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Google Play begins shipping new Nexus devices to US


Initial reports claimed that Google might begin shipping out Nexus orders from the Play Store on the same day when they went on sale November 13th, but two days later a large chunk of orders have not been processed. Early this morning we received reports that some orders had shipped and UPS tracking numbers were sent out. We were able to confirm these reports when our Nexus 10 shipped, but we have a Nexus 4 purchase that is still listed as pending.

Google is shipping the orders with UPS 2nd Day Air, which means some devices could arrive on Friday, but most likely they will appear on Monday. Customers who ordered their Nexus 4 from T-Mobile were offered overnight shipping, so those orders could arrive as early as today.

Visit your Google Play account page to check your order status. If you are lucky enough to have your Nexus 4 shipped out, let us know when UPS is expected to deliver it. We are eagerly waiting to see when the first Google Play orders arrive.

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  • dommafia

    No shipping info here in NJ yet

    • otakonx

      Same here. I ordered at 11:35AM. No errors or anything. Wallet still says pending.

      • moelsen8

        Same here. I was able to snag one using the refresh method around 4PM. Nothing so far. Was beginning to get worried that it was just me and that my order shouldn’t have been allowed or something!

        • otakonx

          I think it’s the norm. I called their Nexus hot-line (hehehe) and the rep told me because of the overwhelming volume, their wallet server can’t keep up and that the device may have already shipped or is being processed through shipping already. Crazy, right? I’m just pissed we had to pay for 2-day shipping when its turning out to be more like 6 day shipping. Now, it could still ship today via UPS and get here on Saturday but I’m not holding my breath.

          • kretz7

            You should read Google’s shipping & delivery policy before complaining:

            “All packages are delivered via UPS two-day shipping. However, please note that it may take up to 2 business days for us to process your order for shipment. Once your order has been shipped, you will receive an email notification with a UPS tracking number. Your estimated time of delivery will be determined at the point that your order has been processed and shipped. It may take 24 hours for the UPS package tracking to return any information for your tracking number.”

            Not to mention when you order anything from the Play store it says: “Delivered in 3-5 business days. Tax and shipping will be calculated at checkout. Learn more›”

            FYI Saturday’s and Sunday’s aren’t considered business days so it’s foolish to count those days into total shipping time.

            So before setting expectations and get pissed about the situation maybe you should know what you’re getting yourself into. :)

          • jlawou

            When I ordered the Nexus 7 from the Play Store I didnt get my shipping notice till an hour before the thing was delivered. So I think its very possible that they have shipped and will arrive on Friday.

          • otakonx

            kretz7 – Honestly, I read your first line and stopped reading. You should probably shut your trap before jumping on people here. If you’re happy with the scenario than find a more productive way to express yourself. Oh like not responding to me ever again for starters. We’re all entitled to our opinions about what’s going on and I’ve expressed mine here along with many others who aren’t happy about this launch. And people in the UK are now getting back order emails… So shut your mouth you disagree with someone who cares.

            Oh, and UPS delivers on Saturdays.

            Move along troll.

          • kretz7

            How are you about to get upset over a policy Google has set in place? And I wasn’t “jumping” on you or trolling you. I was merely providing you info and a reason to not be upset. You should have read the rest of my comment as it would have nullified your reply to me. Oh, wait, you did otherwise you wouldn’t know that I said don’t count Saturday’s as a business day. Still, do you not understand that Saturday isn’t considered a business day? Do you not know what that is or do you still live at home with your parents?

          • otakonx

            Get over yourself. Seriously. I’m not sure why you’re even on here. You basically bashed me for my opinion on what I feel is an unfortunate added insult to injury with Googles shipping policies on a flop of a launch. If you’re happy with the polices than good for you, F#$K off. I am not, deal with the fact that I can bitch all I want and you can’t do damn thing about it. Welcome to the internet.

            Oh I know what business day means. It means all the days of the week I probably make a shit load more money than you do, you little troll.

            HAHA! I think it’s funny when anyone on the internet goes to the old stand by of “you live with your parents”. But seriously, you don’t know me. Stop hiding behind your guest account and your computer.

          • Michael

            @kretz7 – I don’t normally comment, and I know I’m just feeding the troll, but you’re missing the point. otakonx is rightly annoyed. He doesn’t even know (like most people) if the order even went through. We’re all happy you can read, copy & paste. I don’t know about you or otakonx, but when I ordered my Galaxy Nexus (not at launch), I received it in two days. My Nexus 7 came in three days, and guess what, it was a Saturday. I’m not sure I follow the “do you live with your parents” insult, either. Saturday is part of the weekend – or did you not know that because you don’t own a dog?

