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Nexus 4 has working LTE


The Nexus 4 is the hottest Android phone, but many people wish it had support for 4G LTE. Andy Rubin told The Verge that the lack of LTE was a “tactical issue,” but now it appears the Nexus 4 has hidden support for LTE, and it’s already working in some countries.

So how was LTE magically enabled on the Nexus 4? Users navigated to the Phone Info menu and changed the Preferred Network Type. The option to change network types is hidden, but it can be accessed by dialing *#*#4636#*#* (INFO) or using a free app called Phone Info.

Currently, the Nexus 4 only works with LTE networks that operate on band 4 (AWS 1700/2100). This includes Bell, Rogers, and Telus in Canada and many users have reported that their Nexus 4s are getting 4G LTE speeds. Brian Klug of Anandtech also tested the Nexus 4 and confirmed LTE was working on band 4.

T-Mobile USA plans to deploy their 4G LTE network on band 4 in 2013, so there is a small chance that the Nexus 4 could operate on LTE in the US. T-Mobile is the official launch partner for the Nexus 4, so it’s a little suspicious that the device includes hidden LTE support for the same band 4 as their future network.

I wouldn’t get my hopes up yet, but this could be a major selling point for the Nexus 4 in the US. Google wants to provide an unlocked device that operates on LTE, and it appears they could be getting their wish next year.

Via: AnandTech

Source: XDA-Developers

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  • humidity

    Please let it work for Verizon!

    • ben

      No chance, It’s not a CDMA phone

      • DroidSamurai

        Strictly speaking, if the frequency is right, it should work — wherever you find LTE signal on Verizon. CDMA is not needed when there’s LTE. I got 4G almost all the times, so if the Nexus 4 could operate on Verizon 700Mhz band, it should work for me (as long as Verizon lets me activate the phone.)

        Unfortunately, band 4 is not where Verizon deployed its LTE, so “No”.

        • alexanderharri3

          Also double unfortunately, Verizon’s LTE will only get you data, not voice or text capabilities…even if VZW was in band 4

          • kazahani

            They’re working on voice-over-LTE but it’s not ready yet. Personally I think that they will think twice about deploying that capability anyway, since they make so daggone much money off of voice and texting services.

        • Pete

          Doesn’t Verizon still do voice over CDMA until they start rolling out voice over lte?

      • Derek

        LTE and CDMA are two completely different technologies. Verizon LTE phones have two modems in them, one for CDMA and one for LTE. LTE is a GSM based technology.

    • Jorge Vieira

      I have a feeling we might see one released for Verizon and will have LTE advertised kind of like with the Galaxy Nexus.

      • kazahani

        I hope not. As a VZW GNEX user, I can tell you that it would be better for them to pick up the Optimus G than to further tarnish the Nexus name with their high prices, branding and bloatware.

  • Dr.Carpy

    Thanks Taylor for this article. I now must find a way to con my wife into letting me get this phone! Oh well, I guess I’ll sleep in the garage for a couple days! I’ll have the Nexus 4 to keep me warm! ;)

  • shadhussain

    google, you sly bastard … always playing games.

  • SGB101

    He’ll need a tegra 3 phone for that ;o)

  • alexanderharri3

    Verizon Galaxy Nexus update scenario: Google says never again?

    • Richard Yarrell

      I am very happy to see this device on Tmobile it will work nicely. I was in tmobile November 15th when purchasing my Galaxy Note 2 and played with the Lg Nexus could’ve brought it but didn’t feel it was to special. Sound quality was weak and felt that the device was just boring nothing special at all. (4) people came in and purchase the Nexus 4 while I was their for 2hrs they seemed happy just like I was. The Galaxy Note 2 simply BLOWS the Lg Nexus out of the water all day long. Great to see some nice devices on tmobile

      • Richard Yarrell

        Down voted because i am happy for tmobile while everyone jerks on Verizon chain. What dweebs down vote me even more now. Piss on Verizon and all its users…

