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Android Rookies: 10 new apps worth checking out this week


New apps need lovin’ too, right? Every day there are thousands of new entries on the Google Play store, but many go unnoticed and never receive the attention they deserve. We have shown in the past that this community can discover great apps and launch them to new heights, so we’re bringing back our weekly column Android Rookies that highlights new apps with less than 100k installs. Browse our new Android app picks below and let us know which ones you enjoy.

Smart Launcher

Pitch: Smart Launcher is an innovative launcher characterized by a minimalist design, low memory usage and an user-friendly UI that let you start any application with a few taps. It is currently the only launcher on the store to features automatic cataloging of installed apps!


Amazon Cloud Drive

Pitch: Never lose the photos from your phone again. Get 5 GB of free storage to protect and store your phone’s photos with Amazon Cloud Drive. Access photos from your Android phone or tablet, your computer, or any web browser. Your memories: safe and secure in the Cloud.


Photo Warp+

Pitch: The most popular photo warping app is back with a sequel and it is better than ever! Photo Warp was downloaded more than 14 million times, and now Photo Warp+ is here with more! We rewritten it from scratch, so Photo Warp+ is faster, has more functions and got a new UI!


Loader Droid

Pitch: LoaderDroid is a download manager for android. It supports any type of file for downloading: videos, images, music, applications, anything.



Pitch: Need a car to escape the campus bubble? Sign up for Wheelz, and start renting the perfect ride for any occasion. Whether you need to run errands around town, impress a hot date, or escape to the mountains, Wheelz has the right ride for you.



Pitch: The first real-time picture chatting app is now available on Android! Snapchat is the fastest way to share a moment with friends. You control how long your friends can view your message - simply set the timer up to ten seconds and send.



Pitch: Cooklet is a modern culinary application for food lovers from around the world. Variety of recipes, interactive cookbooks library, useful tools and vibrant community – it’s all you need to cook!



Pitch: Access a world of free books. 24symbols is a service to read digital books on the Internet.


Manga Fu Camera

Pitch: This is an Excellent Camera-APP. Intuitive way to use! No need to setting! Connect with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on!


Field Compass

Pitch: Field Compass is a powerful and simple magnetic compass app, with all the information you need on one clear screen. This easy to use Android compass has a unique sighting screen to take and store bearings to help keep you on track.


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  • 99 Cent Apps

    Soundboard helicopter

  • Brickerhaus

    These rookies are…not so good. The Winners here are Manga and Warp+ coming in first. Third would have to be the compass app. But it doesn’t do anything that the one from catch has been doing for years. Why doesn’t someone add in a way to do waypoints done through you at the actual location, or through a google maps interface. Otherwise this is just another compass app.

    I just got to say Amazon’s Cloud Drive app is a little absurd. Their description says “You can store thousands of photos on a free 5 GB account.” Ummmm Earth to Amazon. What kind of digital camera are you using. With modern phones at 5MP you could maybe store a thousand. Maybe…But Thousands…umm no.

  • jer01


    I tested the Smart Launcher app and I’m not so fond of it. What I like is the simplicity to choose a task. But I like Relaunch more/better (it doens’t replace your current launcher, but adds an ‘invisible’ quick launch-bar which you can calibrate to your needs: long bar on the left, no/small bar on the right,…) Just check it out ;)

    • clocinnorcal

      That was an android rookie app a while ago. Good app though! I still use it.

  • SGB101

    That snap chat is a bullies dream. It shouldn’t be allowed!

    • SGB101

      I grew up in a time before mobile phones and personal computers, so cyber bulling didn’t exist.

      But today it can be a massive problem to those that are targeted. In my home town this year alone 2 teenagers have committed suicide over being bullied.

      This app is a bullies dream, send your vicious message and it disappears leaving no trace.

    • Tangent

      Underwear is also a bullies dream since it can be firmly wedged up a victims crack with a quick yank… O.o Cars are bank robbers dreams since they allow fast getaways from their crimes. I could go on but hopefully you get the point.

      Stop blaming the tool (or *potential* tool in this case) and work on the actual problem. Get bullies disciplined, and far more importantly, teach kids how to deal with unpleasantness. If kids are committing suicide because of bullying, they were failed by their parents already. Being bullied is no doubt an unpleasant experience, but nobody should be so ill equipped to deal with it that they consider suicide.

      • SGB101

        Easier said than done!

        • sbala

          That is sure,

  • mikeytusa

    I am pretty sure the title of this article should say “Rookies” and not “Rookes.”

  • jadson

    Eu quero usar

  • klcow92

    interesting apps :P