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Nexus 4 available for purchase at 12:00 PM PST


If you have been waiting to buy a Nexus 4 or receive the one you already ordered, then you likely got an email from Google today. Customers who expressed interest in buying the Nexus 4 started receiving emails this morning that said new orders would be accepted today at 12:00 noon PST, U.S. only.

Google failed to notify customers about the availability on the November 13th launch and the Play Store was riddled with errors, so hopefully they have improved the purchase experience. It’s good to see the phones back in stock, but we have heard nothing about the availability of more bumper cases or the wireless charging docks.

Those who purchased the Nexus 4 on November 13th and had their order delayed should be seeing their devices this week. Google notified customers that the orders would ship soon and many people have already received their UPS tracking number.

We don’t know how many units will be available for purchase today, but we have a feeling they could sell out again. Less than half of the people who wanted to purchase one could get their orders in and many have been waiting on Google to replenish the stock.

Hit up the links below to see if they are in stock, and let us know if you are able to complete your purchase.

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  • jaxidian

    I hope they have the Orb for sale too!!!

    • masterpfa

      Well almost 24 hrs later and still showing as ‘In Stock’ so hopefully all state-side who wanted one has been able to order the device of their choice.

      OK GOOGLE how about the rest of the world?
      (Angry face!)

      • Derek

        Not sure what in the world you are talking about. These went on sale at noon PST and by 15 minutes later they were out of both models.

        • kretz7

          The play store was just under heavy load at the time. There was even a banner saying this and that they weren’t out of stock – keep trying.

        • masterpfa

          Still showing as being in stock when I looked 5 minutes ago

          • LuckyHermit

            I’m assuming you’re not in the US…

          • Derek

            I am in the US. These are NOT in stock. The ship dates are 8-9 weeks out for the 8GB models and the 16GB models are 4-5 weeks for shipping. I think someone needs to open their eyes.

            I looked a few mins past 3:00 EST yesterday and they were already out of stock. Reports on G+ say that they sold out of what stock they had in as little as 20 seconds.

  • live2skico

    I just got my shipping confirmation from the 11/13 order. looks like 2-day shipping

    • iamXiV92a

      Yeah, looks like 2-day for me as well. I thought the 11/13 orders were to be sent overnight?

      • LuckyHermit

        It has always been 2 day shipping…

  • Eddie

    I am glad that I was denied purchase the first time. Upon further reflection, I want to see if a 32 GB / 16GB version ever comes out, bugfixes, and pay less on my ETF. I’ll be tempted at noon but I must think long term.

    • Bianca

      My father tried to purchase this nexus phone, but got denied because of technical issues. Didnt look too professional, so he bought an iphone 5 instead. He is very happy with his device. I have an iphone 4 and will upgrade to iphone 5 later on.

      • Isaac

        Why are you here?

        I just ordered mine. Just had to keep clicking “Proceed” in the cart. The same thing happened with iPhone orders within an hour of original launch.

        Go on an iPhone forum and talk about how much you like it with other people instead of trying to stir up stuff here on a Nexus post.

        • golfpedaler

          Agreed!!! Why do they do that, if they love their precious iPhone so much…? Are they trying to convince themselves its a good phone…?

        • clocinnorcal

          Troll. Story didn’t happen.

      • JS_215

        I am very sorry to hear that. Its sad that your father has wasted his money, and you will follow his path also. Extremely sorry to hear that, really.

      • John

        I returned my iPhone 5 and was one of the fortunate ones to successfully order the Nexus 4 on the 13th.

        I am extremely pleased with my decision and I am happy to say that I am now a full on convert :).

        • PopeNexusXXIII

          Welcome brother. i hope you found inner peace in your decision,mentally and spiritually.

  • RonWeez

    I wonder if they fixed the crashing problems and stuff that happened with the first launch.

    • uzunoff

      I think that Google is using the “Sold Out” banner as a throttling device, to allow a small stream of customers to purchase the device and go through their billing system. Since that is the biggest bottleneck

      • luckykrrish

        @uzunoff, it’s very well possible, don’t understand downvotes on your comment

  • Alvin S

    I bought a new camera over the weekend, so yesterday I cancelled my Nexus 4 order, and ordered the $50 Virgin Mobile HTC One V deal instead. Transitional phone while I save up for a Nexus 4. Maybe by then the availability problems will be over.

