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My no-good, rotten Google Play experience

google play faded rotten

Google is relatively new at this whole online store for physical goods thing. Sure, they’ve been selling physical goods like the occasional developer phone or Google mug for a couple years now, but the recent launch of the Nexus 4, Nexus 7 3G,  and Nexus 10 is unlike anything Google has dealt with before. I understand that, and I know that means there could be hiccups throughout the process. That doesn’t make my ongoing struggle in trying to purchase a Nexus 4 any better.

On November 12th, I stayed up until roughly 6 AM waiting to buy a Nexus 4. I figured that being here on the East side of the US, I’d probably be able to buy one by 3 AM. It wasn’t until roughly 6 AM that news of a noon Eastern time release was circulating the web. That was my first indication that Google had no idea what they were in for.

Google said the Nexus 4 would release on November 13th. And it did. All around the globe. At different times. Whenever Google felt like it. Normally, if a product is given a November 13th launch date, and is accessible to be purchased as soon as the clock hits midnight, it will be made available. Apple does it with preorders, theaters do it with high-profile movie releases and Gamestop does it with ultra popular video game titles.

Google made no effort whatsoever to announce exactly when the Nexus 4 and 10 would go on sale. I made a big deal about this in a post titled, “When will you be able to buy the Nexus 4?” My reasoning as to why it would matter so much? Because if you couldn’t get one a Nexus 4 as soon as they were made available, you were in for a wait. I had no idea just how incredibly bad it would be.

By now there’s no way you haven’t heard, or experienced first hand, the horror stories from anyone who tried to buy a new Nexus device right when it went on sale. Connection errors. Misinformation on being sold out. Double purchases.

Some people, though it doesn’t seem like many, were able to purchase a Nexus 4 and some have actually received their device by now. Some were sent an email saying something along the lines of, “whoops, we oversold the Nexus 4! Sorry, you’ll have to wait three weeks.” Some are in my position of having an ever pending purchase.

I bought my Nexus 4 on November 13th, at about 11:45 AM. I saw a couple errors, but nothing major. I thought I was lucky. I received a receipt from Google via email. The order showed up in my order history on Google Play. My card has a pending charge on it from Google for the full amount of the order. I never received a shipping delay email or anything similar, so I figured it had to be on the way. Here we are, almost a week later, and nothing.

If I go to my order history in Google Play, it lists a shipping estimate of November 15th. If I click the info link near the shipping estimate date, it sends me to a Google Wallet page saying, “Nov 13 Google Inc received your order.” Only if I then click through to my transactions by using the left side menu bar, do I see that the order is still pending.

What does pending mean? At this point I figured, OK, maybe I should call Google and see what’s up. After a few connection errors, it was ringing. While the representative who handled my call seemed nice enough, she was full of excuses that didn’t make sense. She told me that my order was still pending (as I had just found out), and she had no idea why. She said it was most likely because UPS got slammed with orders. She said she couldn’t do anything else, and that my order would have to be escalated to a shipping specialist. Unfortunately, that specialist works in another building. So it might be awhile until I hear from anyone or know what’s going on. That’s where I’m at now.

In defense of the Google service rep, she said that anything that may have or could still happen is no excuse. Even though I maintained a positive attitude throughout the call, and was polite as possible, she said I must be understandably upset, and that the situation was unacceptable. But that doesn’t change the fact that a week after purchasing a Nexus 4 directly from Google, my order is mysteriously in limbo.

I am no stranger to online shopping. This is by far the worst experience I’ve ever had. I can look past the errors, shipping delays, and seemingly random availability. I cannot look past being told the company I ordered a $400 product from has no idea what’s going on with my order.

I know Google is going to get better at this, constantly working to improve the entire experience. That does nothing for anyone who has already had to deal with the problems that have popped up. The time when dealing with Google and their services meant dealing with a beta experience is over. Anyone ordering the Nexus 4 has no reason to believe they aren’t ordering a problem free Android phone that will ship in the two to three days as originally stated. And yet some people imply that software, hardware, ordering and shipping problems are just a part of the process in dealing with Google. Not anymore. It needs to end now.

Giving Google a break for the botched Nexus release seems to be a common sentiment. When is enough, enough? I’ve already reached my breaking point. Which is why I’m sharing this story with you. I know I’m not alone in my frustrations, and neither are you. If I receive any updates on the status of my order. Or if, by some miracle, I receive a shipping notification, I’ll be sure to share. But let’s just say I’m not holding my breath.

Dustin Earley: Tech enthusiast; avid gamer; all around jolly guy.

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  • The Clown

    I tried to cancel my order last night but the CSR didn’t have the ability to do that! So now not only do I not know when my order is coming in, I have no ability to cancel it. Maybe I’ll cancel my CC. Jerks

    • Chad

      You can cancel using their online cancelling page, all I had to do was paste my order number and submit.

    • xallies

      I’ll buy it off u email me

    • DARREN

      Android 4.2 is a DISASTER.

      I wish i bought the iPhone 5 instead.

      • gluttony

        Yello Yello, Mr. Troll …. have you used the nexus 4? I’m using it right now and I find your statement to be false….. Battery drain???? Similar to iPhone….. Android wise? The smoothest anyone has ever experienced….. So stfu

        • C.U.N.T.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          you better shut up, forums are full of complaints. bluetooth doesnt work either

        • GSletta

          I’m using a Nexus 7 with 4.2 and it is a noticeable DOWNGRADE from 4.1

      • Adrian75

        Android 4.2 is terrible, nothing works, shit os. Froyo was the best. Im selling this piece of garbage Nexus 4 waste!!

    • pikahatonjon

      Dustin Earley: Tech enthusiast; avid gamer; all around jolly guy.

      hehehe. but i totally agree. im anxiously checking back on the playstore page to hope that they will ninja restock and I would be able to stumble upon an opportunity to purchase a nexus 4 -0-

      that said, i have a gsm gnex right now and with each passing day, my interest, however large, is starting to wane. thanks google.
      i really hope this was production issues, otherwise, its a really stupid publicity stunt

    • Michael

      It is a bit idiotic to try and order a brand new product on the FIRST minute it goes on sale. Most people usually wait a few hours – days to avoid the chaos. Your impatience caused you your troubles. If you’re younger than 21 then please disregard my comment as you’re perfectly justified for being impatient…

  • redraider133

    Not defending google but I honestly thought it was not going to be the type of hit it was and also launching multiple new products at the same time from their site which as seen by the errors and horror stories had no idea their site would go down how it did. I hope they get it all worked out for the launch of their next device through their site

  • jaxidian

    This is a bad situation. Google should have done MUCH MUCH better. However, do realize one thing: This is a new thing for Google. Apple? They’ve been selling high-volume products online back to the original iPod. Verizon/AT&T/etc? They’ve been doing this for decades. Google, on the other hand, has *never* sold a high-volume product online except for the Nexus 7. So this is round 2 for them. This isn’t something they’ve been doing for years or even have done a dozen times. This is only the second time they’ve done this.

