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Android Rookies: 10 new apps worth checking out this week


New apps need lovin’ too, right? Every day there are thousands of new entries on the Google Play store, but many go unnoticed and never receive the attention they deserve. We have shown in the past that this community can discover great apps and launch them to new heights, so we’re bringing back our weekly column Android Rookies that highlights new apps with less than 100k installs. Browse our new Android app picks below and let us know which ones you enjoy.

K-J Recommends

Pitch: Select the best Kendall-Jackson wine for any occasion or meal! Get recommendations from our winemakers, chefs, educators and even other K-J fans. Get personalized suggestions based on color, the garden, flavor profiles or based on your Facebook profile and the K-J Facebook community.



Pitch: Snapseed is the only photo app you’ll want to use every day. It makes any photograph extraordinary with a fun, high-quality photo experience right at your fingertips. Anyone can enhance, transform, and share their photos with ease using incredibly advanced features from the leader in digital photography software.



Pitch: ezNetScan is a handy network tool for network administrators – it scans wireless network and displays the list of all connected devices. Various other options allow you to easily customize your network list further, including assigning device specific icon, tag name to device and additional note/comment to any device etc.



Pitch: Essentially Bitrix24 is Yammer (social enterprise) plus BaseCamp (project management) plus Zoho (CRM) plus DropBox (file sharing and online doc management) and a few minor things (calendars, planners, work reports, gantt charts, etc). The service is 100% free to small companies (those with 12 employees or fewer) and the app is free as well.



Pitch: The AOL On App is designed for you to easily discover and view the latest and most premium web videos. Our AOL On newsroom is constantly updating the site in real time to feature the most popular entertainment videos, breaking news and trending topics online, making it easier to sort through all of the news of the web to find entertaining, informative and relevant videos to watch on your phone or tablet.



Pitch: Track your fill-ups, fuel consumption, fuel cost and save money. Fuel log and mileage tracking app for Android.



Pitch: Shop on-the-go with our free Android app! Discover over 17 million unique items from 800,000 sellers around the world. Explore what kindred spirits are favoriting on Etsy. Shop whenever inspiration hits. Connect with members of the Etsy community on the go.



Pitch: Kickvox – The search engine built for mobile! Looking at 10 blue links is in the past. Kickvox introduces a new visual search experience.


Tyype Keyboard

Pitch: Tyype keyboard lets you regain the control of the cursor. It adds a touchpad under your keyboard thanks to which you can freely move around the text and highlight portions of it.


Adblock Plus

Pitch: Adblock Plus blocks all annoying ads on your Android device. It blocks all online advertising when browsing, and when using your favorite apps like Angry Birds. It is 100% free and makes your Android device much more enjoyable. Adblock Plus blocks: mobile ads, video advertising, banners, push notifications, display advertising, HTML5 advertising, and much more.


Taylor is the founder of Android and Me. He resides in Dallas and carries the Samsung Galaxy S 4 and HTC One as his daily devices. Ask him a question on Twitter or Google+ and he is likely to respond. | Ethics statement

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  • Taylor Wimberly

    Back from hiatus…

    • Charlong666

      We’ve missed you :D

    • Jeff Pan

      Back with a bang! Where were you Taylor? We were missing you.

      • Taylor Wimberly

        Taking a mini break and watching after my 4-month old son :)

        • Jeff Pan

          Thats great! Have fun.

        • WlfHart

          Welcome back! I hope the wee one is well.

    • tanman888

      WB. As a long term lurker, I was missing your recommendations.

    • raovallab

      Look forward to more content from Android and me adding to the contest posts :)

  • mlynch01

    Welcome back Taylor. Also Snapseed is pretty dope, downloaded it yesterday and it’s easy to use. Definitely a great app for people into photo editing.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Can’t believe it took them so long to release Snapseed. I remember seeing a demo almost a year ago at CES 2012.

      • alexanderharri3

        One of those takes forever to have an android version photo apps…… *cough instant am *cough*

      • tanman888

        My theory is they were waiting for the revenue to dry up on the iOS side of things before releasing the Android version.
        Even at $5 a pop, its still pretty good value considering what it can do from a photo editing perspective.
        But there will always be whingers out there in the Apple world ranting why do Android users get it for free. Now that it free on all platforms there’s only winners. :)

    • bstewart11

      It did take awhile, but it is worth it. An amazing app with lots of features, and its free.

    • colino17

      Yeah some of those snapseed photos look awesome

  • DSaif

    Nice to see more apps are following Design Guidelines

    • datiecher

      Tell me about it! Sometimes looking at my app’s catalogue i think what a Frankenstein our app ecosystem is. An effing cool Frankenstein, mind you, but still a Frankie.

    • mr 1338

      was about to mention this. If only google followed their own guidelines better… The PlayStore e.g. has exactly the loading wheel Google tells Devs not to use

  • friendlyfire

    Ad block plus is great!

    • luckykrrish

      I always use it in Firefox and Chrome, need to see if it works well in android.

