Nov 13 AT 12:15 PM Taylor Wimberly 189 Comments

Nexus 4 sells out in under 30 minutes [Update: maybe not]


Google’s Nexus 4 was set to go on sale today at 9:00 AM PT, but the devices went on sale a little early and now it appears they are sold out. Eager customers slammed the Google Play Store and it was flooded with errors. A lucky few got their orders through and now it appears both the 8 GB and 16 GB versions of the Nexus 4 are no longer available. The Nexus 10 appears to still be in stock, but users are reporting errors when trying to complete their purchases.

Did you get a device? I only got errors.

Update: It appears that both the 8 GB and 16 GB versions of the Nexus 4 are now back in stock. I was able to purchase the 16 GB version after a couple of attempts and I just got my order confirmation.

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  • Ragan Gooch

    Only Errors. had three in the cart and it never went through. Tried too many times to count.

    • live2skico

      There are still some available! I order the 16GB Nexus just now at 9:58am PT

      keep refreshing!

    • Lisa

      new iPhone 5 sold out much faster

  • Galen20K

    Nexus4 16GB plus bumper placed, got receipt, got Email, and credit card charged! #allSET

    • stenzor

      Same here, sans bumper.. I want a screen protector though.. Anyone know of any good ones?

      • Galen20K

        yes I need more Accessories like the screen protector(back and front) and I SERIOUSLY want the Wireless charging.

      • J3R3MY_H

        I got the total body skin.

        Skin protector and bumper should keep this thing well protected with minimal thickness

      • iamXiV92a

        Done and done – No bumper.. will be looking for a good case though

      • Alexander drzfr3shboialex

        Best skinz ever

    • James W.

      Same here, I went for the bumper too but that didn’t work out for me. I got the phone which is what’s important.

      • jonjon

        yes same here :) got the 16gb ver. and the case,, but i dont see why you guys should be that worry about the screen protector.. the phone has cornering gorilla glass 2… super strong and it wont scratch, not even with your keys :)

    • Red Wolf

      Got 16GB but had to try twice lol now I am happy waiting for her :D

  • Astreal Rahl

    Only got errors but still managed to snag two of them…at least according to the billing on G wallet and my bank statement. Took nearly 20 mins to show up after the errors.

  • w00x

    Under 30 minutes? How many did they have in stock? 150?

    • Mike Rollins

      They sold about 2 million of them today, hence the problems with the servers. They didn’t expect the demand for over 2 million on the first day.

      • uzunoff

        Where did you get that info?

      • Andrea1989

        Yes, 2 million iPhone 5. I dont think the google company is as advanced as Apple.
        I heard, for instance, they dont even have the passbook app. How 2010….

        • cozzy

          We have programs just like passbook on android loser LOL. How did you think Apple came up with that one? Don’t you know Apple takes Google’s 1 to 2 year old tech and repackages it and calls it a “new” feature.

        • WIldtype

          Troll kids everywhere

  • Dustin M

    Just happened to refresh the 16GB N4 product page around 8:35 PST and saw it was available. Ran into most of the same errors you did while trying to check-out. Finally went through and the order completed around 8:50 or 8:55.

  • Noven

    I was barely able to get one. Option to purchase went up a half hour before expected.

  • Jon

    This was a complete failure on Google’s part. I had two phones (8 and 16GB) with bumpers in my cart, made it to checkout. Billing and shipping info were ready and picked… When I clicked “Accept and Buy” absolutely nothing happened, and my shopping cart was emptied.

  • lolo

    errors errors errors :( That’s it. Bastards.

  • Angel

    My Bank Account was charged, but no order history was recorded on Google Store, no email confirmation either … hmm

    • Angel

      Ok, quick update, finally got an order number through the playstore order history, no official email yet … and status is pending … lets see

      • Notreal

        Check with your bank, they may have flagged it. Happend to me. I cleared it with my bank and got a confirmation email right after


      Same happened to me, but I eventually got my confirmation email. Hope you have the same luck

  • wtfhappenedgoog

    They should have had a 1 device per order limit if they had such a ****** low stock of devices. Now some ***********************s hoarded a bunch and expect them on ebay shortly…

  • Michael N

    I’m not entirely sure they are actually sold out? Maybe they are working out the bugs behind the scenes. I got it in my cart several times before 9am only to have it glitch everytime I tried to Proceed. Then after refreshing constantly, I would see it flip from Coming Soon to Add to Cart a couple times before staying on Coming Soon like it is for a long time now. I’m still trying, hoping they will pop it back up in a bit…

    • disassembler

      I had the same experience, and I hope you’re right. I hope they’re fixing bugs.

