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Facebook still working to get employees on Android, releases internal Rage Shake bug submission tool


Back in late August of this year, we brought you a story on how Facebook was forcing its employees to switch to Android in order to get them to see just how bad the app was. We’ve seen nary an improvement to the Android Facebook app since then, but Facebook isn’t giving up.

Techcrunch has been investigating just what’s going on inside Facebook. They were able to obtain some choice quotes from a Facebook spokesperson, along with some interesting propaganda-style posters promoting Android.

The campaign to get Facebook employees on Android devices is being called “Droidfooding.” A clever play on dogfooding, or using your own software, and Android. Since Facebook originally encouraged iPhone use, it’s now left making up ground when it comes to getting their employees on a wide variety of devices. Posters promoting the Droidfooding campaign now line the walls of Facebook, reminding employees that they can switch today and detailing sales projections that show Android OS dwarfing the iPhone.

So just how is the campaign working out? According to Facebook, there’s definitely progress being made: “We’ve created more awareness that Android devices are available … there’s plenty of people here carrying around both devices, and not just engineers and not just mobile people.”

Getting employees to use Android phones is just half the battle. The other half is getting those employees to submit bugs and maintain a steady flow of information. Facebook is using a “Rage Shake” feature in beta builds to help speed up the process. Employees simply need to shake their phone, usually in rage, and it submits all the essential details of what’s going on to the appropriate developers.

There’s no telling when Facebook’s Droidfooding efforts will finally pay off. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg promised a native Facebook client for Android was coming in the near future, but we haven’t heard much since the initial announcement. The more employees Facebook has using and testing Android software, the faster we’re likely to see that client. One thing’s for certain: it can’t come soon enough.

Source: Techcrunch

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  • Atari 2600

    Thats why most people have an iPhone. Android is a mess, no developer wants to fight the dreaded fragmentation and different API levels desaster. On iPhone, you can raise profits, on Android? Forget it. And dont tell me lies of OMG Samsung Galaxy 3 outsold iPhone and …… developers are deciding the so-called war. And they hate devoloping for android more and more.Ever had an app crash on a htc phone while its working on a samsung? Yeah, thats what drives devs insane.
    No wonder the majority still uses the iOS facebook app.

    • Feifonwong

      Devs can like it or not Android is the dominate mobile OS and climbing. They can either adapt or die. Fragmentation is no excuse for making a crappy app on either OS.

      • Truth

        Its easier on iOS. most devs would rather do iOS with less users than android with the most.

        • Paul

          Another work for easier is Basic, iOS is just a list of apps, & every other phone in the world has a list of apps, its called a app menu, Android & windows phone are advanced phones.

    • alankrut

      hey buddy you should stop the trolling.
      I am a developer and never have i faced an issue with fragmentation.
      If i was on iOS i would still be waiting for ur overload to approve my app…
      There is a reason Android is ahead ios in the charts, so just leave the dev’ing to the devs cause you clearly do not know what ur talking about

      • mrbobo

        Who are you little baby

    • Freshly_Snipes

      Why are you here then?? LEAVE!!!!!!!! We don’t care. All they need to do is make a good app with proper working dimensions and and use the android help site to develop and the “imaginary fragmentation” will subside.

      • clocinnorcal

        Sweet name! ^^

      • iamXiV92a

        I think I’ve seen that name around somewhere… :)
        I still get a kick out of it!

    • redraider133

      Maybe you should read this. Seems most developers don’t have a problem with it

      • freshly_snipes

        Ignore the funky troll…If her really felt this way why would he be on Android And Me?? lol

    • Max.Steel

      Resident AndroidandMe troll, Ben Johnson from Georgia, trolling under a different name as usual.

    • Bpear96

      “Thats why most people have an iPhone. ” last i checked.. that wasn’t true

    • ajaxman93

      Go put your balls in a vice grip. It would do everyone a favor.

    • sbala

      This thread is for droidians only.
      How this sheep has entered inside.

  • droilfade

    I’m guessing the Rage Shake should work. Now just release that future to the users and you will have enough bugs to chew on for months! :p

    • droilfade

      Ahem! “feature” I mean

  • alexanderharri3

    Always with the iOS vs Android on an Android blog, clearly the iOS people are here to troll or just like to see back and forth debate to no end outside the legal floor between the two.

    At least there is a consensus that the HTML5 Facebook app is garbage…

  • Angie Wimberly

    It feels like I’ve seen some improvements in the past month. The news feed doesn’t always refresh and lose my place like it used to, and videos play correctly more often. It’s been nice to at least see those changes even if they happened to come about just from general updates and not from specific focus on improving the Android app.

  • Harpo

    I don’t care if they get the devs to use Android or not. I DO care if they get off their dead asses and fix their dog poop app.

  • Romney (hates 47% of all americans)

    Facebook still working to get employees….i imagine after their recent shares crash, they could become the next MySpace. Facebook is such a crap. Maybe Richard Yarrell invested into facecrook.

  • Sameer

    Yes..Facebook is doing right thing. They need to understand the need of time..Android is going at a horse pace.

  • mody_qwerty


  • optimuslove

    I believe this is because iPhones are too locked down for their services.

    This is a sign that the mobile market might be similar to the current PC market in a good way that devs will start making better apps for android. I see this decade as the Decade of the Android.