        • Steam

          Do you also hate Aston-Martin, Cartier, Lamborghini, Patek Philippe, DeBiers, Timex, Wal-Mart, and Dollar Tree stores because you can’t afford anything from these companies, even if you worked 168 hours a week? Are you fantasizing about your father again, ramming you up the ass while donkey-punching you, calling you a useless bum, then shitting on you and pissing in your mouth in The Dark Basement? Are you rolling around in your scat while “applauding real hard” and “can’t help but laughing” while trying to block reality from your three brain cells? Do you not realize that anything and everything you post will be downvoted? I thought you didn’t care what people thought about you, Richard? You told android and me to “go fuck themselves.” I thought you were a “high roller” because you owned an Evo that the homeless outreach program gave you?

          “Love Technology and have been a Evo 4g owner on sprint since June 4th 2010. This device is the Granddaddy of all 4g android devices and I now know I can place my evo 4g in retirement because 2 new members have been added to the evo family. I will be purchasing my Evo 3d on June 24th 2011 and just might be able to get it on June 21st 3 days early due to bein a sprint premiere customer..” Your words, your page, retard.

          You can’t even keep your lies and fantasies straight.

        • squiddy20

          No. You were downvoted because, for the past two years, you’ve been nothing more than a fanatical, hypocritical, stupid fanboy who goes around saying totally untrue crap, and the image people have of you doesn’t improve overnight.
          You were downvoted because you own a $300 *carrier subsidized* smartphone but then brag about how you’re “rolling with the big boys” and how you have enough money to “loan” to other people, like a total douche.
          You were downvoted because you had the audacity to slam the Nexus 4 all the while praising it like the fat old hypocrite you are.

        • TruFactz

          Lmfao! dude you’ve been a member for a little over a year and a half, posted 710 comments as of me checking ya profile, and only got 3 damn points……….you have got ta do betta. Man, if this was Twitter, you’d be 1000% lame.

          • TruFactz

            Aww, nice going dick, I mean Richard. I know misery loves company but geez….

        • TruFactz

          My bad, your and me score is 3. Ya points is none. So that’s like, if Facebook was a dating site, and points were how many people viewed your page, and ya score was likes, my good friend, you’d be considered a lame, and the points you do have you did yaself for three days, then figured you’d pray about it, then see what happens. Keep praying bruh.

  • Varemenos

    doesn’t work in most EU countries

    • Varemenos

      not compatible

  • Ardrid

    One has to wonder if this is Google’s ace in the hole. Sell the Nexus 4 as an HSPA+ capable device, with LTE as an “upgrade” option once the networks become more prevalent. If so, very slick on their part. Guess people, *cough* CNet *cough* should revise all those reviews now ;)

  • Matt Beaulne

    Got mine working. getting about 26mbps average. Rogers, Canada.

    • stenzor

      Worked for me too.. what a nice surprise

      • Galen20K

        Lucky! Can’t wait to try it on T-Mobile USA once they switch on their LTE network.

    • jack

      did you need to upgrade to an LTE plan or buy lte sim for it to work on rogers.

      • stenzor

        You just need an LTE sim.. Any plan works, but don’t forget to change APN settings first. I am getting more than 40mbps down when I have full bars :D

  • Max.Steel

    After the ATROCIOUS handling of the GNex by Verizon, I am glad that Google chose not to go with Verizon this year and rightfully so. Poor battery life to Verizon’s LTE, delayed updates and exorbitant bills just to name a few.

    • kazahani

      They still want $150 PLUS A 2 YEAR CONTRACT for the GNEX. Lolwut??

  • Nathan D.

    Awesome! Might have lte phone next year thank to nexus 4.

  • aranea

    The band 4 is not the one ATT uses for its LTE, right?

    • iamXiV92a

      Not yet according to SlashGear

  • iamXiV92a

    Could Google purchase T-Mobile?
    I don’t see this happening, just a through that popped up for a second perhaps from the turkey hangover.

