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Google will replenish Nexus 4 stock in the “coming weeks”


Anyone trying to purchase a new Nexus device today likely ran into a couple frustrations. Google under-estimated demand and their online store was flooded with errors, then the Nexus 4 was quickly sold out. If you are lucky you might be able to find one at a local T-Mobile store, but you will be stuck with a 2-year contract or end up paying $150 more than what Google is charging.

For those of you that are planning to wait, it could be awhile before more devices go on sale. Google posted on their +Nexus page that they have “sold out of some of our initial stock in a few countries” and they are “working hard to add more Nexus devices to Google Play in the coming weeks to keep up with the high demand.”

It’s unfortunate that not everyone who wanted to buy the device was able to complete their purchase, but we are really curious how many units Google sold. Nexus phones and unlocked devices have not sold well in the past, so this might be the first success of its kind in the US.

How long do you think it will be before Google has more devices available? Did they limit the supply to create hype? Or did they control the initial stock as sort of a “soak test” so the early adopters can beta test it?

Source: +Nexus

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  • Astreal Rahl

    I whole heatedly believe they did it quite on purpose. Probably for several reason!

    • Chad

      I agree. I think everyone who got one today got a beta device. Probably to control bugs/issues on a smaller scale and by the “couple weeks” time, people who purchase a Nexus 4 will have a new update upon power up which fixes any kinks.

      • zerosix

        I want to say, that it’s that case, when a fail becomes a win.
        There were so many people, trying to purchase N4, that even Google servers weren’t available. And they sold all Nexuses in 30 minutes. I don’t think they sold beta-devices, I think, they wanted to say that Nexus devices are desired. I believe, that it was a planned advertisement for N4.

        • Odie

          They did initially “sell out” in the first 30 minutes, but then it came out that it was a server issue. Too many people were trying to buy the phone at the same time. It was a nightmare, but I was able to buy the phone about an hour and a half later, after constantly refreshing the page. Not sure how Google didn’t think ahead to temporarily allocate other servers to help with the rush of transactions it would receive.



    • zerosix

      Oh, wait, I’m just 35th. Should I consider comitting a suicide?

  • Duuuuude

    Weeks?? Dammit….

    Had 2 in the cart and crapped out during checkout (heard everywhere…). Had a chance to grab an 8GB but like most, need the extra storage.

  • John

    FAIL. Just bought one on Google Play 10 minutes ago (2:50 CDT). Keep refreshing.

    • lolo

      Me too! I read to switch to chrome browser, which I did, I use IE….after refreshing 10 times in a row it finally said ” in stock” and I pounced on it! I think it helped my info was already entered from previous play store purchases like the GNex and N7… already got the confirmation email with a ship date of the 15th.

      • lolo

        By the way, I literally just bought it, it’s 5:11 est right now, I made the purchase at 5:02pm est…. Just keep refreshing.

        • Akhil Sood

          5:31 EST. I actually spent a lot of time entering details, yet got it, seems like it was just my day!

      • tomjefo

        ROFLING MY ASS OFF! You use IE?? Wow just friggin god damned WOW!!

        • magicmike

          What is so funny about using Ie? Please, share what is so funny so we all can laugh too. I love how a keyboard and computer gives people the right to be assholes. Let me guess, you use a Mac? I’ll chalk up your ignorance to stupidity then.

          • Kiwi

            Yea, IE these days is easily the second best browser. Second only to Chrome in terms of speed.

            I don’t understand how anyone uses Firefox these days, which in all aspects other than maybe availability of extensions, is trash.

    • Chad

      THIS MAN SPEAKS THE TRUTH! I just bought a 16GB Nexus 4 on the Google Play store @ 6:11EST…I been hitting refresh since about 5:50p EST but I got my confirmation email and my phone will be on the way. Keep refreshing the page people!

  • Duuuuude

    I hate to bring this up, but does Apple’s site crap out with errors during their product release days? I haven’t heard of that happening before, at least not as bad as the gong show today.

    • Gudgefilm

      Yeah, Apple’s site craps out too. I’ve been through that process a few times.

    • Deeds

      Apple has hundreds of actual stores that customers wait outside for hours in anticipation of an iProduct, where Google only has the online option

      • Krzysztof

        How could their servers crap out like this, it’s Google, they have several servers per person if I recall incorrectly.

        • zerosix


          • Voliam

            Apple hacked em!

        • davehomeless

          put your statement in context, they dont have 20 billion servers or else you do no recall correctly.

        • hector

          It’s not as easy as adding more servers. You have payment bridges with Mastercard, VISA, etc. You have transactions with payments and stock numbers that must either complete or not. It’s a very complex system that suffers at high loads, be it Google, Apple or Ticketmaster.

        • stenzor

          Krzysztof Voss?

        • tomjefo

          Thats what happens when they sell over 2 million devices in 30 minutes. Grow up!

  • habitualcoder

    It is not out of stock. Because of so much traffic google play servers are going kaput. I ordered a 16g one just now, also got the confirmation mail.

  • Ben Netty

    Just bought one after many many refreshes.