  • Max.Steel

    Gee, you guys aren’t late to the news or anything.

  • CTown

    DOes LG and Google plan to remove the Nexus 4′s ability to do LTE on AWS? Are there LTE patents that must be licensed and other stuff that Google might not have paid for since the Nexus 4 isn’t meant to do LTE? Or is this phone covered by Qualcomm’s and LG’s license agreements (since they obviously need to be able to have access to LTE)?

  • MikeG

    Got my notification from Google last night that my phone will ship this week. It looks like it shipped out today, as I got UPS tracking information a few hours ago. 2-day shipping I suppose will put it out for delivery on Thursday (hoping tomorrow!).

    Good luck to everyone purchasing today. Let’s hope that Google cleaned up their act in the last couple weeks.

  • NasLAU

    Are you freaking kidding me? I put it in my cart and then it said couldn’t process my checkout due to high demand. I unchecked the “link to my account” box and it deleted it from my cart. Now it says sold out.

    • shadhussain

      i just checked the play store (canada) and they have a new message out “Google Play is currently experiencing very high traffic. Nexus 4 is not sold and will still be available for purchase. Please try again shortly”.

      • shadhussain

        5 pm EST.

  • anon

    It’s up!! ermahgherd!!!

  • shadhussain

    no love for canada.

  • kingof9x

    It keeps switching from out of stock to in stock, but when it’s in stock I can’t add it to the shopping cart.

    This sucks.

    • NasLAU

      I can add it. It just won’t let me checkout.

      • Chad

        Same here. I just added to my cart i keep getting the “due to high demand” message and won’t let me check out but I when i leave the check-ut page it still shows my device in the cart so maybe i’ll wait a little before trying to checkout again.

      • tottyrice

        OMG same here ugh!!!

      • Isaac

        Keeping clicking “Proceed” it will eventually open a pop-up where you can check out. It took my about 2 minutes of just mashing on the “Proceed” button and watching those errors pop-up before it came up for me.

        • shwann75

          been pressing proceed for hours this is a joke!

  • Matthew

    I added it, worked fine… then suddenly “Could not process your checkout due to high demand” out of f***ing no where. Now, showing as Sold Out. Google is awesome at this.

  • Lior

    Can’t proceed… always “Due to high demand, your order could not be processed. Please try again later.”

  • Tony

    And…. they’re gone.

  • MitchRapp81

    LG is just not prepared for the demand… they sold 14M phones in Q3 2012, Samsung sold 97M … I guess an LG Nexus is just not meant to be :(

    I remember when my GNEX came out, I could find it eeeeeverywhere (best buy, future shop, all the little island stores, online, fido, rogers, bell, telus, etc…)

  • humanios

    Good thing they had enough stock for 3 people this time…

  • kingof9x

    that was a waste of 20 minutes. seems like it sold out even faster this time.

  • Zach

    Really? I have been very patient. This is getting ridiculous. Demand has already been garnered. Time for them to supply and deliver. Anyone know a way to get a 16GB Nexus 4 by ordering over the phone or going to Google HQ? Play Store does not work well enough, not even close.

  • Vincent

    After half an hour of continuously mashing command+r (across two browsers with three tabs each), I was finally able to complete a transaction for a 16GB Nexus 4.

  • Max.Steel

    Sold out again. What a bunch of bullshit.

    • Google shop

      yeah, both Nexus4 are sold!

    • olc

      No not sold out. Just that Google is incapable of designing a functional online store for hardware. I tried for about an hour and a half starting at noon PST and gave up, even though the ADD TO CART would occasionally appear, but always end up with an error. At 4:30 PST, on a whim, I tried from my cell phone, and the order went to Google Wallet and said something about the the order being processed “momentarily”. After half a hour I logged into Google Play again and it went through all the way through and was confirmed for a 8GB one. Then I noticed the delivery time for that was 7-8 weeks and only 2-3 weeks for a 16GB so I tried again and it went through right away.

      So the problem all along was Google’s inability to get their site to function properly. You’d have thought they learned something from the first time. But then I’d have thought that a company that could handle 72 hours of video being uploaded every minute and 34,000 searches a second could do a better job of a store.

