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Samsung Galaxy S III edges iPhone 4S as best selling smartphone of Q3 2012


Having just crossed the 30 million mark some three days ago, Samsung’s Galaxy S III is making headlines again today as it was just named the best selling smartphone across the globe in Q3 2013, beating out the iPhone by nearly two million units.

If you had any doubts about Samsung’s commanding position in not only Android, but the market in general, let them end here. According to Strategy Analytics, Samsung managed to sell 18 million Galaxy S IIIs this past quarter, while the iPhone 4S sold 16.2 million.

Android phones managing to outsell iOS phones is nothing new. Android accounted for 75% of smartphone sales overall in Q3 2012. But any single handset still has trouble tackling the iPhone in a head-to-head numbers match. The Samsung Galaxy S III managed to take the spot of best selling phone in the US early last September. Doing the same thing on a global scale is impressive to say the least.

Unfortunately, Samsung’s victory is still bittersweet. Obtaining the position of best-selling phone in the world is no easy task, but Samsung was just able to edge out the iPhone 4S. A phone that released in October of 2011. These latest numbers don’t include the iPhone 5. So there’s a good chance Samsung’s victory will be short lived.

Still, if today’s news makes on thing clear, it’s that Samsung and Android are forces to be reckoned with. And that won’t be changing anytime soon.

Source: The Next Web

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  • NeedName

    Now lets hear iFans rage against this and continue with the “Android is only popular because of BOGOF and cheap prepaids. . . .”

    • redraider133

      yeah yet they forget the 3gs and now the iphone 4 are both free on contract. But trying to reason with the isheep is impossible.

  • ayocuz

    Apple seen this coming no amount of lawsuits can keep android down as an s3 owner I have to say it s well deserved

  • Dr Samsung – CEO of betrayal and customer genocide

    Too bad there arent any android developers left…

    • ionorov

      A part of me loves these anonymous trolls.

      If only because of their creative names. So entertaining. :-D

  • jamal adam

    It is a great victory nonetheless but it would be even sweeter if they defeated the iPhone 5 next quarter. One step at a time and Samsung is doing a wonderful job.

  • poler166

    I guess the commercials worked :)

  • Kevinthebox

    Who cares who’s winning the “race”. Just buy what you like, no need to gloat or b.itch, tired of fanboys of both sides, tbh. People need to grow up.

    Not directing this at the author, just in general, because these type of “news” articles, aren’t really news worthy.

  • vforvortex

    I am an android fan, I love the openness of the Os. And best of all not having to deal with itunes all the time to sync. but one aspect of iphone’s that i do admire and wish for, which i am sure android will reach and surpass, is battery life.
    on one hand apple has a 1400mah, which is 30% less in size than the 2100mah battery of S3′s but i also give credit to s3 because it has to power a 4.7 inch screen vs the 4 inch screen of the iphone 5.
    I do hope rather than just making phones with more processor speed and cores, they make it more efficient.

    What are all your takes on that?

    • someone

      I devices don’t have to deal with a Dalvik subsystem. As such, it saves a bit of processing power and therefore battery.

      It also doesn’t have to deal with additional hardware like NFC. All these things add up.

      But in the end, who cares? It’s not like Samsung is charging you extra for a bigger screen and a larger battery comparatively

  • Ardrid

    Is there any wonder that Apple needs to litigate to compete now? Millions of consumers are clearly voting with their wallets, and they’re choosing Android.

    • Cindy88

      I think they cant afford the iphone.
      I recently saw one of these Samsung ipads and thought wow that looks really cheap.
      Im glad i bought the real ipad long ago.

      • vforvortex

        Something that costs more isnt always better. But if spending more makes you feel like you have a superior product, then i am happy for you. some people like to get more or equal by paying much less.

  • Jeeve Scobs

    samsung has the best sales strategy ever!

  • nandi

    Samsung ipad? Lool IQ fighter detected

  • Axience

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  • txbluesman

    This doesn’t surprise me. I would like to see the same against the iphone5. The GS3 is a great device.

  • kookeetree

    Definitely would lose to the iphone 5 unfortunately.

  • richwright

    Awesome device