  • GUI_Center

    I tried adblock plus, but it made my yahoo fantasy football app unusable. It blocked everything on the app. Not sure why it would do this. I was planning on emailing developer to see what they think. FF > adblock lol.

    • waltsobchak

      Maybe they feel fantasy football is one giant ploy to advertise the NFL.

    • Steve Barry

      Thing I didn’t like about AdBlock Plus right off the bat was the inability to not show their icon. The only thing it said it could do was “hide” it. So in the upper left, you either have their icon, or a black square with other icons to the left and right of it. Uninstalled it right away and went back to AdAway which I’ve been using for a while now.

      If they can make it so there isn’t an icon in the upper left, I’ll give it another shot.

  • Puzzled by Choice

    Snapseed is legit. Etsy is fun.

  • alexanderharri3

    It’s still on beta but SwiftKey Flow is quite worth a look.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Yep it’s worth a look, but this list just focuses on apps in Google Play.

      Here is the link to SwiftKey Flow beta:

    • surg3d

      It does have a lot of potential. I’m a Swype fan and although Flow is not up to that level yet, just judging by the way SwiftKey listens to their user base and encourages feedback I think it will be there in no time.

      • Rahul Verma

        Why dint swype patent the technology of their mechanism? Should have been a great selling point with exclusivity.

  • V6ser

    Adblock Plus #love

  • JeroenCorsius

    I’m gonna give the Fuelio app a try. Let’s see with it brings me.

    • iamXiV92a

      Same here – Looks VERY clean!

    • dino13

      There are so many simmilar apps out there, so why mention this one? I kinda miss a good argument.

  • nmoline

    Adblock Plus and Kickvox are the two I see worth a shot.

  • Steve Heinrich

    I put the Etsy app on my wife’s phone and she is pretty much addicted to it now. It’s a really well designed app. Simple and functional. It still needs some refinement but they have already pushed an update for it, so I’m guessing it’s going to get better and better in good time.

    • tanman888

      Ha! Same here. Now not only does she spend time at home on the computer browsing Etsy, but now when commuting that takes up a proportion of the time.

      It definitely is a slick and easy to navigate. They’ll need to work on filters to customise the browsing experience.

  • Rp

    Way to encourage small developers by linking to ad block plus.. /s
    Take away many apps’ only source of revenue

    • luckykrrish

      I totally agree with you. I always buy ad-free versions of the apps that are worth it.

  • waltsobchak

    I really like the swipe gestures in snapseed.
    Also, does anyone know if adblock still pulls down the ad but doesn’t display ? So the dev can still get the rev.

    • sylvan

      Good question. When I tried Adblock maybe 2 years ago, it just completely failed. Would like to try it again (now with ‘Plus’!), but will check up on whether it hurts devs.

  • Nicholas Rynjah

    I think I’ll give Snapspeed and Adblock plus a shot.

  • myandroid99

    Ad block plus ftw

  • smwinn7

    i would have tried adblock for more than 2 minutes if it hadn’t asked for root immediately upon opening after advertising no root required i know it’s only needed for adblock over wireless but i still didn’t appreciate the sort of false advertising

  • smwinn7

    Etsy is a nice first try with android though, seems to work pretty well so far

  • orangestrat

    I saw Fuelio awhile ago on HoloEverywhere and its a great little app!
    Tyype looks alright but the touchpad is a bit of a waste of space, I’m guessing they were inspired by the Swipe Selection jailbreak tweak and that just uses the whole keyboard as the touchpad. It looks suspiciously like the FroYo keyboard too…
    ABP and Snapseed are pretty dope.

  • bdub

    Adblock runnin on my tab that I haven’t unlocked/rooted yet and works pretty well so far. Grabbed snapseed yesterday but have to try it out yet.

  • JohnnieB

    Etsy is a great app for discovering small businesses and their products.

  • ConfuciusTse

    Thanks for Bitrix24, might try that out.

  • ccn_cristi

    +1 to Adblock Plus and ezNetScan.
    Thanks for the article!

  • doublin

    AdBlock Plus is the best.

  • damambt

    Lovin’ SNAPSEED, I like it better than PIXLR

  • ArticulateFool

    Fuelio looks interesting.

    I’ll give it a shot.

  • auronblue

    I have a feeling that Etsy app is going to kill my bank account. Snapseed is nicely done as well.

  • crossbred900

    I’ll have to check out Adblock plus later.

  • jonneves

    Very nice apps. Need at least 3 of them!

  • Nicko01

    I feel like having a typing error in the name of your keyboard application is a bad idea.

  • Rene Rendon

    I am trying Snapseed but still think PIXLR and/or PIXLR Express are better.


    i’m diggin fuelio and adblock plus. used to just use aknotepad to track numbers then go graph them in excel or matlab. this is much more convenient

  • staryoshi

    Adblock plus is quite handy. I’ll have to check out a few of the others, too.

  • Wayne Winkler

    I really enjoy these articles, they’ve helped me come across some very useful apps even though I’m not a rookie to android. Props to Taylor.

