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4 things to consider before you buy the Nexus 4


The Google Nexus 4 goes on sale tomorrow, and we know that hundreds of you will buy the device on day one. Google is selling the 8 GB version for $299 and the 16 GB version for $349, while T-Mobile will offer the device on-contract for only $199. Many of you have already made up your mind to purchase the device, but here are a few things to consider before you spend your money.

1. Explore pre-paid options, but don’t cancel your wireless contract yet

We are huge fans of pre-paid wireless and the Nexus 4 is the best deal on an unlocked phone. You might be able to save a lot of money by switching to pre-paid service, but you should always have a backup plan when making a switch. We encourage you to test out multiple pre-paid plans, so you can see if AT&T or T-Mobile offers a better experience in your neighborhood. Only cancel your current plan after you have found a new plan that you are happy with. If you plan to swap pre-paid plans frequently, we suggest porting your number to Google Voice.

2. Buy the 16 GB version

I have owned several Android devices with only 8 GB of internal storage, and it’s not enough for me. There are ways to avoid running out of space, but do you really want to worry about managing the size of every app you install? Spend the extra $50 and upgrade to the 16 GB version of the Nexus 4. It will make you happier in the long run and it will increase the resale value of your device.

3. Visit a T-Mobile store

Am I really going to buy a smartphone from LG? If you are on the fence about the Nexus 4 after reading over 25 plus reviews on it, then head to your local T-Mobile store and check it out in person. T-Mobile is the exclusive launch partner and devices will go on sale in stores on November 14th. Some stores are already reporting Nexus 4 demo units have arrived early, but make sure to call your closest location first and confirm they have the device.

4. Prepare for beta experience

Every new smartphone ships with some bugs, including Nexus devices. The last couple Nexus phones launched with various problems, and it normally takes a couple months to work out the most annoying issues. Thankfully, the unlocked Nexus 4 will receive software updates directly from Google, so users won’t have to suffer through delays caused by the carriers. Go ahead and buy if you don’t mind being a beta tester, or wait for Android 4.2.1 if you want to avoid any early problems.

Wait and see what happens

If you are happy with your current device or still saving up for your next phone, keep in mind that waiting a couple of months could have its benefits. Google has a track record of lowering prices, increasing the internal storage, and adding new connectivity options, so we could see some more Nexus options by May.

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  • Noven

    Already prepared. Can’t wait for tomorrow!

    • jaxidian

      Ditto. I’m upgrading from my Galaxy S III to the Nexus 4. Why? Not because it’s such a huge upgrade. It’s a two-part reason:

      1) I just love having a Nexus. So much fun to flash ROMs on compared to other phones! Not that the GS3 was a slouch but it still wasn’t a Nexus.

      2) Financials. I sold my GS3 for $460 and am upgrading for $350. Over the next 6 months, I guarantee that the GS3 will go down in value MUCH more than the Nexus 4 will. So ultimately, I got paid to upgrade (without signing a contract) to a phone that will retain its value much better over the coming months.

      The #1 thing that caused me to hesitate a bit was the non-removable battery. I finally decided I’d survive with it even if I had to go buy a few Qi chargers to do so.

      • Noven

        A few months back I jumped ship from Verizon to a T-Mobile monthly 4g plan, haven’t looked back. I picked up an HTC One S for $300 knowing that I would sell it and in anticipation of the next Nexus that came out. Sold it for $275 yesterday, not bad at all considering the huge upgrade the Nexus 4 will be for only $75.

        I had a few gripes about the One S before I bought it, a non-removable battery was one of them. After about two weeks I adjusted and had completely forgotten about it. Using the Nexus 7 for most of my gaming helped as well. Might not be the same for you, just thought I’d throw in my two cents. I do agree, I’ll probably have a Qi charger for home and work which will help immensely.

      • Richard Yarrell

        The Galaxy S3 pimp slaps the Lg Nexus 4 plain and simple. I will be selling my Galaxy S3 on Wednesday and purchasing my Galaxy Note 2 on Tmobile November 15th. The Galaxy Note 2 trashes the Lg Nexus 4 and Galaxy S3…

        • redraider133

          How does the galaxy s3 pimp slap the nexus? Nexus= better processor and gpu, better screen, stock android. About the only thing the s3 beats the nexus in is camera department.

        • clocinnorcal

          Fail post Richard. Fail.

        • luckykrrish

          @Richard, you may be right on the Galaxy Note 2, it has better processor than Nexus 4. But Nexus 4 is better than Galaxy S3

    • Dana88

      I already have an iPhone 5 and i dont wanna downgrade to this samsung phone. Moreover, i got an iPad and i heard the samsung ipad is much worse than the apple one.

