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When will you be able to buy the Nexus 4?


If you’ve read our Nexus 4 review roundup, looked at Taylor’s 4 reasons he’s buying one, taken a look at the 4 things you may want to consider before making the plunge, and you’re still itching to get your hands on Google’s next flagship device, you’re probably wondering, “When can I buy one?” Allow us to attempt to answer that.

Let’s just get this out of the way right off the bat. Over this past weekend, it was revealed that Google will not be offering any sort of preorder system. That goes for both the Nexus 4 and Nexus 10. So you haven’t already missed the boat. According to a conversation between Android Police and a Google PR representative, Google will being selling and shipping the new Nexus devices tomorrow, November 13. But they haven’t said exactly when on November 13.

If the Nexus 4 were to go on sale at midnight Eastern time, you’d have approximately seven hours from now to wait. But that would mean sales on the West coast would open at 9PM, November 12. So perhaps those of us on the East coast will have to wait until 3AM, 12AM Pacific, to begin purchasing? Or maybe Google will just pick a random time in the morning.

Without any official time frame from Google, figuring out exactly when the Nexus 4, and 10, will be available can be confusing to say the least. There is one clue we have from a German Googler that may help us narrow down the window.

In a Google+ post, Googler Stefan Keuchel said (with the aid of Google translate):

Hi - here's an important lesson for anyone interested in purchasing one of the new Nexus device. 4 The Nexus smartphone, the new Nexus Tablet 7 and 10 Nexus Tablet may know, starting tomorrow (Tuesday, 13 November 2012) on Google Play purchased in Germany. I look forward to just as many of you :-) As I learned today, the ordering is, however, only on Tuesday released afternoon / early evening. So it makes no sense today to persevere at midnight in front of computer to buy a Nexus device. I like to keep you informed as soon as I get new information. UPDATE : we pass and so the devices can now but tomorrow morning (breakfast time) purchased through Google Play.Stefan KeuchelGoogle

Assuming the Nexus 4 sees a simultaneous global launch, breakfast time in Germany comes out to an Eastern release time of roughly 12AM to 3AM. If I were a betting man, I’d put my money on 3AM Eastern, 12AM Pacific. That would make it 9AM in Germany, still in time for breakfast.

Why is it so important to pinpoint when the the Nexus 4 will go on sale? There’s a good chance that if you don’t buy one as soon as possible, you’ll be left waiting a couple weeks. Some people may not care, but others will. If we hear anything official, we’ll be sure to update you. Unless we hear otherwise, I’ll be staying up until 3AM Eastern to see if I can get my hands on a Nexus 4.

Will you be staying up to try and catch the initial release of the Nexus 4 and 10?

Via: Android Central

Source: Google+

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  • jaxidian

    Damn you! Now I’m not gonna sleep tonight.

    Here’s hoping we get a Woot-Off as well! ;-)

    • Noven

      I had those two exact same thoughts O_o

      • Raptor Visiting kindergarden for Mentally Weak

        hahaha Dumboid Jax got a companion.

        Even Dick Ya has more brain cells.

        • kazahani

          Wow Jax. Your internet celebrity has grown to the point that you are attracting trolls.

          Congrats, dude. That’s bigtime.

          • RAPTOR … Investigating The Land of Single-chromosomals

            Sorry ur late, your protege posted his shit first,

    • alankrut

      Nexus 4, Nexus 10, Hopefully OTA for 4.2, Black Ops 2, and Religious Holiday

      Can tomorrow get any better?!?!?

      oh and 2 college midterms………

      • Bpear96

        Black ops 2 made your day better..?

        • alankrut

          Yeah. Im looking forward to it

      • Anders

        Dont forget gta & trailer!

  • Joe Simpson
  • Very tempted, especially as I’m off contract and my 2 year old phone is ready to be upgraded. My concern is that they’ll double the storage capacity in 3 months (like the N7!).

    • vforvortex

      Ya, I am in the same boat…I dont want to have buyers remorse in 3 months when they do. I guess i could manage movies and tv using a USB OTG adapter till then.

  • android fan12

    Let the games begin!!

  • mdes

    I’ll buy a Nexus device the day they will have a SD card slot, for now I’ll stick with the Galaxy Note 2

    • Max.Steel

      I don’t understand why people thumbs up down. While I will still buy the N4, I still agree with your opinion. Options for sd card is good.

