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30 million Galaxy S III units sold in first five months, plans branding refresh for CES 2013


Samsung has become synonymous with Android. They’ve been incredibly successful with the little green robot, pushing massive quantities of devices as soon as they hit shelves. Today, Samsung has been kind enough to share some numbers on just how many Galaxy S IIIs have been sold in the first five months of their existence: 30 million.

Outpacing and outselling both the original Galaxy S and Galaxy S II, the Galaxy S III has hit the 30 million sold mark just five months after its retail debut. According to the chart kindly provided by Samsung over at Samsung Tomorrow, an S III is sold every 0.45 seconds. Over the last 157 days, Samsung has sold enough S IIIs to cover the surface area of 12 Colosseums, which combined weigh as much as 100 Humpback Whales, and stacked on end would be roughly 29 Mt. Everests tall.

While we don’t expect to see the Galaxy S IV until Mobile World Congress 2013, CES won’t be without its fair share of Samsung-related news this year. The Australian Channel News is reporting that, according to Sources based in Asia, Samsung will be revealing a complete brand refresh this coming January.

The rebranding effort will be led by Scott Bedbury, famous for working with both Nike and Starbucks among other companies. Samsung wants to continue to break out of the Asian market and make it clear they are a global force to be reckoned with. It’ll be interesting to see what Samsung finally lays down the blue oval for.

The-Samsung-GALAXY-S-III-achieves-30-million_2 The-Samsung-GALAXY-S-III-achieves-30-million_1

Via: Engadget

Source: Samsung Tomorrow

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  • triangle

    Outstanding achievement. It helps to have one device across all of the carriers. Hopefully, more devices will be available across carriers instead of having carrier-specific versions, which increasingly looks like a FAIL.

    • iamXiV92a

      Indeed, they know what they’re doing but can they start releasing all the alternate colours are the same time as well? I think it would help the consumers more…

    • Richard Yarrell

      Samsung deserves it’s credit and place in android land. Samsung is android nobody else compares or matters…

      • squiddy20

        “Samsung is android nobody else compares or matters…” What a fool. You clearly don’t know what Android is. You often claim to “love all things Android”, but then you go around bashing anything that isn’t from the same manufacturer of the phone you currently own. A year ago you owned a few HTC products, so you made up “Samsuck” to describe Samsung and told everyone about how crappy their “cheap plastic devices” were. Now you’re practically on Samsung’s nuts and won’t shut up about how “boss” the company is.
        Samsung is NOT Android. You want true Android, get a Nexus. Not that Touchwiz crap that Samsung throws on all of their products.

      • Nate B.

        I won’t be to surprised if and when he talks loudly about the HTC Beast coming to Verizon by the end of the year at the latest. I favor OEM’s but I accept all devices into the mobile game.

      • RobBull75

        Samsung has done a better job at branding than other Android OEM’s. Moto has done a fairly good job with the Droid line, but that is thanks in part to Verizon’s marketing machine. I would like to see Google take a page out of these companies’ book and aggressively market the Nexus brand. Everyone I know that has given up on Android and gone to the iPhone or Windows Phone (okay I’m kidding, no one uses WP), has had a branded phone with a horrible UI and more bugs than a cheap prostitute. I have yet to meet a Nexus owner that has made the switch and not all of my friends that own Nexus’ are Android nerds like me. I think getting Nexus devices in people’s hands and including the latest, greatest hardware in the Nexus phones are a must for long-term success of Android.

      • ayocuz

        I too thought HTC was that deal but since i traded in my sensation for ans2 I’ve jumped on the Samsung bandwagon and been loving my s3 . This is a really nice Phone and deserves to lead the rest of whoever makes android handsets

      • Steam

        Really? This is from your AaM page:

        “Love Technology and have been a Evo 4g owner on sprint since June 4th 2010. This device is the Granddaddy of all 4g android devices and I now know I can place my evo 4g in retirement because 2 new members have been added to the evo family. I will be purchasing my Evo 3d on June 24th 2011 and just might be able to get it on June 21st 3 days early due to bein a sprint premiere customer..”