    1. Google has NO cellular network in place (that we know of).
    [the T-Mobile/Metro PCS merger would make them look VERY good as a starting point]
    2. T-Mobile has been one of the most Android friendly carriers in the US (releasing some vanilla Android devices)
    [they NEVER get the iPhone]

    Again, just a simple thought

    • aranea

      Google recently made a deal with satellite provider. It can easily lead to a phone over lte only (wi-fi calls and such).


    I thought the Note 2 would be the first to activate LTE on Tmo

  • melanie

    my new iphone 5 has this superfast lte too, but it looks much nicer than this old brick

    • Donnieace

      Your Iphone 5 is just now getting with the program. Android has had LTE for years.

      Seriously chick, broaden your horizons.

    • Galen20K

      Wow, I’m surprised you can see your iPhone through all the knicks, gouges, and scratches from directly out of the box. ; ) well…. just so long as you can see that shiny Apple logo on it right? that’s all that matters after all.

    • Silver

      Almost every stupid comment like this seems to be coming from so-called female (look at the names) users. This might sound odd but I’m starting to get the feeling that these members are in fact just Android users opening up an account and then use it to troll. They are not trolling because they hate Android (they could possible be huge Android fans) but it seems they are trying to spice up the conversation? Or they’re just being very childish and trying to make iPhone users look more stupid than they really are and as a result, make themselves, the Android users, look more smart. Either way, it’s stupid. We love Android so let just continue loving Android. No need to make the other side look more stupid.

      • Max.Steel

        It’s the same person posting under different names. His name is Ben Johnson. He lives in Georgia. He used to play anti-Android rants under his real name all the time then everyone stopped replying to him and now he posts under different names all the time. The best thing to do is to ignore any troll post about having or using an iPhone or iPhone is better than Android. Especially the ones unregistered female names.

        • Cancel reply

          ??? Are you on drugs?

    • kazahani

      You need to stop hogging all the douchebaggery. There are tons of other assfaces out there that are entitled to some as well!

  • pjamies

    Canadian Eh?? lol
    Yup, we Northerners have LTE!! and we love it!!
    Had it for over a yr now and have not looked back since.

    Now for some Back Bacon, Beaver Tails and Maple Syrup
    for breakfast … Yummy!

  • 25


    • kazahani

      What a constructive, insightful comment. I must congratulate you on your vast contributions to both this community and the internets at large. You, sir, are a gentleman and a scholar, and I salute you. Bravo.

  • zymo

    That’s hilarious! So a not advertised “feature” is working by a simple tweak, but a common and advertised feature like usb OTG/ host mode doesn’t work!

  • Comet

    Meanwhile I wait for news on :
    - How many Nexus 4 have been sold?
    - When will the limited edition Nexus 4 be available again?

  • CNN News Formula 1

    Vettel world champion, Alonso stays runner-up fa99ot!!!!!!

  • mario_1603

    I want a nexus 4

    • sbala

      Me too

  • Dorkstar

    What? This is just strange, sounds… just odd. But no one’s managed to find a micro SD slot yet huh? Damn.

  • paladaxar

    come on Google wireless with LTE! :)

  • kookeetree

    “has working LTE”… it better have LTE. Would seem crazy at current times not to have LTE.

  • melan26

    I’m thinking of switching network; not been happy with mine.

  • Stig03


  • klcow92

    will it work with EE in UK?

    • dutrak

      I will buy it if it does… though depends on the availability of the phone

  • Butard

    I will absolutely get one of these as soon as they re-stock on I’m a T-Mobile user, but I don’t trust the carriers enough to believe they wouldn’t put some type of junk-ware on it. So I’m buying direct froom Google.

  • Fabrice

    Can you unlock the LTE on the nxus 7 32g HSPA just as on the nexus 4??? I would get one right now if possible!