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Google’s Aquarium commercial dives into Nexus 7

nexus 7 aquarium

With Google’s last two Nexus 7 commercials, the company notorious for lackluster advertising hit it out of the park. Both their “Camping” and “Curious” commercials featured heartwarming stories that put Nexus 7 right in the middle of the action. Today’s yet-to-be officially revealed “Aquarium” commercial (it’s set to private on the Google Nexus YouTube account) takes a step away from family time, and takes aim at the artsy Wes Anderson crowd.

There’s not a whole lot we can say that the video doesn’t say for itself. A group of 20-somethings use the Nexus 7 to research everything they need to know on deep sea exploring. From watching Life Aquatic, to looking at pictures of old diving helmets, to reading Scuba Diving magazine, it all culminates in a full-day adventure to create a life-sized, aquarium-themed art project on a city rooftop.

If nothing else, the commercial is creative. We just want to know who has the time to do these kinds of things. Check out the commercial, provided by YouTube user Alex Reviewer, below.

Source: DroidLife

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  • thechad

    People with Nexus 7′s obviously! I’m getting one!

    • txbluesman

      You will love it. Can’t see how I made it this long without such a great tablet. Oh, it was because Google didn’t make one yet. LOL!!!!! Love my Nexus!

  • uknowme

    Just got and rooted my 32g Nexus 7. Best investment I’ve made in a while. Running Cyanogenmod currently, waiting to see who comes out with a great Rom.

    • dbest180

      There’s lots on XDA. I’ve tried 4. I’m back on stock Android. Just trying to decide what I Wanda try next.

      • uknowme

        Yeah I saw a ton. I’m probably going to go to the stock one too. Just nice to have options.

  • Christian

    I’m pretty sure Google hasn’t been thought of as “the company notorious for lackluster advertising” for several years. I have friends who actually watch Google commercials on YouTube just because they are that good. Parisian Love, Coffee, Dear Sophie, It Gets Better, All of th erecent Nexus commercials. . .

    • MattJ

      Oh you’re 100% right, Google’s chrome ads are amazing. I’m not ashamed to say I had a tear in my eye watching Dear Sophie.

    • herbivore83

      I don’t think they mean the ads themselves were lackluster, just that Google’s overall marketing scheme for most of what they do is not at the level the products deserve.

  • Kevin E.

    A very vivid imagination very thought out.

  • myandroid99

    Would like to see some Nexus 4 commercials……

    • iamXiV92a

      I would

  • Dustin Earley

    I just want to take a moment to apologize for the headline. I couldn’t resist.

  • Bpear96

    I want to see this [vid id="TJ6uvN6hoqg"] on TV

  • Ardrid

    This is the type of marketing that needs to be associated with Android devices, be it phones are tablets. If there’s one thing that Apple absolutely gets right it’s marketing. Commercials for the iPhone and iPad are simplistic, minimalistic, precise, and, most importantly, purposeful. How does Apple convince you, the consumer, that you need to upgrade to the iPad 3 when you just grabbed the iPad 2 last year? By focusing on the iPad 3′s must have, marquee feature: the screen. Everything about the commercial focuses on the screen, from the resolution to the improved clarity, and showcases how that improved screen can benefit you when looking at your kid’s photos, watching home videos, or playing games.

    That’s something that Google gets and continues to showcase with their recent marketing. If we could get Motorola (more specifically, Verizon) and other OEMs to do that instead of giving us commercials about robots, explosions, and futuristic environs, I think people would be much more inclined to think of Android devices in a more positive light. The average consumer doesn’t give a damn if their phone has a 5GHz octal core processor; they care about the device’s useful features and how those features are going to directly impact their daily use of the device. Thankfully, Google gets it, and that means other OEMs will have to start taking note.

  • Taylor

    “We just want to know who has the time to do these kinds of things.” One word: hipsters.

    • shadhussain

      i was also about to mention how hipster-y their ads are getting too until i noticed your post. the google glasses ad had a similar feel.

    • Max.Steel

      Uhhh….because Google IS a hipster company. And I don’t mean that in a bad way.

    • stenzor

      Well Google is the largest repository of hipsters in the world. Just do a search for them and see how many results you get

  • Stella

    This is a very good ad. It’s a very cute and colorful commercial. The ad is effective in displaying the Nexus 7 in action. Most importantly, it’s remember-able and makes you want to get in on all the fun and buy it.

    • Max.Steel

      *it’s memorable. Not rememberable. No such word exists.

    • Humberto H is not =|

  • Humberto H

    Ehh..Why does everybody have a Nexus 7?

  • smeghead68

    Cute add, will eventually get one i think.

  • Chris

    I like this ad. Its much better than those bad apple commercials and highlight the features in a way that’s not overbearing. Its subtle and creative. I bought a galaxy tab 10.1 back when they first came out and I don’t like the skin and bloatware. I am getting a Nexus tablet. I just don’t know if I want the high res 10.1 or the smaller Nex 7.

  • amgala

    I love The Life Aquatic and I love this commercial! And I love my Nexus 7 of course!