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Used Verizon Galaxy Nexus going for $230 without contract


If the latest and greatest doesn’t matter to you, and you’re looking for a cheap handset to pick up off-contract with Verizon, perhaps a $230 Galaxy Nexus is just what you’re looking for.

With the launch of the next Nexus right around the corner, you’d think the world has up and forgot about the phone that came before it: the Galaxy Nexus. But it’s still a great phone.

Preowned, and with a one year warranty attached, Verizon is selling off the rest of their Galaxy Nexus handsets without any contractual obligations for the low, low price of $230. This is definitely the cheapest you’ll find the CDMA/LTE version of the device from a reputable dealer.

For a device with specs capable enough to handle just about anything you throw at it, and one that’s almost guaranteed to get Android 4.2 (eventually), it’s a great deal. Check out Verizon’s web store for more details.

Source: DroidLife

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  • http://bodacioustripk.tumblr.com emaciscool

    What were they originally selling it for off-contract? This is absurdly cheap…

    • vforvortex

      When it first came out in dec 2011, verizon was selling the Gnex for $649 without contract.

    • Dustin Earley

      I want to say $500 was as low as it got. Just today, Verizon has started selling a 16GB model off-contract for $500. I’m pretty sure, but not positive as it doesn’t appear anywhere in the listing, that this preowned $230 model comes with 32GB of storage.

      • http://bodacioustripk.tumblr.com emaciscool

        It says it comes with 32GB in the specs. And, I thought it was $649, but I couldn’t believe the price cut. Now I just need them to accidentally offer the next Nexus at this price, so I can keep my unlimited data!

  • Richard Yarrell

    Guess Verizon better find ways to hold onto that old Galaxy Nexus. They won’t see any new Nexus no time soon and I am happy about that. Verizon is who bought down the Nexus name you couldn’t give me this device for free.

    • http://bodacioustripk.tumblr.com emaciscool

      First world problems.

    • Bpear96

      I have no idea what you are trying to say here..?

    • Tony

      Not sure what you’re getting at exactly, while not the best device out there in some regards, I’ve been nothing but happy with mine. Especially compared to my Bionic that I had been using prior.

    • Adam

      This position on being happy that those of us who want reliable, fast coverage because pre-aids/AT&T are crap in our area is ridiculous. I understand google selling the nexs unlocked on gsm, but for people to vocally advocate against more openness and options goes against everything that’s great about android.

      I know Verizon nexi got updates behind others, but t got them ahead of other androids on VZW. So please, if you don’t like the wait, go ahead with your gsm/pre-pay plans, but stop this stupidity of advocating against VZW version.

      I for one hope the means VZW will get the ext nexus as I’m looking forward to getting it. However f I can’t, the note 2 is a great backup.

    • squiddy20

      “They won’t see any new Nexus no time soon” And your proof of this is…..? Or are you just making another childish, completely wishful and unfounded “prediction”?

  • Nathan D.

    Steal and a half. All I got to say.

  • JPB

    Off contract but a Verizon CDMA/LTE phone. What other 3rd party providers would support this phone?

    • Dustin Earley

      It depends on the carrier, and the rep working with you. Here in Lansing, MI, I’ve seen Page Plus and Metro activate Verizon phones. Both times it was by a third-party retailer.

  • jamal adam

    If I was on Verizon I would snatch this up in a heart beat but I’m on T-Mobile and waiting for something like this to happen for the GSM version.

  • Chuck

    Bastardized Nexus! Stay Away!

  • redraider133

    This is still a pretty solid phone and will still get updates before most other phones. Yeah it had some problems but for that price that is a steal, especially with the fact that it is unsure if verizon will get another nexus.

  • BigCiX

    Are these refurbished?

  • Raptor_lecturing_morons

    Do you understand theory of relativity for salespeople? Even moron DickYya who downvotes me from all his accounts (together with other retards) understands finally what i am saying from day 1 – for the price it sells GNex is utter crap. But if it will cost $50 it will be a steal and a great phone.

  • descendency

    Forget using it just as a phone… That’s a great price for a high end PMP.

    32GB iPods aren’t that cheap.

  • http://midweststitch.com ajonrichards

    I bought one. I know there have been valid complaints about the Verizon’s slow update process, but I’ll have no problem flashing CM10 or AOKP and not looking back.

  • veracu

    I like my Toro and I don’t understand people’s hatred of Verizon either. What? I don’t think you even have to unlock this bootloader and I flashed JB boatloader like a ROM. Easiest phone. And I keep pounding on this device for two more years easily getting updates because of dev support. Don’t think so? Just check how much support the vibrant and fascinate get and they aren’t even nexus. I got fam and friends running 4.1.2 smooth on those devicez. Specs? Camera? Who cares if you’re still crying about carrier updates and haven’t rooted your device. My panoramic pictures are sick too. Whatever.

  • Sigurd

    When I go to Verizon’s site, I see a price of $449.99 (“full retail” or “month to month contract”), not $230.

  • tylerfoy

    Thats a great price for a used device, if its in good shape. Must be on a store-to-store stock bassis?