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Please share your T-Mobile Nexus 4 launch stories


Today is the big day that all the hardcore T-Mobile nerds around here have been waiting on for a really long time. T-Mobile is the official US launch partner of the Nexus 4, and it’s the only place to pick up a device today. Most people ordered their device from Google Play, but those orders are not expected to be delivered until November 15th.

If you waited in line at T-Mobile today, we want to hear your stories. Please share how your purchase experience went and let us know if you learned anything new.

As a reminder, T-Mobile is selling the Nexus 4 (16 GB) at several price points:

  • Value plan: $199.99 down payment, and 20 payments of $15
  • Classic plan: $249 payment, then you get a a $50 mail-in-rebate
  • No plan: $499.99 is the full retail price

Did you buy the device with Classic Plan, Value Plan, or no plan? Was there a line at your store? Did you ask how many units they had for sale? Did you buy any accessories? Did your T-Mobile location have the Nexus 4 out on demo? Did you run into any problems?

p.s. If you want a flashback, go read the Galaxy Nexus launch stories from last year

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  • phil

    Ordered one online with my t-mobile upgrade without much fanfare. Noticed afterward that the t-mobile specs say it has a microSD slot. Here’s hoping it’s not just a mistake! ;)

    • Taylor Wimberly

      It’s a mistake. Google Play and T-Mobile are selling the same device.

  • G3K

    Ordered over the phone, full retail price — I’m keeping my existing unlimited plan w/ tethering. Was told there were no carrier-preinstalled apps except for My Account and My Device, and that OS updates would come straight from Google. Phone comes on Monday, will update with any issues.

    • G3K

      You can still tether even with unlimited? I suspected this might be the case but I wanted to make sure it wasn’t restricted on the T-Mobile version of the Nexus 4. Will let all know.

      • mikeroolz

        LOL you can tether any Android phone for free with ZERO extra charges. Its a magical thing called rooting your phone. Which even a retarded monkey could do on a Nexus.

        • Luis

          not true. If you have a true unlimited value plan. They do not allow you to tether even if you are rooted. Trust me they block me starting last week.

      • AnthonyRyan

        What really because I switched to the unlimited and wanted to keep my tethering and tmo told me I couldn’t with the unlimited plan since I switched from the 5gb w/ tethering.

        • birdman

          Just change the apn… and tether away

    • G3K

      To clarify: The phone representative told me tethering wasn’t available with the true Unlimited plans. But the Nexus device may let me tether anyway, right?

      • Homncruse

        You can do it, yes. However, it may be against the Terms and Services of your plan, and if you abuse it, T-Mobile is within their right to terminate your service. Also, if you tether for the purpose of primary home internet, you’re part of the problem that introduced limits in the first place, so if that’s what you’re planning, please don’t.

        • clocinnorcal

          +1 ^^

      • Steven Z

        I use tethering once in a while on my Galaxy Nexus to get an internet connection on my tablet… in moderation you’ll be fine

        • Homncruse

          That’s as much as I use tethering too. Or I’ll use it while traveling instead of paying $19.95 a day for some hotel wifi at a tech conference or something ridiculous like that.

    • mikeroolz

      Its cool to pay an extra $150 for no reason and then pay extra monthly charges for no reason. Since you get free tethering with Nexus devices anyway. So basically you are spending about $650 extra a year for no particular reason. ROFL

      • inviolable

        ROFLMAO! -_-

        • DroidRocka


    • Kenny O

      I played with the device in store, I can confirm there is not carrier software what so ever. They cannot keep you from tethering – same way I am able to tether with my One S running CM10.

    • Ed

      You can remove any app you want. I got rid of the dumb T-mobile TV app while in the store this morning.

      • hindolam

        Does Nexus 4 come with T-Mobile TV? I am interested in that :-)

  • uzunoff

    Did anyone receive shipping confirmation. I read somewhere that they will be shipping the same day, but so far I haven’t gotten anything.

    • uzunoff

      Shipping confirmation from google play store.

      • lolo

        I haven’t received the shipping email yet, just the order confirmation. This worries me, I hope it doesn’t mean that it won’t ship out on the 15th, I had a very hard time placing the order in Google play, had to refresh about a million times, but at 5pm est I got through and bought the 16gb. Here’s to hoping we get them this week!

