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Large number of Nexus 4 purchases moved to backorder, expected to ship within 3 weeks


We recently reported that some Nexus orders had started shipping from Google Play, but it appears a large number of Nexus 4 purchases have been moved to backorder and they are not expected to ship until three weeks. We received multiple reports within the last hour and confirmed this information when a Nexus 4 (16 GB) we had ordered was delayed.

Several readers reported their order was listed as complete or pending, with some expected to ship on November 15th, but it appears they will have to wait several weeks now. Google cites “overwhelming demand” as the cause of the delay and offers to refund shipping charges when the item is available. Customers can also cancel their order, but there aren’t many other options to get one.

T-Mobile stores are also sold out of the device. Only select locations received them and the first batch of units was small. I found only one T-Mobile store in the Dallas area that had received the device, and they were only sent five total units.

Nexus phones have never sold that well, so we are not sure if there really is a high demand or if Google only produced a small amount. Last year’s Galaxy Nexus launch on Verizon was pretty bad, but I have faith that Google can top that.

Consider yourself lucky if your Nexus 4 shipped.

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  • Ardrid

    I feel bad for anyone got that email, especially after waiting all this time. Hang in there guys! Google will end up coming through for you. Whatever you do, don’t cave in to the upsellers. It isn’t worth it unless you absolutely need a phone right now.

    • Karthz

      “Whatever you do, don’t cave in to the upsellers” — Yes, I can’t stress this enough as well.

      • YMS123

        Hopefully the upsellers are getting backordered, would serve them right

      • vforvortex

        example of Upseller..T-mobile website listing Nexus 4 : suggested retail price of $499
        $499- $300discount = $199. T-mobile didnt get the memo that Nexus 4 sells for $349.You need to sell it for $49 then if the $300 discount holds true.

      • DuncanBishop

        Well..I got confirmed delvery for tomorrow b4 the end of the far so good.

    • ♣

      Nexus 4 more weeks :D

      • jdog25

        Yeah when I saw this I called T-mobile and had them send me one with overnight shipping for FREE so I will have it in a few hours.

    • LukeT32

      Remind me again why they didn’t make a CDMA version….. The Nexus line isn’t just for developers anymore. Everyone wants a pure Google experience. I still can’t believe how they are limiting themselves and their market share

      • vforvortex

        But I think now since google can show that these phones sell out fast, they will have more leverage with the CDMA carriers who want to control everything by showing them the demand is there.

        • RobBull75

          vforvortex, I wish I could upvote your comment more. While I feel bad for those of you that got hosed by getting your orders pushed back, the explosive demand is an encouraging sign for Android and will give Google more leverage when dealing with carriers. Users got a raw deal by buying GNex’s from Verizon and Sprint because the scumbag CDMA carriers have too much control. If they see that they are missing potential sales because Google does not want a repeat of the GNex experience for users. They have capitulated to Apple, letting Apple control updates and, if Google plays its cards right, they will allow Google a greater degree of control in the update process as well.

          I’ve been preaching getting Nexus devices to friends, family and anyone else that would listen. I think that people that have a negative view of Android fall into one of three categories: Micro$oft/Apple sheep, people that haven’t used an Android phone in a while (used and moved to a different platform) or, the category where the majority of ex-users fall into, people who have had their Android experience ruined by manufacturer skins and lack of updates. The first category, you simply won’t change unless they are severely wronged by the brand they are loyal to. Getting a Nexus phone/tablet in the hands of the next two categories will drastically change their opinion of Android.

          • theMobileGuru

            This is in most part due to license restrictions and legalities that exist. Google, IMHO, should straight out slam, hold hostage, and water-board Apple for the ripples and ethics they participate in involving so-called “Patent” infringement/invasion. They recently did and are currently going after Samsung, a great phone innovator, for reasons that are ridiculous. Happened specifically because they were able to break a record Apple held for years concerning phone sales. They got beat and they turned to legal BS as justification … Steve Jobs would have accepted the defeat with his head held high and a promise to out do them again. Instead, lawsuits started popping up for the most frivolous of claims – i.e pinch to zoom!

