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T-Mobile offers subscribers up to $250 to refer-a-friend


T-Mobile is once again ready to offer its subscribers some “easy money” with its refer-a-friend promotion. The program launched last year, and now T-Mobile is pushing it again in a new set of videos. T-Mobile says it’s users will “get $250 a year to share the benefits” of T-Mobile’s service. The earnings will be deposited into a “T-Mobile reward VISA prepaid card.”

If this approach sounds familiar, it follows a lot of the ideas around GiffGaff in the UK and Solavei, a new T-Mobile MVNO. Both companies offer pre-paid wireless service, let you bring your own device, and reward users with cash payments for sharing the service with their friends and family.

Current rewards include:

  • $25 when one of your referrals activates a 2-year contract
  • $15 when one of your referrals purchases $100 in refill value
  • $10 when one of your referrals purchases $60 in refill value

These rewards are not the best, but it’s better than nothing. T-Mobile has not advertised the program much until today, so we could see some changes on the way.

Via: YouTube

Source: T-Mobile

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    • Veracious

      I hope you are first to kill yourself. Make it quick, you contribute nothing to society.

  • Homncruse

    It’ll be interesting to see if people’s reaction to this is any different since it’s coming straight from the top instead of through Solavei. Obvoiusly, Solavei’s approach has been successful if T-Mobile launches a similar approach (even though it’s not a recurring payment).

  • dreamcore

    “when they sign up for either a two-year contract or a Monthly4G plan…”

    • dreamcore

      Hm, I would like to put Taylor’s or someone’s code as my referral.

      • Homncruse

        Since you asked… — Taylor will receive benefits (once your trio is completed anyway) as well.

  • kookeetree

    This seems interesting… if I have T-Mobile.. or any friends…

  • melan26

    I don’t know, I mean it could be good since everything cost so much these days.

  • misael

    thank god i have a tmobile account, i will be trying to convince some of my friends to move to tmobile

  • Daniel

    Are these rewards still active? I just activated a new account and it said that the reward was pending validation. After i bought $60 in refill nothing new came up. Am i supposed to get $10 for the $60 refill?