      • Homncruse

        Ow, my IQ took a nasty fall after reading that.

      • simon

        First you a noob, this is first of all not made by Samsung. Second you have a downgraded version already, just wait to march 2013, apple will release iPhone 6 (7) or iPhone 5s

      • luckykrrish

        “samsung ipad” mindfuck

  • lolo

    I thought the 16gb is $329? At least that’s what I’m looking at from a previous article that Google stated it would be $329.

    • Homncruse

      It’s always been $299/349 for 8/16 GB respectively. Not sure where you’re getting the $329 number.

      • Juan Almanzar

        Maybe he has been reading a lot of iPad mini articles?

      • Duuuuude

        iPad Mini?

      • lolo

        Omg, I was $20 bucks off, friggin sue me! The $329 price was in a youmobile article! So people downgrade me because of a mistake, instead of politely correcting me? Good Lord people!

        • bhayes444

          Chill out. When I read it, I thought you just got mixed up with the iPad mini; either that or I was gonna find out when this price drop was to occur. It’s just ratings, don’t let it bother you so much.

  • uknowme

    I’m personally going to wait and see what changes we get with the Nexus 4 2.0.

  • typofeign

    pretty sure its $349 for 16GB not $399.

  • TK

    What SIM card does it use? Mini or regular?

    • Fred

      I uses Micro-SIM. Mini doesn’t exist and Nano is the iPhone 5′s.

      • Derek

        Actually, I think the regular sim cards are technically “mini” sims, micro sims are what the iphone 4/4s and most new android devices use, and nano is what is in iphone 5.

        • inviolable

          If the “regular” ones are minis, then what are the regular size sim cards?

          • Bearxor

            He is correct. What you’re think of as a standard SIM card is a Mini. Standard SIM cards were about the size of a credit card. I don’t believe they were very widely used at all.

            Mini is still the most common form factor, like in the Galaxy Nexus. Micro, like the iPhone 4/4S and Nexus 4 will probably be much more common place this year. Nano, the iPhone 5 version, will probably start appearing in non-apple devices in 2013, become more common by 2015.

            Apple just had a head start with the nano because they proposed the standard.

      • REVS

        my one s uses a mini sim they do exist

        • inviolable

          Your One S uses a micro sim

  • phor11

    Called my local T-mobile store:
    T-mobile rep: “We don’t carry any of the nexus line.”
    me: ??? …

    Looks like I’ll be hitting F5 at midnight.

    • Homncruse

      That might be true. Not all T-Mobile stores will be carrying it.

  • stenzor

    Well I can’t do #3 because I’m in Canada, but I don’t really care. It has much better specs than my Galaxy Nexus, I’m already sold on it.

    • andy

      I really wish we had a place to go and handle the phone….I am stuck between the Nexus 4 and the S3…I like being able to handle before I buy

      • DroidRocka

        “I like being able to handle before I buy” this is the motto I live by when it comes down to my next gf

        • Homncruse

          Huh, what a coincidence. That’s the motto I live by when it comes down to choosing your next girlfriend too.

      • vforvortex

        With the S3 i feel you are already 6 months behind the technology. And you are probably waiting 6 months before you get android 4.2 update. S3 does have some good features that nexus wouldnt have, but if you like the stock experience more, you might feel like you are already behind right after buying the s3 phone.

      • stenzor

        The stock Android experience trumps all, in my opinion. Some phones still don’t have Jellybean (and the S3 just got the update recently) while I’ve had it since the end of June.

  • SGB101

    199 on contract for a 299 phone, you’d have to be on crack to fall for that. Someone needs sacking!

    • Nasko

      Generally agree. But i am getting it on contract, pretty much becuase i have not choice. I joining a family plan with people who already have a contract. T-mo won’t let me add a line to it, unless i have a contract. My total monthly cost will be $25.00 with unlimited everything. Really can’t beat that with any other option for that price. So yeah I will be one in the minority, but it doesn’t seem like a bad deal.

      • SGB101

        I stand corrected :o)

        Its a very select group that this appeals to. For you it works out a great deal actually. I well done Sir.

  • jaxidian

    One more thing to consider: The Nexus 4 (regardless of where you get it from) will NOT have WiFi Calling for T-Mobile users. This is very important for some and doesn’t matter at all for others on T-Mobile.


    I understand dat da Google nexus supports HSPA 21 + & T-Mobile version supports HSPA 42 + is it tru ?