            So for instance or as a basis of example, the Galaxy S3 (T-Mobile edition) lacks the LTE chip/radio the others from other carriers/international version contain. They end up pissing off customers because of the guidelines/regulations that go with owning/leasing/operating each spectrum they have or are on. T-Mobile’s 3g/4g mainstream data network, today, operates at 2100mhz, however, is currently being re-farmed to alleviate conflicts for the future plans. T-Mobile will soon be operating on the more powerful, more reliable, more consistent 1900mhz frequency and will require some 40% of then active subscribers no choice but to buy or upgrade to a new phone. Don’t worry as I’m willing to bet they’ll run a promo on a couple of devices offering them free and/or discounted.

            Whatever the case, Customer’s will get a new phone, prices of course will vary based on plan/term/device, they’ll be happy as will T-Mobile which will potentially renew ten’s of thousands (if not millions!) of contracts increasing future sales projections and estimated quarterly profits. With this in mind, buy stock before public awareness or press releases send it skyrocketing. T-Mobile is about to and has already began to start the process of purchasing and later merging with MetroPCS, a CDMA carrier, in hopes of increasing their future and current market share. Is this cheating, fate, or pure luck the merger with AT&T fell through? Who knows!

            Once this happens, the skies the limit with T-Mobile, their future services, and competitors. Exisiting MetroPCS customers, however, WILL BE REQUIRED to purchase new devices when T-Mobile decides their “LTE comparable” services should go live. This should happen sometime between now and 2015.

            Majority stockholders, after a horrible experience not so long ago and still with the bad taste lingering, are really keeping a lid on the details/plans of it all since their merger with AT&T failed previously. Honestly, now that I think about it, AT&T, as contractually obligated, had to pay T-Mobile, for failure to complete the merger, an amount that’s about equal to the MetroPCS/T-Mobile acquisition.

            THANK YOU AT&T, haha, you can’t beat free, must be nice to be T-Mobile on this one. Basically, T-Mobile is giving around $1.5 B in cash/liquid assets and, in addition, approximately 25% of its stock in the newly merged outfit. It’s a deal that any company dreams of at this point in the game, it truly is. MetroPCS you’re one lucky dog!!!

            Buy MetroPCS and T-Mobile stock if you know what you’re doing, they’ll both be decent earners in 2013, 2014, 2015. After that, who knows really … except for no-risk investments, my portfolio doesn’t go beyond a 4 year outreach as, in my opinion this is when tech stocks become too volatile or risky to guess/play around with. Standards, methods, and industry change too quickly/frequently to forecast much more than that and seeing steady returns or one’s worth noting through.

            Hope this has enlightened a few and earns you a buck or two as well. Any questions can be directed and emailed to iChozeSolutions(at)gmail(dot)com. For those of you that don’t know, replace what’s inside the parentheses with the correct symbols. Emails are answered during the normal work week, typically within 24-48 hours …. weekends cause delays, so do holidays!

            Goodluck telecommoners, mobi4ghoggers, fellow and future guruers! It is bright with no end in sight. It’ll take all your might but don’t let the bed bugs bite! Be ahead of the game, be a step ahead, don’t get caught in the red!!!!!!

  • Gus

    My Dad got his Nexus 4 today at a T-Mobile in North Chicago. Called several and no one had stock. The T-Mobile that had them was in a mall. More foot traffic I suppose? Anyways they only had 2 left. (Upgraded from a MyTouch 3G I know…)

    Seems supply is small but demand is high. I hope Google gets to making more devices as I am looking to upgrade from my GNexus once everything gets sorted.

  • Nathan D.

    Dam, it that bad? Must be hard to get one now and it only the first week XD

  • OpenIntro

    I just spoke with Google support. After the first rep tried to explain to me that backordered means that UPS is trying to catch up on all of the orders, a supervisor explained that everyone is getting this email and that it DOES NOT mean it is going to take 3 weeks. They are just covering their bases because some orders might be delayed.

