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Nexus 4 review roundup


Google’s flagship Android phone, the Nexus 4, is going on sale next week and the first reviews are beginning to appear online. We took the time to round up some of the best reviews and then look at what the critics were saying about each aspect of the device. Read on to see how Google’s latest Nexus device performed.

Nexus 4 Review roundup

What critics are saying about the Nexus 4

  • Design: “I took a set of keys, a fork and a pocket knife to the front and back glass panels of the Nexus 4 and couldn’t get a scratch to show up anywhere.” “It’s quite grippy thanks to a rubberized band of plastic that runs in a ring around the whole device.” “The screen is coated smoothly from edge to edge, and it almost feels like the glass is melted over the sides.”
  • Display: “I wouldn’t say it’s the absolute best, as I still prefer the color reproduction of the One X and the sharpness of the iPhone’s Retina display, but it’s very close” “Clean and crisp in just about any light setting.” “It’s one of the nicest displays we’ve ever viewed in the midday sun.” “Let’s not mince words here: the Nexus 4’s screen is awesome.”
  • Audio: “The rear speaker isn’t very loud and doesn’t sound very good.” “The external speaker sounded weak and it’s worse when you aren’t holding the phone because it’s located on the rear.” “Call quality and reception was excellent on the phone.” “We loved making calls on the Nexus, as our friends came through loud and clear. It was static-free and neither side of the conversation had any difficulty hearing each other.”
  • Performance: “I couldn’t find a single stutter or hiccup during my week with the phone.” “Performance and responsiveness on the device is second to none.” “For the most part, it was responsive and fast, multitasking was smooth and we only rarely had any lag.” “The Nexus 4 has been extraordinarily snappy during our time together.”
  • Camera: “The photos it takes aren’t quite as clear or detailed as the ones we’ve seen from the cameras on the HTC One X and iPhone 5.” “The phone’s most touted new capability, the ability to capture 360-degree pictures, worked poorly in my tests.” “The back camera worked well, certainly much better than the Galaxy Nexus, and was able to produce vivid images with a relatively low amount of noise and excellent color clarity.” “Google has greatly improved its photo editing options, making tweaking your images easier and faster than before.” “There are a few areas in which the Nexus 4 bests the GS3, and others in which it’s still very good, but loses to its Samsung competitor.”
  • Battery: “When it comes to battery life, the Nexus 4 is also performs just below the One X and the iPhone.” “Since it uses the Qi wireless charging standard, you can use a charging pad from another manufacturer” “The Nexus 4 lasted a full workday in mixed use” “To say it’s holding up for full work days would be an understatement; even with heavy use, this battery more than pulls its weight.”
  • Android 4.2: “There is simply no better Android experience than Android as Google has built it.” “Android 4.2 is largely the same as 4.1 Jelly Bean.” “In my testing, Google voice search outperformed Siri in the majority of queries, and not only did it get the answers correct and offer up perfectly worded responses.” “Besides all the terrific changes in Android 4.2, I did notice a couple of software issues with third-party apps.”

Overall, it looks like the Nexus 4 lived up to the high expectations that we set for it. Most reviewers were in agreement that the Nexus 4 is Google’s finest smartphone ever produced. The only major complaints we have found are things we were well aware of — there is no LTE, no microSD slot, and the battery is not user replaceable. The absence of 4G LTE might be a deal killer for sure, but if you can get past that then the Nexus 4 delivers the best pure Android experience.

Video reviews of Nexus 4

Most underrated feature: Miracast wireless display

We have been talking about Miracast for awhile, but it’s nice to see it finally enabled on an Android phone. Not many other devices are Mircast-enabled yet, but this should be changing over the coming months. Look for Google TV to add Miracast support so you can share your smartphone with your TV.

6 Word Wrap Up: “Buy phone first, then choose carrier”

The Nexus 4 is a great Android phone, and it represents a new movement for unlocked smartphones sales in the US. In the past consumers have signed a 2-year contract with a wireless carrier and then picked one of the devices they offer. Now customers in the US can buy their phone first, and then choose the carrier that best fits their needs.