    Should we be patient with them? Yes.
    Did they screw up majorly? Yes.
    Could they have done better? Absolutely! They SHOULD have done better!

    Google gets high-load servers. They don’t get high-load commerce yet. They need to re-evaluate how they scale with super high volume loads on their e-commerce side of the business. And they will.

    Just remember, this is only the second time they’ve really done this. (No older devices were in nearly as high demand as the Nexus 4/7/10 were).

    • WlfHart

      That pretty much sums it up. While Dustin says they should be out of Beta by now, their second major release ever pretty much is still Beta. As great a company Google is, we certainly expect better from them. And to be dissapointed and especially frustrated is quite reasonable. But don’t let this bad experience ruin it, for the great thing about Google is they are ever improving. And not just in tiny milk-the-profit increments like a certain competitor. Google has a great track record of improving as much as they can as quickly as they can, so look forward to that.
      All that said, it sure would be nice if they came out with a unified statement on the issue by this point. While it may be true they have no clue what the real source of the mix up is, they should still come up with some reassuring words for their customers along the lines of “sorry we goofed, we’re not sure what’s going on but we’re working hard to figure it out and will let you know as soona s we figure it out.”

      • qst4

        I have to disagree with you on the improvement point. If you consider nexus launches, it appears Google has gotten worse each time.

        • WlfHart

          I can’t say I’ve experienced trying to buy a nexus each time, but my question to you would be have they gotten worse in a certain aspect of the process each time, or has there just been a new aspect that they have dropped the ball on eah time? If it is the latter than while the overall drama of their blunder certainly has escalated, they have not “gotten” worse on anything they had actively worked to improve. However, if it is the former then your observation would be correct.

      • Tritaru

        “don’t let this bad experience ruin it, for the great thing about Google is they are ever improving. And not just in tiny milk-the-profit increments like a certain competitor. Google has a great track record of improving as much as they can as quickly as they can, so look forward to that.”

        WolfHeart hit it.

        That’s why I love Google. Because they are probably now going to remaster this wallet checkout service. Due to this episode they will probably rethink the whole infrastructure and re-release the fastest, most bug-free, and most indestructible checkout software ever devised.

        I spoke too soon.

        “The next version of Google Wallet, coming soon. Request an invite.”

    • BraydenJames

      I’ll agree with this on the server side. They weren’t ready to open the floodgates. And that’ll get better. What really pissed me off about this launch was the lack of communication. That, in my opinion, has no excuse.


      1. Notify Me button. What purpose was this? I do believe I never did get an email announcing the release of the Nexus 4. I did finally get one for the Nexus 10 though.. Hours after they were sold out?

      2. Release date. They really should have coordinated SOME release date. And then once they finally do last second, they then put them on sale about a half hour before that time? They were completely sold out before the (official?) time was ever reached. This is an insult to all the Android loyalist who have followed this launch very closely. If even they don’t get a fair chance at a device, then how is the general public supposed to feel?

    • Aj

      I certainly disagree with you. Low on stock is fine but Google is the biggest search engine and the first thing that comes in our mind when we thing of internet. I understand that they are low on stock and are new at this but the website related errors can just not be ignored. Google is the king in website building and there should be any problems in googleplay itself. You should get e-mails on time that your product delivery is delayed, you should be able to cancel it and the webpage should go online worldwide on the same time (something like 12:00 am)

    • Ben

      I completely agree with you about a company doing something new. But under that same reasoning should it be Ok that apple maps didn’t go well since it was their first map? I could list many other failures by company’s but you get the point. These are multi billion dollar companies. They don’t get to make excuses about it being their first time. Just as everyone came down hard on Apple the same should be said here. It’s not like its a small startup. It’s google. It’s a web store. A web system with countless errors? That’s unacceptable. Corrodinating with a shipping company is something new for them but not a web service.

  • shadhussain

    here here. i hope google get a hold of this post. without being overly emotional, it underlines the fact that although folks/fans are willing to cut google *some* slack, they clearly need better communication at this point.

  • Alexander drzfr3shboialex

    I have to wait until the next batch I didn’t even get to order -_-. Hopefully next batch is the same as when the backrorders ship if not I will probably get it from tmobile

    • kkloster

      ^ this

    • Ansdrew

      Ugh, I thought about buying from T-Mobile, but I just can’t bring myself to reward them with my money for selling the phone for $150 more than Google. That’s shameful in my book.

      • inviolable

        Google is under selling the phone. It’s worth more than 350. T-Mobile is not in it for Google, they’re in it for T-Mobile, and they have their own bottom line. I don’t understand why people keep getting on them for this.

  • mercado79

    Dustin, I was in the same situation as you until last night. “Limbo” as they say. I finally received an email with my tracking info last night after 8pm. No actual response to my email except to ask me to complete a customer service survey. Nice Google.

    But… they shipped it out at 2am and delivered it this morning. I guess that’s Google’s way of saying “Sorry”. Now I’m just waiting for the mail guy to finish his rounds!

    I’m with you though. This whole thing has been unacceptable.

    • PX

      lol. you are lucky enough to have the kind of ‘sorry’ addressed from Google.

  • JH

    I called customer support on Friday after getting tired of waiting for my order to update; same situation as yours, with shipping date estimated at the day before, on the 15th. I was told almost exactly the same thing, and was told that they expected order statuses to be updated by the end of the day. Strangely enough, maybe a couple of hours later I refreshed my order history and had a processed message, with an email and shipping confirmation following not far behind. Got my N4 yesterday a little after 6 pm.

    I feel pretty fortunate to have a phone in my hand at this point, especially considering my Nexus S was functionally worthless at this point, but I’m still very frustrated. Terrible experience. They’ve got to change the way they do things. And in the name of all that is good and just, please come out with accessories in line with the launch of a product. I had to wait a month to get a case for my Nexus 7 and had no choice but to buy this awful bumper for the N4, and know nothing of the wireless charging pad I actually assumed would come packaged with the phone. Silly me.

  • tspeidell

    I had a very similar experience. Ordered around 11:45 on the 13th, didn’t hear anything from Goog, other than an order confirmation email. Called customer service on the 16th, when a rep told me I’d be received shipping confirmation at some point throughout the day, which never came. Called back on the 17th (Saturday, mind you), waiting 45 min or so on hold, and was told again that I’d be receiving shipping confirmation at some point. Guess what? That never came. Called back yesterday (19th) around 8:30 pm, rep told me that I’d be receiving shipping confirmation BY THE END OF THE DAY and that my device was on track to be delivered to my house today (20th). Good news is, my shipping confirmation email came in around 9pm last night, and my nexus showed up around 9am this morning. But I feel that only happened because of my persistence. Horrible buying experience

  • Kyle

    Sadly this seems to be their M.O. … it all seems vaguely familiar – Google I/O ring a bell? How horrible has that online purchasing experience been for the past couple years? Would have thought it would teach them something about online ordering and the popularity of their products.