  • M3rc Nate

    This is retarded! Its sold out, then in stock and iv added it to my cart 4 times and when i click Proceed, it says “Oops, we had trouble processing your request. We’re working on fixing the issue. Please try again later.” and empties my cart.

    I find it so sad that one of the biggest tech companies in the world… renowned for their browser and search engine and other websites they have made, are doing about as well as if i had made the website from scratch with my 9th grade level website creating class knowledge trying to sell a phone that im not totally sure how many we have, so i keep having to run out to the garage, find more, and add them to the stock.

    You cant tell me there aren’t better ways for this to go…for people to buy whats in stock with no glitches until there is no more stock left. Use a ticket/line system or something…we click add to cart and it says your 15th in line and you wait until its your turn then if they are in get ONE.

    You also cant tell me that “Google was un prepared”…really? GOOGLE?! lol. They make like a billion dollars a year…im sure in the world of billionaire companies there are teams you can hire that will set you up for selling something online. A small company that comes in and is like “Ok well first…you have no actual release time…send out emails, November 13, 12pm EST, now lets see how buggy your website is…oh wow, you should have more than ONE guy working on it. Oh you dont have a limit? thats a mistake, lets put a 2 phone per person limit….etc”.

  • NavalArch

    No Sold Out message just the “high demand … “

    • NavalArch

      Due to high demand, your order could not be processed. Please try again later.

      • NavalArch

        New message but no “Sold Out”

        Oops, we had trouble processing your request. We’re working on fixing the issue. Please try again later

  • Lior

    Keep raping the mouse clicking the proceed button, even if it’s greyed out. I got to the wallet window eventually but failed there.. others report they bought one successfully.

  • kingof9x

    the first sale I wondered if they could screw up the process even more. it looks like the did a good job of not selling the nexus.

  • WTF


  • Lior

    As I said above, click the hell out of the proceed button. Just received my order confirmation by email.

    • Lior

      -1 because of what? because I got one and you’re not? too bad I can’t upload images to here so I can prove it.

    • Chad

      This Works ^^^^ I just kept clicking PROCEED non stop and finally i got my order in for the 16GB

      • Lior

        Indeed it works… I wrote it to help people, not to troll… glad you got one too :)

        • Satya

          It worked for me too.. thanks for posting ..

        • Kuma

          Thank you sooo much!! I was literally about to break the screen after 40 minutes of failed attempts but then you said smash mash the proceed button and after about 20 minutes and about 10 mashing attempts and 5000 clicks it popped with the proceed order. Since I had my google wallet already setup, it ordered, I called Google up to confirm that I did get just 1 16GB nexus. Awesome!

  • olc

    What kind of buffoons run the Google device store? I started trying just before noon and when it came up Add To Cart I clicked got to Proceed, and then an error. I have been refreshing since then (45 minutes ago) and I sometimes get sold out, sometime the Add Yo Cart and then it says cart is empty. Sometimes the Proceed but clicking it gives an error message.

    And it is still happening. Keep refreshing and you get Add To Cart, but good luck getting an order through.

    Why not just take the orders and fill them in the order received? This method shows little respect for customers and the amount of time they have to waste trying unsuccessfully) to give them money.

    How can they be so good at their other operations and so stupid at this? Morons!

  • ______________________________________________________________________


  • RonWeez

    I find it miraculous that I some how got mines the first time it when up for sale on the 13th. But this is a travesty. I wondered if they would have the problems from the first launch fixed and I guess I was wrong

  • crazy customer

    This is almost not acceptable.. Google what are you thinking… tricking people… OMG…

  • Taylor


  • Derek

    I’m completely shocked by how epically bad this whole Nexus 4 experience has been by Google. Google is the internet. they have the world’s largest server farms and they cannot handle orders for a few hundred thousand phones per hour? That’s just plain bad by Google. I love most Google stuff but this has been an epic fail.

  • NT_

    Dear Google:

    Please swallow your pride, chase it down with a gulp of beer and then click here:

    The Internet

  • M3rc Nate

    Lol starting to think its secret undercover Apple employees running the site in charge of selling the Nexus 4. This couldnt be worse if they tried. Let alone if a large amount of the N4 have bugs or issues i think people are going to be PISSED cause it was such a hassle even buying get one that isnt perfect and deal with sending it back and waiting for a new one…they better pray every N4 is perfection.