        Tell the Bowery and Ed Morgan that you are in dire, dire need of a psychiatrist. They can’t do anything about the fact that you’re mentally a five-year-old, but maybe they can get you the psych meds you so desperately need.

    • zerosix

      I’m looking forward to meeting the day when Samsung announches that there are more Galaxies, than iPhones.

  • MrZackarius

    In a perfect world the rebranding of Samsung would consist of ditching touchwiz for at least a stock-esque UI,with maybe a few unique features. As well as telling the carriers to stop hindering the updates…in a perfect world.

  • jamal adam

    This quite the milestone. Samsung has a winning formula and they are using it well. Brand recognition is through the roof. Well done Samsung.

    • Hom0ncruse

      final nail in the coffin for samsung galaxy brand

      • Nate B.

        Yea, this “final nail in the coffin” thing was DEAD a long time ago.

  • Nate B.

    Samsung is sitting back smoking cigars watching Scar Face.

    I’m curious to know what they have in mind.

    • Paul Atreides

      The world chico, and everything in it!

  • Raptor

    It’s YOU who create jobs overseas with your money, do you realize that ?

    Your own company Apple which you hate so passionately (try to find such haters of own tech in China or Korea!) pays just $10-12 from each cellphone to create jobs in China, it also pays Korea around $100 and other countries $30 for parts, still it creating $300 profit which eventually comes to US and creates jobs here.

    You in your turn pay whole $500 from each foreign built cellphone or tablet to create overseas jobs, leaving here only few percents sales tax.

    Will repeat: it’s YOU who with your money ACTUALLY create jobs overseas. Suicidal morons.

    • Bpear96

      Every Galaxy S device sold also helps fund a little American company known as GOOGLE. Though Google might not charge for android as an OS directly, they do make money off of all the ADs we view using an Android device, and also off purchases we make from the Google Play store. Which helps google hire and pay more employees to further develop Android, and help design nexus devices. If the best smart phone was “made” (not manufactured) by an american company I would buy it , but its not. However the LG Nexus 4 is manufactured by LG, it was made in partnership with Google an american company, and uses a Qualcomm CPU also “made” by an American company.

      • Raptor

        Curious how Goog succeeds to brainwash so many youngsters…The Goog is not a little company u moron. It has market cap 2 times the Intel, 25 times the Nvidia, 100 times the AMD. It is a huge octopus, a monopoly, capable screwing everyone on earth, it’s approaching an absolute monopoly for many its businesses it essentially copied from others. Using big money behind it Goog crushes each and everyone from its day one. Where are Altavista and Excite? Its business practice is to monopolize everything and lawyers will take care of legal issues. This type of practice worked for thousands years but problem is that all others in the world already learned this trick and now the only who suffers from monopolization is we all. All that revenue Samsung takes from US with its Android business is direct harm to US. And it is much larger then the $24B profit Google makes of which one earned abroad is minuscule compared to Samsung’s drag. This would justify usefulness of Google if the inequality would be opposite but it is NOT.

        • zerosix

          Okay. Do you own a Motorola phone? Or at least Blackberry?
          Realise, that you have an iPhone just because it it you, who is brainwashed.

          • RAPTOR giving lessons to unicellular morons

            I have Samsung and Motorola u single-stranded 12 y.o. zero

          • zerosix

            >I have Samsung

            >It’s YOU who create jobs overseas with your money, do you realize that ?

            Oh, man, I have bad news…

          • RAPTOR

            “Oh, man, I have bad news…” – i compensated it with Motorola. I do not see anything on Apple 3.5″ without glasses. And it’s me who more then anybody else criticized Apple for absence of 4, 4.5 and 5″ phones. I’d personally gladly buy true Windows8 5+” 1080p phablet and never touch anything else.

        • Nate B.

          Ignorance at it’s finest

          • RAPTOR giving lessons to unicellular morons

            i even do not bother reading your @#[email protected], pity this site for teens does not have an ignore list. Only Taylor and his great English for me who just learns it keeps me here.