  • nportelli

    STFU is my only reaction. Get over it.

  • jenskristian

    I had an awful shopping experience also. Ordered at 11:35 AM EST and got the confirmation 10-15 minutes later. All seemed fine and I had no problems placing the order. Little did I know what was to follow. He days came and went and I didn’t hear anything from Google. Finally 6,5 days after ordering my device shipped. They at least shipped it with the one day option from UPS and the package arrived today before lunchtime eastern time. I still have to ship it to Norway so I won’t have the device in my hands until Tuesday next week.

    Conclusion: Google has to get it’s act together. This just isn’t good enough.

  • GSK

    I ordered at 11:58 EST. I got confirmation email, followed by a backorder email 2 days later. I want to know why some people who clearly ordered later than I did were not considered backordered and have received their orders. This is ugly, Google.

    • iamXiV92a

      I got my confirmation email at 12:07 CST – Back order email on the 15th
      Still nothing yet, but I’m hopeful…

  • Hector De Jesus

    Same thing happened to me with the Nexus 7. They’ll have to cancel your order and you’ll have to resubmit it from scratch. I know… It sucks.

  • Max

    Yup sounds right by Google’s record. They should be refunding the $20 shipping fee like they did for the Nexus 7 a couple months back. Considering it was advertised as 2 day shipping, there’s no excuse for Google that people paying for this mandatory fee to be waiting for 2 weeks for their order. After the disastrous nexus 7 launch, I decided I had enough with Google’s products for the meanwhile.

  • Matt

    Oh god you sound like a bitch. Whining left and right. Shut the fuck up and wait like the rest.

    These are first world problems right here.

  • kkloster

    to add to paragraph 6:

    And some people kept clicking refresh all day and never even got to “purchase” a Nexus 4. Even if they started right at 9:00am, the reported drop time.

  • kinderdm

    I have to wait till some Christmas cash becomes available before I can order mine anyway, hopefully by the new year they will have the kinks worked out and a strong supply. This is the phone that is making we switch from iphone and I really don’t want that to be a bad experience that I will remember when I purchase my next device (probably a future tablet).

  • Ben

    First world problems, man.

  • impaler

    This article aggravates me. Folks, learn to be patient. There’s such a “gotta have it now!” syndrome, it’s really stunning to watch. And when we don’t get something we want immediately, we act like petulant children.

    • JayCreations

      I don’t think it’s a “gotta have it now” syndrome. At this point the issue is the lack of communication. Not knowing what is the actual status of your order. At the moment I’m on the same boat as the OP. Play store says shipping the 15th but wallet says pending. Call CS and they have no idea about the status.

    • shadhussain

      is pining and whining over smartphones a first world problem? i suspect you are right but that is hardly the point of discussion here. this tone of ‘people be patient’ is a bit condescending and holier-than-thou.

      fact is, within this “first world” context of a hyped product launch by a corporate giant, people have put down their own cash, spent their own time and can therefore naturally expect a certain level of service. google isn’t doing people a favor. it has its own interests in line. folks don’t necessarily need to recognize their privilege before demanding accountability from a corporation.

      now if we want to debate the greater ills and moralities of consumerist societies, maybe android and me isn’t the right place for it.

      • shadhussain

        note: i tried and i failed getting a nex4 in round 1. i’m now waiting, albeit impatiently.

    • joe23521

      I understand his frustrations, but what aggravates me is the bad writing. It’s a lazy rant on an internet forum, not an “opinion” piece on a tech blog.

      That said, I hope he gets his phone soon.

    • Uzume

      The problem here is about expectations. Had Google told me right when I placed my order that it would take up to 3 weeks to get the product, I wouldn’t be pissed even if I had to wait till Dec, because I would have expected it.

      When you buy something online, you expect your purchase to arrive within a certain time frame. That’s why all etailers give you an estimate delivery time. If you order something from Amazon and don’t get your order within a certain time frame, you’d likely to call up Amazon to bitch to them. If you buy something from eBay and the seller doesn’t shipped for 3 weeks without telling you why, you’d most likely to leave a bad feedback on that seller.

      Google gave its customers the impression that if you order the product on launch day, you would get it in a certain time frame (as stated in the estimated shipping date and order confirmation). When that time frame came and gone with no explanations or information or any sort, that to me is bad customer service.

      If Google wants to get into this whole app store/device retail business, it needs to at least live up to, if not surpass, the standards of its peers/competitors. Or at least that’s the expectation us customers have. And we as customers should let the business know that its doing a poor job so that it can learn from the feedback.

    • aranea

      I had some of it when I purchased the phone and nexus 10 tablet but it’s not all that. The estimated shipping was Thursday and I was waiting. I’m one of the lucky ones so I finally got a tracking number on Friday and received them yesterday. But the point is when I was in the limbo I had no idea what was going on. There were rumors about 3 week delays, some people were already receiving theirs. My atrix was broken. I had no idea what was going on. The unknown is the problem.Then I got “gotta have it now!” syndrome after I got the tracking number.

      Google could have allowed pre-orders to judge the demand. I thought “Notify me” was for that. You know, they should have made sure they have more phones available than “notified people”.

    • Taylor

      Hardly a “gotta have it now” situation. I’ve been waiting patiently for an upgrade for several months. Put money aside and everything. I can understand lack of sufficient inventory (to a degree), but the way in which Google botched the roll-out is really unforgivable.

      Google, of all companies, should be able to assess demand through their myriad of data acquisition products (search, Blogspot, Gmail, Talk, Voice, Google+, etc.). They may not have been able to stoke production, but the growing interest and demand should have been clear. They did have time to better setup the server back-end to accommodate what looked to be a large pent-up demand that would turn into mass chaos if left unprepared (chaos it was). This whole process has transpired without any official communication from Google or the Android team. That is the problem.

      Communicate issues before they become problems, and encourage your customers to be part of the solution. Apple apologized over Maps, Google should at least acknowledge their failure and move on with improvements. The lack of acknowledgement leads me to believe they will not address the fundamental changes needed to direct sale a product line, leading to continued frustration in the future. Google failed and should be held to account for that failure.

  • omer

    If the horrific launch can be excused, the follow up can not. There are many, many loyal nexus customers that waited to buy. Even after one of the worst launches in history, google is still not doing the right thing. How about some communication. There are customers that for various reasons need to buy a phone now and waited for N4, why can’t google give any indication of when it will be restocked, how future orders will go etc. I really wanted N4 but looks like I’m getting a Droid DNA instead; I’ll try Google back in 2 years and give them another chance then.

    • Sheks

      I’m in this category you just described. was going to get an iphone 5 a month ago to replace my galaxy nexus but decided to wait until the google event. Cant get my hands on the nexus 4 so im getting an iphone 5 tomorrow

      • Max.Steel

        Even if Android went extinct, I wouldn’t be caught dead with an iPhone.