  • vforvortex

    currently on top of website: “Google Play is currently experiencing very high traffic. Nexus 4 is not sold out and will still be available for purchase. Please try again shortly. Thank you for your patience.”

    • 94wolfpack

      I see the same thing.. but supposedly my order went through!?!?????

    • vforvortex

      Finally got the order processed. now waiting for delivery

  • Nathan D.

    Great, but I’m going to see and wait for a future 32gb version for the holidays. Hopefully the 16gb version will drop down to the $300 instead of $350.

  • Gill Android

    “Google Play is currently experiencing very high traffic. Nexus 4 is not sold out and will still be available for purchase. Please try again shortly. Thank you for your patience.”


  • aranea

    I’m kind of disappointed that bumpers aren’t available.

    • iamXiV92a

      And where is the wireless charging Orb?!?!

  • snowbdr89

    All this hype over an average phone?

    • EmagehtmaI

      Troll. Go home and play with yourself and pretend you have friends.

      • snowbdr89

        Did you think of that all by yourself? It is an average phone but thats just an opinion dummy!!

        • M3rc Nate

          Lol you obviously dont know what your talking about. Just by its processor, screen size and resolution its not average. Its the best phone in terms of specs on the market right now.
          Now do i think its the best looking phone? No. Is the Android experience the best OS on the market? Personally i say yes but iOS fans can say no and id respect that, same with Windows Phone fans.

          • snowbdr89

            Made by lg so yeah ill stick with average.

    • Orion78

      I wouldnt say average but I do get what you’re saying. This whole Google and LG Nexus has been a complete FAIL. It’s comical that these people are going gaga and losing sleep for a phone with non removable battery and little storage. If you have a Galaxy Nexus….why bother? I can’t wait till all this hype goes away so we can move on to bigger and better things.

      • snowbdr89

        Ok above average, it is fun to watch people go gaga over this phone kinda reminds me of isheep. : l

  • coldj

    it still not working -_-

  • esteban caicedo

    I JUST GOT MINE. you literally have to k+eep clicking the button till a google wallet purchase thing pops up! the 32 gb costs $390 dollars with shipping and tax

  • EmagehtmaI

    As of now, when I go to the PLAY store, it gives me the option to add it to my cart, but says “Will ship in 2-3 weeks” for the 16 GB version and “Will ship in 4-5 weeks” for the 8 GB one.

    Oh well. My contract with Verizon isn’t up until July, anyhow. Maybe by then there will have been a price drop, and/or a 32 GB version come available.

  • bronco bama

    nexus 4 more weeks

  • LucenNox

    As others have said, just keep clicking on the proceed button. However, protip for anyone else who is lazy like me:
    Probably not the best tool, but it’s easy to use and worked for me. It only took like 3 minutes before I got through once I got it set up.

  • onetonofclay

    Was able to get a 16 gig. After 2.5 hours of refreshing and adding to my cart!

  • Dan Herman

    Here is how I got mine with the annoying “Due to high demand yada yada…”

    Go to the javascript console and assign an id to the Proceed button (id = “proceed”) then add this function:
    function buyDamnPhone() {

    then run the function…

    It worked well for me. Saved me many clicks!

  • Raptor

    Don’t teach sales to sell. Even if they will sell 100 thousand total they will make a hell of noise as if they sold100 million.

  • N8theGr8

    I used tamper monkey, extension for chrome on my Mac, to run a script to purchase my n4 today. Worked in less than 3 minutes. Check out and all.

  • Leo209

    After 3 hrs and 35 min of refreshing on my work computer, I finally was able to order two 16gb Nexus 4s… Bout damn time!

    • Leo209

      2 to 3 weeks to be shipped… Smh… At least the order is in. My mouse clicking finger can finally rest Lol

  • Eric Govea

    Dam about time… I finally got a 16gb… got to keep refreshing fast. I finally got home on my wired fast connection and it worked in like a minute =)

  • M3rc Nate

    Same, a few minutes ago i finally got through and was able to order a 16Gb. Very happy about it. Sucks the bumper is out of stock and they dont have the wireless charging orb for sale. But when i can, i’ll get those.