          • kretz7

            Sorry if I annoyed/offended you. I normally don’t troll people and really wasn’t trying to by my first post. The others ya…

          • otakonx

            Annoyed? Yes. Offended? Not at all. The reality is I wasn’t really complaining for the sake of being a douche but merely expressing my personal frustration with being forced to pay for 2 day shipping and having the order sat on for “processing” for 4 or 5 “business days”. And yes, I read all of their policies – this isn’t my first Nexus. That’s not the point though. Here’s an example: Comcast cable increases my internet costs in my house unless I purchase a TV package (even basic basic cable works). Is this Comcast’s policy and did I know about it? Yes. Can I complain about it? Absolutely. If people didn’t complain companies would walk all over us even more than they already do. So you shouldn’t assume that I’m an idiot and didn’t check Googles policies and you shouldn’t offer up the info in the manner you did. You really had a toolish tone hence my reaction. If I had my way, everyone who ordered a Nexus 4 or 10 would get one.

    • Ardrid

      I’m in NJ also. Got my info this morning. Order went through at about 11:50 AM.

      • otakonx

        So you received shipping info? Ah lucky! Wonder how Google is putting these through since you ordered yours 15 minutes after me? Congrats!!

        • Ardrid

          Thanks. What’s your order #? I would imagine it has to be before mine. Assuming the first string of digits are the same for everyone else, my last 4 are 1630.

          • otakonx

            Wow, mine are AFTER yours! How is that possible?
            Order Date: November 13, 2012 11:35:56 AM UTC-5

          • Ardrid

            Wow, their order system really screwed things up. Either that or the first string of numbers is different for each of us. In either case, an order that hit the system 15 minutes earlier should be fulfilled in the order it was received. That really sucks.

          • otakonx

            Yeah who knows what those numbers really mean. I’m waiting for the dreaded backorder email at this point. Which is fine. I’ve made my peace with it haha. Let us all know what you think when you get it.

  • Noven

    Have my tracking number, but updates on the status of the package. Will update throughout the day.

    • Noven

      Sorry, meant *no updates on the status of where the package is yet.

    • Noven

      Okay, just got my first update. Origin scan from Louiseville, KY at 12:30 PM. 2-Day Air.

      I’ll make a note that I did purchase the Nexus 4 about 1 minute after it became available. I didn’t have any of the issues others have mentioned. (Just relaying information, not trying to be annoying about the whole ordeal)

      • Sathariel

        Did UPS give you an estimated delivery date?

        • Noven

          Not yet. I’m thinking an estimate will come with the next update. Once that comes through I’ll update the comments.

      • Ryan

        Same here. Managed to refresh at just the right moment that morning, had no problems whatsoever at checkout. and still no e-mail confirming or shipment or a back order…. very frustrated

    • Noven

      Okay updated delivery time is for tomorrow, the 16th.

      I am very excited! But I feel bad about the mass of issues everyone else is having :’(

      Soldier on, Chaps

  • Christian

    My Nexus 4 order merely says “Complete.”

    My Chromebook order on the other hand has an expected shipping date of today.

    • MikeG

      Same here, my order says “Complete” and has since I purchased it. Not sure what it’s suppose to mean. In Google Wallet it says Pending.

      • Christian

        Same. Mildly irritated considering I ordered mine literally within a minute of it becoming available.

  • Billy


    any news on restocking?

    • kkloster

      that’s what i want to know – when are there going to be more available?

    • kkloster

      Based on reading the order/shipping status emails that some people have reported getting from Google, i’m guessing that a lot of the people that got their orders snuck in (maybe by using the refresh method) are not getting their N4′s until the next stock comes in, which these posted emails have said may be in three weeks. I’m guessing this is also when more N4′s will be available for purchase by the rest of us who did not get orders submitted successfully.

      In short, it looks like more Nexus 4′s will be available for purchase in three weeks (i speculate).

  • Aschmu

    No Shipping updates on my Nexus 4 here in Virginia.

  • shadhussain

    a cruel world. spent a whole day thumping on the F5 key and here i sit, staring emptily into cyberspace, hoping another batch gets released soon and i can get lucky.