    • vforvortex

      Nexus 4 will support hspa 42 + . Verified and updated on the google play device spec section.

    • stenzor

      There is only one version

    • Jaywrayson

      If you’re on T-Mobile, and your area has HSPA+42, then yes, the phone will run on that network.

  • R.S

    As much as I would like to buy it tomorrow, I’m probably going to wait until after the holidays.

    Not only will any issues the phone may have be probably fixed by then but there should be a handful of accessories as well.


    @ jaxidian T-Mobile just announced wi-fi will work with da LG nexus 4 !


      No they didn’t and no it will not.

  • Eddie

    How can you test a prepaid carrier without canceling current wireless contract?

    • Taylor Wimberly

      There is no contract. You pay $30-50 and get a new number with 30 days of service.

      • jaxidian

        What Taylor said.

        With T-Mobile, they have a 30-day $30 prepaid plan with 5GB data, 100 minutes, and unlimited SMS. This is really the best way to test T-Mobile. Other carriers have various plans to consider.

        • JAMman

          My local T-Mo rep said No-Contract plans don’t share towers between carriers. So if you are beyond the reach of a T-Mo tower your call will be dropped. But if you are on a T-Mo contract, the call gets passed to one of T-Mo’s partners, most likely AT&T. I’m not saying this is a fact, but it’s what my T-Mo rep said, maybe to convince me to not sign up for a N-C plan.

          • jaxidian

            That is correct as I understand it. HOWEVER, if you’re roaming on AT&T towers, then you’re already in spotty coverage and you probably shouldn’t go with T-Mobile. Two reasons:

            1) Not 100% of AT&T towers will let you roam onto them even if they’re supposed to. Roaming coverage is spottier than it’s supposed to be. Prime example is my parents house gets usable AT&T coverage but no T-Mobile phone I’ve tried has ever been able to get a lick of coverage. Tower still says “Cingular” but I have to drive 90 minutes to get coverage w/ my TMo plan (on contract).

            2) When you get into that “in between” area when you’re close to T-Mobile coverage, you are *not* allowed to roam onto AT&T towers. Which means in these areas, you usually get no reception when going from TMo to roaming.

            For either one (and definitely both) of these reasons, if you can’t get good coverage on a prepaid plan, you probably shouldn’t go with T-Mobile. That said, your facts were correct as best as I know. :-)

      • Eddie

        Are you able to keep your current number?

        • Noven

          Yes, I went from Verizon to a monthly 4g plan, and they ported my number over.

        • bhayes444

          Google Voice is your friend when it comes to jumping between prepaid carriers and MVNOs. $20 to port your current number to GVoice and it’s “yours” forever. Just gets a bit complicated when unknown numbers are calling you and you don’t know if it’s your GVoice number or your carrier number; my general rule of thumb is that if it says the call is from Ghana don’t pick it up.

      • Ardrid

        That doesn’t help you if you want to keep your current number. What your essentially suggesting is getting multiple new numbers to test out numerous MVNOs before settling on one. That’s fine assuming you’re going to port your old number to Google Voice (which will, incidentally, cancel your current service) and forward your new numbers to your GV number. If that’s not what you want to do, though, you’re going to have to port your old number to try out different providers.

        • Eddie

          Thanks this is what I was essentially asking. I think I am going to take the risk and hope either ATT or TMobile works in my area. I know many on ATT (post-paid) and they are happy.

          • Homncruse

            Pre-paid and post-paid service is identical with the exception of roaming agreements (scroll up to read jaxidian’s post for better info).

        • josh

          you don’t necessarily have to use the NoContract phone number provided forever.
          1) keep current cell service (phone number A)
          2) sign up for a N-C cell plan (Straight Talk-ATT MNVO was my choice) and get a second phone number (phone number B).
          3) test out the plan while still maintaining your current Contract.
          4) like the N-C option? port over your number (number A) to Google Voice–which Early Terminates your contract-plan. pay the ETF.
          5) log into, and forward your contract-number (A) to your prepaid-phone number (B)
          6) enjoy calls from everyone who has your old number.

          i went prepaid 3 months ago, but dropped my previous number (too many spam texts/calls)—but looking back, i didn’t understand GoogleVoice well enough to fix that problem. i wish i had ported the number.

  • ~

    i wish nexus 4 will be available in russia immediately :<


    Also im getting $275.00 @T-Mobile 4 my samsung galaxy s 3 & a $50.00 gift card offer ends November 27 ! By by sprint !