  • Luv_android

    +1 for Adblock Plus (best ad blocker!!)

  • zolikaaa666

    I have tried typpe keyboard…and it’s fantastic!!!

  • acidone

    AOL On is nice! thanks..

  • jefflarkin

    I’ll have to give snapseed and fuelio a go. I’ve been using my own home-rolled fuel use app, but maybe fuelio will meet my needs.

  • kookeetree

    I have Snapseed and it’s a very cool app for editing photos. Adblock Plus that requires no root. I gotta give that a try.

  • Bob

    Tyype is looking really good just for that feature. I’m surprised no one else thought of that. It really is annoying to have to go back into the text, hold down and then move to highlight or select. Having all of that right from the keyboard is really convenient.

  • dino13

    Does Adblock really work on Android?

  • KingCrow02

    Will use Adblock once I get a tablet

  • nikhilverma

    Adblock is going to be the most used among these mentioned apps , I guess.

  • Rahul Verma

    Adblock will be great. I saw many people give it bad ratings.. but they need to understand that this will take some time to be perfect.

  • digvijaya07

    Adblock Plus very usefull..

  • rr2009

    Rookie apps is back!

  • rr2009

    I recommend Adblock Plus & AOL On.

    • PurpolHaze

      Nice recommendations!!

  • spidremann

    If Adblock allowed one to ok particular sites, it would be far more useful. Loved it otherwise.

  • Nwemo

    Heard about something like Fuelio a while ago,think it’s a brilliant idea.Installing…now!

  • ben steel

    I’d also add a seasonal recommendation for “On The Snow” for avid skier.
    Particularly useful for the closely clustered resorts of Summit and Eagle counties in Co. , the ones in Utah and the Lake Tahoe region too.

  • juno23

    Never heard of any of these! The Adblock one looks good but not sure as so many people have negative comments on it?

  • staryoshi

    I’m going to check out Bitrix24 and Fuelio – Perhaps Fuelio can supplant Fuelly? :P

  • Oskar Wismierski

    gotta give addblock a go!

  • ConfuciusTse

    I head adblock is still quite glitchy on Android. Interested in trying it out but also worried about taking away revenue from the producers that deserve it.

  • Ilyse Rose

    I played around with Snapseed and was incredible impressed. It’s a fantastic app and it’s free.

    And Tyype looks really interesting. I’m going to have to try that one out.

  • thechad

    Thanks for the info!

  • calmness

    Thanks for the recommendations. Think Fuelio and Tyype sound worth a try.

  • HumbertoH

    Adblock +, you’re coming with me

  • mehta nisha

    This is so exciting…………..

  • mehta nisha

    I find this so exciting…

  • chakli

    Winning this would be really exciting.

  • loveandroid

    What an exciting win this would be.

  • loveandroid

    what a thrill to win this.

  • loveandroid

    love this android.

  • rbcameron1

    These all look pretty cool.

  • dbcher

    Adblock plus. Been using the addon for Firefox and then chrome for ages..glad there is one for Android now.

    Snapseed is is also nice..glad to see it on Android as well

  • LwmHWK20

    All these look useful, thanks

  • Stoxystocks

    Yes ad block for my phone that’s what I’m talking about ;)

  • yoaj

    I want to be able to swype my keyboard to reveal a track pad in order to maximise keyboard real estate. Google..go!

  • raovallab

    Some really cool apps

  • jonstle

    Some very nice apps! I am trying out Snapseed and Add Block Plus.

  • eighty5iv

    Thanks for the recommendations.

  • dpleus

    I’ve installed ADblock Plus on my phone and tablet, and it does what it promises. I also tried out Tyype, but I’m a dyed-in-the-wool SwiftKey user.

  • sctrait

    Cool apps, tried out AdBlock plus, so far so good. Tyype looks good but it’s swype for me all the way

  • fradster

    Wait….AOL still exists?

  • Zachary

    Why use kickvox when i have Google :D

  • yash9099

    snapseed and adBLock looks promising…:-D

  • rposenato1216

    totally digging Fuelio and adblock plus on Android just makes me feel a little dirty….i want to support the devs more than anything, but i HATE ads in the browser.

  • kli

    There will be more apps that exclude Gingerbread in near future. Samsung, how I dislike you.

  • prime_optimus

    Snapseed is gorgeous!

  • nipunmehta7

    We want regular articles like this

  • rvetsch

    adblock plus, really great app

  • humidity

    I love AdBlock Plus!

  • murali.ram

    AdBlock is good app… which block unnecessary ADS…

  • Granna

    AdBlock is just what I was looking for.

  • JeroenCorsius

    I’ve been using Feulio for almost a week now and it gives me a pretty good image of my fuel comsumption.

  • drpluto

    I concur about adblock plus .. great app

  • klcow92

    adblock plus is just great, have it on my browsers always

  • prime_optimus

    adblock rules

  • Rajsingh

    ADBLOCK + is great..