Priced at only $299, the Nexus 4 could become the most successful unlocked Android phone in the US. Unlocked phones have slowly been growing in popularity the last year, but most high-end devices sell for over $500-600. Now that US consumers can get a premium Android smartphone at an affordable price and match it with pre-paid service at half the cost of most post-paid plans, we may see the US wireless market shift to a more European model.

Time will tell if an open, unlocked wireless world works best for consumers, but it already offers some nice benefits. Prices of smartphones and wireless plans have come down, we have more choices for premium unlocked devices, carrier bloatware is removed from phones, and Android updates flow directly from Google.

What do you think of Google’s latest flagship device? Do you plan on buying one when it comes out next week?

Taylor is the founder of Android and Me. He resides in Dallas and carries the Samsung Galaxy S 4 and HTC One as his daily devices. Ask him a question on Twitter or Google+ and he is likely to respond. | Ethics statement

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  • jaxidian

    Whoa, thanks for the roundup! I needed this post!

    I just sold my Galaxy S III a couple days ago and am stuck using this Lumia 920 until I can get me a Nexus 4. Excited! I don’t care so much about the lack of an SD Card but frankly, I’m terrified of this non-removable battery! I’m the guy who has 2 spares on him at all times and swaps batteries daily and keeps all radios on 24/7.

    • inviolable

      Can I ask how much you got for the S3 and where you sold it, if not locally?

      • jaxidian

        $460 for my (mint) TMo GS3 w/ a Kidigi dual dock, 3 batteries, and another external battery charger. Sold it on Swappa.

    • elcompudoctor

      I was kinda bummed out about finding this out today :( I sold my gs2 and bought a gs3 while I wait for the new nexus to come out and then return the gs3… but … I really like having extra batteries charging while I use my phone. I had 2 batteries charging at all times for my gs2. I’m going to buy the nexus 4 and try it out and see how the battery life fairs. Not sure why they would take the iphone non removable battery route… so dumb.

      • iamXiV92a

        There are quite a few manufacturers who have taken the ‘dumb’ route and they make great phones (HTC, Sony and Motorola), but like you, I hope the battery life is MUCH better than the Galaxy Nexus. Tuesday can’t come fast enough!!

      • kazahani

        Wait, you bought a galaxy s 3 knowing that you weren’t going to keep it? Why would you do that? You really can’t just stick with your galaxy 2 for a little bit longer?

        Returning phones costs the retailers a lot of money, and they pass that on to everyone.

        What a waste of an excellent phone. When you return it, it goes right back to Samsung as a defective unit (the retailer will claim it is defective just so they get some credit back for it from the manufacturer). Then it’s either going to get “refurbished” and given out as a warranty exchange or scrapped and thrown in the dumpster. All because you decided it was ok to take merchandise that you had no intentions of keeping.

    • ddpacino

      Agreed! I’ve been combing the web since the initial reviews for others. I have a Chrome browser full of these, some included, some not. But this was VERY MUCH needed!

      This is why this site is in my trio of Android-centric sights! (AP and AC are the others).

    • iamXiV92a

      Selling my Skyrocket today and keeping my Galaxy Nexus as a backup

    • jaxidian

      It’s quite boring. I can’t customize it very much at all. Hell, I can’t have a single one of my 7 email accounts have different ringtones.

      Performance-wise, durability, and all of the important things to non-geeks, though, is pretty awesome! I’d recommend one of these over an Android to my mom or aunt. But never will I use one as a primary phone for long.

    • avijaunty

      So u mean to say u dont like lumia 920? Any reasonin particular?

  • Alexander drzfr3shboialex

    I’m going to get the nexus 4 anyways there is so many mixed reviews I’ll decide for myself. I’ve seen many good reviews with the bad being no lte(which I don’t need tmo 42mbps), no micro SD(not a problem but would of preferred more internal),glass breaking(I’ll be extra careful) and that’s pretty much it. Nothing bad for me and in some reviews I’ve read that the external speaker is really loud in a good way.

  • Co1e

    It will be mine.