  • Del

    Fortunately I was not able to order it. Google won’t accept my VISA for any purchases from the play store either. I have no idea why. I use my VISA in the App Store and everywhere else on and offline.

    So by the looks of things, that may be a good thing at this moment.

  • Havoc70

    Unfortunately this is NOT a new thing for Google. There were the same and more issues with the Nexus one. But more recently the first availability of the Nexus 7, the orders were a mess, customer phone support was a joke and no one knew when or if their order was going to ship. I bought a Nexus 7 the first minute of preorders, confirmed via email from Google and transactions on my Google Wallet account.
    3 days before release… nothing, so i called, yes we have the order and yes it will ship, no email no charge, no back order nothing.
    2 days before release… nothing so i called, yes we have the order and yes it will ship.
    1 day before release…Nothing again.
    Release day, nothing, day after general availability to store.,. Nothing.
    Finally after release day i called, oh were sorry they are on backorder for 3 weeks. I finally said screw Google put a charge back on my cc and bought one at Staples.
    This is not the first time Google has screwed the pooch on orders, information and shipping. So NO they do not deserve a break they deserve all the bad publicity they are getting.

  • Waspdroid

    It’s like the Nexus 7 launch. I pre-ordered the day after Google I/O and it took almost 3 weeks after launch but people who ordered after launch got it almost directly. Like a random game :(

    On top of that one of the devices was DOA that still hasnt been returned to Google because the couldn’t send out return shipping bills in 3 months. I’m now in another country that Google dont ship to so will see where this is going to end :(

    I also do a lot of online shopping and Google is by far the worst experience :(

  • RonWeez

    I finally got mines after being in limbo for a few days but ib would have been blowing steam had they shill had me in limbo with no backorder email and they told me I could cancel my order! So you just have my money and have no idea what’s going on with my product????

  • Doan

    Hopefully, this will be a learning experience for Google.

  • flyonthewall

    You are not alone. I bought my two at 8:35:07 am and have heard nothing. Not a receipt. Not a shipping. Nothing. No movement in a week. CSRs give me lines of bs. You are not alone.

  • LuckyHermit

    patience is a virtue. I never got a chance to get my order in. I’ll get it when I get it.

    Settle down.

  • MMcCraryNJ

    I honestly think this week Google is going to get a lot of Nexus 4 and 10 orders out. Their problem isn’t necessarily their ship times, it’s the fact that under heavy load, the Play Store just doesn’t keep up with the order confirmation/shipping confirmation e-mails, among other things. Case in point, during the Nexus 7 pre-order/launch in July, my pre-order was delivered to me about a day before Google sent me the shipped e-mail, and a day after that my Wallet/Play Store status was updated.

    This gives people the impression that their orders are stuck in limbo when they are actually moving along just fine. It does suck to be in the dark, but more likely than not the orders are being processed. I ordered a Nexus 10 on Friday evening and it was delivered to me today, for what it’s worth. And a lot of people had their things delivered to them last Friday even though they never received status updates.

  • apollo

    After the whole nexus 7 tablet thing and not knowing when it was coming, I decided that I’d never buy on launch day from Google. Also these nexus 4′s are the first batch so there’s bound to be some manufacturing issues. I know my nexus 7 tablet was part of the first batch and I’ve got a creaking screen and a broken prong on nfc chip… I’d try to get it fix but I have to send it to them and pretty much be without a tablet for two weeks… That’s just dumb.

  • mikeytusa

    I had pretty much the exact same experience with my Nexus 10. My biggest complaint was with the customer service. I almost felt bad for the people working as CSR for Google Play. They have no information and can’t provide any answers or solutions. They’re just there to listen to people complain. My Nexus 10 finally shipped last night and Google actually sent it next day air rather than the 2 day shipping, which was nice. I should have it tomorrow.

    Google needs to fix:
    High volume ordering (I suspect that is what screwed up all of the ordering when everything went live)
    Customer Service – they need to be able to provide answers and solutions for customers
    Phone Support wait times – waiting 30 minutes on hold in unacceptable
    Overall Communication – if a product is going to take longer to ship than expected, tell people. Don’t make them call you to find out.

    Google will get this right eventually. But at what cost? The Nexus is their brand and they need to make sure it’s respected… and that means fixing Google Play ordering and fixing it quick.

  • virexed

    Just be thankful it’s not a carrier exclusive… *cough*… galaxy… *cough*… nexus…

  • OnIn2

    This article brings to mind the old saying

    “Nobody goes there anymore. It’s too crowded.”

    $0.02 to Yogi

  • Lagnis

    The worst part is no info from Google. BUT in my case, Google actually delivered as promised. I ordered at 11:38 EST November 13. Received confirm email. Phones arrived today Tuesday November 20 via UPS Next Day Air service (from Kentucky warehouse last night). So the phones were delivered as promised, in 3-5 business days. I was in limbo land until last night. CSR told me on Friday to expect it to ship by Monday or Tuesday. Maybe this is the exception experience but in hindsight they delivered as promised for me.

    • Uzume

      No kidding! I got my order in around the same time as you and other than the order confirmation email, I had gotten absolutely NO INFO from Google. I called Play Help several times since placing the order, each time I was given different info (“it’s on track to be shipped”, “Your order will be shipped within the 3 week time frame”, “We are working on it (i.e. we have no idea when it will be shipped”).

      And in Play Store the Date listed with my Order kept changing so I thought my order date was getting pushed back, which would put me in the later queue for processing (though it wasn’t the case, but Google was never really clear about what that Date really meant).

      I too finally got my shipping confirmation late last night (Monday) and received my phone early this morning (Tuesday). And this was after I talked to one of the CS reps who said she would send a request to a “specialist” to try to get the order pushed through.

      So may be Google did live up to the promise of delivering 3-5 business days, the fact that it’s showing people conflicting info or no info at all make this whole thing frustrating. Especially when Google is an information company — it makes its money collecting, sorting and display data CORRECTLY, how can they not even figure this simple stuff out.

      If Google is new at launching high profile products, why didn’t they hire someone who has done some high profile product launches to guide them through the process? And It’s not like Google needs to pioneer any online shopping experience, all they have to do is find the right shopping cart model to adopt to

      Seriously, I am a fan of Google, and I find most of their products awesome. But they really need to get their sh*t together about the Play Store if they are serious about competing with Apple in the device selling business.

    • Derrick Threatt

      I ordered on the 13th 16gb…never completed then 16gb was out of stock..tried an 8gb…processed double order. Called and cancelled one of the doubles….. received 8gb on the 16th earlier than expected..but had defective screen. Called play and they sent a new one which I received on the 23rd….then today the 26th I mailed the bad one back. Had yellow spot when phone got hot. New one is flawless.