    Order date: Nov 13, 2012 2:21:02 PM MST

    • nahun

      Never even seen it say anything but “COMING SOON”… lucky bastard

  • Josh

    I was lucky and bought one from Google Play here in Germany.

    And it sold out in under 10 minutes :D:D

  • dbareis

    Because the didn’t allow preorders they didn’t know how many would be required, so low stock can be explained quite simply by stupidity.

    The servers going down can probably partially be explained by everyone hitting F5 every few seconds (and the fact that this tends to syncronise orders), again Google’s fault :-(

  • NT_

    Seeing the other comments, I just bought a 16GB at 4:42pm Eastern (email receipt received). I’ve had the “Buy Now” button several times since noon but never could get through the process. This time, when a refresh brought the purchase option up, I clicked through all the options as fast as I could and got it to go through.

    Don’t worry about the bumper, just get your address selected, go with your default payment option (if possible) and try to get the order committed quickly without an error.

    I imagine some of Google’s e-commerce techs are getting their asses chewed right about now…

  • perlowin

    Does anyone know how many they sold?

    • tomjefo

      Reports are they sold around 2 million world wide yesterday including the N10

  • ItsBS

    Its B.S. There was a lot of us that really wanted this. I just went on eBay, and this fucking seller had 5 (saw his receipt). The greedy bastard is asking $550 each. This just pissed me off. Google should have a limit of 2 next time.
    Come on, Google. Next time have 1,000,000… But for US residents first!

    • qst4

      I’ve been checking that out too. Google really allowed themselves to get played on this one. The sad part is, you know someone is going to buy a Nexus 4 at $450 or $500 as its still significantly cheaper than anything else. Google loses because of low production, they end up leaving money on the table, some of which isn’t going to come back in “the coming weeks”. They are also left with a large number of irate customers who may have found themselves shafted in other Nexus launches. It would be interesting to know which google executive approved of launching in this manner and why, so at least next time we know not get my hopes up.

      • qst4

        So maybe someone should help me partially remove the foot from my mouth. Did the refresh thing and it went through and just received a receipt. Guess we will see what happens from here.

        • Thomas

          Damn. You could have had mine for $500. I can wait a couple weeks.

          • qst4

            Lol, do you still have it. I just got a note from Google saying my order won’t ship for another three weeks.

  • lolo

    Guys, just keep refreshing the page, just keep clicking on it… you might only see ” coming soon” but it does finally say ” in stock”, but you have to act fast! Hit that “add to cart” and go! It helps if your info is already in, like from past purchases/ Google wallet. I just bought a 16gb about 15min ago est, it’s 5:15 pm right now, it was just 10 minutes ago I bought it. Keep trying. I received the confirmation email and my card has the authorization on it already too.

  • Euki


  • MichaelGarrison

    Just ordered an 8 GB at 5:40 PM ET. Had to refresh the page several times. Don’t give up!

    • Al

      It’s just sad that this had to happen for many people to realize how much Google Wallet/Checkout sucks. I’m an app developer and I can tell you it’s a total disaster on a normal day already, tons of rejected orders and all sorts of hiccups. And Google seems not to care about it at all because no issues have been solved for like the past 2 years, there’s simply no way to report an issue properly (machine responses, closed down support forums, indian or thai or whatever support personnel that are there just to get rid of you and so on) and a few months ago even the checkout devs left Google (good thing if they were to blame for the mess, but it looks like it was also that checkout is more or less an abandoned product). After all, Google doesn’t make its money selling stuff to consumers, but they should have realized long ago that you can’t provide such a half-baked product as Checkout/Wallet and not lose users because of that. Don’t they know it totally sucks? don’t they know why it will never beat other payment processors? it’s not that it’s less appealing or anything it’s just that it’s broken, it doesn’t work like it should.

  • paul

    i got a 16gb at about 6:32pm EST today.

    i had been refreshing the page all afternoon at work and i didn’t see the “add to cart” button once in several hundred refreshes. then i tried on my phone, which did showed it on the first try, and quite frequently, but i couldn’t get through checkout fast enough. then, when i got home from work, i was able to log into google wallet, and start refreshing manually (no browser extensions, etc). i just clicked fast through the checkout screens and it seems to have worked.

    thanks to the other a+me commenters for the tips. good luck everyone.

  • Neil

    I was just able to order a 16GB Nexus 4 at 5:35pm CT by using the refresh method. I would just go over to the page every 10 mins or so and would hit refresh 10-20 times in a row and did this for about the last hour and lo and behold…it worked!!

  • inviolable

    I just placed my order at about 6:40 est. It really does show up as in stock if you’re persistent enough with refreshing the product page. I wanted the bumper, but didn’t want to chance it at the time. You might even have to refresh the checkout/payment window, but don’t close it. I don’t know what the hell is going on at Google HQ, but keep trying if you really want the phone.

    • kkloster

      you got one even after refreshing and getting the red “SOLD OUT” message on the play store page?

      • inviolable

        I never got any sold out message, only the regular notify me, which is still there if I look now. I really don’t know what’s going on on their end.