  • Gsizzle

    lol @ CNET’s rating. It’s well known they ride Apple’s d!ck all the time.

    Can’t wait to preorder mine! 6 days and counting.

    Long. Live. Android.

    • inviolable

      Did you read the actual “review”? It was a joke.

      • jamal adam

        They gave it a 7.8, that tells you a lot, and they gave it a 7 for features, like….what are they smoking. This phone is feature packed but just because it doesn’t have LTE, a micro-SD card slot, or removal battery doesn’t warrant such a low score. And also, with regards to LTE, Verizon was such a debacle that I would completely understand why Google didn’t want to put LTE in this phone.

        • iamXiV92a

          Horrible what Verizon did and continues to do now (Note II with ‘Verizon’ on the home button) – Really guys?!

          If LTE was standardised across ALL carriers in the US, you can bet that there would be an LTE version available, until then we all know there won’t be an LTE version for purchase.

    • RonWeez

      Why’d you say pre-order? Won’t it be available for purchase on the 13th? Or is that the preorder date

      • Gsizzle

        I am actually confuse about that as well. But Whatever it is, I am getting it nevertheless.

        @ inviolable, It’s CNET why bother wasting your time and energy reading there reviews in the first place? Personally I prefer Engadget, Slashgear and The Verge.

        • RonWeez

          I was asking because I sold my S3 more than a week ago with the belief that the nexus 4 comes out next Tuesday and I been going phone less since then. So I hope it is tuesday

          • bhayes444

            It should be coming out on Tuesday because T-mobile will be allowed to sell their carrier subsidized N4 the following day. You will have to wait for Google’s mandatory 2-day shipping though. Shouldn’t be a problem as the S4 Pro will most likely warp the fabric of space and time, thereby causing the phone to arrive on your doorstep day 1 :P

  • SanzaBlancoAkA2C

    Can’t wait to get one of these. Hopefully I can sell my Galaxy Nexus before the release.

  • skyflakes

    I hope Google partners with more physical stores outside the US.

  • Ardrid

    Seems like most reviews are in agreement: the Nexus 4 is a fantastic device and, arguably, the best Android phone currently available. I’m a bit baffled by the preoccupation with LTE, particularly given the lack of a robust nationwide LTE network. That said, I can’t wait until next week. I’ll be grabbing one as soon as it goes live!

    • LukeT32

      Agreed. I have been saying the same thing. I WAS looking to grab this around the 1st of the year….. Every time I say something about lack of LTE I get several down votes..

    • jamal adam

      I agree, they need to stop being preoccupied with the lack of LTE and start talk about the price, because $299 ain’t no joke. That’s a beautiful price for a beautiful smartphone. Google and LG have got themselves the best smartphone, hands down.

    • MikeG

      Not to mention that my phone is on wifi nearly 24×7, so no LTE is no deal breaker for me (hey that rhymes!)

  • Nate B.

    Engadget and SlashGear was terrible. I don’t expect everyone to like it or anything, but they simply didn’t have a clue. So was ABC News.

    • R.S

      Not surprised about iEngadget!

      How ironic that now that the iPhone has LTE, that the lack of it makes it a deal breaker for everyone.

      As far as I’m concerned HSPA + is pretty fast and good enough for me!

      • iamXiV92a

        And LTE is only as useful as the signal you’re getting. Bad signal = bad LTE connection (and more battery drain)

        • jamal adam

          If you look at it, when it comes to Android smartphones, T-Mobile customers consume more data than any other carrier as was shown by the study done by FierceWireless/NPD Connected Intelligence. It can be found here:

          Now, that’s gotta count for something and it shows that HSPA+ is up there with LTE. Also, if you look at the study done by Root Metrics, (here:, you can see that T-Mobile’s HSPA+ speeds aren’t too far off from AT&T’s LTE.

      • Nate B.

        I agree 100%

  • jamal adam

    This a great roundup of reviews. Thank You

  • RX-78-7

    BGr’s review is horrible, dunno if it should even be called a review. Doesn’t say much about the device and is filled with bias, that site has truly become a joke(the only reason I bother checking it was because you guys linked it).