  • Euki

    I just spoke to a CR at Google and she told me to to ignore the estimated shipping date as that’s just the ideal time for the device to ship under normal circumstances and that it never really updates. Orders that are pending aren’t in “limbo” they are going to be shipped out, question is when? and like the excuses all others have gotten, the demand is too high and UPS is taking awhile to get to all the orders.

    Now is the bad news for me and all others that have gotten the backordered email, unfortunately UPS is not associated with our orders and it is just plain out of stock :/ It would take longer for us to receive our devices. Later within the 3 week time frame.

  • bigmexican

    Well i just read a report on phandroid that there might be a white version of the phone coming december 13th, if thats the case i just hope ill get mine before then otherwise im gonna be pretty pissed!!!!

  • DatTroll

    I had a pretty good experience with my purchase.. Had my nexus 4 since Friday and it’s been a blast!

  • coreydavid

    I had all these same exact problems but I had contacted Google many times and every time a different answer. They never got back to me but late last night I got my shipping confirmation and around 12.30 today my order showed up finally have my nexus 4. I’m still upset they handled it so poorly..

  • ryan

    My “pending” order shipped today, just got the tracking number, but it doesn’t show anything yet, but they say they charged my credit card so it all seems legit. Some more info on their part would’ve been better, but i’ll be happy to get my phone

  • Tripstah Jones

    If you think that’s bad, check this forum:!categories/voice/porting-a-number-to-google-voice . People porting their numbers to Google Voice have been stuck in limbo since 11/15/2012. There’s been a single post from Google acknowledging the problem. I, like many on the list, have a rebill date rapidly approaching and if Google doesn’t get the number ported ASAP I’m stuck with a month of service that I can’t use.

    They really need to get their act together. The lack of customer support, or care, is unacceptable. I loathe Apple with a passion, but for the short time I used them a few years ago, I have to admit their customer service was leaps and bounds better. I’m as big of a Google fan boy as they come, but even I have my limits.

  • Paul Atreides

    A lesson needs to be learned by everyone constantly defending Google. They should have it figured out by now. Third time wasn’t the charm(Galaxy Nexus release) and here we go with this situation.

  • Nathan D.

    This is bad! I couldn’t imagine going through this process. I had online purchase experience with only amazon and they are great. But honestly, Google need to get their act together.

  • JB
  • apay

    Meanwhile, some kids, somewhere, are starving…

    • docsparks

      We live in America to not give a fuck about that, we have our own problems.

      • Huckleberry Finland

        Kids are starving in Campden, New Jersey.

  • EmeryLee

    Ah hah!!! I knew it. Y’all are so brave buying the first batch of Nexus 4s. I did that once. Most likely won’t do it again. Once Bitten Twice Shy (

  • Trevor Cameron

    I try to stay away from being negative in a post, but I’VE had enough.

    For a self proclaimed “All around jolly guy”, you sure do complain a lot. Whenever I start reading a negative article on AAM, I check who wrote it and 9/10 it’s you.

    Your experience was a bad one. It happens in customer service, a lot. Especially when you try something for the first time. I’m sorry that you didn’t get your phone “the first possible day”. If you’re fed up with Google, try waiting in line over night for an iPhone. I promise they’ll have one in stock for you.

    • Max.Steel

      ” I’m sorry that you didn’t get your phone “the first possible day”. Ummmm….it’s been a week. It’s well past the “first possible date”. I’m no iFan but I’ve never heard of iPhones being held in limbo on Apple’s website.

      • Trevor Cameron

        One week since the launch date. Really, wow! I understand excitement, I purchased my gnex from Best Buy at 10:00 AM the day it launched. But the only difference is if I went there, they didn’t have them in stock, and I had already paid, I wouldn’t whine about it in a blog post. I love phones/technology and I get excited too, but it is still just a phone. People are acting like 8 year old children who didn’t get the toy they wanted on Christmas. Take a deep breath, and ask yourself one question. At the end of the day, what difference does this really make in your life? If the answer is a very big difference, you need to take a good look in the mirror and reevaluate your priorities!

        • Max.Steel

          You’re spouting without understanding what’s really going on. No one is really angry at Google for the delay. What people are angry about is the LACK of communication on Google’s end.

  • docsparks

    Hey Dustin, sounds like you never heard of Google’s way of doing business before you bought your N4.

    You must also have read past threads/forums of hundreds of developers that make over 50 Grand a year from Google, but yet cant get 1 support email answered..

    You must also think your $400 isn’t the 0.0004% revenue that is actually is to Google.

    Welcome to Google, where we’ll fuck you, or nothing else.

    Get with the times! and you call your self a author on an ANDROID site? Obviously not an Google Android Enthusiast, otherwise you would had seen this months in advance.

    • docsparks

      Google is the girlfriend you once loved, and keeps cheating on you, and coming back PROMISING it will get better, it will improve! She will change with time! You will love her once again!

      False, actually that bitch just made it out the backdoor with your wallet AND the keys to your house.

  • kelly

    I had a small amount of trouble ordering the nexus 10, which arrived on time. I did get the impression the ordering site was slammed, but nothing too crazy. A friend of mine was trying to order the nexus 4 at the same time, and wasnt able to get it done.

  • jian9007

    This was a terrible launch all the way around. I don’t think people are upset that they are in order limbo or that they have to wait, but are upset at the way it has all been handled. Those that were able to order one assumed, according to Google, that the handset was to ship in 3-5 days. If Google would have put 2-3 weeks shipping time, many who were able to order one would not be as upset.

    The iPhone 5 currently shows with an available to ship time of 2 weeks. That’s fine. Also, when Apple launched the iPhone 5, they had pre-orders, and sold over 3 million on pre-order, then still sold tons of them at launch. It took 24 hours to sell out. In store, Apple specified it was available at 8am at your local time, at every location. They gave specific times when it would be available online and in stores. I’m not an Apple user, but they know how to launch a product. With Google, they had errors on the site, showing coming soon instead of sold out or add to cart, had problems with checkouts, double orders, email notifications that never went out at all, and shipping issues for the ones that were sold. These are only some of the problems with the launch of the Nexus 4.

    It’s not about feeling entitled, or needing it right now. It’s about the way in which the launch was, and is, being handled. It’s just not up to par with what any sizeable company would be doing with regards to a device launch or customer service. I feel that customers need to be upset and at least attempt to make it known that they are unhappy. I will do so by not buying a Nexus 4, despite the fact that I really want one. People want to grab phones like the Nexus 4 right when they’re released. For some, it’s a bit of an impulse buy, while for others it’s a great value, and some people get caught up with that new gadget fever. By depriving them of that opportunity, you give them time to be upset at the botched launch, and to rethink their decision. This is how you lose prospective sales. As for me, I’ll (begrudgingly) grab a Touchwizy, plastic Galaxy Note 2 for my quad-core fix (I’m on T-Mobile so Droid DNA is not an option).

  • Wally Masterson

    I was ready to buy a Nexus 4, but couldn’t. I’m now getting a Samsung GS III instead.