      • wasim sultani

        Because its the fact that he relied saying that when he could’ve just not said anything and moved on…clearly was trying to start something

        • Paul Atreides

          Yes, because Nexus fanboys are very sensitive creatures.

  • Héctor

    I’ll try at spain’s midnight (GMT+1) and, if not available, won’t try again till breakfast.

  • TK

    What Sim does it use? Anyone.

    • Max.Steel

      It uses a micro sim.

    • C


  • M.D.

    in his last post he said it will be available at 9am GMT+1 so it is midnight pdt

  • Nate B.

    I was already anticipating this so. Luckily I always go to sleep super late anyways.

  • Michael Perry

    I’ll be able to get one when it has LTE

    • Max.Steel

      Google already tried that with the Verizon version of the GNex and look how atrocious that turned out.

  • James W.

    I’m very worried about this. I lost my phone over a month ago and I put off buying a new one for the Nexus 4. If it sells out and I have to wait longer to buy it, I’m not going to be happy. Looks like I’m going to be up all night hitting refresh on the Nexus 4 page.

    • Max.Steel

      Just pop in at exactly 12:01am and you should be fine. No need to keep hitting refresh.

  • Ardrid

    I won’t be staying up any later than usual. I’ll just try to catch the sales window tomorrow morning when I’m at the office. Worse comes to worst, Google sells out and I’ll have to wait a few weeks for more stock.

    • Max.Steel

      Good idea. It’s just a phone and people need to keep things in perspective.

      • jaxidian

        I’d normally just do that but I’m stuck using a Lumia 920 until I get my Nexus 4. This WP8 is boring to tinker with (although works just fine). I likes me my toys! :-)

      • MikeS

        Perspective? OMG how can we maintain until 3AM EST???

        (shoot, I just hope I wake up in time to get to work…) yawn.

        just kidding – I’m anxious too – but ur right. it IS just a phone, but – it DOES have a lot of magic & hoopla.

  • matt

    Called around & not a single T-Mobile store inAtlanta will hhave one or has any plans to carry it. I wanna touch and test it first due to problems I’ve had with GNex esp the low volume levels

    • thejuiceman236

      I called the Buford highway location in Atlanta and they said they would have it the 14th. Try giving them a call.

  • Nathan D.

    I can wait

  • humidity

    Anyone have any idea when the Nexus 10 will be sold in stores? Not sure if I like paying shipping+tax through Google Play.

  • Tony

    Do you guys really think the device will sell out within 12 hours of availability?

    • Max.Steel

      I seriously doubt it.

      • Gues

        australia 16gb sold out within 30min

  • Marcelo Pereira (Brazil)

    Please can someone give the site some good store that sells unlocked smartphones in Atlanda-GA, for I will travel to the U.S. in December. Thank you!

  • wasim sultani

    You guys….its not about the fact that the phone will be available no matter what time its out, its a matter of anticipation and excitement! I personally have never seen such hype revolving around a nexus device more than the nexus 4! Its fun to look forward to something, otherwise, what is the purpose of this life?

    • blasphemy

      To find true and love and love every other human being as you should love yourself! That is the meaning to life.

      • Raptor

        - said Judas Goat herding others to slaughter.

        • Raptor

          …(fell asleep with you unicellulars)…is for real or i am sleeping….

  • Taylor

    [tik, tok, tik, tok]

  • Axel594

    The bumpers for the nexus 4 were added to the play store!

  • James

    Here is another thought:

    The date the initial announcement was supposed to be was a full moon.

    The release date is scheduled for the exact date of the new moon.


    The new moon peaks at 4:08 Central Time. Wouldn’t it be funny if the moon thing isn’t a coincidence and they release the phone when the moon peaks?

    • Max.Steel

      You’re such a dope. You probably think the tooth fairy is real too.

  • Greg

    Just ordered mine on the play store in Australia, it only appeared after mid day here (November 13)

  • mondos

    I honestly don’t think the demand for this phone is high enough for it to get sold out. I’m not planning on buying it on the 13th. I figure it will still be in stock a few days later.

  • Jono

    16GB already sold out on Australia Play Store, within about 20mins.
    Lucky I got mine!

  • Raptor

    Counted here the whole 3 – 3.5 dumbos who salivate on this shit (if counting each as 0.5 of a normal human).