    • shadhussain

      update: i feel likely feel less shitty than those receiving the “within 3 weeks” email. to make myself feel better, i can now come up with a way of saving some cash by ordering this thing to an address in the states and getting someone to bring it up to canada.

      in related lighthearted trivia to drown your sorrows, it looks like the top 6 cities that drew the most interest in the nexus 4 were: hong kong, bangalore, london, toronto, sydney and new york. there also seemed to have been a 90:60 split in google search indices between the iphone 5 and nexus 4. which is HUGE for nexus devices considering android has a gazillion great devices.

  • maz

    got my tracking number this morning. no updates until 15min. just left kentucky for 2nd day air. should receive it monday.

  • lolo

    I don’t have a tracking number either… but I placed the order late, 5pm est.

  • kkloster

    I think an interesting poll would be:

    of the people who were interested in buying a Nexus 4, who was able to order one successfully, and who wasn’t?

    • lolo

      I was online and on the nexus page at 1130sm est when I saw it said “in stock”, like a mad woman I clicked “add to cart” and that’s when all heck broke loose… My cart would show 1 16gb and then it would be gone, then errors upon errors until I read about the refresh 100 times in a row trick and successfully bought a 16gb N4 at 5:01 est, I received the confirmation email right away too. I called Google to confirm it was for real and it was. So that’s my contribution to the poll :) I just called Google and they said they hope to have it shipped today and if I don’t get a tracking number by tomorrow to call them.

      • lolo

        Booooo I received the dreaded ” sorry no nexus 4 for you for at least 3 weeks” email :( I am happy about the free shipping and glad that I don’t “need” a phone…. feel bad for the ones who already sold their device though :(

  • nitrog7

    Had ordered an 8gb and a 16gb. The 8gb has shipped (got the confirmation at like 3am) with a confirmation number. The 16gb is still processing.

  • New2Droid

    Dallas Here.
    Just called Google customer support.
    Order processing (2dys) Shipping today should arrive in 2-3 Business days…

    • iamXiV92a

      Dallas-ish also – haven’t shipped yet. Wallet still shows Pending, and Play store shows Shipping estimate: November 15, 2012

      otakonx’s post earlier makes me feel a little better. Just the waiting that’s killing me now :)

    • New2Droid

      Update: In the same boat as the rest. 3 week estimated Shipping.
      Did anyone get the phone from the Tmobile store?
      How long is the wait if you ordered from Tmobile? I would assume it would be longer than 3 weeks.

  • aranea

    I’m kind of disappointed that mine hasn’t shipped yet (PST 9:56). I was hoping to receive it before the weekend. I’m still hopeful for a saturday delivery/pick up from ups.

  • jaxidian

    Still “estimated to be shipped” today. No change in status since I ordered it and it showed up in there the first time. :-(


      Same here… I just hope it actually ships today like a lot of others are reporting.

  • James W.

    Have my tracking number but it’s not on UPS system yet. If it ships from Louisville, Ky, I have a good chance of getting it tomorrow since I live in Pittsburgh.

    • Chad

      I live in Pittsburgh as well. Keep us updated. I ordered my 16GB N4 around 6pm and I haven’t gotten any shipping info yet.

      • Chad

        Just got my backordered email as well. 3 week wait? seriously Google?! Dropped the ball on this one, but at the same time atleast in on the list for the next batch the people who didn’t order will likely have to wait a little longer though..And the email says “within 3 weeks” (within being the keyword there) so I doubt it’ll take the entire 3 weeks for them to send out the next batch

        • James W.

          Finally got updated tracking information and it is indeed scheduled to be delivered tomorrow. I’m pretty happy this process is almost over. I’m sorry you got backordered.

          • Chad

            Cool and congrats. Yea, Hopefully I nor anyone else backordered will have to actually wait 3 weeks

  • uzunoff

    OK, how about we follow the instructions and post and update when you get the shipping confirmation. I don’t think its useful information that your nexus didn’t ship yet.I get it, we are all in the same boat. I don’t want to scroll through hundreds off comments off the same message.

  • Zig

    I’m stuck using an old T-mobile shadow. Ew. Please ship to me quickly, Nexus 4!!!

  • Richard Crouse

    I decided to order from T-mobile when I wasn’t able to purchase it on Google Play. It should be here within three hours.

    • dommafia

      Ouch, T-Mobile’s pricing is ridiculously higher

    • Ardrid

      You must’ve really wanted this phone to pay that markup. You might’ve been better off going through eBay or Glyde, though, admittedly, you probably wouldn’t have the phone by the end of the day.