    Regardless, from the launch to this, this has been a pretty poor job on Google’s part.

    • Euki

      This is great news! especially for someone that has gotten the email too! thanks for the info!

      • iamXiV92a

        Fantastic news – hopefully those of us that DIDN’T cancel our orders may receive their Nexus 4′s sooner? ::fingers crossed::

    • NT_

      Thanks for the info. I hope they all ship out sooner.

      The UPS scapegoating really cracks me up, though. This time of year, the problem is very unlikely to be due to UPS. They have been all staffed up and cranking for over a month.

      Now, I’m not saying that if I called UPS today and said that I need to ship 10,000 phone-sized packages 2nd Day Air OUT OF MY GARAGE tomorrow, that it wouldn’t be a problem. But, I am saying if Amazon said, “Hey, UPS, we’re going to ship 10,000 phones out of our KY DC tomorrow,” that UPS would say fine, just scan them in like normal and load them into the empty trailer that we left with you guys a week ago. LOL.

      • MikeG

        I agree, UPS ships millions of packages each day. Google likely has a warehouse for these devices and all UPS needs to do is send over a bunch of trucks to receive the boxes. After then they do their magic and it ends up on your doorstep pretty quickly.

        I’m guessing that one issue is Google double selling some devices, with all the issues with the Play store.

        The other very likely possibility is that Google needs more time to process the large amount of orders, so boxing the phones in Google’s warehouse is taking longer than they expected. This could be very true since many people probably selected the option to connect the device to their Google account, since it was checked on by default.

      • greybeard

        I have a friend who is a fleet manager at UPS and they routinely ‘shotgun’ semi trailers of stuff for large companies. At the time he told me that for roughly $100k per trailer they would overnight as many packages as you could fit in the trailer. The day before a large local retailer had called and asked for 6 trailers to overnight new product demo packages to their store managers in preparation for the holidays.

        So I think you’re right, it’s not UPS – unless they’re loading into some guys Prius and driving them over to the UPS Store :)

    • Third Eye

      I work in the e-Commerce industry for > 2 years and have a good handle of all things related to Order processing and order management. And our platform is used by so many brands, websites and clients throughout the US, CA as well as Europe.

      In Order Management terminology

      CONFIRMATION is the process by which we basically send down to the Warehouse/Fulfillment location a message saying that this needs to be packaged.

      BACKORDERED means that there is no inventory of the item. It means it is Out Of Stock (OOS) at the warehouse but the merchant expects more of the item(s) to replenish during a period of weeks and confident enough of taking the order.

      SHIPPED means that the item from the warehouse/shipping location is package and ready with all the pack slips etc and a shipping label has been generated. All it needs is for the carrier truck to come and pick it up.

      For example of an order that I placed yesterday with TigerDirect, I saw the status as “Shipped” with a tracking number published in the TD website. At that time, I went to the carrier website via hyperlink and at that time it resulted in a Message like “Invalid Tracking Number. Please check if you typed in the correct one.”. It took about 40 mins for the tracking link to be activated in the carrier website
      The message that it states now is
      “A UPS shipping label has been created. Once the shipment arrives at our facility, the tracking status–including the scheduled delivery date–will be updated.”

      So electronically at this moment, UPS has information that a tracking number label has been created and they would receive information to pick up from the exact Warehouse as well as where they are supposed deliver. But they have not picked it up yet, And it will likely be the case till today late evening/night where in most of the pick-ups normally happen.

      Once UPS picks up and take it to their location, it is basically on the Road.

  • Christian

    This launch just keeps getting worse. Google was finally getting recognition for producing device that is both functional and beautiful, and now they just look like a bunch of bumbling idiots.

    Taylor, if we haven’t gotten shipping information, should we assume we’re now on back order? Do we get some kind of notice about being placed on back order?

    • qst4

      Should get a notice eventually. I got one this afternoon.