      • hogreb

        we had the same experience in europe, and the same hope. but nope google confirmed it was sold out a bit later

    • shadhussain

      i tend to agree with you. i had 4 attempts with phones in my shopping cart and floundered each time after pressing “proceed” at the “checkout”. generally, if u’re already in a check out shouldn’t your items be held for you for an ‘x’ amount of time. they definitely had technical issues … just hoping they replenish stock/inventory soon.

  • OpenIntro

    If that’s the way they are going to launch this, that’s a product launch fail.

  • Kaoxt

    I kept trying to place an order and kept getting errors. Now it’s telling me I have 3 orders placed for around $2,000. =\ Need to get 2 of these orders cancelled ASAP.

  • Joshua Wise

    I managed to grab an 8GB, after frustrating errors attempting to get the 16GB. The 8GB finally went through. No bumper though. Did get the transaction in Wallet, and charged, but no email..

  • MikeG

    I checked randomly at around 11:40am EST, and was surprised to see it available for purchase. As most here are saying, I could add to my cart but only received errors when trying to check out. I tried dozens of times to get through. I’m very curious how many devices they had available, since it seems like most people missed out :-(

  • Pleirosei

    ahahhahaha, sold out. In 30 minutes? I’m going to guess they had like 150 of them joint in stock. I could not imagine this phone selling out quicker than iphone5 to be honest. Sounds shaaaakeh.

    • MikeStanley

      They have over 700k in stock. They sell 1 million nexus 7′s a day. Why wouldn’t they sell this out which is twice as good as the Iphone 5 for half the price. Use your small brain that you have in your monsterous head of yours.

    • WIldtype

      Same Troll as above, kiddy

  • Zach

    Got a 16gb and a bumper ordered, confirmed and email sent back from el goog.

  • Wasim Sultani

    this is such BS!! i got to the “your purchase will complete momentarily” and then just stopped, i opened a new window and bam, nothing in my cart, and “coming soon” came back! SUCH BSSSSSSSSSS!!

    • Wasim Sultani

      disregard!! i got my email!!!! YESSSSSS!!!!

  • Zach

    Got 2 16GB’s!!! And yes, one is going on eBay. QQ

    • Zach

      MUUUUahahahahahah HATERS. Too slow!

  • Derrick

    I see it in my Transactions! My luck they’ll cancel my order, refund me… NO Nexus 4 for you!

    • iamXiV92a

      The confirmation emails seem to take a while to show up (15-20+ minutes)

  • Brenden

    Had tons & tons of errors. Play Store wouldn’t accept one of my credit cards. So had to enter another credit card & I was finally able to get the Nexus 4 (16GB). Got my Order Confirmation Email & Receipt from the Play Store! I’m a happy person!

  • Ross

    All I’ve seen are oscillating Coming Soon and Add to Cart buttons with no actual product behind them.

    It’s frustrating that a company of Google’s caliber didn’t foresee potential problems with demand for the N4 and overload of their web site. It doesn’t set a good precedent going forward, and it definitely doesn’t help their retail hopes versus an Apple or an Amazon, who seem to handle demand and opening days rather well.

    While the specs and the phone itself are still something I want to have, this has to be seen as a dropped ball on Google’s part. They’re not doing right by the people who want to give them money and own their product. Maybe this will give them some impetus for a broader launch with a combo of Web and brick-and-mortar, or even a retail location of their own…we’ll see, but I’m not holding my breath.

  • steve

    This launch was a pretty big fail whale. I was pretty sure that a major company who is built on and specializes in web coding could have handled this much better. The mechanics were actually already in place from purchasing apps, I don’t really see how Google could have screwed this up.

  • Michael N

    Their support line hold time is looooooong, must be thousands calling to see if it’s actually sold out. Fail Google… :(

    • Michael N

      If they just had the sense to have GOOD communication we all wouldn’t be as angry too.


    errors errors erros in google store…after many loading errors to purchase Nexus 4 (16gb) I could finally enter my billing information, but in final steps my shopping cart was emptied! Many google users will be disappointed after this!