  • Jackson Vue

    From what I’ve been reading it seems like people with the 8GB Nexus 4 are getting their phones shipped. I got a 16GB and I haven’t received any new updates.

  • Andre Boilard

    Ordered a Nexus 10 32 GB for delivery in Quebec City. Left Louisville, KY yesterday 9:51 PM. Arrived in East Syracuse, NY today at 12:15 PM. Expected delivery in Quebec City on Monday. Couldn’t get a 16 GB Nexus 4 because of the crashes of Google’s checkout system.

    • Bruce

      Same here man at least we got the 10 before it sold out, I want that Nexus 4 though.

  • Al

    Just got an email from google. Shipping in the next 3 weeks!!!!! they even put a cancel link in case I want to cancel the order. (nexus 4 8gb, Spain)!!

    • lolo

      I’m going to cry, I just got the email too! It’s on back order and estimate to ship in 3 weeks.

      • lolo

        Mine is a 16gb N4 :(

  • Ardrid

    I can confirm that my order shipped out from Louisville, KY this morning/afternoon. I officially received the notification from Google at 4:02 AM. I can’t wait to have this baby in my hands! Congrats to everyone else whose orders shipped out today as well. To those still waiting, hang in there guys!

    • Ardrid

      An update for those curious. My package just departed Louisville, KY, at 3:34 P.M local time via UPS 2nd Day Air.

      • Ardrid

        Holy shit, UPS moves fast! Status update:

        Arrived in Newark, NJ at 5:28 PM (local time)
        Scheduled Delivery: Friday, 11/16/2012, By End of Day

  • Bryan

    just got an email from google, my nexus 4 is on back order due to overwhelimg demand!!! WTF!!! they say its expected to ship in 3 weeks?

  • MikeG

    Just received this from Google:

    Thank you for your recent purchase on Google Play. Due to overwhelming demand, your Nexus 4 is on backorder and is expected to ship within three weeks. We’ll send you a notification when your order has shipped and will credit the shipping charges.

    • NT_

      Same here. Le sigh.

    • Don A

      Glad some got credit on shipping charges. Just found this string of messages and wish I had read them before ordering the phone from Google. Placed the order Dec. 12 for my 13-yr. old son thinking the device would be here well before Xmas with 2-day shipping. The device didn’t make it until 1/2/13. Google continues ignoring my question on why I paid 2-day shipping. I’ve asked them what their return policy/procedures are twice now with no clear response. Seems they are offering some customers a credit on shipping charges, while others of us are getting the runaround. In contrast, my other son prefers Apple and points to how a customer service rep. spent 6 hours on the phone making sure he was able to download a movie. Not a great way for Google to start out a customer relationship in my opinion. My two sons clearly see the difference.


  • halo0


    Thank you for your recent purchase on Google Play. Due to overwhelming demand, your Nexus 4 is on backorder and is expected to ship within three weeks. We’ll send you a notification when your order has shipped and will credit the shipping charges.

    To check the status of your order at any time, visit the link below:

    If you would prefer to cancel your order, please reply to this email and our team will assist you. Or you can cancel your order using our online tool. Please follow the instructions found here:

    We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you again for your order.

    The Google Play Team

    • iamXiV92a

      DUDE… I’m sorry to hear that!! :-(

      Did the Play store give you a Shipping Estimate date previously?

      • MikeG

        They didn’t give one to me, my order status just said “Complete”, which made me nervous as the days went by. I guess I don’t need to wonder if my phone will arrive Friday or Monday, since it will be here in 3 weeks :-P

        Eh… I’m bummed about it, but at least my order is in the system and it will be shipped as soon as new stock is received. Better than not having the order in the system at all.

      • Sathariel

        I got the same backorder e-mail and the play store said the Shipping Estimate date was today :(

      • Guest

        I had a shipping estimate as well and just received the email! This is ridiculous.

      • halo0

        No shipping estimate. I want to punch babies.

      • iamXiV92a

        Bollocks – Just got the back-ordered email… :-(

  • inviolable

    This whole thing has been a debacle. Embarrassing.

  • Bruce

    I got my tracking number and My Nexus 10 is in KY and I live in TN(one day ground time) so I’m expecting it tomorrow!!!! Woooop Woooooop

  • halo0

    Happy for everyone that got a shipping notice, even though I’ll be waiting 3 weeks. Google should at least throw in a free bumper case for us poor bastards.

    • MikeG

      We are getting free shipping, so that’s a plus!

