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Google TV update adds voice control, PrimeTime guide, and new YouTube sync


One month ago a video teaser of Google TV v3 leaked out, and today Google is pushing out the update to LG devices. The new release includes voice actions, an updated guide called PrimeTime, and a new YouTube app that automatically syncs with your phone. Owners of the LG Smart TV (G2 Series) will see the update this week, and owners of second-gen Google TV devices should see it in the “coming months.”

First generation devices, like the Logitech Revue, will see the updates to PrimeTime and YouTube, but they will not get voice search. I own a Revue (now junk) and a Vizio Co-Star ($99 Buddy box), so I’ll report back on the experience once it becomes available.

It’s nice to see Google release an update for Google TV, because they have mostly ignored it for the last year. Google recently tried to sell us the failed Nexus Q for our living rooms, which completely lacked Google TV functionality. We don’t know if that device will ever return, but most Google TV hardware is underpowered. We applaud Vizio for releasing a $99 box, but someone needs to release a premium device.

This update is a step in the right direction, but Google TV devices still lack support for Miracast wireless display and the Google TV Remote app hasn’t been updated in two years.

If you have the LG Smart TV, let us know if you see the update.

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  • amgala

    Oh the long forgotten Logitech Revue, when will you get an update? My guess is never :(

    • boone simpson

      Google tv is one area where google severely dropped the ball.

      The revue was an alpha product at best when it launched, and started to come into its own after a series of updates, but I still feel like a beta tester.

      Google has released the movies and tv app and the youtube app with “send to google tv” but these features should have been out much earlier.

      In fact, the gtv system still lacks a lot of core functionality.
      - I should not have to buy GTVbox or plex to get a good smb/dlna media app.Granted android is like this too but this is a media box and should have it out of the box.
      - Why is airplay style music/vid functionality still not there,
      - Why no app in PiP? I am a cord cutter, and would love to have my media app PiP while I view a webpage.
      -Why is vidchat (or google hangout) not integrated. I would love to do video chat, but the revue only supports logitechs lame vid system.
      -gtv should release a cablecard version so it can act as dvr and settop box.
      -I wish gtv could be unlocked / rooted. Too bad the HDMI and various licensing probably stops that from ever being a reality. Would love custom gtv roms.

      There are a million more areas where google tv could kill boxee, roku, and apple tv. One I would love to see it [email protected] but that has been dead since inception. Google has so many cool services/products and ways to tie those together, but Google doesn’t care.

      To me it is very telling that google is using elements from its SageTV purchase to power the google fiber settop boxes and NOT using Google TV.

      Google needs to dogfood googletv across their ranks and then we would start to see more power, more function, more fun, and a better, easier, unified experience.

  • alexanderharri3

    The platform has so much promise, especially with live tv and the ease of finding something to watch via search. (ie search for “CNN” or “big bang theory” to see what’s on, or the movies and tv app). It is unfortunate how little attention it gets… and the Revue is slower and reboots more often then ever after the feature updates….needs more power!

  • Rick

    Other than the promise of voice search sometime in the future, I see no real difference in the Revue and the other “2nd Generation” google TV products. The claim that the Revue is “now Junk” would imply that I need to run out and buy one of the new generation Google TV products. That’s ridiculous, as there is really not that much more to offer at this point.

  • google

    You are absolutely right Rick I don’t see big point to buy a 2nd Gen yet.

  • jsfacade

    There really is an opportunity for something great here, google fiber… would love to ditch the sat. companies for some good stream able content, I don’t watch 95% of the channels.

  • BrotherBloat

    looking forward to more compatibility and integration with other enabled TVs :D

  • mario_1603

    nice update

  • lephilwld

    I think it’s nice of them to make it accessible for desktop users too, just click the “pop-up” button on right-click!

  • dutrak

    Wish my Tv had it

  • ConfuciusTse

    I have two Logitech Revues. I wish they did more (who doesn’t?) but they do what they do OK. These actually were “premium” devices when they came out with more horsepower than competitors but the correspondingly higher prices sank the product. So people want power but aren’t willing to pay for it. Surprise! The whole network TV blocking GTV is bullsh*t too.

    • dlb313

      Confucius Tse you’re wrong. The Sony NSZ-GT1 was out first and still more powerful and recieves updates from Sony. The Revue is so terrible that a Logitech CEO and an entire department were terminated. There were NO other “competitors”, the Revue was the competitor to NSZ-GT1 2 years ago. There is no support for the Revue.

  • melan26

    I’d really love a set up like this one.

  • Boot

    Yikes…it’s 2013 and I just bought my 3rd revue on Ebay. If you notice, the price continues to go up for these “way ahead of your time” boxes. If you know what you’re doing you can completely replace cable with one of these things. Almost….still trying to work out the live sports thing….. Ok no voice command, but really, I’m thinking you need to get a life if you need to talk to your TV.