  • MikeG

    First comment on this article says that maybe they aren’t sold out and it’s just the backend that crashed.

    Maybe Google pulled the plug temporarily due to too many errors?

    I’m going to keep checking periodically throughout the day to see if they become available again… but I’m not too hopeful.

  • Alexander drzfr3shboialex

    I was planning on getting it tomorrow anyways hopefully there is more. My iOS friend tried buying the nexus and it was sold out, Google handled this very poorly. No available email from notify me, not enough in stock, servers crashing, and errors from left to right.

  • Rick


  • Max.Steel

    What a botched launch. Absolutely pathetic.

  • GregB

    I got my Nexus 10 – 32GB. It took a lot of trying but it went through. It actually went through twice without me knowing but my bank declined the 2nd one. Can’t wait!!!

  • Adam

    I managed to get an order through for the 16gb model. The chrome plugin Auto Refresh Plus was a huge help as it alerted me a few minutes prior to me taking an active interest in the launch.

    • RonWeez

      thats exactly what i did i put a small window with the nexus 4 in it and i put the refresh to every 5 seconds and soon as it said add to cart i attacked like a lion on a baby gazelle

      • nateysmith

        I did a similar thing, but I was using page monitor. I had it checking every 5 seconds as well. I was about to get my order through at 9:32AM MST.

  • Zig

    I got an 8gb for the wife and a 16gb for me. Had a few errors trying to get it all sorted, but the order went through and they should be on my doorstep Friday afternoon. I am a happy man.

  • ToRb

    same, but on play store it says it is shipping on Nov. 15, and google wallet–even though I dont use that– has a conformation number and to expect receipt in email.

  • RonWeez

    its safe to say google did not anticipate the demand being so high. but i mean if they based it off the demand for the first three nexus phones then i see why. but boy was i well prepared for this one google should have known better tho after the demand for the nexus 7, a high end device at an unbelievable price. i got mines already but cmon on google preparation is everything

  • thebigwinner

    Got my 16GB, ordered at 8:37am PST. Received the error after submitting payment, but my bank card was charged right away so I held off on trying to order again. About 5 minutes later it showed up in my Google Wallet, then another 20 minutes later I got a confirmation email.

  • MoSDeeb

    I bought two 8GB versions although I did have an error when processing, a refresh of the page had the order go through

    I’m excited

  • JH

    Got through after about a dozen attempts from the dentist’s chair on my dying Nexus S. Order went through and got an error message from Google Play and a confirmation from Google Wallet. Confirmation email from Google Play came about a half hour later.

  • ral

    I (finally) got through on the Nexus 7 3G at 9:07 Pacific time. It said “Nexus 7 comes with AT&T mobile broadband built right in”. I sure this means there is no problem with getting T-mobile. I’m new to SIM cards etc.

  • Adam

    Did anyone manage to snag a bumper? Had one in my cart for awhile, but it quickly disappeared during the ordering snafu.

  • nateysmith

    I wonder if you can walk into T-mobile and pick one up for $349 tomorrow. That is when they are supposedly going to get them. I was able to get mine in on the Play store, but I hope that helps some of those that were unable to pick them up directly from Google.

    • uzunoff

      I doubt that T-Mo will be selling them for 350$. I am expecting them to charge 500$ for the contract free version. Besides I am not sure if they will put bloatware on them as well.
      Does anyone know what size SIM would the phone take?

      • nateysmith

        Micro sim.

      • Andrea Pereira

        T-Mobile is selling it for $499! Imagine that? Who in their right mind would pay almost double?!

        • Andrea Pereira

          But on contract for the classic plan is $249 , not sure about value plan price.

  • mugabo

    I tried for 30 minutes and about 140 MB of my not-unlimited mobile data plan.

  • Michael N

    I SAW ADD TO CART AGAIN. But it failed on checkout AGAIN. I think they are patching up bugs guys.

  • Juan P

    I was able to purchase mines and got the confirmation email. Got the 8 gigger!

  • Dave

    Looks like the 8GB is available again.

    • uzunoff

      Actually I only see the 16 GB available

    • Dave

      …and they’re gone.

  • uzunoff

    I agree that there should have been a limit of one or two devices per order. With their web site crashing so much, at the end I noticed that I have ordered 3 devices instead of one.
    Now I had to cancel two devices, devices that someone else should have been able to buy.
    Not cool Google.