  • Jason

    You might want to pay attention that it says “in some countries” in the article. The UK and Germany sold out in a few minutes… Google apparently kept a lot more stock for the US.

  • Pedro

    Ordered two 16g at 540 eastern time, got through twice in 5 mins. Refreshing works

    • honourbound68

      arghh.. no luck yet for me

  • Hershell Tidwell

    Even the Chromebook is sold out. I will probably pick one up at a Best Buy store. I will grab the 16gb Nexus 4 once they replenish stock.

  • Taylor

    I cannot even fathom Google’s thought process in managing this release. Forget the obviously insufficient supply for a moment and consider the abject failure that their store experience was this morning. While Google may have underestimated demand (which I doubt; more later), this is Google!

    Gmail is legendarily stable with a reported uptime of more than 99.99%, and Google offers that service for free. Server errors and inaccessibility are so uncommon, universities and large enterprises that have been wary of data loss contract Google to provide their email service. Why then is the Play Store, a crucial tool in Google’s play to dominate the mobile ad market, so unstable and poorly equipped to deal with a short-term spike in demand? Granted the existed a huge spike in usage, it was not unexpected, no matter what the PR flaks claim.

    Google is in the DATA business. Data drives their ads, and is crucial to the deployment of all of their company-wide initiatives. Much like the NSA mines communication networks for terrorist “chatter,” Google is constantly employing algorithms to predict the constant shifts and trends of a market they aim to dominate; the mobile space. That data (in Gmail, Blogspot, Talk, Voice, Google+, and search among countless others) assuredly point to a huge spike in interest, and have likely done so since they announced the later-cancelled mobile event in NYC. That Google claims it was caught off-guard by the demand is simply not plausible.

    So what of the suggestion that Google wanted to build hype or to seed the market? While either or both of these may be true, neither is an excuse for the horrible performance of the Play store this morning. Angering customers who were waiting to throw money at you is never a good tactic, and I’m sure that many would-be-buyers who had come in because of the hype, have now walked away, some likely to Apple stores. That is sad. The long-time Android faithful will return (this would have been my 4th Nexus device), but the mismanagement has caused a huge breach of faith and trust.

    To my thinking, this release was managed as poorly as Apple’s release of Maps in iOS6. In as much as Tim Cook admitted Apple’s mistakes, Larry Page and Andy Rubin should be offering a public apology and an honest explanation of the failures of their storefront and planning. The deployment of this release stinks of purposeful or negligent management, and frankly the lead persons ought to be pulled off of this assignment, if not let go.

    This level of mismanagement may be interpreted as just the first domino in Google’s move away from a consumer-oriented business model. Does Google just view its users as “cache”-machines, our data more important than the means by which it was collected? Today did not violate “do no evil,” but it did stink of callous indifference, which but a short step away.

    • Ardrid

      Did you ever stop to think that even Google was caught unaware with the amount of demand they received? Nexus devices have never produced major sales numbers so why should Google anticipate anything different this time around? Yes, Google is a data company, but that doesn’t mean they’re omniscient.

      • Taylor

        Numerous Google and Android team leaders have talked about Google wanting to be in the hardware business (even if not in the manufacturing business). Behind the Nexus 7, this is Google’s second major release in that strategy (previous Nexus devices were release through strategic partners first). Even a cursory level of market research should have predicted the interest, and would have indicated bolstering their sales system was in order, especially given their relative inability to ramp up production. Google has most (if not all) the data to do this already, but didn’t. That was the issue, and will likely to continue to be.

        Let us not also forget how poorly the release of the Galaxy Nexus went last year. Even though Verizon had a lot to do with that (as we found out later), the Android team did a horrible job managing its partner, and now demonstrates an inability to manage itself. Their total opacity and apparent inability to learn for past mistakes is problematic, if they truly want to compete in this space.

    • Akhil Sood

      Bastard, aint they?

      • Akhil Sood

        Btw, got mine at 12:05:31 PM EST, 16Gigs.

  • Ichigo

    Supply and demand. So happy i was able to get a 16 gig.

    • babyj

      when did u get it?

  • Ardrid

    While I’m sure this is disappointing for some in the short term, I really hope this is indicative of the Nexus brand turning a corner. It would be fantastic if Google wildly exceeded their sales expectations. For those who missed out, hang in there: your Nexus 4 is coming.

  • pain

    I Think they Are Just Doing Beta Test

  • Nathan D.

    Dam, I get the feeling some ppl will get their devices a bit late or some problem will happen. But I guess I’m not getting one until later next month :-(

  • CP

    If the N7 is any indication, in a month or two Google will scrap the 8GB version, drop the price of the 16GB model and release a 32GB Nexus 4. It might be work holding out.

  • Vance Kromo

    I was able to get a 16gb at 5:30 Central time..

    • alex

      how did you get it? keep refreshing? You got it today?

      • Vance Kromo

        It was on Tues I set the refresh for 5 sec and just came up to put in cart. It only allowed me to order one…

  • mario_1603

    Im waiting, I want the nexus 4

  • dutrak