  • jaxidian

    If Google reads this and it helps to push my order through, I’m using a Lumia 920 that I need to be rescued from! I really need my Nexus 4 please!!! ;-)

    • inviolable

      Is the Lumia bad or do you just want your [better] Nexus?

  • Xoldier

    What the F!!!!! Morons. That’s why they should have had a pre-order system in place. To better predict the demand. But no, they had to launch it the same day with a promise to ship the same day. Then, a statement to ship it on the 15th. Now 3 damn weeks. If google told me initially that you pre-order it on a certain date and you will get it a month from that date, I’ll live with that. But they keep pushing and pushing you to a point where you really don’t want to support them. You’re standing their with your wallet wide open and they keep messing up their product launches.

    Google should do a case study on Apple in order to learn exactly how not to fuck up a product launch.

    • Chuxter

      I agree with you, Xoldier, that there should have been a pre-ordering system in place. I cannot for the life of me understand why they didn’t do this.

      That being said, I suspect a lot of people who were anticipating the phone didn’t submit their email to “Notify Me” (which Google never did anyway, ironically). Had more people signed up for the “Notify Me”, they may have been able to better predict the number of people who were actually wanting to buy the device.

      • Xoldier

        I did the notify me from all 3 of my email addresses. Not a single one has been notified. What a great Fuck up on Google’s part.

      • Grave

        If you would have preordered the Nexus 7 last year you would know why they didn’t do a preorder on the Nexus 4.

        The Nexus 7 preorder was a complete disaster (unless you ordered an 8GB in which case it probably went okay if you managed to avoid the rash of defects).

        Google sucks at retail and customer service. That’s nothing new. But I’d still rather get a Nexus device straight from Google.

        • Grave

          Er I mean last time. Not last year.

  • Apppplooooidd…..

    This is going to be my first Android device.. moving away from Apple…
    So far.. the customer handling has not been very… hmm.. convincing.
    Geezzzzz.. Nowonder I liked the iPhone. In three weeks I might be convinced
    to buy the iPhone 5 instead! Definitely… Google should learn from their
    competition on how to have a successful product launch.

    • Elizabeth_1988

      I agree, i got the new iPhone 5. Its incredible.

      • Xoldier

        Aaaaakaaay. iPhone 5 is a sleek/beautiful device and all but there is nothing incredible about it at all. iPhone or Android in reality comes straight down to user’s preference but I hate it when iPhone-ers act like they are carrying around a youth fountain in their pockets.

    • iamXiV92a

      This is a poor argument – Nexus devices aren’t (generally) sold in stores that you have to wait in line for. If it was, then I could see your point.

      • Apppplooooidd…..

        Not trying to troll or anything. But all the iPhones I’ve bought I’ve just walked into the store or bought online without hassle. Only one time it took 3 weeks, but I knew before hand from apple’s site that it was going to take long.
        In this case I was waiting patiently for the notification email that never came, then read from android and me that the purchases were starting at 12:00pm EST to after leaving a meeting, learn that they had actually released it half an hour earlier. On top of that all the issues that they had with their servers! Then once I finally get my order processed I happily receive the email that in 2 days my device would be shipped, but then later be let down by the fact that the phone I had to jump through hoops is now back ordered. I could have just waited for the second batch of nexus phones and not have to deal with the two hour crap from google’s lack of planning.

  • Daisy Blossom

    I’m livid. I’d expect this from many other companies. Not from google. Completely unacceptable. I want to scream at someone who is responsible. It’s frustrating to be unable to. Poor CS reps. They don’t deserve this.

  • Love504

    Google just has bad luck when it comes to Nexus devices lanuch. I guess they didn’t expect the overwhelming purchases of the phone, they should have offer a pre-order so they wouldn’t be stuck with the inability to build up a proper stock of handsets. Yet another mistake they have to learn from for the next device.

    • NexusNYC

      Its not bad luck. Its poor planning, poor execution, poor customer service. Im sure no one will be held accountable because theyre making billions. Only the fans get raked over the coals.

