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Warning: The Nexus 4 could sell out when the Play Store opens at 9 AM PT


Today is Nexus 4 day, but you’ll need to act quick if you want to buy a device. Google’s highly anticipated device has already gone on sale in Australia and parts of Europe, where it sold out in only 30 minutes. Now it appears that the Nexus 4 (and Nexus 10) will go on sale at 9:00 AM PT, according to the Nexus support line.

We have no way of knowing how many units Google will offer at launch, but we feel like there’s a good chance the device will sell out quickly. The 9 AM launch time has already spread across the blogs, and there will be thousands of nerds hitting F5 over and over as they wait for the page to refresh.

Look for another post when the sale goes live, and let us know if you have any luck in scoring a device.

Via: Android Police

Source: Google Play

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  • Daisy Blossom

    How were they not better prepared for this? They really have ZERO excuses this time around. Google, you disappoint me.

    • westy

      The same way the iPhone always sells out every year. Shit happens dude get a clue

      • Daisy Blossom

        Yes, but you’d think that Google, with access to pretty much everyone’s data (including mine), would have a fairly decent idea of how high the demand would be for early adopters. It’s still possible to miss the mark; I’m just a little surprised they missed it by such a wide margin. Then again, it could all be a publicity stunt. Or someone’s head might roll tomorrow. Time will tell. Just because I love the company doesn’t mean I can’t criticize them if I think they’re doing something boneheaded.

        • dommafia

          or maybe this is just a sign to you and others that Google actually does respect our privacy? :P

          • Daisy Blossom

            Haha. Perhaps! But I’m pretty sure they use our data. That’s how they make money! Delivering advertisements that match the things we search about/email about/etc. If they were monitoring my email enough to try and sell me some fancy oscilloscope because I happen to be an engineer then they sure as heck should have known I was going to (try to) buy a Nexus 4 on day one!

        • little john

          You really have to think about the logistics here. At launch, the demand would be significantly higher in one sampling of time than any other point. There is only so much product a factory can manufacture at a given time. In order to supply every possible demand, Google would have to set up significantly more warehouses for a one-off spin to manufacture the device. Its not like Google can call up factory X and say “Make us 500,000 nexus 4′s” and they can start doing so tomorrow by pushing a button.

      • Thrillionaire

        It’s not so much the lack of stock, as the litany of errors from Google Play.


      why do people assume that on some level they DON’T want to sell out. it will be big news that around the world this thing sold out universally on 30 minutes.


    • Nate B.

      Do you honestly think companies can estimate how many people all over the world will want a device? I guess when they sale millions in the first batch it wasn’t enough right? Yea, we have unlimited supply of everything.

      • Daisy Blossom

        Yes, I do. I’m sure there’s an entire wing of Google employees devoted to that. Google has access to more data about everyone in this world than most governments. We give it to them freely because we like what we get in return. I’m guessing this is a publicity stunt, or someone made a critical error. More likely the former. Either way, I’m most surprised about the server trouble. They have access to insane amounts of computing power. What happened?

      • lament

        Yes, they call it a pre-order.

  • Shaun McLane

    Seems pretty likely considering what we’ve seen so far. I’ve been up all night waiting for this release.

  • Jean-Luc

    Yes be fast . In France, no more Nexus4 & Nexus10 45 mn after the launch time.

    • GreenyO

      Like he said, they was no more 16GB N4 15min after launch and the 8GB was quicly sold out after.

      Ah and be prepared to have tons of problems while *triying* to order. ;)

  • jaxidian

    Hush! You’re not making this any easier for me…

    • shadhussain

      if folks like us who roam these android blogs and care enough to leave comments can’t get one i’d really be upset with google’s supply chain.

      i’m assuming a generous 50% of android techie blog surfers will be hitting refresh at 9 am PST at the play store. there can’t be more than a million of us … probably more like 200,000. surely, they can make that many!

  • Ardrid

    I’m ready to go. No way I miss this!

  • Kussi

    I wish you all good luck and a working google wallet…

  • Fred

    Shhhhhh, now even more people are going to snatch it fast.

  • stenzor

    “could” is an understatement.. I just hope that Canada has a separate stock from you phone-hungry yanks

  • Mil

    Demand can always exceed expectations. I think it’s weird that Google didn’t offer any pre-ordering on the item as that would have at least let them gauge the interest levels and still have a few weeks to ramp up on production if it did exceed their expectations. On the other hand, may be selling out was a marketing trick by Google. Having “Nexus 4 sold out in 30 minutes” does make for a quite catchy headline. I wasn’t planning to order mine until a few weeks after as I like to read user reviews to ensure I don’t get surprised by any manufacturing fault. However, the fact that they sold out so quickly makes me want to order it sooner than I would normally so it certainly does work if it was a marketing trick.

    • Daisy Blossom

      A fair point. I simply wonder just how intentional it was. It seems that Google seldom does things by accident.