            Taylor should invite or even buy ones in a while articles from Anandtech to pesticide idiots out of here, they just spam this site straight from their classes in the middle school.

        • Bpear96

          I was obviously kidding when I said “a little company” I guess you really do have to say when your being sarcastic on the internet

          • RAPTOR still learns english

            well, sorry in this case, i do not really *feel* english yet, i always translate it in the head like Intel’s Atom translates Android – hiccups sometimes ;-)

        • RobBull75

          Altavista and Excite don’t exist because they used an inferior algo in their searches and it was actually Yahoo, not Google, that killed them. Then Google came along and used a better search logic and Yahoo adapted too slowly and lost market share because their search stinks. Do you remember how bad search was back in the day? If you make a superior product, people will use it. It’s not to say that GOOG hasn’t had their share of questionable practices, but that is not the reason for their success. The company continues to innovate and pump out quality products that people want. Blackberry and Windows Mobile were inferior mobile OS’, so Apple and Google pounced on these sinking ships by creating a far better product. What can you do in the aforementioned mobile operating systems that you can’t do in Android? It took the new Windows Phone months to just add copy and paste for christsakes! Google giving OEMs and carriers tons of leeway is the reason they have a virtual monopoly of smartphones, not stymieing competition. As far as Android goes, there has been zero mention of any FTC action – it’s all search-related.

          • RAPTOR giving lessons to unicellular morons

            hahaha typical emotional blurbs from someone who do not see beyond the surface. Altavista and Excite and others died because they could not afford “good” searches. They were suffocated by flood of money behind GOOG who did not annoy you with the crap. Now Goog as a monopoly can dictate the ad prices keeping meantime searches reasonable

            Think twice. In this life everything important is monopolized.

    • Smarter than YOU..

      Wow.. you are sooo smart! Did you think of that all on your own?
      You are king of the obvious … All hail the king!

      Sure we send our production of iPhones (and almost everything else) to
      Asian countries that under-pay, demoralize, and basically kill all of it’s
      citizens human rights. Maybe that is what you should be talking about!

      • LukeT32

        I’m not sure how buying an Apple product is really any better? Non of the components are built or assembled here. I get the company is US based, but they might as well be from China….. If can honestly say Apple doesn’t run there business like a Communist Government, congrats to you.

      • poler166

        You sound like your 5 dude …

  • rauelius

    So basically 30 Million reasons to continue on with the molestation of Android called TouchWiz…..

  • Stella

    Congrats to Samsung! In three short years, they have become a dominate force. I hope the rebranding will take into consideration of redoing TouchWiz and making it more in line with Halo’s style.

    • RobBull75

      Or eliminating TW altogether. It won’t happen, but one can always dream :)

  • MattJ

    Fair play to Samsung they’ve built themselves up from a rubbish name in Android – anybody remember the original Galaxy? – to the top manufacturer. In fact they’re so big now I worry about them doing an Amazon at some point and spinning off their own version of Android with their own App Store and services.

    I also wish they’d put a bit more effort into the feel of the phones – I hate the cheap plastic they use it makes a premium product feel bargain basement. HTC and Nokia prove you can use plastic and still have a quality feel to their phones.

    • RobBull75

      I think the SIII feels really nice, as does the Note II. My original Galaxy S did feel cheap, but I think the company has come a long way.

    • frmorrison

      Building an eco-system is tough work (see Windows phones for an example), I doubt Samsung would want their own Appstore. Regarding Amazon, you can still use Play Store apps on the Fire, you just need to sideload the apk file, so it is not like you are limited to one app store.

  • vote Matt Rooney

    Today is the day, we finally get rid of the black president!

    • RAPTOR teaching retards, but … retards are retards

      Dumbo, the problem is not in the skin color but what is beneath. What we have are lawyer and banker – what a joke

      Both candidates have no clue in the major thing US or any other country needs the most – deep expertize, PhD in Economics, or at least in something related.

      Look at Putin and Merkel, both have PhDs and both countries live with surplus, not staggering debt