  • aranea

    My purchase doesn’t show the estimated shipping date anymore. :(

  • Amit

    they are shipping the device from Louisville, KY, Just received mail from Google.
    Hope i get it tomorrow.
    anyway it’s was a hell drive for three days.

  • Jaywrayson

    What’s the difference between Pre-Order and Back Order? My Play Store says Pre-Order. I got my order in 20 after it went live. I got order confirmation, they took my money, but no shipping or back order emails. I’m feel like I’m in Limboooo.

  • NexusNYC

    This is such a slap in the face to the hardcore Android fans. I have been literally jumping out of my skin with excitement (nerd) to get the nexus 4. SO much so that I even woke up at 3am EST just to make sure they didnt sneak it in there at midnight. I was also refreshing, refreshing, refrshing, refreshing at 1130EST/830PT until low and behold i got an in stock message at 1134 and placed the order. Got the confirmation email and everything was a great day. NOW I had to call the Play store to find out that my order has in fact been placed on backorder. I didnt even get an email. Im not joking in this next sentence, when I went to cancel the order because I am so aggravated the customer service rep at google could not send me an email because their system is SO FUCKED. Yes you read that right Google could not send me an email (it was to show me how to cancel my order becasue how could she possibly cancel my order AT google?). It should not be this hard to give a corporation my $400!!!! I am so aggravated by the colossal screw up from beginning to end. I know for damn sure that they didnt sell MILLIONS of them!! I bet they barely even had a million devices!!! Google is seriously a bunch of Cali stoners. Get a freakin clue.

    • mr2324jgf

      I agree with most of what you said… I too had a really bad experience (like countless others). On the one hand… I’m glad, it’s showing an increased popularity in a phone that was once otherwise unknown and “too basic” for most people. Perhaps this will help stimulate a movement of more base aosp devices (maybe even aside from the nexus lien) and maybe the nexus will gain more ground production wise for future releases. Considering how many reports of “no LTE, im out!” and “no onboard memory? ewwww” I saw coming out of this website alone… not to mention it being an LG phone, I’m surprised by both the response of the customers as well as google. I must say though, in my 3-strike system with nearly everything, this is truly the first one google has received… I hope they rebound. I bought the Nexus 7 right away and then they released a better one for the same price after, and on top of that gave the most recent purchasers a credit but only cause they RECENTLY bought the device… things must change here back in the direction I was familiar with… I’m too google to un-google myself now.

  • Comet

    The problem is that people will always be in doubt now. Was it a publicity stunt or not? I ask myself this question for one simple reason. If you’re just selling what you have in stock, then why people have to wait three weeks?
    What I want to know now, is the sales numbers. If they were so successful they must have sold more than even Apple was able to sell on their online store.
    After all, Google website was the only way to get the Nexus 4 for this price.

  • RonWeez

    Mines still says shipping estimate 11/15 but I haven’t got a backorder email or a shipping tracking number and I emailed Google support with no response yet

  • Al

    got the email too.. backorder. This sucks I hate Google. It’s a joke of a company. Look at their sources of income, they have to “beg” for money (ads) in all their products. They have no real customer support for any of their products either. F**in joke.

    • inviolable

      So you [apparently] ordered a phone from a joke of a corporation full of hobos begging for money, and you actually express hatred toward them. LOL outstanding job

  • Neil

    Can’t say I can agree with you more. I figure…I can be the angry guy w/o a phone…stressing out and yelling at poor Google CSR’s…basically living a miserable existence. Or I can be the calm guy w/o a phone tipping back a drink or two. In both instances, I am still w/o the phone (a new phone, I have a frickin Galaxy Nexus) so I choose the latter. :)

  • hector

    It’s not the phone but the expectations created around it. Simply put: if you tell someone you’ll give him a present tomorrow, and tomorrow you tell him to wait 3 weeks, he’ll surely get upset. Won’t you?