  • Matt Rooney the white president

    Thats the reason why Apple is the worlds no 1, they dont always fvck it up like inferior companies…

  • Max.Steel

    Google’s handles THOUSANDS if not MILLIONS of requests every hour. Their servers are constantly churning out information, seeking out data, calculating problems and doing all sorts of things. I doubt that a few thousand people trying to buy a product from their site should give them a problem. After the ATROCIOUS handling of this release, Google has left a sour taste in the mouths of many people.

    • kaablewy

      I COMPLETELY agree. So much that I’m going to put in CAPS all the words that I allow me to EXPRESS my HORROR

    • Trevor Cameron

      Switch to iPhone and quit whining. It’s really simple. Or maybe you can go with a new Windows 8 phone, plenty of stock available I hear!

  • EmagehtmaI

    Well, hopefully, things will be sorted out well before my Verizon contract has ended in July. Haha.

  • Pax

    Google sucks at this.

  • Pax

    Forgot to say, Google sucks at this big time..Now, you can’t even order one..Did I say Google sucks at this?

  • User

    It’s nice how some people are making excuses for Google. The point is no one outside of Google knows what happened because Google did not share enough info with its customers. What is known is the Nexus 7 launch was also horrible for many customers a few months ago.

  • chris

    If only google could work out a deal with tmobile for the stock they have so that people could still get a phone without being robbed.

  • Will

    Sounds like a first world problem to me. Get over it, you’ll live.


    • some guy from former communist country

      Exactly, world is not going down if someone did not have the possibility to purchase an item right away it got available. It would make some sense if he did not have any other device whatsoever. But weep like this because someone did not say when exactly you can buy a freaking phone and then the moment it was available the site got overloaded is to me like a baby crying because it is hungry or it does not have the right toy to play with.
      He should get over it. Eventually he will and then he will realize how immature the whole post sounds.
      I am also fan of the latest and newest, but for what reason should I also be the owner of everything latest and newest? In some time there will be again some Google toy bit newer than the Nexus 4. Will this happen again? I hope Google can learn from their mistakes and make the sites more redundant, but until there are people like this folk refreshing the site every second just to find out when it will be available, there will be not enough redundancy in the world. Get some sleep, order it as a common human being, wait the freaking THREE weeks (oh my got, it is not like NINE months waiting for your offspring to get born) until it arrives, be looking forward to it arriving and be happy with it when it arrives. Oh you homo ASAPiens.

  • awundrin

    It’s crazy and unacceptable what happened to you and countless others. When you spend hundreds of dollars online these days and are kept in the dark whether or not your order has been shipped is outlandish to say the least. Google needs to fix this big problem pronto or it’s gonna lose tons of customers. Bad, Google, bad.

  • vforvortex

    So are you hoping they give you the phone to avoid the bad publicity from this website? :)
    I agree with you. My main concern is them losing customers who are waiting. If they can set up pre-orders, then they have locked in customers and sales.

  • Rich

    Ordered a nexus 10 in the first minute. Sat a week watching people who ordered get theirs. Google finally shipped yesterday and I refused shipment so its on its way back. I cant do business with a company who can screw up so badly. I went and got something else while waiting.

  • faun

    “… the *horror stories* from anyone who tried to buy a new Nexus device right when it went on sale. Connection errors. Misinformation on being sold out. Double purchases.”

    Horror stories? Dustin, you’re trying to purchase a phone. Put down the mouse, turn off your computer and go outside. Get some perspective.

    • Trevor Cameron

      So glad that somebody else sees how ridiculous this post is. It makes me feel really sad for people who get too wrapped up in this world.

  • Saif

    They can’t even manage this in few countries, forget about worldwide availability.

  • NexusNYC

    I was in the same boat, limbo order. I ordered at at 834 and just received my nexus yesterday. I’m thinking if you haven’t gotten a 3 weeks delivery email then you will get your phone sooner.

  • Dave

    They haven’t learnt anything from the original Nexus7 launch it seems. I had a very similar experience then.

    To add insult to injury it was available in shops before they started sending out pre-orders. If I’d known I could have not bothered ordering at all and picked one up sooner, but as it was I’d paid the additional £10 delivery charge to get it as soon as possible from the manufacturer. Eventually I got a dispatch email telling me my delivery service had been upgraded to ‘next day’ due to the wait … I thought that’s what I was paying that £10 for originally!

  • PhysiX

    In my country you cannot buy Nexus 4 via Google Play Store. So you have to wait when it will be available through normal stores, the date is unknown at the moment. The pricing for 16GB is cca 585 USD. I don´t know why Google does this..

  • githop

    I happened to benefit from Google’s lack of retail experience. Back when the N7 was released, I promptly ordered an 8 gig. That same day, in my impatient frenzy, I called Sam’s and when I heard they had some in stock, I bought one at my local Sam’s. In the Sam’s parking lot, I called the nexus support line and cancelled my order. I received my cancellation notice and saw that my card was refunded. A few days later, an 8 gig N7 arrives at my door… refund still on my card….I sold it to my dad for 200 bucks straight up!

    • qst4

      And you see nothing wrong with that? Unbelievable, and we have the nerve to blame politicians for our problems.

    • Max.Steel


  • Jorge Moreno

    I don’t know what to say, I recently called to Google Customer Service, just to confirm that my order it’s officially on LIMBO Stage 2…


    Hi Jorge,

    Thank you for contacting Google Play Support.

    We’re working to stock additional inventory and hope to have Nexus 4 (8GB) available soon. I’m unable to provide a specific date of availability at this time.

    In the future should you need support, have questions, or concerns, simply reply to this email and I would be there to provide you with assistance. Your satisfaction is paramount.

    The Google Play Support Team

  • OnIn2

    what would be really cool, is an article about the real world experience in USING the phone. I read all the pre release articles.

    What’s it like as an every day phone ? Does it lock up like the G2x? How’s the call quality, screen speed, video/camera quality. How are apps on the phone

    Come on A&M, bring me some real world experience !

    • Trevor Cameron

      What a novel idea??? Stop whining and bring us real news!

  • Julia

    Im glad i bought the iphone 5 a month ago after reading all this mess.

  • Fernando

    In Spain the situation is the same, I also posted my ramblings at my blog:

    Complaining is our only resort to at least have some hope of Google do something

  • tagstar

    The real story is Nexus 10 users are bleeding for an Android 4.2.1 update. Google is working on it, but when will it ship? We need a fix for the myriad of issues.

    • Andre

      I received my Nexus 10 and it did NOT ship with Android 4.2, BUT the update came through about an hour or so after I turned it on.