    • inviolable

      lol you mean iBGR? Don’t even bother with those clowns. They don’t even try to hide it anymore.

    • Dee

      You what???

      Even though BGR is blatantly biased , Geller said..

      “Aside from some very irritating shortcomings, the Nexus 4 is my favorite Android device in the world. It’s a great reference device to show other manufacturers how it’s done, and LG has done a beautiful job.”

      how is that horrible?

  • iamtpb

    It is legitimately best Android Phone out there..

    8/16 GB was to encourage people to use Cloud Services …
    and they are trying to do something different here i guess..trying to reach a larger world , cos most of them don’t have LTE , and they can always give one up to carriers for 4G…

    • 11/13….6 days!!

      true that they’ll reach a broader world but , they’ll lose many many LTE lovers…cos speed is addictive
      Hope they release a Verizon LTE version of Nexus 4 in US !! Can’t wait..

  • phor11

    Cnet’s review cracks me up:
    “…anyone shopping for an unlocked phone should consider a comparable LTE handset first.”

    Why in the world would anyone buy an unlocked LTE phone?
    All available LTE plans require contracts (unless you’re one of the few who are still grandfathered into unlimited data). So if you buy your phone unlocked, then you’re just paying a LOT more for the phone and having to pay the contract phone subsidy price to get LTE anyway.
    It makes no sense.

    On top of that, no current LTE phone will work on more than 1 network.
    So again, what’s the point of paying more for unlocked?

    Cnet’s advice makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

    If you NEED LTE, then you’re much better off buying on contract to get the subsidized price.
    If you don’t need LTE, then this phone is one of the best available at a price that no other phone can even approach.

  • SGB101

    Did not like the comment that the battery isn’t as good as the one X, i had to ditch the X because of battery.

    • bhayes444

      Yeah, that’s my biggest concern with this phone is the battery life. I’m going to put off getting it until some more reviews, by either users or websites, come in with how battery life is. I just don’t want to have to carry around a 4000+ mAh battery brick to charge up my device if it dies. I know it’s not the biggest problem, just one I don’t want to have; a replaceable battery is so much less bulk in pocket. Plus, no removable battery (unless you crack open the phone) essentially guarantees an earlier EOL for the device just based on remaining battery capacity.

      Now, if ifixit tears this sucker down and shows the battery is easily replaceable then my worries will be gone :)

      • SGB101

        That would be great if could easily be replaced. Will gut me a bit tho, is I went and got a note2 as soon as I seen the battery configuration.

      • phor11

        It’s definitely user replace-able.

        You have to remove two torx screws to take off the back panel, then two phillips screws to disconnect the battery.

      • theg

        I wouldn’t worry too much about battery. Despite 2100 mAh not being very much, a lot of the battery issues might be fixed with a software update. Keep in mind this is pre-release software

        • bhayes444

          Yeah, I know software can improve battery life tremendously. However, I don’t think that will be happening with the earliest versions of 4.2. When JB 4.1 came out it gulped down the juice compared to ICS; although the improvements were worth it by far. If Google puts out 5.0 during Q3 next year then they will have plenty of time to update 4.2 enough to enhance and optimize software to be more power efficient, but I just wouldn’t expect it to happen until iteration 4.2.4 or later (if they get that high).

          I would expect the N4 to have better battery life than my GNex (GSM version), but I don’t think it’ll be by much; maybe 30 minutes to an hour more of screen on time during a full day.

  • Shaun McLane

    Awesome job guys! Really well done on pulling all this together! Just shared it on Breaking Nexus.

  • shadhussain

    That’s one epic review of reviews! I’ve read most of them, but I feel like I need to go through all of them again now … until of course Google delivers me my own nex4.

  • Arthur

    Josh at The Verge is still my favorite blogger/reviewer when it comes to reviews. Even though he can be a bit biased at times towards Apple products, he seems to be objective for the most part when doing major device reviews like the case with the Nexus 4 and Nexus 10. Having never owned a HSPA+ 42 phone before, I am anxious to see what sort of speeds I will be getting on T-Mobile since I do live in a HSPA+ 42 area, even if I get half of a traditional Verizon 4G LTE connection speed e.g. 6Mbps-10Mbps, I am still happy with those speeds. Can’t wait for Tuesday.