    • inviolable

      Exactly. Especially when I already had an item in my cart (after going through all 9 levels of F5 hell) but made it through an order completion, only to find out a day later that I have to wait. That’s the equivalent of fighting through the bandits on Black Friday, but finally making it to the register, only to have the cashier fumble around and completely fuck up your order, allowing another customer to snatch your item and buy it at another register while you can do nothing about it. Yes, it is just a phone, but by no fault of our own, we have to deal with nothing short of..I don’t even know what word to describe it, but this has been the furthest thing from optimal.

  • Michael N

    Fought the servers, got a phone and then I got the back-order email today. The servers won after all. I AM DISAPPOINT.

  • Jaywrayson

    I called Google Support and got put on hold. The on hold recording said wait time to speak to an operator was “3 weeks” :(

  • Ross Dunn

    What really pisses me off is I entered my email into their notification system very early after the announcement it would be available so that I would be notified and *hopefully* get advance notice…. but no. Most companies give credit to those keeping on top of the latest news and give them first dibs on available stock… I am very disappointed I am going to have to wait until the next lot is available. Grrr.

  • Mario

    Im going to wait until January to buy the Nexus 4.. Im a patient person

    • Eric Rossman

      I am going to wait a few months for the 32GB version to be released. Toying with the idea of selling my 16GB Nexus 7 ( which I absolutely love ), and purchasing a 32GB Nexus 7 for more local storage.

      My motivation is strictly based local device storage. I have been spoiled by my SGS2 having 16GB built in plus the 32GB microSD added.

      Although I labored through this exact set of supply and demand events a few months ago with the Nexus 7, I really expected Google to not allow another Nexus launch to be back-ordered.

  • singhmd03

    still waiting on an email, back-order notice or shipment comfirmation….I just want to know whats going on, the wait is horrible…no response from [email protected] google

    • Jaywrayson

      I was on the same boat. I called Google Support and they told me that I’m most likely on the back order list. I think that anyone who hasn’t received shipping info by this point, is on back order.

      • singhmd03

        really!!?? But how is that possible, I order like in the first few mins it was available….around 1145..damn it. I’ve been waiting for this phone all year, coming from iOS this is going to be my first android device and i was hoping for a nice, smooth experience. Oh well, I don’t blame google…the nexus 4(android in general) better be worth the trouble lol

  • American traitor idol Lance Armstrong

    I heard they moved LTE availabilty and a memory slot to backorder too.
    What a desaster for a NEW phone!? wtf
    I couldnt live with such a dumbphone (its made by criminal LG on top of that).

    • inviolable

      Wakka wakka

  • Raptor Laughng Hard

    hahaha oh salespeople salespeople…pumping like no tomorrow.

    I like these two consecutive sentences one after another:

    “I found only one T-Mobile store in the Dallas area that had received the device, and they were only sent five total units.”

    “Nexus phones have never sold that well” ROTFLMAO

    Did you also buy an insurance for this glass toy which will brake or its integrated battery die in 2 years?

  • Raptor Laughng Hard

    Do you all live in Alaska – this phone overheats or needs the freezer to complete some benchmarks, see Anandtech

    • jphasson

      did you not read the whole review? the reviewer raves about the Nexus 4 in the conclusion

      • Raptor

        He raves that he dropped it and it did not break. And that it was easy to disassemble. LOL

        Nothing to rave about besides its price. Processor would be one but when it overheats it thermal throttles making it just a regular BS.

        • Ardrid

          Can we get an IP ban on this idiot and his many aliases? He obviously has nothing of substance to contribute to any discussion.

          • Raptop

            I wish this site had ignore list to kick you and few other unicellular frequent posters who abuse this and any site in the pursuit of higher score. I always puke reading their BS. Show me at least one single message where you have got to say anything valuable, ANYTHING. Post a link. U r that MacDonnalds-type dumbos who judge others by their English, have zero education, zero skills, zero vision and eventually grow into single-chromosomal service or salespeople. You will rarely find that amount of talking noones on abroad’s sites, it’s recent US phenomenon. Every time i read this site and do not believe my eyes because being on the net from the times when all world email addresses were printed in a single 20 page notebook i never seen that explosion of stupidity.