  • Andre

    I had a very similar experience, though I ordered a Nexus 10 tablet. The situation is almost identical to yours – I ordered around 11:45am last Tuesday, had a few errors but eventually my order went through. I got a confirmation email from the Google Play Store and saw the order in my transactions – along with an expected ship date of “Nov. 15, 2012″. Nov. 15th came and went – no email, no tablet. Eventually I decided to call (Friday I think) and my order was also escalated to a “specialist”. While the specialist never actually contacted me and I never responded to the email sent, I miraculously received a shipping notification email from Google Play Monday night. I checked the tracking # and the information was not loaded in UPS’ website yet, Tuesday morning not only was the information loaded my tablet was “out for delivery.” I went home on my lunch break and BOOM! Nexus 10 tablet on my doorstep. I’m definitely happy I got my tablet, but seriously Google needs to step it up a bit. If they want to compete directly with Apple (which clearly they do) they need to make sure the user experience is a positive one from start-to-finish. Now instead of Google having “BETA” software experiences, we have excellent software (for the most part) and are forced to deal with a “BETA” shopping experience. Google is too big and too successful for the “BETA” problems at this point. Great post!

  • Stella

    Bravo, Dustin. I agree enough with the excuses.

  • tagstar

    I found another issue. Nexus 10 has HDCP is on. How do I disable HDCP on the Nexus 10 running Android 4.2?

  • Ewesuk

    Though Android fans loves excitement and a custom user experience? Will I get my Nexus now or later. Everyone one commenting seems to have a “custom” Google experience ordering from them.

    Guess Apple provides a simplified and predictable ordering experience that’s too ho hum.

  • jerrbomb

    All the trolls on here should understand that we are mad because of how google is handling the situation..not that we are impatient so get yur shit out yur pie hole and stop wasting.yur time with meaningless troll comments.. Get a life

  • jay

    So Dustin what type of cheese would you like? Samsung Note 2 ftr,#eefLG :p

  • Ihtisham48

    And the biggest draw back is that buying nexus 4 from google play is only available in US and UK (and some other very few countries). It should be available world wide, the sales could have quadrupled.

  • Anuj Tomar

    Seems you never booked a tatkal ticket on irctc .. booking that gives a feeling that nothing can beat !!

  • waterytowers

    How impatient can people be that they can’t wait a few weeks for a new gadget that was always going to sell well from day one. For gods sake chill a bit…

  • kenneth Griffith

    All I can say is Google is an information monster…they should have known what was coming.. Nuff said.

  • Stinky

    And then there is the warranty service…

    My Nexus 7 broke. No problem- 12-month warranty. But getting an RMA isn’t as easily done as said.

    The online experience was one of missing options, broken UI elements, and undelivered confirmation email. We’re pretty sure that Google knows how to create working web apps… when they want to.

    I turned to the phone. That was a half-hour wait on hold- punctuated by dozens of suggestions that I “get my questions answered” online- followed by a ten minute process while the agent did.. something. The customer service guy was friendly and professional and the emails he promised all arrived promptly, but should obtaining warranty service be as hard as, say, getting off of AOL? Few people with a broken $200 device under warranty are going to throw up their hands face by hurdles like this, so why bother to alienate them?

  • Euki

    after 1 week and 6 days, I’ve finally gotten an Email from Google stating my device will ship this week c: I am hoping it will ship in the next day or two. I was on backorder by the way.

  • johnnycsx

    Google really isn’t great with hardware sales. Getting a warranty replacement on my Nexus 7 was a huge pain in the butt. Now I need another one. Block of dead pixels. Experience is poopy.

  • Ivan
  • Sanity102

    Just to let you all know, the situation is still ongoing.

    In my case they charged my card and now has no idea where my order is. Customer Service Morris and his supervisor Chris told me they would turn over the situation to their specialist group who will “investigate” why I got a notification of shipment but UPS has no order. It is also “policy” to do this investigation, find the box, make sure they have the product and then process a refund which will take an additional 14 days. They said they’d like to help but…and I told them once they took MY money, making sure I got the product within the 2 days that I had also paid for IS THEIR problem not mine. They just mumbled something about being sorry that they can not do anything else for me as if any attempt to fulfill their contractual promise to deliver my order within 2 business days was doing ME a favor.

    I just bought an IPAD mini and was thinking of buying an IPAD 4 to replace my Asus Transformer that had problems since the latest system upgrade. I was talked into giving Androids another try by my IT friends. I have warned these friends about Google’s lack of Customer Service. I have compared them with the professional, no hassle Customer Service of Apple and Amazon and have told them to recommend to their clients to never buy from Google. I am also telling all my friends to either buy something you can touch and take back or from a company with a decent Customer Service department.

    Google doesn’t realize that this type of horrible CS hurts not just their company but the entire Android market as consumers turn to Apple.

  • MC_Android

    I’m hardly surprised by this. Google has consistently shown their ability to meet duction demands. Look back at the Nexus 7 original launch. Disaster. Not praising apple but wasn’t there news that they are now filling every order within a week? Rather, looking at the Nexus 4,you have a 4-7 week waiting list. I decided to skip the nexus 4,but is Google still having you pay for the 2-day “express shipping” where you pay $20? Waiving that fee should be the bare minimum Google does in response to another disastrous launch

  • Chucky

    Idk what all you guys are complaining about i orded my nexus 4 and 10 on tuesday and they came friday afternoon ive had a great expierence with all things google

  • marcus1518

    Yea this isnt really that big of a deal…

  • kookeetree

    Can’t I had any problems with Google Play. Then again I am a very casual shopper and just looking for free apps.

    • kookeetree

      Can’t say I have had*

  • paladaxar

    I love that we can all love Google and still talk about how they’re not a perfect company. No company is perfect…that’s one of the big reasons I rave about Google and don’t care for another company who pretends to be flawless. ha.

  • melan26

    I’ve not really been making any purchases from the Play.

  • sbala

    What will happen if this is open to the full world on the first day……….

  • freddiefan

    Better communication required.

  • dutrak

    The web play store doesn’t seem to be working for me…I can only download through the normal play store

  • John Gerhard

    These damn bastards just keep making little charges to my credit card: dollar here, dollar there. I don’t buy anything, but the charges pop up on my credit card, apparently thinking no one notices. Then there is nowhere on Google play to demand a refund, question billing, nothing.
    These bastards are in bed with Obama so figure they have no fear, but can bill people millions thinking they’ll never notice, or think they bought something but forgot about it.
    Well screw you bastards, I’m closing the account and never buying another damn thing from you fascists.

  • baz

    I bought nexus from googleplay store directly and ask them returned return label after 3 days as it was not working fine , So far its month have not got refund , customer service so poor and unbeliveable from such a big company,.