        • RonWeez

          I just called nexus support and they told me that the devices should ship tomorrow then it will be delivered in 1-2 business days after that

          • MikeG

            Awesome, thanks for the update! I too have been wondering when it would ship. With the default 2 day shipping, I’m guessing it might arrive on Friday then if it ships tomorrow. If not, Monday it is… I sure would like the weekend to play around with it though!

          • lolo

            Thanks! I keep checking my email like a crackhead :) Every time I hear the gmail notification that I have an email I get all giddy hoping it’s from Google! Would love tohave it for the weekend.

        • RonWeez

          yea when I ordered my Nexus 7 during the summer with the same 2 day shipping, i ordered it on a Thursday and received it on that following Tuesday. so that was 4 days (minus sunday of course) so hopefully if its the same way we should get it friday or saturday

  • Bigwavedave25

    Sorry, I’m a GSM noob, but How can T-Mobile charge $499 for full retail (no contract) when the full retail form Google is only $349?

    Is the extra $150 for their time, shipping and hardware [SIM]? Is it not possible to buy the phone from Google, register your phone, replace your SIM and carry on your merry way? Thanks for your help!

    • lolo

      Of course you can, that’s what I’m doing, I’m on T-Mobile and I’ll use the N4 just like I’m using the gnex now. That’s just how carrier pricing goes, not exactly sure how they can justify the price but I’m glad we have the play store to buy it for cheap :)

      • Bigwavedave25

        OK, that is what I assumed, but wasn’t sure of. If VzW kicks me off my unlimited data I was going to make the move.

        I know for Verizon, If you buy a used [cdma] phone or one at full retail you have to “register” your ID so they can activate it on their network. I didn’t think this was the case for GSM stuff… Thanks!

        • lolo

          You’re welcome!

        • Wesley

          GSM FTW!

    • lolo

      And you don’t even need to register the phone… you just buy it from Google and pop in your sim and be on your merry way :)

    • inviolable

      Well Google is actually selling a phone of such incredible value basically because they can. There has never been such a high end phone to sell for 349 unlocked at release for such a low price, not to my knowledge. T-Mobile, however, has no allegiance to Google from a sales/retail perspective. They may be buddy buddy as business partners, but T-Mobile can put whatever price they want on products they sell under their roof. If you’re signing a contract, then the 199 price may be a good deal for you, but there’s no logical reason to buy it off contract from them when Google is selling it so cheap, when they get it back in stock of course. It was too bad about the whole DDoS yesterday for many people.

    • Nate B.

      That’s a very good question as to why they can sale it for $150 more. Because Negri had it up for pre-order well before the actual purchase day and they also had it around the same price as T-Mobile off contract.

    • mikeroolz

      Its for morons who want to pay more. The only reason it costs $150 more is for their profit.

      • clocinnorcal

        Because T-mobile isn’t in the business of selling phones, right? Oh, wait… they are in the business of selling phones. Anyone who thinks $200 on contract is expensive for bleeding edge tech must have been hiding under a rock for the last decade. What should T-mobile do? Give the phone away? Google isn’t in the business to make money selling phones, they want to sell ad space.

        • birdman

          They make their money off of services not phones

          • clocinnorcal

            Really? So a company that has two major products for sale (phones and service) isn’t trying to profit from both of them?

        • TMOEmp

          Carriers make a very small profit on devices. Their profit is all in the services they offer (voice plan and data features). Carriers purchase devices at a price very close to the MSRP, they obviously get a discount since they’re buying in bulk. When a carrier purchases a phone at $399 from the mfg and sells it for $149 on contract they’re losing money, $250 to be exact. It takes them about 12-18 months to recoup that money. Carriers are in the business of selling services and features not devices. They have devices in store to make it easier for consumers to walk out of the store w/a working device.

        • kelvin

          obviously, $200 for a phone is high on contract if off contract the phone only cost $150 more.

          • kelvin

            sorry that was meant for clocinnorcal.

    • iDavey

      What it is, and has been speculated, is that Google is actually selling the phone at a loss (or maybe even cost). Seeing as even LG is selling the phone for that price, the actual MSRP is probably $499.