    • shadhussain

      The Verge review was the best in terms of completeness and objectivity I thought, until Phil Nickinson at Android Central came out with his review yesterday. He has a deep enough understanding of Android and its users to compare the Nexus 4 with respect to other Android smartphone choices without going into a showdown with the iPhone.

      • Ardrid

        I disagree for this reason: Josh, even when he was Engadget, maybe especially so, has always shown himself to be biased in favor of Apple. That same bias can be seen in his Nexus 4 review. Here’s an example: when the iPhone 4 debuted with a glass back, Josh heralded the design as high-end, beautiful, and better than any other on the market in his review with Engadget. The glass back was not seen as a negative all; on the contrary, it was seen as proof of Apple’s industrial prowess. Contrast that with his Nexus 4 review and you find constant complaints about the fact that Google/LG chose glass for the back of the device, so much so that it’s consciously considered a negative.

        • shadhussain

          to be fair, it took apple and the tech world a couple weeks/months after launch to realize the cracked glass back issue was more prevalent than anticipated.

          as the android police review smartly put it, rephrasing, smartphones have one glass screen in the front already. so if you drop it, you run a 50% risk of smashing the display screen anyway, at which point you won’t really care about the back at all.

          so in the end it’s up to you to decide how clumsy u are and whether u need a case or not. but i wouldn’t go blaming the industrial design (unless it impedes reception somehow :P).

    • R.S

      I regularly see 20 Mbps download speeds on T-Mobile with my Galaxy S II so I’d be willing to bet you’ll see similar speeds.

      • iamXiV92a

        I only wish AT&T would beef up their HSPA+ network… :-(

  • Homncruse

    Dammit Taylor, I was going to do a review roundup post this weekend on my blog, but once again, you beat me to it! I swear you’re taking my posts two days before I write them and publishing them! Not that I won’t still do a similar post of some kind, and the review roundup is only one part of my planned post, but still. GET OUT OF MY HEAD!

    • LeBron

      Nobody cares about your retarded blog.

      • Homncruse

        Notice how I didn’t post a link to it? Thanks for playing anyway.

  • Max.Steel

    iCnet is a well known apple media shill.

  • Rick

    At least the battery can be replaced if it fails. I currently have three Batteries for my galaxy note that come in very handy when traveling. Why any modern phone would not have a swappable battery and SD slot is a mystery to me.

    • iamXiV92a

      The battery is serviceable, very different from replaceable. Besides, how many phone batteries have failed on you?

      Sony, Motorola and HTC are all moving that direction and they make fantastic looking/performing devices. The tech world is slowing moving to ‘cloud’ media. Nothing any one person can really do about that… ;-)

  • Nate B.

    I can’t wait until the phone comes out and we can look at REAL reviews. They’re not even going over the all the new features. Assuming these aren’t final products.

  • Nathan D.

    Awesome round up, I really want this phone. Hopefully I’ll have it at the end of this month. Great reviews, I hope A&M will have their own review when it comes out.

  • Jaywrayson

    Does anyone know what T-Mobile will be charging OFF contract for the Nexus 4?

  • Supra98

    You forgot to add this video :)

    • mattl

      That is not a Nexus 4, it’s a Galaxy Nexus.

  • gnex user

    The nexus 4 is great, while i would love to upgrade to it i will keep my galaxy nexus(2month old) for now. Not sure why everyone is complaining about no LTE, HSPA is fast. I don’t no of any other quad core phone that runs vanilla android and cost only $299/$349 off contract.

  • BigCiX

    So camera, battery and screen aren’t as good as my One X huh….might just stick with the X a little longer then I thought.

  • Raptor

    what the dumbosite….even just the preview of Nex4/10 on Anandtech costs all that crap cited above.