        • theMobileGuru

          Run rooted, AOKP ROM’s and you can take back control!!!

          “For every cause there is an effect, for every problem there is a solution!”

          Think outside the box people, after all this is the sole reason the Nexus line even exists. Google wanted a way to proactively enable community participation.

          One item that’s part of about 95% of Americans needs today, their cell phone. I couldn’t think of a better way to work into everyone’s life, could you?

  • porkchopbolt

    No mate, but you quite obviously live in an orchard. So enjoy your outdated granny Smith apples. And remember to hold your Apple a certain way when you eat it otherwise it might taste bad lol

  • RonWeez

    Just got off the phone with nexus support and I’m more confused then I was before. I have yet to receive a shipping email or a back order email, the rep told me that’s because my device is good to go and that most likely UPS already has my device they just haven’t gotten the confromation over to Google yet so they can let me know. Doesn’t make sense to me he said if I don’t receive it by Monday to call back. They have no clue what’s going on over there

  • aranea

    Actually not exactly. My phones screen broke about 3 weeks ago. I’ve been waiting for N4 so I neither repaired it nor bought a new phone. I went through the whole refresh hustle and finally ordered the phone. I was hoping to receive it by the end of this week. So I can have a phone working properly.

    Besides I agree with the expectations too. I went through refreshes and was late for some experiments to order the phone. Now if I have to wait for I’m asking myself why did they let me order it. They could have said out of stock way before I ordered it.

    More as I ordered my N10 at the same time I have to wait for both of them.

  • Mexicore

    I was one of the fortunate ones to get one.. should be getting the 8gb in the mail tomorrow!

    • btcutter

      did you get an email or UPS tracking number?

      anyone noticed that their credit card was charged?

      I bought it at 8:48 am PST. Besides the confirmation email I got nothing else……no back order or shipment email. and I don’t see my credit card charged either.

      WTF Google! You want to play like the big boys in phone business then get with it! This is NOT your first run.

      • Third Eye

        As per FTC rules, on line e-commerce companies cannot charge you till they ship your order.

        The only exception where a TENDER is immediately used at the time of the checkout would be Gift Certificates, Gift Cards and the like. That way you cannot use the same with multiple orders…

  • RonWeez

    for those in limbo like myself i have something that may make you feel a bit more optimistic. when i ordered my nexus 7 from the play store during the summer my CC had the pending charge on it the whole time and i didnt receive the shipping conformation email until 5 days later which just so happened to be the day that i received my N7.. so to be clear i ordered my N7 on Thursday July 19th and got the Shipping email and my device on Tuesday the 24th…. so KEEP HOPE ALIVE

  • btcutter

    Anyone see they have a PENDING charge on their CC yet??

  • Vance Kromo

    Was able to get my 8gb shipped but 16 gb for my brother backorder ….

  • Vance Kromo

    Also about the two day shipping they mean to full business days most of us will be getting the phone on Monday


    I’m STUCK with SPRINT !!! Thsnks a lot GOOGLE !!!

  • jenskristian

    My order which was placed at 8:35AM PST is still saying “Shipping estimate: November 15, 2012″ in the Play Store and “Pending” in Google Wallet. Haven’t heard or seen anything from Google regarding my order after getting the confirmation e-mail a couple of minutes after placing the order.

    Not very impressed with the way Google is handling the launch. They apparently didn’t learn anything from the Nexus 7 launch.

  • Camel Man

    So What’s the price of the international unlocked version outside google store?

    If it is in the 500 euro or around it, then I’ll buy a Moto Razr HD instead,

    Because it seems like a ripoff to me when it’s price way higher than google store price.