  • Dombfrsh

    Smooth sailing did a phone order after the Google play debacle yesterday…Full retail price…Value Plan with unlimited data

  • Taylor Wimberly

    Called around and only one T-Mobile store in Dallas has them in stock. I already ordered online, but I asked the store about buying one off contract. They said I could get a unit if I signed a contract, but discouraged me from buying it off contract. I was flat out told to go order it from Google Play and save $150.

    • inviolable

      lol can’t really be mad at that. Well besides the fact that they don’t have any more.

    • jian9007

      I was surprised that pretty much no one in the area had it. I’m in the Dallas area too and thought for sure there would be many stores carrying it. I just can’t bring myself to pay the extra $150 for it though, so I’ll wait a bit longer and see if Google has any more in stock. However, I’m considering grabbing the Galaxy Note 2 on a value plan for $499 total ($299-$200 rebate,
      + $20/mo for 20 months). I will not be waiting until December for the Nexus 4, so Google needs to re-stock soon, or I’m defecting from Nexus to the dark side with Samsung.

    • uzunoff

      I think Tmo is selling the phone for 499 is not as much for profit, but for insurance.
      If you buy the phone from then they would like to charge you the same amount for insurance. They can’t do that if the phone is half the price if their other phones. And what if in some point in the future they have to replace the phone with comparable phone. Then how do you compare,specs or price.
      At the same time they don’t want you buying the phone from them and returning it when you hear that google sells it for 150$ less.
      I think Tmo knows exactly what they are doing and why.

  • nasko

    i am ordering later today online. anyone know how are tmo insurance options? I am switching from sprint so i don’t very much about tmo. .

    • lolo

      T-Mobile uses Asurion. Full handset protection is $7.99, but if it’s not a T-Mobile approved device they won’t cover it for certain things. I have 3 T-Mobile phones, bought from T-Mobile, and I have a GNote, unlocked, and the GNex, Asurion won’t cover me for damage, I believe it’s damage….Asurion sent me a letter a few months back saying it’s been brought to their attention that I use non approved T-Mobile devices and that I’m limited for coverage. But since you bought the Nexus 4 from T-Mobile you’ll be all set with the premium handset protection.

      • lolo

        And its only the Gnote and Gnex that I don’t have full protection on, the phones I bought directly through T-Mobile are fully covered for loss, theft, damage, etc. So I can add the N4 to the list of phones not fully covered by the $7.99 I pay every month :/

  • Bluefis

    ordered off tmobile’s site an hour ago, upgrade on contract price of $199, next day shipping, supposedly will be here tomorrow. Will check the order status page later today to make sure.

  • inviolable

    I ordered the unlocked model. If anyone could tell me if T-Mobile stores sell the official bumper,I would appreciate it.

    • BraydenJames

      I asked the rep when I bought mine and he said they haven’t received any accessories so far for it.

    • Jaywrayson

      If Google Play is selling the bumper for $20, then T-Mobile will sell it for $35.

  • C-Dawg lol

    Just purchased mine online. Called 10 stores last night and only one in my area had it for today. I dont get out of work until 7pm and the rep told me that he couldn’t guarantee that they would have anymore by that time. Plus it’s 249.99 at the store with a 50 mail in rebate. I paid 288.48 online with my classic plan upgrade and next day shipping.

    • Steven Z

      I’m surprised, over the phone it was $199 outright

  • greg g

    The 4 stores that i tried out today didn’t even know what the nexus 4 was. They said try in a few days.

    Is there any software differences with the T-Mobile and the play store nexus 4?

  • BraydenJames

    My launch story is simple! Showed up at T-Mobile store at 8AM. Another guy showed up at 8:30AM. Store opened at 9AM. We both got one (they had 5 on hand). And I went home happy! :D

    • BraydenJames

      Also looks like I’m really lucky to have a store near me that even had stock. I’m in Utah by the way. About 30 minutes North of Salt Lake.

      • JJ

        I’m from Utah too but I’m from Salt Lake, I called the store at the Gateway Mall yesterday and the guy said they will have it. I went in this morning and they said they don’t. I ordered mine online instead and decided to wait for it to get home but congrats on getting it I hope you enjoy it:)

    • Josh

      I too waited about an hour before the store opened as I was told the night before that a few people were going to make sure they got there early. There were two stores here in Orlando with a stock of 5 phones each. I converted from a Classic plan to a Value plan and saved a little on my bill to make up for the payments. I was first in line and hung out in the store for a little while charging it up and setting it up. Before I walked out I had many numerous envious people that had been trying to get there hands on one looking and playing with mine. I demonstrated a few features and walked out happy knowing that I was one of ten people here in Central Florida to have a Nexus 4 before anyone else!