  • Matt Rooney the white president

    Its a cheap crapphone, no LTE lool





  • Raptor

    The phone has some pluses but generally is a crap, 1.5-2 times worse then iP5 in almost all benchmarks which is kind of surprising because early benchmarks showed it was similar or even somewhere faster.

    But the price is right exactly for the kids fanodumboids packing on all these mentioned in the article sites. May be will buy one for a child if 1080p phones will not appear. Pity there is no single good domestic phone, with every foreign phone we support foreign jobs and competitors for our weakening but still alive not so high hi-tech.

    • EC

      I can’t believe there are still so many idiots that like Iphones more than Android phones. Such a straight forward choice.

  • Josh

    I’ve tried to post this a few times unsuccessfully…
    Have any reviews tested the Miracast capabilities with something like the Netgear PTV 3000? I may be in the minority, but I’m curious about the ease and quality of the connection. Does it stream through a stand-alone app? Lag?

  • txbluesman

    That’s a lot of reviews. Nice to have so many to see the overall picture of what so many critics have to say. Thanks Taylor!

  • GinSan

    would the unlocked version work with tmobile hotspot?

  • theluck

    Thanks for the round up. I am sold on Nexus 4 and waiting for preorder. Moving from my white samsung s3 16GB. Does anyone want my s3? I happy to sell it for $300! (good condition)..

  • ThisWillBeMine

    As the 13th Nov approaches, I feel days are getting longer and nights sleepless…cannot wait to have my own Nexus4. Had my Nexus S for 18 months, Galaxy Nexus for 3 months…

  • Ty

    Noticed how nobody talks about the new lock screen functionality?

    None of these reviews are based on final firmware. And I commend the writers who put this disclaimer their articles.

    I’m hoping the final Jelly Bean update improves battery life. That’s the one deal breaker for me.

    16G. Fine. However, if Google are pushing people to the cloud, well that’s going to require solid battery, particularly if you’re not plugged in.

  • DLF

    “No score” is incorrect for T3; they gave it 4/5 stars.

  • roland

    I have had every Nexus phone to date I wish it was 32gb, I will get me one on the 13th

  • pharmacoholic

    Great round up! I’ll be getting this in 2 days when it comes out in Australia

  • Axience

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  • txbluesman

    I do hope Google TV adds miracast. That would be a great addition since I am getting the Nexus 4. I love my Nexus, what else is there?

  • DLF

    One more review to add today:

    Christina Warren of Mashable (

  • Scotter

    I loved my Nexus One. After that, though, disappointment after disappointment as each time they leave out or skimp on critical features. This time around: [in America] 16gb max internal and no SD card, which wouldn’t be a total deal killer for me but is disappointing. But what *is* the deal killer is the camera. F2.4 seriously? When my HTC Amaze, which is a year old, has a superior camera (F2.2) and the HTC One S and X have cameras with F2.0. Yes, I realize there are other factors, like backlighting, mm, megapixels, etc. But I believe most of those other factors are the same or very close between these phone cameras. So here we have a “flagship” phone coming out yet again and… while I would be tempted to have that processor and screen, I would not step *backwards* with the phone.

  • jefflarkin

    I still think this looks like an incredible phone and I don’t feel like that lack of (active) LTE is a dealbreaker. I hope more devices start supporting 4.2 and inductive charging.

  • vary

    why didn’t i come across this earlier, all in one hood, holy crap! Time saver! Thankyou guys

  • bgssilva

    The idea of ​​having a 100% smartphone google is an outlet for those who do not want to wait even one minute for each new update comes out. This for me is a positive point that, that to me is the point!

    Just do not know why Google has allowed LG to build a smartphone “glassed” after hearing that the world iphone 4, 4s, always received more criticism than praise about his glass pieces.

    While Apple took the glass back of your newest LG smartphone comes and puts the glass there! I thought a bad decision. But I have to say he is GORGEOUS!

  • smwinn7

    great compilation for us here

  • sandy105

    no matter at that price ,and this essentially being a s4 pro optimus g ..this is the best smartphone deal LTE OR NO LTE :p

  • soul64

    great review…

  • janK

    I have mixed feelings about some points of the reviews- they seem to contradict each other. Some say the display is nearly as good as it gets and some find it aweful compared to AMOLED. I just ordered one and am eager to see for myself. =)

  • Sarge

    Awesome phone, so obvious that it gets so many good reviews.

