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T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S III Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update available now


Sprint may have been the first to roll out the Android 4.1 update for the Samsung Galaxy S III, but T-Mobile customers can now join in on the party. We’re received a handful of reports that the Jelly Bean update for the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S III has started rolling out and T-Mobile has updated its handset support page with details of the new software update.

Android 4.1.1 for the T-Mobile’s Galaxy S III will include Google Now, expandable notifications, Android Beam, automatic widget resizing, camera enhancements, improved Wi-Fi calling and slight tweaks to the keyboard. Of course it won’t be stock Jelly Bean, but Samsung has added some useful features in the latest version of Touchwiz.

If you have not yet received the Android 4.1.1 update on your T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S III, you can try to manually ping the update server by pressing Menu > Settings > About device > Software update. If that doesn’t work, Samsung has also made the update available through Kies. The manual download and installation takes a bit longer, but it sure beats waiting another week or two for your Jelly Bean update.

Let us know if you have received the update yet and how you like all the new features included in Android 4.1.1.

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Source: T-Mobile

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  • MrMrMan

    Waiting for the bug report before I update to this.

    • MrMrMan

      Not sure why I got downgraded for this comment. When I updated my nexus one to gingerbread I lost pinch to zoom, gps became iffy, and my phone became less stable. I think waiting makes sense.

  • B

    Just forced the update from settings menu, it is downloading now. 334MB

    • SGB101

      Wow that’s huge, i just got the 4.2 on the n7 and that was 80mb.

    • Barbara

      my iPhone 4S has 6.0 already

      • LittleGreenDude

        Yeah, have fun with iOS suck-point-oh.

        • darwin

          The subject was about sgs3….right……iphone there not even in same league

      • matt

        haha dumb bitch!

  • masterpfa

    Just need T-Mobile UK to do the same now,

    (or is it linked to the fact that T-Mobile UK is becoming EE and they want you to get their LTE Samsung galaxy SIII on their 4G network….hmmmmmm)

    • SGB101

      It’s been out a while on Tmobile UK. my wife won’t upgrade hers tho as it loses flash, and she uses it every day atm.

  • comanderBARNIK

    Why posting the news now? I bought SGS3 in T-Mobile Poland about 2 weeks ago and instantly upgraded to 4.1.1

    • Alex

      The article talks about the T-Mobile USA version of the device. The European version has already received the update.

      • comanderBARNIK

        Well it bsure as hell wasnt written anywhere… oh I didnt knew USA can be behind in the matter of software updates, my bad

  • Dmtdroid

    I hope it fixes the problem with my phone saying network locked when its not :(

  • BigCiX

    WTF HTC!!!! Release already for my One X.

  • alexanderharri3





    Lots of crickets out there in the OEM/Verizon world..

    • Richard Yarrell

      Verizon is in it’s normal position of LAST PLACE that’s nothing new. That’s why Google KICKED VERIZON TO THE CURB ON THE LG NEXUS 4. My notification for the update to jellybean came 6:49am. By 7:15am it was downloaded and I was enjoying some jellybean love. And to think tomorrow I will be in my favorite Tmobile store in Manhattan purchasing my Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Great way to end with my Galaxy S3 which will be sold tonight. It’s been a lovely day with the Galaxy S3 and jellybean just knowing the little guys Sprint and Tmobile are shitting all over Verizon and Ass t&t makes me feel good. And know I alwaysccall At&t Ass t&t cause they are so far up Verizon’s ass that you don’t which carrier is which. One things for sure they both suck balls

      • snowbdr89

        Hmmm i have a verizon sg3 running jelly bean for quite sometime now!!

      • Anthony44

        Richard I also has the s3 best phone to date.l recently picked up the note 2 on release day tmobile and oh my what a beast this phone is.
        Just think s3 bigger brother.The screen is hugh but after a few days can’t really notice until I pick up the s3 again omg note 2 rocks

  • Mark

    I saw the update was available, I reset my flash counter, un-rooted my S3 back to stock, Did a factory reset, completed the first upgrade back to 4.04, downloaded the new update. Finished the final download and rebooting, Everything is working awesome. Now time to play

  • darwin

    I am using firmware, 4.1.1 …..Jellybean!!!! SGS3

  • pjamies

    Anyone know when it will be coming to Canadian Carriers?

  • TroiCake

    I upgraded a stock T-Mobile SG3 with no problems but just realized that USB mounting isn’t working. Charging works fine but the phone nor laptop sees that something is plugged in. Is this happening to anyone else?

  • Mark

    The upgrade has some bugs, no matter which keyboard you install, after reboot it defaults back to the samsung keyboard. Also unable to disabled some programs like zelda games. It will disables, but re-enables itself after reboot. This seems to be an Jellybean problem on other phones and models also. The 4.2 upgrade should fix the bugs

  • JoeFolsom

    Still waiting and waiting and waiting……..on Verizon.

  • tkitty93

    I am impressed that they imported UI from SIII to SII. Thank you Samsung!!

  • burdy81

    i cant update mine yet under rogers:(

  • ryanj83

    Dang you slow Verizon. We are still waiting here in suspense!

  • mario_1603

    waiting waiting :(

  • kookeetree

    Come on Samsung. I know the Skyrocket can handle Jelly Bean, please release!!!

  • TechFem50

    Bug – Anyone else notice the upgrade took away the option to set up a pin to access your phone? Or did they move it to some place else besides security or lock screen.

  • Curtis

    I really, really wish I’d waited for the bug reports before absentmindly updating. Battery life now sucks, several apps no longer work, and my SD card is no longer recognized or accessible. Awesome. Trying to downgrade back to ICS via factory reset now.

  • amit kumar

    Wow awesome devise. It feels fresh, modern and smooth. I agree with you, because I checked full specification of this phone on this site as well.