  • Craig

    My credit card has been charged which indicates to me that it has been shipped. But my status simply reads “Shipping estimate: November 15, 201″. Not sure if that’s a delivery date or when it is being shipped.

    • Chrstian

      Same here. My card was charged, but mine simply says “Complete.”

  • halo0

    Just sent google the following in reply to my “your device will ship in 3 weeks message.”

    I hope you guys know how bad you screwed the pooch on this entire release. “Debacle” is putting it nicely. How about throwing in a free bumper case to the poor souls who placed an order under the guise of “ships in 3-5 days”? Waiting 3 weeks is pretty ridiculous. A lot of your users are pretty angry, and I think such a gesture would go quite a ways in smoothing things over…

    Feel free to take credit for the idea yourselves if you decide to implement it. :)

    • iamXiV92a

      I’ll take a free bumper

      -One of the poor souls

  • aschmu

    I just got notification that my Nexus 4 16 GB is on backorder, shipping within 3 weeks. :-(

    • nitrog7

      Same here. the 8gb was shipped but the 16gb is backed up… The email read:

      “Thank you for your recent purchase on Google Play. Due to overwhelming demand, your Nexus 4 is on backorder and is expected to ship within three weeks. We’ll send you a notification when your order has shipped and will credit the shipping charges.”


  • RonWeez

    Now I’m nervous and kind of upset because if I get that backorder email then I’m getting a refund I’ve been phone less for 15 days because I decided to sell my gs3 ahead of Time and wait fr the nexus 4

    • Ardrid

      I don’t know your situation, so please don’t misinterpret me as judging you, but why would you sell your existing device before you received your new one? With how popular the GS3 is there’s no way your resale value would’ve gone down.

  • Adam

    Just got the dreaded email…

    “Thank you for your recent purchase on Google Play. Due to overwhelming demand, your Nexus 4 is on backorder and is expected to ship within three weeks. We’ll send you a notification when your order has shipped and will credit the shipping charges.”

  • Euki

    Sigh.. I got an E-mail from google excited, expecting news that my device shipped but in turn I get this -.-

  • Daisy Blossom

    Just got the backorder email too. F*cking ridiculous. Way to just piss a bunch of your loyal customers off, Google.

  • Boooooo Google!

    First they fail to send out the notification emails to order their phones.
    Then they fail to have their gigantic server farms to work properly with the CC processing and the ordering.
    And to top it off they fail to estimate the amount of stock they needed! This really blows! I really wanted the phone but now, sadly, I have received their dreaded “Your Nexus 4 has been back ordered.”
    I hope they don’t attempt to call this a successful launch!.

  • Euki

    I wanna know you guy’s take on this “We’ll send you a notification when your order has shipped and will credit the shipping charges” did this mean they already charged us for shipping and with credit us back? or.. is shipping going to be free as they made a blunder? I hope it’s the latter.

    • Ardrid

      I don’t have the email, so I can’t see the exact language they used, but I interpret those comments as meaning they’re going to waive shipping charges for anyone backordered. Google doesn’t charge you until your order ships. Anyone who hasn’t had their order shipped should only be seeing pending charges on their accounts, which will fall off in the next few days.

      • Euki

        Yes, I do understand the pending charges. I was just wondering if they meant they would waive the charges and provide free shipping to those back-ordered, or if they just meant the pending charges would drop (for now until shipping date). I guess I should e-mail and ask lol. Thanks for the reply

  • Jaywrayson

    My order status says “Pre-Order”. They got my money, but I haven’t received the backorder email. Just a matter of time, I’m sure :(

    • Euki

      Maybe you’ll be one of the lucky ones and actually have your order shipped :c gotta stay positive! signs point to yes as of now!

      • Jaywrayson

        I’m trying too, but I got my order in 3 minutes before they sold out, so I don’t know *fingers crossed*

  • Nathan D.

    How about a review A&M?

  • mikeytusa

    I placed my Nexus 10 16gb order within 10 minutes of them going on sale. Still nothing. I called Google Play this morning and they said, keep waiting (nicely of course).

    I wish Google would figure out how to sell retail products. They excel with everything but retail. Forcing me to pay for 2 day shipping should guarantee that my order gets processed quickly. It annoys me that I have to pay for the 2 day and still won’t get my Nexus 10 for over a week.

    Google — see Amazon. They do retail properly.

    • Ardrid

      In Google’s defense, Amazon has been doing this for nearly two decades. They’ve spent a lot of time and money cultivating their retail experience and backend. I’m not in anyway excusing the way Google handled this, but you have to consider everything in context. This is still a learning experience for Google and I expect they’ll improve over time, much like with everything else they’ve done.

