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Wireless charging pad for Nexus 4 leaks out


The upcoming Nexus 4 is rumored to include wireless charging, and today a supposed picture of the charging pad leaked out. The photo was first posted on Phone Arena who admits this could be an elaborate fake, but we thought it looked pretty cool and it was worth sharing. Google will announce their new Android devices on October 29th, so we don’t have much longer to wait. What do you think about the slanted design of this wireless charging pad?

[Thank you Brandon for the tip.]

Source: Phone Arena

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  • RX-78-7

    Everything leaked out. I wonder how long it will take to recharge this way.

    • Juanus

      it actually charges faster than plugging it in via cable.

      • import11

        Source? USB can supply 500mA. AC adapters sometimes supply more, but it depends on the current limiting circuit built into the phone. Inductive coupling is low current, I was unaware it can supply half an amp.

        • ericl5112

          AC usually supplies 1A for phones, and 2A for tablets. Neither of those are particularly difficult for inductive charging. The HP Touchstone for touchpad supplied 2A for example. I never noticed it charge slower on that than plugged in while I had it.

      • jaja binks

        it wont charge faster than direct wire, you got interference of phone case,distance apart and requires more power to charge than wire for the same gain, more heat generated, possible less battery life, it will charge slower than wire, but it wont abuse that usb port, its like comparing wifi to ethernet port

    • bdbplatano

      That info hasn’t leaked yet. lol, JK. I don’t know. Either way, this thing has a usb charger too so it would be cool to use the wireless charger for bedside where you don’t want to dig for a cable and then a regular cable charge for when you need a “faster”, more elaborate charge. Just my thoughts..

      • LukeT32

        The wireless thing is a gimmick IMO. I would still prefer a pogo pin dock.

  • Alexander drzfr3shboialex

    Pretty freaking cool! Everything about this phone is perfect just need at least 32gb and a good price range :D

  • http://nickedynick.blogspot.com Nickedynick

    Well it looks pretty nice, although seemingly quite thick too.

    What sort of scale are we talking? Is the phone supposed to completely sit on the pad, or would the pd be covered when in use?

    • AndyB

      Lol, good question. Maybe it’s the size of a large bean bag, and the phone would only cover the letter x in Nexus! We have no frame of reference.

    • Dwayne

      If it’s anything like the Palm Pre then the phone will completely cover the charger.

  • Google_Geek

    Oh yeah ! I would ne son cool ! :-D My friend who will but a Lumia 920 will finally shut up ;-)

    • Google_Geek

      Be* so* buy* sorry

      • foggyflute

        what kind of correction u r using? Never see anything that bad before…

  • Cam

    This might be the thing I am most excited about with this phone…built-in wireless charging!

  • Gary Simmons

    Oh, I like that.

    So many cool devices coming on the market… I might need to replace my trusty HTC Sensation!

  • nihondroid

    We’ve seen the device without a back cover; is there evidence to support the fact that it has wireless charging?

  • Ardrid

    Christ almighty, what is with all these leaks? There’s not going to be anything left that we don’t know about come Monday. It really is a joke at this point. Why even have a press conference now?

    That aside, I’m loving the fact that Google is pushing wireless inductive charging. Think I might have found my first must have accessory.

    • iamXiV92a

      The Galaxy Nexus as well as the Nexus were leaked in almost the same fashion… it’s not That big a deal.

      • iamXiV92a

        Nexus S*

  • shadhussain

    any info on what kind of range these wifi charging devices will have?

    • import11

      Not far, the phone will have to be placed directly onto the charging pad.

  • Maik

    It looks like the Palm Wireless Charger. And I wonder how they were able to engineer around the NFC stuff which would get messed up with inductive charging.

  • closetnerd

    And it’s official… I’m sold

  • Nate B.

    I wonder if Google will have something left to show us that we all didn’t see coming.

  • halo0

    That looks like a render to me. I sure hope it’s real!

  • mr2324jgf

    taylor is a hack.

  • irishrally

    There was no mention of wireless charging on the carphone warehouse pre-order feature list we saw yesterday. I hope it’s true.

  • KennyL

    While I hope the phone has wireless charging, this looks disturbingly similar to the Palm Touchstone albeit more rounded.

    • perlowin

      Why is that disturbing? It looks like a hockey puck too!

      • KennyL

        It make me think somebody built a render off the original Palm design and therefore makes it seem less believable. Wish the design was more innovative.

  • Androidawg

    Two Words…Palm Pre

  • Juanus

    Considering that Matias Duarte worked on the Palm Pre and is now at Google, I wouldn’t be surprised if the wireless charger looked just like this. It’s a redesigned touchstone. I am more surprised that people don’t know about the Palm Pres wireless charging and how it looked and how it worked. Just goes to show how far ahead the Pre was. Can’t wait till monday!

  • mikemick

    I guess I’m the only person in the world that doesn’t consider inductive charging “wireless.” Wifi, Bluetooth, your TV’s remote control…these things are “wireless.”

    Inductive charging IS awesome (I loved it on my Pre). I just wished they would stop calling it wireless.

    If your device is attached to the wall…it’s not wireless (regardless if it is attached via a magnet or a USB port. Just my 2 cents.

    • http://www.healthytiger.com Healthy

      fair enough,

      maybe “connector-less” might be a bit more appropriate. the point is it is easier to use and charge and not worry about so much.

      i have the desktop dock for my gnex (and had one for my N1 too) definitely accessories that made day-to-day use more enjoyable or at very least, less annoying. i see this charger to be in the same vein.

      (i’m just waiting for the desktop dock for the N7 to come out as that has the pogo pin pads like previous nexus devices.)

  • live2ski

    looks like 1/2 a Nexus Q

    • Andy_jr

      That’s the first thing I thought also.

  • stenzor

    I guess Google tailored this phone specifically for Canadians… with the free hockey puck and all

  • get off of me hoe

    If the nexus get this man I’m getting it little thing make everything kool. And plus its a nexus device

  • Jaydude

    One idea… what if this could work on any NFC device? Not just the nexus… I think that would make this the next sliced bread

  • Nathan D.

    If this is true, then I’m so getting this if it not included in the package.

  • vidace

    It looks like it might (also) be a speaker!

  • ChrisM0678

    I can smell the GS3 hacks for this thing if it ends up being true. The touchstone has been hacked for pretty much every Android phone and this will be no different even if it doesn’t include the onboard hardware, its easy to get a hold of.

  • Ryan Childs

    Does anyone know if I could charge my Touchpad on it, or the Nexus 4 on my Touchstone?

  • Nudo

    RELEASE THIS!!! WTF!!!!!

  • BigJJ4455

    i would love to get one for my mom

  • kookeetree

    Should I be worried with all these signals flowing through my body?

  • lipchak

    Any news on when these will be available?

  • kuddus

    I don’t know how much it’s cost, but I just buy a wireless charger for my Nexus 4.
    Price $19.99 only

  • Jeff Herd

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