  • tylerfoy

    Google is certainly busting into the cellphone market and the nexus is a strong competitor. The device line may need a little maturing to take on the big boys though (i.e. S3)

  • jnano91


  • rejthy

    But sold out almost everywhere :(

  • cuteandrew21

    wanna get one

  • meatinamug

    After being on the fence on this and waiting out for reviews, I am going to pull the trigger on this. There is only so much I can resist!

  • caco794

    cant find it either!

  • reevester

    so overall its a kickass device!

  • skinny pimp

    Just Hate theres no expandability

  • friendlyfire

    Looks good, but surprised with the lg partnership

  • aeronaut

    That’s a great roundup, thank you very much. But I’m asking myself if there are any news conserning the glassy backside? I’m afraid it could get broken too fast…

  • parthpatels007

    buying it as soon as it comes to my country

  • eckischeich

    Much videos too watch… ;)

  • timey

    Today I got my dispach Information for my Nexus. Its on the Way ….

  • marcus1518

    This device looks pretty amazing….going to have to get one…

  • swight

    I can’t say there hasn’t been a Nexus product I haven’t wanted, but without unlimited funds to upgrade every year, I think I’m going to hold off until the next Nexus phone to upgrade.

  • stephen45003

    I wish I could try one out but I haven’t seen one in person anywhere yet, and since carrier stores aren’t selling them I’m probably out of luck..

  • juno23

    Gotta get me one of these!

  • Dorkstar

    Gosh this thing is sexy.

  • shyam299

    Good Collection of Nexus reviews….Really helps to get all the info in one place…..

  • aryn

    Convinced me to buy it ;)

  • melan26

    Seems like a great variety of reviews.

  • merlin3212

    The Nexus 4 looks like a great overall device

  • regandsilva

    Its a good phone and its cheap.One more this did u know after iphone 5 nexus has the best display. ie 326ppi of iphone and 318 of nexus 4

  • Paulstraker

    really good phone.

  • lou2cool88

    Thanks for this! Wish it were LTE and on Verizon like the Galaxy Nexus is/was. This is a good looking phone!

  • gp126904

    I love this phone and if I wasnt tied to Verizon I would get it. The only downside is that god awful glass on the back. I cant tell you how many posts I have seen about that glass cracking without even taking a fall….. One would have thought Google and LG would have learned from Apple and the iPhone 4!!!!

  • Stig03

    how much i want you for christmas

  • Luv_android

    It look enticing but no micro sd and removable battery is deal breaker for me.. I would buy this in a heart beat if Google threw in 100GB of Google drive space with it.

  • tehCylex

    No chance with less then 32 GB internal storage oder micro SD slot :/

  • thr970

    Hope the battery issue gets fixed, love to have the straight Google experience

  • gavinb

    I would definitely get one of these if I didn’t already have an HTC One X. It’s tempting to sell it thoguh, I could probably make enough to buy a Nexus 4….. if they are every in stock!

  • piyush159

    This Phone is just Awesome. But NOTE II Is the best of All.

  • mitchk44

    Amazing round-up of all the reviews definitely helped to tip me over the edge. Just bought the 16gb nexus 4 here in the UK. So excited for it to be delivered :P

  • himanshubakshi


  • avijaunty

    I heard battery life is not that great but apart from that, this device is a KILLER !!!!!!!!!!!
    I would love to own one..

  • zizzle-zope

    So the overall verdict is….pretty good?

  • SnipesYan

    Although I haven’t gotten a chance to use the latest Android operating system, I like where this technology is heading.

  • gul.nik.03

    nicely reviewed !!

  • JeroenCorsius

    To bad this phone isn’t availlable in the Netherlands. Specs are good, price is ok..

  • Johnny

    So the mighty Samsung stock have a tough competitor on their hands. This nexus looks really good, but I won’t be tempted.