    • Ben

      No offense but have you seen the pc market recently? It’s still windows dominated but sales of pc’s are crashing. Mac sales aren’t soaring but aren’t crashing like the rest. There is still a lag of when things are released for Mac rather than pc (mostly games) but that’s the nature of the beast for a smaller but growing market share. You better hope that android doesn’t go the way of the pc market as you said because the pc market isn’t doing to well.

      • optimuslove

        To word my OP better, I hope that Android gains 95% marketshare or more. I myself still using FroYo, heck, even FroYo is good enough, what more the newer? I wonder what Google will bring with 5.0..

  • Docco

    I really don’t get it – why does FB need this internal propaganda?!
    This company has enough resources and by god, enough funds to have a serious super-genius dev team working on a decent Android version!

    If they need so much time doing so, then I seriously doubt the agility of their Dev teams!

  • poler166

    Why would Facebook a social network that almost everyone in the world has make a dominate app for iPhone … Android is a much more used OS than iOS especially around the world … Doesn’t any one check numbers anymore ?…

    • Derek

      Because coding for Android sucks. Who wants to write crappy java apps. iOS and Windows phone 7.5 and up are real OS’s.

      • ObsceneJesster

        LOL….iOS being a “Real OS” is the funniest thing I’ve heard all day. It’s 5 rows of icons. It doesn’t even have a file system.

  • æ

    facebook sux

  • Daniel

    The quality and feature set of the current Facebook for Android app is probably at least 80% of the reason that I’ve nearly stopped using/visiting Facebook. When things don’t work for an extended period of time, you tend to move on…


    just another ripple in the wave of change

  • renyo

    If Zuckerberg promised a native fb client in the near future, then who made the fb app I am using on my HTC?!

    • clintmorgan74

      Facebook did but it is HTML 5 Facebook app and not native android.

      • renyo

        Is that y it has limited features and is so buggy?

  • Tridipta Ghosh

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  • CamDeezy

    I found this very interesting, a great read. Thanks!

  • txbluesman

    They are trying to improve. I just don’t know if they will be to late or not. I find my self using Google + much more than my facebook on android.

  • clintmorgan74

    I would love a native android Facebook app, as the existing app is terrible. But Facebook should get it right, so if that takes time, then so be it. Please make the wait worth it!

  • kpmitton

    Hmmmmmm. That rage shake reporter should be released so we can send our rage when our other aps are buggy.

  • Mattheo

    huft just give us a decent app

  • tkitty93

    To shame they haven`t launched a native android app… HTML5 facebook app sucks.

  • tylerfoy

    The poster isn’t far off, android in total will soon be dwarfing Iphone sales. Thats just the way of it when you sell on multiple platforms. I would like to see some additional android app improvements!

  • pumaclaw

    apple products stink in comparison

  • BrotherBloat

    Can’t wait until the general population finally sees that their beloved iP is trailing rather far behind already in 2012 Q2-Q4… with time, I guess!

  • juno23

    Facebook doesn’t need this rubbish, look at the funds Facebook already has invested! And no… Facebook doesn’t suck :)

  • Dorkstar

    This is such a strange move since Apple just integrated facebook into the Iphone. You’d think they would to build on that partnership, but then again a lot of other manufacturers have had facebook integration for a long time.

  • coesterm

    Whatever it takes to get them to fix the irritating Notification bug in the app. The notifications work fine, but when you click on it, it opens not the new one but whatever was the first one you opened. So you have to use the apps notification icon to get to the new notification. Sort of deflates the purpose of giving the notification in the first place.

    But I suppose it’s a result of the success in getting people to use the iOS app first; you now have a bunch of employees with iPhones that are use to them and don’t want to move to something else. (I know I’d throw a fit if I had to give up my Android phone for an iPhone.)

  • Burzie

    they need to start from scratch with an android optimized app. so its not loooading so much

  • rhoslug

    It seems like every week Facebook is behind in something or other. They just seem to lack the innovation found in other companies.

  • kookeetree

    Am I the only one that never used Facebook?

  • paladaxar

    Took them long enough! I knew Android was the future back in 2009 when I bought my G1 :)

  • darkgreen


  • Moises Rivera

    I’m ready for them to step it up for Android, I refuse to switch over to an Apple device unless I’m given one for free. And even then, I would probably sell it to buy another updated and better android phone.

  • jojojox2

    Would love to see a tablet-friendly interface, and not a big-size phone layout on a 10″ screen…

  • rc213

    Wouldn’t be interested in this but my nieces all use this instead of phone calls or txt.

  • Puck69

    Since there is more android devices in the world they finally understand that’s iphone don’t rule the world.

  • melan26

    Yay for Android.

  • Ezy03

    Facebook honestly needs to get faster!

  • Ilyse Rose

    Recently the app has greatly improved, but that’s not saying much when it started out as a horrible app that murdered your battery

    I do like the messaging, it’s great for group chats with friends who don’t use Google+

  • rocketjockey

    The world needs more Rage Shake. I’m shocked to say that facebook has developed something I want to use.

  • VerticalCobra

    Use the mobile browser version if you don’t like the app!

  • Stig03

    give us native android

  • dutrak

    Hope they improve the FB app… it’s terrible

  • raovallab

    How much can employees really contribute to ? Will they also encourage them to go on Windows devices?

  • klcow92

    not much difference after the new native code app was launched, to give them a bit of credit, its slightly faster :|