    It takes me so far to exchange 20 emails to receive RMA and return label. and now have to wait month to receive refund ,,. what a awaful google play store services. I would suggest never buy from googleplay store…

    May be there product is good but store customer serives is as poor as some one can imagine.
    order on 31 jan , request RMA (return label) on 2 feb , Received Return label on 20 Feb, so far no refund given

  • JV

    I am in the same boat as the orginal post 4 months ago. I ordered my nexus 4 with a statement that is will be delivered in 3 to 5 days. 1 week went by without a shipping notification. I called and got the same canned answers as the original poster did “i appreciate your frustration…etc…etc” I will have a specialist contact you” A couple of more days go by and no specialist. I make another call and the same canned answers. They do not know what the status is of my order but they will have a specialist call me. A couple more days go by and I phone again. I ask for a supervisor who tells me again the same canned answers and that they do not know what the status is of my order. I ask for the supervisors boss and was told there is no one else. When pressed they tell me that I have no other avenue or contact. I will just have to wait for this mysterious to contact me. It has been almost three weeks now. Remember the advertised delivery time? 3 -5 days. To say I am frustrated would be an understatement.

  • sabrina

    I ordered the nexus 4 on Thursday 28 march 2013 but seem to be still waiting till today-2 April 2013. The order was generally supposed to be shipped by Sunday 31 march 2013. On the Google wallet page it states that the purchase is complete but have no idea when I will receive my order by! I’ve been waiting for too long now and hoping for the device to arrive sometime today. A quick question, it will definitely be delivered to my building right? I have never ordered from the Google store before so I’m a fresh face.
    Thank you

  • MARC

    Google Play sucks on there shipment I order a phone on the 25th pay for 1-2 day shipping $13.99 and the 29th received on e-mail saying they were going to be ship soon. I called the support someone answers the phone out there house, asked me several questions then told me that I should be receiving a tracking number soon.
    This is ridiculous not only violate Florida laws for deceptive trading practice but bad customer relation. This whole thing is costing me stress & money since my work depend on a good phone.

  • MARC

    Google Play sucks on there shipment I order a phone on the 25th pay for 1-2 day shipping $13.99 and the 29th received on e-mail saying they were going to be ship soon. I called the support someone answers the phone out there house, asked me several questions then told me that I should be receiving a tracking number soon.
    This is ridiculous not only violate Florida laws for deceptive trading practice but bad customer relation. This whole thing is costing me stress & money since my work depend on a good phone.

  • chris b.

    I sent a email to complain about Google wallet freezing my account after ONE TRANSACTION,
    No responds yet.

    Just after sending this email, my nexus 10 froze.

    I think I might change to an iPad.

  • Esther

    I ordered a Nexus 4 on Tuesday, and paid for the 2-day shipping, hoping to get it by Friday. On Wednesday afternoon, my order status was still pending, so I called the help line to see if my order was going to ship that day or if I should cancel. The person I talked to was very helpful, but couldn’t see any more information than I could, other than that it was no longer possible to cancel. I waited, thinking I would have to return the shipment but not wanting it to be left outside my door after I left for vacation. Lo and behold, my order was delivered the next day, Thursday. I checked after delivery, and my order status was still pending. My credit card showed a pending charge placed the day I ordered. All this to warn you that your order status may not be accurate. Google may know how to run a search engine, but apparently they can’t keep track of shipments.

  • rao u

    Google Play customer service is not just bad – it is probably the most dishonest organization among all online stores.

    1. I ordered a device.
    2. I found out that the order was unceremoniously cancelled by Google Play. When contacted, they said “the credit card charge was rejected by the bank”
    3. So, I called my credit card company to find out why. They said they had NO record of any charges being rejected.
    4. So I asked Google Play. This time they pulled another blatant lie: “we can’t tell you due to security concerns”
    5. So I called them to learn of this mysterious security concern. The supervisor basically said he never heard of such a thing.
    6. So I asked Google Play to explain. A long email thread ensued where they basically piled lies to cover previous lies.

    The interesting thing about google play customer support is – they couldn’t really care less about the customer! they should call themselves customer frustration team.

    Google makes great products. Google play customer support basically kills customer interest in their products.

    I wish Google would hand over selling to Amazon.

    I have the entire email thread which reads FAR WORSE than my review here. If you can help it, go somewhere else to buy google products – like Amazon!

  • Jose

    I ordered mine yesterday at about 12am. It still says pending and it leaves warehouse in 3-4 weeks. I’m kinda worried I’ll have to wait that long. Can somebody confirm me for the usual wait time for a 16gig black nexus 5.

  • Jose

    Thumb upThumb down
    I ordered mine yesterday at about 12am. It still says pending and it leaves warehouse in 3-4 weeks. I’m kinda worried I’ll have to wait that long. Can somebody confirm me for the usual wait time for a 16gig black nexus 5.

  • Cam

    On 25th November I called Google about screen issues with my Nexus 7. It had become un useable due to the constant double clicks. I would typically type something like password and see ppasswwordd.
    I was told that I could have a replacement. I wasn’t really happy with this, i’d had such a bad experience with the model, I wasn’t sure I wanted another. I asked if it was possible to have a refund instead but was told that my 14 days were up.” But its faulty”, I said.
    I’m sorry sir, you have 14 days to decide whether you want to keep it or not. After this its replacement only, as per our return policy. I wanted them to take it further as I was sure that a faulty item is covered under the sale of goods act in England and Wales as, replace or return, customers choice.
    It went further and I was told the same thing by a more senior person, no refund, replacement only.

    I was told a return envelope would be sent. I then received an email saying I had 24 hours to respond if I wanted a replacement.
    To receive the replacement I had to buy another nexus 7 (£239) and it would be dispatched with the return envelope. I could then send the faulty one back and once inspected and approved as faulty I would get original nexus money back.
    I phoned them back. “ Why cant you send just the return envelope and I’ll put the nexus in it and then after inspection you can refund me and I wont have to pay out for another nexus before I even know if you’re going to refund me?”

    The answer was no. I was dumbfounded. How was I supposed to conjur up another £239 for a nexus I’d already bought? I wasn’t made of money.
    I argued, they argued back, I told them of the sale of goods act, they tried to persuade me that their return policy was more important than this, I finally got through to a customer services supervisor who tried to feed me the same crap I’d heard the last 2 days.
    Pam, I said. Yes, she said. What have you done for me?
    I beg your pardon?
    The service you’re providing?
    Where is it?
    Well sir…
    You have done nothing for me, I have a faulty item which I was prepared to exchange even though I don’t want one anymore but I have to pay for the replacement. I haven’t even had bad customer service, I’ve had none.
    Just find someone of authority, tell them I work for a newspaper, and that all I want is my money back for a faulty item and then come back on the phone and tell me I have a refund.
    30 seconds later I was told I had a refund.
    It took 13 days to come through, strangely 2 minutes after I sent and email on the 13th day asking where it was. They did state that a refund can take up to 14 days.
    So 2 days on the phone and 13 days later I have a refund and will not be buying from the Play Store again. I advise you not to either.

  • fr0ntsight

    Google has THE WORST customer support ever. Every time I have ordered something from the play store it ends up getting shipped out late, or never shows up. And they won’t do anything about it accept tell you that they are sorry. They should look at Amazon’s support and use it as an example.

  • anthony

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