  • otakonx

    I ordered my N4 at 11:35:36AM EST, no trouble getting through the cart system, pending for days and as soon as I ask for status on my order I get the back ordered email from a rep. I understand that they got an “overwhelming” response to the N4′s but how could they not know? Don’t they do market research? That’s not even my main issue here. They say they’re fulfilling these as they come in. This is a lie or their system is seriously eff’d. I know of a few people who ordered 10, 15 even 20 min after me and they’ve received shipping notices. All in the states and EST. I can deal with waiting but I’d like them to stop sending me canned responses and own the f#$k up on their miss step here.

  • DuncanBishop


    Ups guy just got here a little bit ago..small box no bigger than the phone..feels nice :)

  • dommafia

    Welp, this sucks. I had sold my gs2 and bought a gs3 in the mean time to wait a week for the nexus to come out then return the gs3. Now this back order kinda ruined everything so I’m just going to stick with the gs3… screw it.

  • jimtravis

    Woke up at 3am est, and after a plethora of refreshes finally got an order in for both a 4 and a 10. Received a receipt showing both delivered within 3 to 5 day. On-line checks showed shipping 11/15, and then received the infamous email two days later. Called Google support, polite, but waste of time. A company with massive data centers, and top notch engineers can’t do better than this fiasco? I also experienced the Spring fiasco when attempting to register for the Google conference. Sometimes wonder where the hardware launch fiascoes fall on the pendulum from gross incompetence to someone at Goggle secretly get their jollies by pissing off customers. I realize the latter sounds illogical, but continuous hardware launch fiascoes from such a large company is equally illogical. I realize it is just a phone, and a tablet; however, it is hard to ignore such continuous gross customer hostility, intentional, or not.

    Android is the only mobile OS that meets my mobile needs. If iOS, or Windows Phone supported my mobile needs, I would drop Android in the proverbial heartbeat due to the continuous poor customer experiences with Google.

  • Kaylon

    I’m one of those individuals that didn’t even get to order one. I refreshed, I was persistent, but I was never able to secure one with the initial batch. I’m finally in such an amazing position to go pre-paid and am in a strong position to want to drop my current carrier Sprint (for SO many reasons), and I hear of other individuals successfully ordering and getting multiple devices, some of which are getting ‘upsold.’ Only one word describes how my loyalty to Android & Google over the years has been repaid, and my general feeling over this launch, all circumstances aside: FRUSTRATION. Do I feel that considering the low-volume of devices made available that some customers were able to get multiple devices was unfair? Yes, I do. Do I feel left behind by Google and as though they’re thinking more about themselves then me as a customer? Yes, I do. At the end of the day, I also hear that Google was so disappointed at how Verizon botched the launch of its device previously, but then all I can see is Google botching the delivery of its own device themselves. Disappointed & frustrated Android / Google customer :(

  • James

    To all you bitching about your order being delayed, why don’t you stop & consider all those who didn’t even get to place an order at all? Ingrates.

    • dommafia

      You sound like the type that likes settling… sorry bud not us.

  • theMobileGuru

    A kid, I say kid nicely as he’s 18 years old, that works in the same complex as my company, literally used, so he says, a program that modified the User-Agent of his browser, connected 14 times to the Google Play store, completed every purchase and GUESS FREAKING WHAT …..

    HE RECEIVED 12 out of the 14:

    4 – 8gb Nexus 4 Phone
    8 – 16gb Nexus 4 Phone

    Can you FLIPPING BELIEVE THAT!!! Can anyone say REDRUM!!

    Ruined my day so I had to share with everyone, didn’t want to be alone ya know!!! FREAKING CRAP!!!!!


    Indians should be out of this as it’s not available out here :(

    • sbala

      Why not Indians????
      We can purchase it from our friends over there.

  • BrotherBloat

    I want one… :P

  • tylerfoy

    There been plenty of issues thus far with shipping, but thats to be expected when a new release gets a lot of attention. Just be patient, they’ll get the orders filled soon enough!

  • melan26

    Google should really get their system together, especially if they have ongoing direct sales to consumers.

  • nikhil_saha07

    I want one of this

  • VerticalCobra

    Hold on :)

  • dutrak

    at least you managed to get one