  • NavalArch

    Just ordered the 16gb! Went through on the first try. Much better than earlier today.

  • tottyrice

    it’s 8:03 PM here in CA just bought the N4 16gb went through the first try!!! OMG XD

  • poler166

    im pretty sure that this is going to work like a pre order… i have a feeling that the phone sold out earlier, if you buy the phone now its probably just going to be a place holder for the next wave.

  • Ali A Khan

    Can we use Nexus 4 with Cricket Career?

    • Ali A Khan


    • poler166

      No Cricket Wireless has a CDMA network, the nexus 4 is a GSM phone. Not even with a Flash it wont work

  • jazzman87

    Any updates about Europe availability? Preferable Spain?

  • Bob

    Just ordered one this morning after giving up with frustration yesterday. No issues at all. 16Gb shipping in 4-5 weeks.

  • Mix

    I have not once seen the ‘SOLD OUT’ message disappear from the CDN site since it first launched.


  • iPhone for the rich, Android for the poor

    Most customers already bought the new iPhone.
    Google always the runner up with their meandroid bum phones….

    • poler166

      the “i” in iPhone stands for iDiot, anyone can use an iPhone even a Caveman can do it, the apple coustumer is idiot because they over paid for something that is not as advance, Apple costumers are buying the brand not the technology.

  • austinjam

    well….same problems as original launch day. Said screw it, just sold my iPhone 5 and got the GS3, loaded up CM 10 and am rocking an ‘almost’ stock Android experience with 25mb download speeds on ATT LTE. Nexus WHAT?

  • LuckyHermit

    I wasn’t able to get one at 12:00PST (tried for 2 hours) went home, ate dinner, and checked again. I was able to place my order at 6:00 PST no trouble whatsoever.

  • citycrazed25

    I tried at 3:00EST couldn’t get through until about 7:00EST…but with wait times 4 – 5 weeks I think I will keep my S3 for the time being.

  • jambojeremy

    Really want this phone. But now they’re saying 8-9 weeks out! I’m not buying a phone now to have it ship in early February when something possibly better will be on the market by then!

    • poler166

      Well that’s only for the 8 GB the 16GB is still 4-5 weeks

    • tottyrice

      if another phone comes by before then you can always cancel your purchase they won’t charge you till the phone is shipped out.

      • tottyrice

        that’s what i’m planning on doing if i get the phone too close to the SONY odin release date i’m just going to cancel my order.

        • jambojeremy

          Ooooo, good point! :D

  • txbluesman

    I am trying to be patient. I am trying to be patient. I am trying to be patient. LOL!!!

  • g

    fuck google for real. this is the most ridiculous launch ever. clearly they don’t give a fuck, but hey we gave some to tmobile too! except out of the 15 stores around me, none had them. and some didn’t even get the phone at all. seriously considering getting a windows phone now. i’m sick of every single android phone not working right out of the box, and i have to root it and put a rom on and oh wait that rom has x broken so try this other rom sweet it works except y is broken. im 100% confident the nexus 4 will be the same deal. a flashy exterior with force closes on the interior for everyone! FREE FORCE CLOSES WITH EVERY ANDROID PHONE PURCHASE!!!1

  • dafi81

    I think google should do better and they will do better just a matter of time ;-) patients is a virtue

  • Dorkstar

    I cant agree with the headphone splitter. My wife would be trying to control the car stereo too much, probably resulting in a large fight, which ends up in divorce. It just can’t work. Heck no i’m not going to share my music with her.

  • kookeetree

    Wonder what the battery life is like. I currently have the Samsung Skyrocket and when I have a 100% charge, having it in sleep mode overnight drains it down to 70%… sleep mode with data, wifi, gps, turned off… what in the world is eating away at my battery. =(

  • sbala

    When it will come to India

  • fc3s

    Debating whether it’s worth selling my One X for this.

  • klcow92

    N4, N7 and N10, will they do a N5.??? hahaha

  • castlefox

    I purchased my Nexus4 on Nov 28th and I dont have it yet ( I am in the US) I sure hope I get my Nexus4 soon !