  • thekaz

    This phone so makes me want to ditch Verizon.. how is t-mobile in terms of coverage?

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Compare networks in your location with Open Signal Maps.

      • tmell

        how is the signal reported for open signal? Do users respond and state whether they have a strong/weak signal?

    • lolo

      Your location will differ from mine, I’m in Massachusetts, and I get awesome coverage. Been with T-Mobile for 11 yrs and I can’t remember the last time I had a dropped call. My friends on Verizon don’t even get a signal at my house (I live in a very wooded area) and I recently seen H+ on my Galaxy Note N7000 unlocked! My speeds are great as well…. no complaints.

  • hamid

    Walked in, upgraded my current plan, walked out with Nexus 4. Easy :)
    Too bad they didn’t have the official bumper. Gotta be careful for a week :/

  • Maitland

    I ordered on the phone with T-Mobile and was told they were backordered. I was an idiot and am paying T-Mobile an extra $150 it seems. It was dizzying on the phone since I wasn’t sure going in what my upgrade dates were or whatever. And, the way the guy sold it was, I was paying $15 a month for the phone, but, changing to a value plan saved me $20 per month. So, my bill should be slightly lower. Reading now, though, I could have lowered the bill by $20 per month and just ordered through Google.

    Oh well, it’s done for $200 and my bill staying relatively the same, so, I’m happy.

  • Jaywrayson

    I was at work yesterday. I’m a waiter in a restaurant, so at about 11:50EST, i noticed the Nexus sale was going live. The restaurant was filling up, so I had to juggle serving customers and trying to place an order on my phone while hiding in the restroom lol. It wasn’t easy. The play Store kept giving me errors and it was really frustrating because I was supposed to be out in the dining room serving the guests lol. Finally, at 12:08, after many trips to the restroom, I got my 16gb Nexus 4 lol.

    • Jaywrayson

      Oops! lol I read the title of this page too fast! I thought it said something like, Tell Us Your Nexus 4 Purchase Story. Ha ha ha :p

      • clocinnorcal

        No worries! I still enjoyed your story!

  • Richard Molina

    I just got done talking with tmobile and they told me if ( IF I BUY MY NEXUS FROM GOOGLE ) That they wouldnt insurance it.. so even though the nexus 4 has gorilla glass 2 on the front and back it can still break and T mobile wouldnt cover you … UGHH!!

    • SGB101

      3rd party insurance is cheaper anyhow. Give it a google.

  • fireant

    And I quote: “we don’t carry the galaxy nexus.” Me: “yes, I know, this is the nexus 4 by LG. It just came out yesterday.” Her: “no, we don’t carry that phone either.” Me: “yes you do…why do I know more about your phones than you?” Crickets…
    Dear T-Mobile, wanna know why you’re number four? Because your employees are f’ing idiots. This from a loyal customer for ten plus years.

  • Steven Z

    I went to my local store right when they opened to check if they got it- and they didn’t. Then I called the other stores in the area and none of them had it. I’m surprised because I live in a major marketplace. Anyway, I called them and ordered one Next-Day and paid $259… will have it tomorrow. I cancelled my Google Play order of $380 for my 16GB on order that probably wouldnt have gotten to me until Monday. I think its well worth it for a monthly price for my service I’m going to be paying with or without a contract, to extend my contract and save ~$100 on the phone


    I walked in the t-mo store and asked for the new iphone. They said they dont have it — i LOLed!
    Bum carrier i said and left the store.

    • clocinnorcal

      After you left the store, all the T-Mobile reps laughed at you and your pretentious phone.

  • Dnar56

    I bought it, realized it was a piece of LG’s shitware then gave it right back. The end. I can’t wait til HTC gets to do it again.

  • JoshG

    I too showed up about an hour before the store opened as I was told the night before that a few people were going to make sure they got there early. There were two stores here in Orlando with a stock of 5 each. I bought the first. I converted from a Classic plan to a Value plan and saved a little on my bill to make up for the payments. Before I walked out I had many numerous envious people that had been trying to get there hands on one looking and playing with mine. I demonstrated a few features and walked out happy knowing that I was one of ten people here in Central Florida to have a Nexus 4 before anyone else!