    • AJF

      I have a feeling production was maxed already.

  • live2skico

    I’m ready. I knew my Woot BOC skills would come in handy some day!

  • zymo

    The Nexus 4 was sold out within 30 minutes on the German Play Store, short after the 3G Nexus 7 either. Even the Google servers have crashed at some points due to the demand, something I would have never imagined would happen, since it’s Google were are talking about.
    Now I’ll have to wait for the second supply of Nexus devices to hit the store in the coming days/weeks. I wish you guys good luck to get one!

  • heat361

    Hey who u calling a nerd :)

    • Homncruse


  • Pleirosei

    Just be patient. If you want it immediately, then just hit your f5 button repeatedly. It’s just a phone, lol. Just be patient, you’ll get it when you get it.

    • Daisy Blossom

      You’re being far too rational about this. :D

      • Pleirosei

        hahahah. II’m hype about the phone, don’t get me wrong; but it ain’t about to control my heart and piss me off if I don’t get it. I’ve done that far too many times in my life over something that is essentially not worth internal pain. And I have learned from Galaxy Nexus, get that joint after the bugs in the hardware are sorted out. lol

  • Mista2x

    I’m waiting for them to restock with the Nexus 4 32GB version in a few weeks.

    • Bobojay

      Wouldn’t that piss a bunch of people off!

  • jakejardashian

    I’m so nervous. This anticipation is killing me. :(

    • Mel


  • Ian

    Just bought mine, the US version is on sale and it probably won’t last until 9am so hurry and get it!

  • Noven


  • Ian

    I just bought mine, the US version is on sale and it probably won’t last until 9am so hurry and get it!

  • m22

    Order placed
    Thank you. Your order has been placed, and you will receive an email shortly with the details of your purchase.

  • Ryan

    Snagged my 16g already!

  • Donnieace

    Already ordered mine! I’m in California.

  • Sheldon

    I got mine already and the ordering was flawless. Just waiting for it to land on my doorstep here in California

  • tsapp

    And it’s sold out.

  • Vance Kromo

    was able to get 3 of them i am in dallas tx

  • Euki

    I have been waiting for 13 hours and I couldn’t get one due to server errors. I am SO PISSED right now. WOW!

  • vance kromo

    i still have not got an email

  • Jonas

    Sucks, also got alot of server errors. Tried for 20 min, then 16 gb sold out. Will buy an Iphone 5 32 Gb tomorrow instead.

  • Noel

    I realized the device was available about 11.35 am…got my two items, the 16GB N4 and bumper case after much struggle with problems at the play store but on final checkout it said …oops no items in ur cart please try again. Did same again but the same result at the end…tried again but the 16GB said coming soon..sold out. Google should have been batter prepared for the avalanche of Nexus fans hoping to get their paws on the N4. Too bad have to put up with the N1 for a few more weeks..

  • vance kromo

    my charge went through yea got 3 of them

  • Google Sucks

    Did anyone but developers even get an order through? This is total crap, did they have like 3 phones for sale, but created this “sale” for a publicity stunt? At least Apple has handsets to sell.

  • Mix

    Stayed up till 2am and checked every 30 mins or so while drinking my face off. Get up at 7am as the wife works today so why not check again, go back to bed and get up at 9:30am to find out I apparently missed it with no email or anything from Google.

    Or maybe Canada never went live yet?



    Whew! Was able to snag a 16 gig, although I didn’t receive a confirmation through the site, but got an email from chase saying the payment went through. Refreshed and my cart was empty, and finally got a confirmation via email. Probably the most stressed I have been ordering a phone!

  • Thrillionaire

    I missed out on it, but not for lack of trying. Was refreshing by 11.40, saw it go live, and then ran into an electronic brick wall of errors. I was hoping that the one time I got to the “YES, I”M SURE TAKE MY MONEY” page it may have gotten through, but no. You’d think they’d at least throw up a pre-order for the next batch, or something. C’mon Google.

  • Homncruse

    I’m wondering if they’re simply planning on releasing them in batches to give everyone a fair chance.

  • Tony

    I have been breaking a few F5s from many keyboards since yesterday and no luck for the Nexus 4 16Gb. I am from Canada and when I read the forums, I only see Americans, Germans and UK people getting it. Unfair, I suppose. Also, the stupid Coming soon banner is annoying me as I have never seen even once the “Add to cart” once since the begining. Extremely frustrated. Sold my Galaxy Nexus a week ago for this, and it’s sold out. Very cool, Google. Im still a Nexus fan but this is too disapointing. Way too disapointing.

  • Tony

    By the way, I subscribed to Googles notification for the Nexus into two seperate emails and received nothing since.

  • Rama

    Hello – Your Information as 30 Minutes Late for the actual google Store Open Time … and i couldnt order Nexus 4 Today ..

    DO a favour … Find next availability for Nexus 4 … at least this time get precise information