    I remember a year ago same spins around the worst shit ever Samsung Galaxy Nex. .Specwise Nex4 is a bit better and larger version of last year iPhone4s


    • Ardrid

      Nice job, troll. For all the shit you’re talking, you apparently don’t have anything better to do than hangout with us “dumbos.” GTFO.

      • Raptor Rattling Insane Planet of Salespeople

        I am curious if this total mass

        • Raptor

          insanity for real or i am sleeping….You will not meet so many talking dumbos anywhere in the world.

    • domi1k

      Enjoy your IOS6 maps, no widgets, no sdcard, no bluetooth file transfer, no downloading from the internet, locked to iTunes and all that for a premium price
      Welcome back to 2005 with your outdated IOS crap!

      • Raptor

        See how dumb you all are?

        /* Old-timers definitely know i am not an iPhoner – that how stupid people posing here are

  • McSk8R

    I live in South Australia and I have been pushing the refresh button every 15 minutes for the last 8 hours and I haven’t seen the Nexus 4 16GB become available to purchase.

    • Jono

      because it sold out…

  • Al

    I’m a bit concerned, the Nexus 4 doesn’t say “will be available for purchase on nov 13th” anymore here, while the nexus 10 still says that. (8:50 am CET, Spain). I tried a US proxy too, same thing.

  • Ian

    Alright…not seeing the US site change and it it 12:02 PST….anyone in the US or anywhere outside of Australia having the same problem?

    • Euki

      Still not released yet :C… still waiting..

    • jaxidian

      Not available here in the US either. :-/

    • rob

      yeah, thought it would be 3 am, no love on google play yet.

    • Abdul

      Yup been refreshing. Up in Canada. Time is 1:05 Mountain Time

    • Ian

      Just called play support and they confirmed that it will be up for sale at 9AM PST…. I am going to sleep.

  • aranea

    12:03 PCT and still not available for purchase.

  • Euki

    … This is gunna be a longgg night..

  • Dan

    3:04 ET in Orlando Florida and still not seeing the phone for sale yet.

    • brent

      3:10am in Toronto and not for sale yet!

  • Daisy Blossom

    2:15 am in Dallas and nothing yet. *yawn*

  • Dave Chen

    According to this thread (and google play support), it goes on sale at 9AM pacific Nov 13

    • Thanksbro

      THanks Bro

  • aranea

    According to engadget both N4 and 10 are available on sale in Australia and UK. 16gb N4 was sold out in 22 min.

  • Al

    It’s available now in Europe but I’m getting all sorts of errors while trying to buy. Item are removed from the cart, the checkout stalls and so on. A MESS.

  • Ian

    Google Play Support confirmed that the device will be up at 9am PST

  • dodo

    The Nexus 4 and the Nexus 10 are available here in France !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

    • Al

      Hey, can you buy it or do you get errors?

      • dodo

        Nope, problems occurs like others said :)

  • Dan

    Nexus 4, 10, And HSPA+ Nexus 7 Orders Now Live For Customers In UK, France, Germany, Spain [Updating]

    Would love to sleep and wait till 9am PST but with it going on sale in Europe I’m not sure how soon the US East coast will start seeing it on sale.


    • Al

      I finally managed to buy a Nexus 10, Nexus 4 and the bumper case. It’s now 9:50 am CET and they started being available around 9:20. Half an hour of frustration, adding items to cart only to see them disappear, not being able to checkout. But in the end it worked.

      My guess is in the US they’ll start being available no sooner than 9am eastern time, since we already know that Australia launched earlier than Europe, there’s no reason to do it in the US in the middle of the night.

  • Dan

    Confirmed Countries:

    Nexus 4: 8 and 16GB variants both available
    Nexus 10: both variants up and down, ostensibly still in stock
    Nexus 7 HSPA+: Available

    Nexus 4: 8 and 16GB variants available
    Nexus 10: Also up and down, they appear to still be in stock
    Nexus 7 HSPA+ Available

    Nexus 4: 8GB available, 16GB seems to be sold out (for now)
    Nexus 10: Available
    Nexus 7 HSPA+: Available

    Nexus 4: 8GB available, 16GB down again
    Nexus 10: both variants up
    Nexus 7 HSPA+: Available

  • Wilson

    funny thing though, the 8gb model was released earlier today in Australia on the google play. it was available with the ‘add to cart’ option even though it said coming soon on the right side of the page. i didnt grab it though since i wanted the 16gb model, but it does make you wonder whats going on with it.

  • nuadar

    Probably never…

  • Jonathan Rung

    Still nothing on East Coast in US as of 4:12am.

