix that major issue in Android. However, I’m considering buying a Nexus 32GB, but trying to hold off for more Nexus 10 rumors.

  • mattcoz

    I’d love to see more phones like the Droid RAZR M, the size is perfect. I’m not about to switch to Verizon to get it though.

  • Noel

    Certainly the Google new Nexus ( LG Nexus 4) but i wish HTC can compress the DLX/Dix/X5/ J Butterfly to a more compact size of abt 135-140mm by reducing the top and bottom space but keep the 5″ 1080p screen and make it a Nexus (hopefully) or let it run PURE JB. Also they will have to address that 2020mAh battery cuz with such a high pixel and large size screen, LTE and Quad core it won’t last 7hrs. HTC should figure a way to get a variant of this device with pure JB in tow to all the major carriers here in the US and the world over. The bottom line is $ales $ales $ales and more $ales…NO MORE EXCLUSIVES HTC. Unleash this monster to the masses/All carriers in a big way…time to take the gloves off and take the fight to Sammy, Apple etc. We are standing ready to help u…but u have to bring the device to us. Would also like to see the One X+ on multiple carriers here in the States…hopefully with PURE JB as well.

  • thetechmaniac

    You definitely must add the J Butterfly to the list ( as seen here http://esponential.com/2012/10/17/440-ppi-5-inches-but-you-probably-wont-get-any-of-it/ )

  • Edmond Granberry

    That’s a second on the J butterfly!

  • rahul

    Certainly Sony Xperia T
    Coz wat I believe Sony= camera+sound+gaming experience+Great UI
    And That’s wat I want.

  • thechad

    good one

    • lala

      October was a good month