    • jaxidian

      I sold mine for $460 on Swappa (had a $30 Kidigi dock too). You might find a better deal there. ;-)

  • http://None Javier Bastardo

    I’m gonna wait for the Xperia Nexus, fiction or not I just know it has to come out someday.

  • Gerson

    ” T-Mobile is the exclusive launch partner and devices will go on sale in stores on November 14th”

    yes but will they sell it unlocked, and will it be the same nexus 4 that goes on sale on on the google play store without “tmobile branding?” Im just wondering if there are to versions, “googles unlocked version” and tMobiles branded version..

    • Homncruse

      One Nexus 4 to Rule Them All.

      The T-Mobile version will be identical. There is no “branding”.

  • J3R3MY_H

    What carrier is everyone using?

    I’m going to try out SimpleMobile

    • jaxidian

      T-Mobile here. Their coverage here is great and their prices simply can’t be beat! We’re at ~$30/line for enough minutes, unlimited texts, unlimited data. Bump that up to $35/line if we ever need unlimited minutes.

    • Ardrid

      I initially threw my weight behind T-Mobile but I think I’m going to give Solavei a try first. I don’t think I can make the $30 Monthy4G plan work for me even with the paltry amount of time I spend talking on the phone. I also don’t want to muck around with VOIP, which does nothing to address people who call you unless you start forwarding calls. The next plan for me would be the $60 plan and Solavei is obviously cheaper at $49. I don’t intend on participating in the pyramid scheme aspect or accepting their debit card; I’m only in it for the service. If they don’t work out, I port to T-Mobile and call it a day.

      • Homncruse

        Solavei is a T-Mobile MVNO, so if T-Mobile service works for you, Solavei will work identically (and vice versa), because it’s literally the same network servicing your phone.

        I’ve been using Solavei off and on (haven’t fully switched yet due to ETF reasons), and I have no problems with it. If you want to sign up for Solavei, I’ll do some self-promotion here and ask you to sign up with my referral link: — I’m signed up under Taylor, so all benefits I receive will cascade upward to him as well.

        And, just because I feel like I have to clarify it, the term “pyramid scheme” isn’t accurate, since it implies the lack of a real product or service, and that’s very much not true. I wish people would stop using it. It’s social-oriented multi-level marketing, but the “multi-level” only goes up two levels, so it’s not the same as a traditional pyramid format where the people at the top make all the money. If you sign up under me, for example, I’ll receive benefits and so will Taylor, but the person above Taylor will not.


    Taylor thanks 4 info $30 plans ar great but in order 2 take advantage of da $275.00 their giving me @ T-Mobile dat covers my concellation charges with sprint , I’ll get da 500 min plan & data !

  • Chris

    Wat if google launches a 32gb version of Nexus 4 at a reduced price lik the Nexus 7??

    • Ardrid

      Then you can do 1 of 3 things:

      1. Suck it up, accept the fact that you were an early adopter, and enjoy your Nexus 4.
      2. Sell your Nexus 4 and buy the 32GB model.
      3. Take a wait and see approach.

      Personally, I’m buying mine tomorrow. I can’t stand my Captivate anymore and a 32GB Nexus 4 doesn’t interest me in the slightest. I’m only using 3GB of my 16GB Captivate; I can’t imagine what I would do with a 32GB device.

      • Chris

        Dude why would yu need a NExus 4 if yu are jus gonna use 3gb on it? Wat do yu do with ur Android anyways??!

  • jamal adam

    Why must I be a broke college student. Life hates me. Enjoy your Nexus 4s to those getting there’s tomorrow. I’ll be waiting til next month or January.

    • jaxidian

      I was there too, bud. Didn’t even have a cell phone then. The rewards from working your ass off as a poor college student pays off later. Won’t pay off now, so just stick to it! :-)

      • Homncruse

        True story. I was in the same boat a few years ago too, and assuming you’re majoring in something that’s actually marketable and successful (e.g., not underwater basket-weaving or something equally useless), you’ll make it out alive and better off financially in the long-run — unless you’re attending a private university and drowning in a 6-figure student loan debt, in which case I’m not sure I can offer encouraging words.

        • jaxidian

          I was there too (6-figure student loans). Fortunately, I became *very* marketable. I’d have been screwed otherwise!

          • Homncruse

            Now you have me curious… you pulled out of a 6-figure student loan? Did you major in bank robbery?

          • jaxidian

            @homncrus Private engineering school. I’d do it all over again too, but only because I know it paid off.

    • Vice president Matt Rooney

      Proof that android sheeps are mostly high school drop-outs

      • Justin W

        Most of us aren’t, but I’m glad you fit the bill.