      • mikeytusa

        Yeah, but the annoying launch of the Nexus 7 months ago went down exactly this same way. They need to learn from their mistakes. They have a huge amount of money sitting in their coffers — they can hire someone with retail experience and fix these issues rather quickly. It doesn’t take 20 years of experience to figure this stuff out.

        If we we’re talking about some sort of start-up here I would totally agree with you — but we’re not.

        • mikeytusa


  • Jerry

    I’m still waiting for either email. My order was placed 8:55 AM PST. Anyone order before that time get a 3 week email?

  • Michael Martin

    Got one of the few Nexus 4s at T-Mobile yesterday, which sold out in minutes

  • iamXiV92a

    I’m sure I’ll get downvoted, but here goes…
    Phoned Google and instead of getting irate as many people are, I’m going to leave my money in Google Wallet. In my conversation with Kaneisha (sp??), who was very courteous, she told me that it would ensure that I didn’t have to re-order through the Play store again when the phone is back in stock.

    How correct she is, only time will tell, but I’m confident and hoping that I won’t have to deal with the ‘rush’ again when the Nexus 4 is re-released.

    Am I disappointed? Yes, because I’m not getting a supremely awesome phone for a few weeks. I see this as a learning experience (for Google). They tried the unsubsidsed launch with the Nexus One, which was bad. They went the carrier launch/exclusivity and got screwed. Another online launch and we are seeing the fallout. Perhaps they’ll have a storefront next time around?

    • kkloster

      They offered the Nexus S at Best Buy when it launched, and I don’t believe it sold very well.

  • JA

    Sad to see that mine was on back order today…:( I placed my order at 11:35 EST and I’m still don’t know what’s going on. Although it seems my account was charged. So who knows, maybe soon.

    • otakonx

      Ah man, that’s when I placed mine too. Did you get the backorder email? They definitely should actually charge your account if it hasn’t shipped. They do however put a hold on the funds. Hoping you’re not backordered!

      • otakonx

        I meant, shouldn’t* charge your account if it hasn’t shipped.

  • cons

    Shipping info from Louisville, KY to Jacksonville, FL. UPS estimated delivery date: Friday 11/16, by end of day.

  • Red Wolf

    nope still waiting I ordered at 11:35:52am EST, but still not tracking number wtf google

  • GhettoMoses

    I live in Miami, and right now my Nexus 4 is sitting in Orlando. So I assume it will be delivered by tomorrow end of day.

  • CC

    I live in the Bay Area, and my UPS tracking says it arrived in Oakland, CA from Louisville, KY just an hour ago. Scheduled for early delivery TOMORROW!

  • Anthony44

    Wow this is a bit creepy. I remember the nexus one when Google sold directly. The customer servive sucked donkey balls.
    Google right now cant get out the gate.
    I really hope this isnt an omen.
    I had every nexus to date and purchased day one.
    I for first time sitting this one out.
    Got the note 2 and just cant go back to a smaller screen
    Wow ill love a nexus note
    Anyway best luck to all im sure phone will rock but better off getting from carrier better customer support
    Just sayin

  • Morten Ulvseseth

    My Nexus 10 arrived in Germany yesterday. Unfortunately I live in Austria and have to wait for my friend to ship it to me. Though 24 hours for the packet to get shipped and 24 to get there is very good.

  • Todd Andesron

    Mine is out for delivery as of 5:37 this morning. It’s going to a good day!!

  • Fahd Akhtar

    Outside USA? Need to get new Nexus Devices?
    Here is how to get them! | Android Bahrain –

  • Leo.Grey

    All of this is just really disappointing for the people looking forward to having the Nexus 4 soon! I ordered it soon after it came available and it stills says “pending” on Google Wallet! That’s the same case with the Nexus 7 I ordered on Nov. 6 Does anybody have any information for me as to why my Nexus 7 order is still pending after 10 days?

  • Andrey

    Hey Gyus, does anybody know when be new delivering of Google nexus 4 to Google store ?

    after 13 of November passed 2 weeks and we still see “SOLD OUT” in the Google play


    Give us something please………..India is out of order !!

  • friendlyfire

    The nexus 10 is spectacular

  • BrotherBloat

    global coverage required :D

  • mario_1603

    I want the nexus 4.. re stock

  • sbala

    I would love to have the Nex 10

  • Puck69

    in love with nexus product