  • disassembler

    It said “Add to Cart” again for the 16GB. I clicked the button and then my cart was empty again. This is extremely disappointing. Bad form, Google!

  • Michael N


    • Michael N

      I knew it, they were fixing bugs. Try now guys.

    • uzunoff

      these trickle devices could be the returns that people do when they end up ordering more phones than what they intended. If that’s the case, I am glad that Google is quickly putting them on the website

  • hitech73

    Keep refreshing !!!! I just managed to order a 16G at 12:50 est

  • Tk

    Just keep trying! after many errors…i FINALLY was able to order one.

  • jkrok

    Yes, just got a 16GB at 11:51 CST!

  • josegb2011

    funny story for me i woke up at 11 40 and went straight to my laptop tried to order got some errors at first than finally one went through but said my credit card didnt have enough funds so i needed to update it so i asked a friend for his ( desperately ) and at first didnt work had me worked up..than the bank called my friend for his autharization..than i tried again and 1 minute later receipt shows up at 12 30 am ..almost had a heart attack been waiting for this phone since google annonced their event..

  • MikeG

    I saw it pop up for ordering again for a sec, but then it didn’t add to my cart. Back at “Coming Soon”… Come on, Come on!

    • MikeG

      So far I’ve had the Nexus 4 16GB become available again, and each time I add to my cart I get this:

      Items in Your Cart
      Oops, we had a problem with your request. Please try again.
      Your cart is currently empty.

      • iamXiV92a

        I got that a lot too – SUPER frustrating. Keep trying though, hopefully you’re able to get through! :-)

  • Wasim Sultani

    MINE WAS COMPLETE!!!! i thought it wasnt but it did! for the people stuck on “your purchase will complete momentarily” just wait it out…mine took about 20 minutes to get to me but my order was approved at 10:53 cst!!

  • inviolable

    What a joke of a launch. Horribly handled. How does GOOGLE’S servers get overloaded for a phone. And I should be able to have a product secured while its sitting in my cart. That’s like waiting at a cashier and your items get taken by someone else just because they kept fumbling around with the checkout, but you can’t do anything about it. I bet Google won’t let anyone know when it will be back up for sale either. Just have to do the normal rounds on the net like usual.

  • Ross

    So vigilance pays off, finally got mine after 50 min of frustration.

    Keep trying folks! I don’t get the feeling they’re out quite yet, but I think we can all agree this has been and still is an irksome interaction with what should have been a rock-solid retail endeavor from Google. Hard to believe a company like that still has lessons to learn about Web marketplaces…

  • Michael N

    Just don’t tell my boss I burned an hour battling Google’s servers for a phone…


  • Jorge Vieira

    I think all yall underestimate the demand on this phone member it was a world wide launch…

  • Tk

    did anybody even get a notification email that they were going to be available? google dropped the ball hella hard on this drop…oh well….got mine haha

  • David Cantillo

    Tried to order that sh*tty phone over and over again, but hey! Guess what! No phone for you! Damn Google you made me wait a month for this?

  • Uzume

    Happened to hit F5 at 8:40 and saw N4 16GB was on sale! Placed it and bumper in cart, and was lucky to encounter only 1 error when clicked Process. Once the Process screen popped up, things all went fine (albeit a little slow), and then it was done. Must say I must have been one of the luckier ones.

    Still not cool of Google of starting the sale prior to scheduled “on sale” time. If I had not been impatient to keep hitting F5 since 8, I would have totally missed it.

  • mattcoz

    Heh, just got a 16 in my cart, but then got an error when going to checkout. Oh well, wasn’t really planning on buying one today anyway. Finally got CM10 on my EVO 3D so I’m content with it for now.

  • Iker

    Keep trying, guys! I just got an 8GB just after refreshing dozens of times :)

  • Import11

    CTRL+F5 until add to cart popped up. Had errors like 3 times once I got to the cart. Kept doing the CTRL+F5 and redoing the process. Finally got an order confirmation at 1:08 PM EST

  • manny

    Many errors and freeze but at the end the order said ( oops, we had trouble proceeding your order ) but at the bottom was my order number,and 30 minutes later i got my Email confirmation. yeeeeeessssss i got it….