    Strangely, the nexus 4 page no longer offers the 16GB model, just 8GB (which says notify me for more information, not buy now)). And I haven’t receieved an email from Google yet, even though I had them email me when it becomes available.

    C’mon Google!

    • Euki

      thats strange :o I’m east coast too and the 16gig model is still available for me

      • Jonathan Rung

        Really? Hmm. I’m in DC, I just see 8GB, the 16GB (and the thing that said ‘click here for more options’ or something) is nowhere to be seen.

        I hope we get a chnace to order it, it sounds like it was already on sale in other parts of the world and promptly sold out. If that happens, then why did Google bother with the “email me” thing?

        • Euki

          hmmm.. thats strange… I assume you tried all the usual troubleshooting methods like restarting the page/ your browser?
          I hope so too.. I keep reading its very hectic trying to order one.. and im getting really tired. This better be worth it. Im going to be pissed if i stay up all night just to face some error and not be able to order one before it sells out.
          People are also saying the email thing isn’t timely either.. so dont depend on it

          • Jonathan Rung

            Hey, it’s back up! 8 and 16. No ability to actually order, though…

            I hope I can order in time for a Friday arrival.

  • HasuObs

    All sold out in Germany.

    Play Store was pretty buggy too.

  • matthew

    uk :10:00 still no add to chart!!! what the fuck google!

    • Euki

      Check Tech Radar :o its sold out in the UK already.

  • Charles

    Still? It’s been long sold out mate

    • matthew

      how many did google have made … 10? i didnt even get to see the option to buy .

      • miker

        Supposedly they had around 1.5 millions units for Europe.

  • stephen t

    Managed to bag one in the UK. Was still awake from the Black Ops 2 release when they went on sale, ordered mine around 8:30am GMT. Expensive night all round.

  • ZeGravity

    In France, Nexus 4 16Go sold out in 15 minutes and 8 go in 30 minutes. Good luck :-)

  • stephen t

    Also, can anyone clarify the postage? On the checkout it said 2 days, on the email it says 3-5.

    • miker

      Its 2 days shipping but they might not ship it out for a couple of days. hence 3-5 days

  • Comet

    It makes no sense. They had a “notify me” option for those that wanted to know when the phone was available. I never even got the email. I was up waiting for the sale to start. The system had so many issues that I never got to end the purchase. How come they didn’t predict this ? Do they want the “out-of-stock” publicity stunt? Couldn’t they figure that at least half of those that registered to be notified would want to buy the phone?

    No official word has come out yet. But it really doesn’t make sense that the phone has already sold out. And if it has they should have been better prepared-

  • Malik

    It is 7:20AM EST and nothing to order yet, come on Google, my wife is already angry at me to why I am buying Nexus 4……………………………..

  • Odie

    Still can’t order it! Come on baby, I need my fix!

  • Crazy legs

    As much as they hyped this phone up, they better not run out of stock. I held out from buying a note 2 to wait for this phone and if this stupid thing is sold out in 30 seconds I will be pissed.

    • singhmd03

      lol so true, I stayed up till 3am….nothing happened, it better not be out of stock at 12:05

  • lol

    Looks like the 16GB is already sold out. Lame.

  • Meh

    Spent half an hour trying to buy it, got to checkout two times but it kept timing out and eventually they removed it from the cart. Now they appear sold out. Lame!

  • Dan

    I setup Google’s Auto Refresh Plus add-on and noticed at 8:45am PST the 16GB page showed as available to buy. I tried to add the bumper but decided against it as I was worried I would have issues checking out. I had to reload the check out page a number of times to get it to work and confirmed eventually via Google Wallet that it worked. Bought the bumper about an hour later using the Auto Refresh Plus add-on again until I saw it show as available.

    I hope most of you were able to order the phone. I’m looking forward to ditching my iPhone 4 & the high AT&T contract that expires in January.


    • dreamcore

      Good deal. I also skipped the bumper to plow through checkout. Turned out the bumper was marked “SOLD OUT” when I checked afterwards. How much shipping did Google charge?

  • famii

    Just bought the 16 gb after playing the refresh game for 20 minutes and failing 3 times to get the purchase complete. 1524 est

  • DuncanBishop must folks either got one or didn’t..when is the next batch due so we can gt one??

  • famii

    Just got an email stating that it will whip within a week.

  • dutrak

    Never =/