      • jamal adam

        For your information, I’m currently a senior at Carleton college, which just happens to be one of the best private colleges in the country. You tried.

  • REVS


  • Nathan D.

    I really dont care about a lot of stuff on that list except for memory space.

  • matt

    None of the Tmobile stores in Atlanta are even carrying the phone , acc to a corporate mngr who said he’d call Tmo to find out.
    I’ve been on Straight Talk for 10 days & its been a nightmare. Non English speaking reps in phillipines are awful. Don’t understand, don’t listen or read emails, just keep repeating same script no matter what. My data die every day at random times & I have to reboot. Never had that in all my T-Mobile years. They keep telling me its APN settings which r correct. Then blame me or the phone or location..eventho its happened in multiple areas where tthere’s T-Mobile. Even tho I’ve used only 30mb a day, they’re now blaming that & violating terms or too much data all of which is ridiculous as data returns after reboot. After less than 2 weeks, I have to port again. I wish I had believed the thousands of negative comments…

    • Ardrid

      That’s exactly why I’m staying far, far way from Straight Talk. Their ToS is a joke and their “unlimited” data plan is obfuscatory to a fault. The fact that they can cancel your service at will, thereby costing you your number, is reason enough for me to not use them.

  • Ardrid

    I’m surprised to see Android & Me pushing the 16GB model so hard. It’ll certainly give some of us extra peace of mind, but the $50 could be better spent elsewhere if you truly don’t need the additional space. It’s also a fallacy that the extra space will help with resale value. It might make your device a bit more attractive to potential buyers but all my research (using Glyde, Gazelle, and eBay) suggests that the additional storage has very little impact on final sale value, with devices with lesser storage frequently selling for more than devices with higher storage.

  • DroidSamurai

    There’s no way for me to switch away from Verizon (especially after Hurricane Sandy, Verizon’s 4G just seems unbeatable, friends/family of mine on AT&T/Sprint/T-mobile would have no signal, but I got 4G. Hell, my bro-in-law even lost his cable modem connection at home, while I was tethering 4G on my GNex inside his house.)

    That said, I want to explore an option of getting a RAZR MAXX and using it to tether the Nexus 4 as my main Android smartphone. Anyone knows how long the battery of RAZR MAXX would last if I use it to tether another smartphone?

    • Elenore

      So you were on the phone and browsing 4G, while your friends are cleaning up the Sandy mess? Wow, you ARE a true VZW customer (a$$hole and cocky baztard)

      • alamoe

        The point is Verizon LTE worked great when all the other carriers failed.

  • manusferrera

    So I think I’m getting the 8gb being I have my nexus 7 for big apps like games and such just wish I would have waited for the 32gb so I think I’m gonna wait it out in case they pull this again.

  • Bob

    I’m confused. The artical says an 8 gigabyte model is $299 and the 16 gigabyte is $399. However, the recommendation is made to spend the extra $50 bucks and get the 16 gigabyte version. Which might it be?

    • Adam Jones

      I’m reading it at 10:28 PM eastern and it says 16GB is $349

  • Adam Jones

    I often wonder how many 8GB phones will actually sell?

  • iamXiV92a

    Prepared and now waiting. . .

  • birdman

    Must… resist….. buying….

  • bobknows

    I’m really excited about the Nexus 4, but is it going to be a solid phone for at least two years? Is an update in May going mean a drop in the price or a bump in the hardware? As someone focused more on the practical side (Nexus 4 is a steal!), does it make sense for someone like me to jump in as an early adopter?

  • alelol

    my samsung galaxy Y has 2gb storage and is not even full after 1 year of usage..i think i’m going for the 8GB nexus

  • Matt

    I tried to buy one of these yesterday in the UK but like many the Play Store wasn’t up to it. Today I had a play with one of these at a local Carphone Warehouse and I’m sort of glad I didn’t purchase. Whilst I appreciate with Nexus you get pure Google and updates as soon as they are released, the device felt bland and devoid of character. For some this may well be the attraction, no custom skins, or mods and a blank canvas to mod yourself. This is my point, the Nexus remains a device for devs, the design quirk of the back plate is an attempt to warp a developers phone into a consume device, which for me does not cut it. I’m sure the early adopters will love this phone and good for them, and yes I know it’s a steal at £279, but for me the S3, and ONE X present a more consumer friendly experience of android.

  • melan26

    So many good options these days.

  • castlefox

    I cant wait until I got my Nexus4 I ordered back on Nov. 28