  • manny

    I got the 16GB

  • halo0

    wtf is and why does google load from it every time I refresh??!?!

  • Louis A

    Did the Nexus 10 sell out too was not available for purchase today?

    • MikeG

      It also sold out…

      • Louis A

        I think the Nexus 10 (32BG) sold out. I have being refreshing the browser like crazy the last hour but nothing.

  • disassembler

    Just refreshed the page and placed my order for a 16GB NEXUS4! Try again guys!

  • Brandon

    Was refreshing the page from 11:30 EST onward, and never once saw the Add to Cart on the 16GB model. The 8GB was available for about 10 minutes, but that’s gone too now. Google is so, so bad at this stuff….

  • halo0

    Just got a 16GB at 1:22 EST. I think they are doling out a few every few minutes so the servers can handle the transactions without crashing. Keep refreshing and if you see that it’s in stock HIT THE BUTTON IMMEDIATELY. If you wait for the whole page to finish loading they will be gone already.

  • dommafia


    • Jay H

      Thank you so much for mentioning the auto refresh extention! after about 5 minutes of refreshing every 3 seconds I got my 16gb N4 ordered and confirmed! Couldn’t have done it without your comment!

    • Mike Rollins

      Thanks for the all caps

  • Mix

    I have not seen my Canada page change for 30 mins they got rid of coming soon and that is about it.

    • shadhussain

      i saw the 8gb version pop up for Play Canada 20 mins back. nothing since then.

  • Chris

    I’m guessing this isn’t available on Verizon. Seems kinda silly.

  • sam crow

    I keep gettin ghung up after clicking proceed. Doea nyone else have that problem?

  • Joe C

    8gb still on stock just keep refreshing!!

  • MikaelG

    Was planning to get the 16GB but I just success in getting the 8GB! :D

  • nitrog7

    Awesome! Thanks for the update. Just got a 16gb and cancelled the 8gb! Had to refresh the page a bit to toggle between the coming soon and add to cart.

  • Jeff Mills

    I got one. It’s not sold out…. you must keep refreshing the cart until you see an ADD TO CART. Sometimes, when you add, it shows empty cart. But I kept trying for about 5 minutes and then… it worked and I was able to order at 12:08 pm Central time USA. I plan on using this phone with the Solavei network, which will allow it to have 4G speeds on the HSPA+ Network. Solavei allows for unlimited talk, text and data for only $49 a month – all you can eat, no gimmicks. Heard about it? See picture here:

    • dommafia

      ummm why does that just scream scam :\

  • Chuxter

    Does anyone know how long it will take for the order to ship to your home? And if there is tax or shipping and handling charges with the order?

    Unfortunately, I have not been able to order one, but I am still curious?

    • dommafia

      Nexus 4 (16GB) – The next generation phone. Thin, light, and designed for Google Play.
      Shipping (Two Day):

    • nitrog7

      Yeah, taxes will vary from state to state, IL was…
      16GB: $349.00
      Shipping: $13.99
      Tax: $34.48

    • Miguel

      3 to 5 days

  • flyonthewall

    yay! i fluked out and hit refresh. order processed at 8:35am!

  • Dan Kilpatrick

    Just got my confirm! Stick with it guys, keep refreshing if it still gives you the “notify me” page.

  • BraydenJames

    What pisses me off, is the device has been sold out for hours now, and I’ve still yet to even receive my “Notify Me” email about them going on sell in the first place? How is having a phantom launch like this good for business at all?

  • Susan

    Just snagged an 8 from Play Canada at 1:35 EST!

  • MikeG

    UGH! Every time I try to add to the cart when the option pops up it gives an error and doesn’t let me add it!

    • dommafia

      You have to be quick, It took me about 20 minutes of trial and error… and i had A LOT of windows open on the 16gb model auto refreshing using a chrome extension.

  • Ben Netty

    Been refreshing like a mad man, but nothing but the “Coming Soon” for quite some time.

    • Ben Netty

      Wow… it switched over for me a couple times. One time I wasn’t fast enough through the checkout and the next time I caught it I was.

      Order date: Nov 13, 2012 2:21:02 PM MST

  • MikeG

    YES!!! Success!!! I was just able to order the 16GB model!

  • bRYAN

    keep trying!!! just got my 16gb nexus 4 at 12:30 pm Central time!! was trying for about 20mins till it finally went through! use google chrome not IE. i had both going and chrome finally went through!

