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Miss out on the Nexus 4? Call your local T-Mobile store


Did you try to purchase the Nexus 4 this morning and come up empty? The Google Play Store was riddled with errors and the highly-anticipated phone sold out quickly, but you might still be able to pick one up tomorrow at your local T-Mobile store. New customers will likely be forced into a 2-year contract, but select T-Mobile retail locations will have the device on sale while supplies last.

T-Mobile is selling the 16 GB version of the device, which was selling for only $349 in the Google Play Store. If you get the Nexus 4 with a T-Mobile Classic plan, it will cost $199, after a $50 mail-in-rebate. Customers who go with the cheaper Value plans will get the device for $199, and then owe 20 monthly payments of $15 (total $499).

  • Value plan: $199.99 down payment, and 20 payments of $15
  • Classic plan: $249 payment, then you get a a $50 mail-in-rebate
  • No plan: $499.99 is the full retail price

Not all T-Mobile locations are carrying the device, so make sure to call ahead. Different stores have different policies, so you might be able to get on a waiting list for when the stores open in the morning. If you have any luck finding the Nexus 4 at a local store, please let us know in the comments below.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • taz88ny

    So to buy the device from T-Mobile without a contract, it will cost $150 more than buying it from Google? That doesn’t seem to make any sense at all.

    • NasLAU

      What kind of thievery is this?

      • dreamcore

        Pretty simple. It’s Google that’s doing the odd pricing, making little on the phone itself, or even taking a loss. Google doesn’t need to sell hardware to eat. But they do need to create buzz and attract developers.

  • Ted

    Buy it from t-mobile for $500 or wait a couple of weeks and get it for $349. Yeah I’ll just wait I think.

    • lalov1

      Agreed, don’t need it that bad.

      • zerosix

        If you were an Apple fanboy, you would be ready to pay extra $500 just to get your device here and now. It’s good that you have “more sense than money”.

  • Import11

    I called T-Mobile and the lady told me “T-Mobile has never carried the nexus devices and will not be carrying the Nexus 4.” Gave me a good laugh.


      rep at my tmobile store said a similar thing, i was like so you will be selling the Nexus 4 on November 14th, he said “no but google should have some on their website” . Only reason i walked in was to see it they had a live demo.

  • CAM

    I was going to go this route on the classic plan, but I called a local t-mobile store and they told me they would have them in a couple weeks, not tomorrow.

    No thanks. I just went ahead and bought one on the Play store today.

  • Adam

    Will they be selling bumpers? That’s all I need.

  • Hamid

    Just called my local T-mobile store and they are going have Nexus 4 in stock tomorrow.
    I’m going to upgrade because I’m on a plan with my family and I’m due upgrade anyways

  • gman

    T-Mobile store said they will carry it tomorrow, however it is T-Mobile branded and not unlocked and they will not sell them for prepaid at this time, only on contract

  • nasko

    anyone know what time can we start ordering from T-Mo website. I am in Cali, hopefully 9pm, but any confirmation is welcome. Thank.

  • Anthony44

    Ya know I find myself quite envious. I have purched ever nexus phone on launch. I actually felt obligated.
    The Galaxy Nexus with all the different models updating at different times left me a little sour.
    I got a s3 and knew I had a super phone.
    I knew touch wiz and bloat ware came along but wtf.
    I gave wife s3 and got the note2 after two weeks it isnt big at all. I love it but
    I Still have that nexus fever oh my.
    I wish you all well I would just simply love a nexus note lol

  • Uriel

    I called T-Mobile yesterday I told if I could get Nexus 4 they told me “what’s that?” Then I ask for a “specialist” he didn’t even know the phone was coming out. Come on T-Mobile my G2 needs to rest

  • Ardrid

    Absolutely atrocious that T-Mobile is selling an unlocked Nexus 4 with a $150 markup. Why would anyone buy directly from them if they’re not intending on signing a contract? It makes absolutely no sense.

  • Richard Yarrell

    Bottom line Tmobile wants to make it’s money too. Either people will buy at the Google play store or at corporate Tmobile stores

  • squiddy20

    “Either people will buy at the Google play store or at corporate Tmobile stores” …Because that’s the only places to get them in the US. What an intelligent post by none other than Richard Yarrell. Anything insightful you’d like to add?

  • Nathan D.

    T-mobile isn’t a great deal.

    • mario_1603

      I agree

  • trees247

    got mine from tmobile store 200 bucks!

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