  • Flashfox

    I bought my 16GB Nexus 4 at Google as I don’t understand why T-Mobile’s off-contract price is so much higher than Google’s? After all, it’s the same phone with the same features. I would have bought it at my local T-Mobile store but the price difference couldn’t justify it. I am n a 2-year contract so my purchase was at full price. T-Mobile’s pricing shifted my money from T-Mobule to Google (sorry, but that’s business ;-)

    As for the Google experience, it was wild… and I thought I missed out until I received the famous E-mail confirmation from Google. At one point, I thought I bought 10x N4s as the site would time out whenever I clicked on “buy”. No… I only bought one. The otghers didn’t register (or I would be selling them on E-bay LOL)

  • C-Dawg lol

    This whole process has been a headache. I tried getting one from the play store the moment it went live, fail. The next morning I ordered one form the T-Mobile website, to my surprise that was successful. This morning I received an email that the N4 is backordered. I went ahead and called 611 and they informed me that it will take 1-2 weeks for them to replenish their stock. So I cancelled the whole dam thing. Off to the t-mobile stores I go to see if they still have any left. Wish me luck

  • Hood rat detector

    I bought the iPhone 5. End of story. T-Mumble sucks.

  • David LaFleur

    Detroit city & Metro area no one has it called about 15+ T-Mo stores a couple stores ppl didn’t even know what a Nexus 4 was I had to explain. 2 stores said they are getting some stock in next couple days no other details. Others said they won’t be getting it go to Google or T-Mo online. I was thinking of getting it at store,I’m just gonna wait for Google to stock there shelves & save some coin.

  • Alejandro

    I got this after trying to get T-Mobile to sell me the Nexus 4 for 350

    Hi ____,

    Thank you for reaching out to T-Force, we’re really excited about the Nexus 4! Our pricing for the Nexus 4G includes the option to lock in low monthly savings over time. As an independent retailer Google has the option to set their own pricing for the phone, as a wireless carrier T-Mobile’s prices factor in the service rates in addition to equipment costs.

    Thank you for contacting T-Force

  • David LaFleur

    Well while i wait for Google to restock the N4 i just installed ota JB4.2 GNex. I like that Bold digital clock from the get go.

  • Bryce

    So I got that email that said they might not ship my phone for 3 weeks. I was BANKING on getting it next week. We are planning on porting all of our numbers off of our T-Mobile family plan. When you port, you’re charged for the entire month. Well, my billing period ends next week, so I REALLY needed my phone by then. This will cost me a lot of money! Thanks Google for screwing me hard.

  • Possum

    Went to the T Mobile store on Wednesday and picked up my Nexus 4!. LOVE THIS PHONE!. I added 2 more yrs. to my contract but so what. I have been with them for 9 yrs. Best looking phone I have ever seen. Fast as lightning!. You guys will love this phone when you get it.

  • Dani di

    Is the nexus still àvailable off contract at any tmobile store ? (California)

  • Emmanuel Rodriguez

    Question. So if I get the phone in contract for T-mobile will it be unlocked? Cause I want to use my sisters upgrade lol

  • madsalad

    I have a Nexus10 story. Bought on launch day and I still don’t have a tracking number. Called Google and emailed pretty much daily since Nov. 16. and still nothing.

  • paladaxar

    From what I’m hearing from friends and family on the East Coast, not all T-Mo stores are carrying the N4. Which is a shame, because I think it’s so important to be able to touch and hold a phone before you get it to see how it feels in hand. So some have opted to go with the older GSIII since it’s available to play with before purchasing.

  • mory

    nice interior

  • dutrak

    Can’t afford it =/

  • Evon

    For those of you that extended your T-mobile contract for 2 years to get the Nexus 4, did you get some sort of credit toward that phone? Or discounts on other stuff, etc.?

    I extended my contract for two years today, changed from Classic to Value plan, paid $200 upfront, and am paying $15/mo for 20 months. Pretty sure that was not the best deal . . . but now I’m hearing from friends that I should’ve gotten a “credit for extending your contract” from T-mobile. Can you share your experiences?! Thanks!