  • xberraxcudax

    Goodbye android and me and goodbye android completely. This whole experience has pissed me off so much that I’m on my way to buy an iphone 5 right now.

    • nitrog7

      Its ok, go ahead and wait in line at the Apple store for a couple hours for the next iPhone 6 (er, I mean 5S). If you hurry you might beat those people in the tents. lol. Just be patient. If you don’t get one today, worst case scenario is 2 weeks.

  • Jay H

    Used google chrome with auto-refresh extention (mentioned by previous poster – THANK YOU! OP) and set auto refresh at every 3 seconds. After about 5 minutes I got my 16gb N4 ordered and confiremd!

    • dommafia

      ur welcome ;)

  • Miguel

    I spent about an hours refreshing my page without success and full of errors. I decided to call google at 10am PT and they told me that it was sold out. :-( After hanging out I decided to give it a try and I fortunately was able to complete the process. Do they really know what they are doing? I was able to purchase right after I was told they were sold out. Well, it doesn’t matter because I got my Nexus 4. I forgive you google. :-)

  • parrothd

    Anyone have any luck getting a bumper? The 16g pop up every now and then…

  • New2Droid

    Just got mine 16GB @1251PM CST. Thanks for the update. I had given up after several errors, unit kept being deleted from my cart, multiple refreshes.

  • h4x

    I tried putting cash in my CD drive but it still won’t let me buy it :(

  • MrQuestion

    At least it can sell out over there. Here in the Netherlands it will never sell out, since they will not sell it over here. No hardware in the Play Store and they decided to focus on the countries that do have that option, so they can serve more people over there.

  • Odie

    I received a confirmation email, but then I realized they had the wrong billing address! I changed it quickly as it says they will not charge my card until the item has shipped. Fingers crossed! I am normally a very calm and collected person, but if any of you could see me now, I look like a nervous wreck.

  • Sam Crow

    Every time I click proceed its gets hung up! Do i Have to wait for the circle thingy to load or at that point do I have to refresh??

    • Odie

      I wouldn’t hurt to wait for about 15 seconds when you see the spinning circle. Make sure you have your Google Wallet set up as it couldn’t update my shipping address when I did it through checkout.

  • Spencer Armstrong

    Was just able to grab a 16GB one, just keep refreshing and add to cart will pop up once and awhile : )

  • kkloster

    i keep refreshing like a few people have said – it never shows up as “Add To Cart”

    what’s going on?

  • onedude

    Just keep refreshing on the webpage of the device you want.
    Suddenly it changes to in stock and purchase..
    But before you do, make sure you already have a credit card
    linked to your google wallet. I was able to purchase one but then
    got cancelled because google wallet couldn’t verify my credit card
    quick enough.
    I kept trying and then at around 2:06pm EST I was able to purchase
    my 16GB!! :)

  • GEL954

    WORST PRODUCT LAUNCH IN HISTORY!!!! been up since 3:30am waiting and when i finally had 1 in my cart google wallet didnt go through and then cart went empty!!!

    • Oscar Ortega

      who told you to stay up so late?

  • Sathariel

    Yea it looks like the page is flicking between coming soon and available. I refreshed the page 10 minutes ago and was able to grab one before it changed back.

    Just got my confirmation e-mail from Google, woo!

  • aranea

    I ordered both Nexus 4 16gb and 10 32gb. I ran into several errors. Once got the credit card page but never received the confirmation page. Then I got a confirmation email :) A very pleasant surprise.

    Does anyone know when they are going to start shipping?

    • Susan

      If you click on “My Orders & Settings” at the bottom of the main Google Play page, you should see your order. Under “Status” mine says “Shipping estimate November 15, 2012.” Oddly, if you click on the Info lick right below it, it takes you to a page that has no shipping information at all.

      • aranea

        Thanks. Mine says the same thing. Nov 15th. I hope they ship it wednesday though. That way I can get it by Friday and won’t have to hope for a Saturday delivery.

  • ElijahDC

    3PM and got one. You have to keep refreshing refreshing refreshing and then be very quick about it once it says add to cart.

    • kkloster

      this might sound like a stupid question, but how often are you refreshing? I have been sitting here doing it every few seconds for quite a while. on and off for 5 minutes or so at a time several times over the last few hours. I have not seen a single “ADD TO CART”, only “NOTIFY ME” I just installed an auto-refresh app and i have it set to refresh every 4 seconds (which is pretty ludicrous). Anybody have any advice?

      • lolo

        I refreshed literally one click right after the other, I didn’t wait for the page to refresh, just kept clicking, it took maybe 10-15 clicks in a row and boom, in stock.

  • Supra98

    This is why i don’t like to get amazing devices on release date, as much as i would like to, its not worth the headaches and lack of accessories! January 10th is my personnel release date lol

  • tyb82

    Anyone got a shipping confirmation yet?

    • Bryan

      no shipping confirmation email,but in my order history for google play it shows my nexus 4 order and says estimated shipping date is November 15th

  • Matt

    I don’t think they are sold out just yet. It may have taken me almost 4 hours of refreshing, but i finally got an order for an N4 16GB through at 3:38EST.

    • kkloster

      just out of curiosity, how often were you refreshing?

      • Matt

        I refreshed as quickly as my EVO 4g would let me. I had Add to Cart show up multiple times, probably 5 or 6 over the course of 3-4 hours. I just couldn’t complete the transaction.

  • Chuxter

    Just barely got an order through at 1:41pm
    (Arizona Time: where our clocks make sense and don’t change twice a year)

  • M3rc Nate

    This sucks. What did they only make 5,000 Nexus 4′s? I want this phone, and when up till 2am checked to see if available and it wasnt. Woke up at 11am (PST) and supposedly “sold out”. Have been sporadically refreshing (and now 10 second auto refresh) and nothing.

    • kkloster

      I’m doing the same – auto-refresh @ 0.1Hz.

      I hate you “NOTIFY ME”.

      • M3rc Nate

        Let alone signed up for that Notify me a few days ago, did i ever get a email from them saying its now available to purchase? No. So what was the point of it?

  • Peter K

    Crap! I tried to buy two N4, but it didnt work out! I said F off google and ordered two iPhone 5 instead.
    Worked like a charm. Never again google!

  • Ardrid

    I’m honestly surprised I was able to get one. I was planning on checking the website at 12:00 PM EST, as most information seemed to indicate that’s when sales would go live. On a whim I decided to check the store at around 11:45 AM and was shocked when I saw ‘Add to Cart.’ After 5 minutes of errors, screaming at my pathetically slow office desktop, and a virtual credit card number denial, I finally received confirmation that my card was charged and my order was processed. Hell of an ordeal for a phone but I’m glad I’ve got one.

    As an aside, ‘Notify Me’ was a complete and total fail. I didn’t receive a damn thing, before, during, or after Google starting selling.

  • jakejardashian

    I kept refreshing for the past hour. It popped up with add to cart so I acted quick and got one. This was at 5:30PM CST. Apparently you can keep trying and maybe get lucky? If this worked for anyone else, reply and let me know!

    • dreamcore

      Mine went through at 6:53 pm Central.

      But only after having some soup and falling asleep for a bit, then just refreshing once and clicking all the way through while half-asleep. So the moral is, something.

  • Henry

    how much will a 8gb nexus 4 cost WITH the tax and shipping?

    • jakejardashian

      It was 13.99 shipping for me here in Louisiana. Tax free.

    • dreamcore

      You’ll be charged $13.99 for shipping, and you’ll pay sales tax if Google has an office (or a “nexus”…) in your state.

      My total was $395.66 for the phone alone.

  • mescobar2014

    I tried buying a Nexus 10 with a debit card and it wouldn’t work, I tried it about 3 times and pulled out a credit card… And it finally worked!

  • Hamfor725

    just tried to refresh for about an hour. Eventually worked, got one.

  • Revalence

    I can’t sit still. I just can’t. In three days, I will have a Nexus 4. Wow…
    I need a drink.

  • Tommy

    I’d love to have one on that price. In Finland it’s going to be 599,00 EUROS! That’s like $760,49. Yep, excellent. I’m not going to buy it just because it’s a huge rip off.

  • dommafia

    I still don’t have a shipping estimate or a tracking number :\ just that Google accepted my order :(

  • melan26

    Still need a good store to make shopping go smoothly.

  • dutrak

    I wish I could just see the thing…

  • melan26

    Will wait for a while for this one.